Fangwulf: ((Per+Alert))

Matty "Crash" Ross: [All right, so... where were we?]

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the alertness!: 8,5,10,2,6,2,

Janus: d10: Per+Alert: 6,9,5,2,7,5,

Fangwulf: *To the left, on the scene, there is a suited figure, pressed to the wall.*

Fangwulf: d10: Snyde Per+Alert: 8,8,2,5,4,9,

Janus: *holds up a hand and then gestures to the man so that he can be sure Matty sees him. He draws one of his knives but keeps his arm between it and the man so that it doesn't shimmer or whatnot in what little light there is*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty nods. He looks around for where they be producing the DVDs. Glances back to Snyde, motioning in the hopes that he watches his back.

Janus: ((By 'pressed to the wall', do you mean pressed against the wall, as though hiding from an attacker? Or can we not see that well from here? And how far is the man from us, and is there any cover that could be used to get a bit closer?))

Fangwulf: *There are cameras around, old-style. Spotlights turned out. Fan machines. It looks like a production studio, really. And the shapes are getting closer.*

Fangwulf: ((Pressed against a wall. And there is the cover of the sets, or the cameras, though other than that, not really.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: [His previous effect's results would be saved on the PDA. How far away are the DVDs?]

Fangwulf: ((The copies are moving around. Meaning they are probably carried by someone. Behind the set of Four Elements.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: He shakes his head, looking to Janus, showing him the PDA. Mobile, he mouths.

Janus: *he drops back to Matty's position, and whispers, barely audible even to Matty* "Can you get them while they're moving? Should I be ready to take out the Suit?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He brings up the text editor for the PDA, types, be a shit-ton more vulgar than if I used my scanner; I can do it, though, I already have them tracked.

Fangwulf: *There is the sound of a dialing phone.*

Fangwulf: *And not from the suit.*

Janus: *he nods, and whispers again* "Do it, and have Snyde help. Focus on it and hold back the 'dox, I'll stand guard. Lowest odds of capture."

Janus: *that gets Janus's attention, he's looking for it* ((Per+Alert+WP))

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks to Janus and Snyde, types, they're going to know something's wrong - let's get going on this

Janus: d10: Per+Alert: 8,8,3,4,8,7,

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks to nod to Snyde, goggles still on, and brings up a request. Don'texplodedon'texplodedon'texplodedon'texplode...

The antenna's still out, and he rings up the video he plans on re-scanning the DVDs into.

Matty "Crash" Ross: It's going to be a wide-based scan, but for speed and ease he spends the time to focus on each and every one of the DVDs, focusing on serial numbers and looking for Snyde for help, making sure he's in on the effect once it's ready to roll. They'll only get one shot at it, and it's got to be good when they take it.

Janus: ((Does Janus think he can get there and cut the phone wire without being seen?))

Fangwulf: *Snyde is in on the effect, readying himself with weapons.*

Fangwulf: ((It sounds like a cell phone, not a lan line.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods to Snyde, and having spent the due time for preparation and focus, instructs the AI to work its mojo.

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Lan lines are dealt with, anyway; Mel said she would.]

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: arete+wp+Snyde: 5,6,2,

Janus: *Damn...only way to stop it is to worsen the crime...he'll get over to the group* "We need to work fast. The cops are being called. I think by an innocent." *he's NOT happy at that...a Technocrat he'd kill, after all*

Janus: *he murmurs a short mantra to help his ally do things as efficiently as possible* ((Entropy to toss some successes Matty's way))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Able to concentrate on what he's doing while talking: "They can't call," he whispers. "We jammed everything..."

Janus: d10: Arete: 6,9,8,

Fangwulf: If you leave now, *a voice says, the suit to the right,* we won't press charges.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty shrugs, point of no return now, and responding really just makes it needlessly personal. He works the effect, watching the results to see if he needs to push it any further with Janus' and Snyde's contribution.

