Alice Newcomb: (claims color)

Melinda Stowe: ((Damn and you got the first post in the room ever *Pouts*)))

Ravyn: Okay, now, before we start this game, I present to you...the official rules of the Monthly game. Many of you know these rules by heart and can probably repeat them from memory, but we have a couple new players, you go.

Matty "Crash" Ross: (I am King Crimson)

Ravyn: >1) These scenes have the potential to be fatal. By entering them you are accepting that.

2) These scenes also have the potential to inflict long-lasting alterations upon your character, whether in personality (such as gaining a derangement), body (gaining physical impairments) or soul (Yummy!). Same provisio as 1. By entering the scene you're accepting that this may happen.

3) If you drop out of the scene before it ends, you do not gain XP for attending. (Unless your characters involvement comes to a natural conclusion). These scenes are planned to last for four hours, and ";Shit, I got to go, sorry"; or sudden disappearance will render you XP-less. Exceptions will be made for certain situations, if I am notified in advance of the scene. Arlett, this of course means you. We do call it "the Arlett exception" for a reason. ;)

4) Only one of your characters may be played during one of these scenes.

Arlett: ((I am famous! *S*))

Ravyn: 5) If I find you multitasking during one of these monthly scenes, I will kick you out of the Mage scene. Multitasking slows everyone down, and we're usully on a very tight schedule.

6) Please do NOT IM ME during one of these scenes unless it is for something urgent or important, such as me neglecting one of your pertinent merits or flaws, forgetting about an NPC, or your house burning down. If you start harassing me, glomping me, prodding me, or otherwise antagonising me during the scene, I will kick you out of it, and perhaps go to your house and burn it down, too (so then your IM is justified). However, this will mean, as Spaz once pointed out, that you will get to meet me in person.

Janus: ((And an angry Ravyn in person...probably not the best way to meet him, I would think...))

Ravyn: That would be correct, Jano. I have quite the collection of medieval weaponry.

Ravyn: Now, with all that said, any questions?

Melinda Stowe: ((*Raises hand* No an Angry Ravyn is not the happiest experiance *Runs and hids*))

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Would make for good TV, anyway. I have a high-def camcorder.]

Arlett: But I have to wyrmy dogs! *nods* thy all say that *ponders pming Rav*((joking , hugs*))

Janus: realize that this is just encouraging me, as I do love the medieval weaponry...*G*

Ravyn: Not when they find their way forcibly into sensitive parts, I don't wager, Jano/us.

Melinda Stowe: ((Nope no other questions comments I cannot garentee, so some famous words....."Lets get read to Rumble!"))

Ravyn: Okay, so there are no questions, it appears...ON WITH THE GAME!

Arlett -> Ravyn: ((such a gloom season...*sighs* Kira's- grandpa just dyed.. and she isn't in the mood for playagings))

Janus: Eh. I've got some of my own, and I do love a good duel. Of course, I'm usually well behaved during these scenes, so I should put this more as "And I'll help Rav disembowl you while committing arson" or somesuch.

Janus: ((GAME ON! *bursts into flame...writhes*))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((is it to lateto join the scene over slept a bit))

Ravyn: The Set-Up: This morning, each of you finds delivered to you, either on your doorstep or by email, a document. If on your doorstep, the document is in a manila envelope, with "Imagine Films" listed as the return address, on E151st Street near Courtland Avenue in the South Bronx, a partially residential, partially commercial area. If in email, it's a text file. The document is a script entitled "House of Death," a low-budget-type action film, involving a group of Soldier heroes assaulting a headquarters of evil Golden Dawn cultists in Queens.

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((No, you're fine))

Alice Newcomb: That's not suspicious, noooo.

Melinda Stowe: A raise of an eyebrow. And of course not learning for mistakes because how in the world would your remember your mistakes when you lost that whole day. She attempts to locate sender. As she downloads the script to memory, which is much easier to read and remember of course, and you will have the handy dandy little PDA to read it on if need be.

Alice Newcomb: She should probably show it to Thoth, but he's been a little cranky lately.

Arlett: ((hmmmm...... ))*Well she isn't sure of it.. but she'll be around, checking what is it... what is around it*

Ravyn: Along with this script is another document, a .pdf file by email, a single letter otherwise. It's a casting call, inviting each of you to audition for this script. The text reads as follows:

"Dear [[Insert Your Character's Name In Here]]:

"You are respectfully invited to attend this casting call and audition for a role in this groundbreaking new film. I believe you are well-suited for the part, and will be able to put yourselves in the shoes of the 'evil cultists.' Please meet at XXXX Apartments, at the address below, at 3:30 pm on Sunday, January 8th if interested. I think you'll find Imagine Films well worth checking out.'