Janus: *Janus shoots a look at the other two, hopefully the suit can't screams 'play along'. He makes sure he stands and turns to the suit on the right* "Deal." *and walks slowly towards him, hands in his jacket as though he's cold, but otherwise attempting to look like he's surrendering*

Fangwulf: *With the three working together, he is able to focus on the location of the dvd's. And the location freezes.*

Fangwulf: *The movement allows him to see, but the suit pulls out a gun.* Now, turn around and walk out.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty checks the data stream on the PDA as he stands by Janus, hoping that the "new" video was re-scanned onto the DVDs.

Janus: *Crap...pressure's on...only going to get one chance at this...he burns a WP and murmurs a VERY quick mantra, backed by 2 Quint to cause the gun to break...if possible, he'll be attempting to rush the guy simultaneously, if not, then as shortly thereafter as possible*

Janus: ((DLP))

Janus: *he glances to Matty, hoping the man will give him some indication of the status of the project before he does something stupid*

Fangwulf: Did you not hear me? I said turn around and leave, whoever you are, before I call the cops.

Matty "Crash" Ross: [So, status of the effect?]

Fangwulf: Repost: *With the three working together, he is able to focus on the location of the dvd's. And the location freezes.*

Janus: ((I think the issue is that we don't quite know what that means...does that mean that we have completed the effect successfully and transformed all the discs? Does it mean that we've just begun the effect? Etc.))

Fangwulf: ((It means it's just begun, Jano. But you've managed to lock onto the location and start the transformation.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: arete: 4,5,10,

Janus: ((gotcha, needed to be just waiting for IC confirmation from Matty))

Janus: *takes Matty continuing to work to be confirmation, and does the previously deleted action...burning WP and 2 quint*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks over to Janus - not done yet, not done yet - a slight shake of his head, almost as if just moving it to one side, pressing the AI to move faster, because bullets are not fashionable in the body!

Janus: d10: Arete: 8,7,7,

Fangwulf: d10: Snyde Arete: 6,9,6,

Matty "Crash" Ross: He moves the data stream to appear superimposed onto his goggles, reading it while looking ahead. Hoping it would tell him it's complete.

Fangwulf: *Maybe his AI is just been a snotty bastard, but all of a sudden, there is a burst of energy from the damnable little device that speeds up the reaction. It's warm, and fuzzy, and really QUITE an incredible feeling.* I'm gonna count to three, and if you don't leave, I'm gonna start shooting! One... two...

Matty "Crash" Ross: And the data stream says TASK COMPLETE! 100%! and, knowing they're about to get shot, simply coughs, turning, walking away, walking away, pleasenoshootpleasenoshootpleasenoshootJanusandSnydebetterfollow...

Janus: ((Just making sure we're all clear, my effect was NOT successes for was breaking the gun, as per my previously deleted post)) *Janus advances on the suit* "And who are you to tell me what to do? If you're Mr. Sullivan, I would like an autograph. Big fan."

Fangwulf: ((I assumed you weren't doing that any more, since the post was deleted. But since you ARE...)) Mr. Sullivan doesn't take kindly to people who break and enter.

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Is the effect still complete?]

Fangwulf: ((Yeap.))

Janus: *stops, as Matty caughs and walks off, and moves to join him* "Nevermind." *he grins a bit, like it was some sort of joke*

Fangwulf: *The suit narrows his eyes, and puts his gun away. Which breaks into pieces in the harness.* Son of a BITCH.

Janus: ((I did post that I "did the previously deleted action", but anyways...))

Matty "Crash" Ross: And Matty doesn't speak, doesn't give them any more information than they already have, he just opens the door with his gloved hand, and casually walks out.

Fangwulf: ((Missed that post. Moving on.))

Janus: *he gives a slight wave as he leaves along with the rest of his party*

Matty "Crash" Ross: The second he's out the door, he pushes buttons furiously on the PDA, bringing coordinates to the Chevelle for it's auto-drive capabilities to move its ass over to them. Staying on the road, of course.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He takes the remote controls on the PDA. Please God, let there not be traffic. This fucker's not perfect.

Fangwulf: ((Moving back to the main room to rejoin the group.))

Janus: ((moves back))