At the bottom of the letter/.pdf file is the following symbol emblazoned:

Snyde: *Snyde looks at the video tape and shakes his head. Before grabing his hat and moveing out the front door leaveing a message for Adriana and Ness to let them know where he is heading*

Ravyn: The address given for the Apartment, by the way, is a block away from Imagine Film's headquarters.

Janus -> Ravyn:, has the sphinx been a local event, or is it bigger? IE, would Janus have ever encountered or heard rumors of this before, considering that he's been travelling to essentially recruit help for the war against the Technocracy?

Alice Newcomb: Maybe she'll just check out the return address. What could it hurt? Writes Adrian a note.

Ravyn -> Janus: Roll me Int+Mage Lore, Int+Politics, or Int+Occult.

Janus -> Ravyn: Got Mage Lore (if that whole free lore dots thing still exists, I'm kinda shady on the status of that, else, this is Occult

Janus -> Ravyn: d10: Int+Lore: 4,1,2,3,7,5,

Alice Newcomb: Snorts. Casting call? They need her to draw them a decent logo.

Melinda Stowe: White attempting to find sender of e-mail, prints off a copy of the letter to post on the board at Have with a hand written note "Michelle he seems to be cropping up again, hopefully this will not be bas bad as the last time, I am prepared this time. Mel."

Ravyn -> Janus: ((Janus has, sadly, not heard of the Sphinx. *S*))

Matty "Crash" Ross: At one time, Matty had the Chevelle connect wirelessly to his e-mail server and bounce once on its front hydraulics every time he received a message. This continued on until his business partner Jimmy decided one day to sign him up to a dozen random mailing lists to get the point across.

Instead, Matty's PDA, which over his own wireless network frequency connects to the Interweb, behind the Crash Course's ( firewall of course (the "burninwall!" he once exclaimed, just prior to being hit by Jimmy upside the head with a foam baseball bat), just beeps once whenever it receives an e-mail, and Matty just so happens to be paying attention when it does, providing a prompt. ANALYZE? YES/NO flashes on the screen.

"Go ahead!" Matty says, and the PDA - or rather, the AI program it's connected to, does so. SHITTY SCRIPT. UP YOUR ALLEY. SPHINX REQUIRES MORE INVESTIGATION.

Ravyn: ((Melinda, Int+Computers))

Arlett: ((eh... True)) *Before heading out she'll leave a note to michelle, adress, along with a copy of what letter or email they sen't to her.. then off to investigate*

Snyde: *Snyde as usual will attempt to show up about half an hour early and watch the place before makeing any other descision*

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Comp(AA): 6,7,2,5,4,9,3,5,

Ravyn: Melinda is unable to locate the sender. It doesn't appear to have been sent from a valid IP address.

Janus: *Janus will show the letter to Marty, and let him know that he will be investigating this. He'll then proceed to attempt to get to this location, unless Marty were to tell him not to or something strange like that*

Ravyn: ((Everyone investigating, let me know if you're heading to the Return Address or the Apartment...they are different addresses.))

Melinda Stowe: "Bastard." she says alwthough that is exactally what she would do and has done before. With a sigh and all of her much needed equiptment she leaves as well. ((Eh Arlett and Melinda can take a cab together *G*))

Fangwulf: *Marty will of course agree to let Janus do so - he's got his own concerns, and will therefore be unavailable.*

Snyde: ((To the apartment, where they were told to meet for casting call))

Alice Newcomb: She'll take Thor. The big rottweiler piling into her mustang.

Arlett: ((yep.. she'll go with Mel... safety in numbers)) *Eyes her* so where.. film or casting?

Alice Newcomb: (return addy)

Melinda Stowe: She looks over to Arlett. "Well let's drive by the Return address as we go to the apartment." she says. Give them a heads up on the place at least.

Janus: *He'll be heading to the apartment for the casting call.* ((Oh, and anyone who needs my DD, PM me either on site or on AIM))

Alice Newcomb: ((Unless her cabal mate calls. Hint, hint. Poor dumb Alice. But I took the dog!))

Arlett: alright...*nodding, moving to take ou ther game boy just to have in on the ready for when they pass* we can scan the place when we are on sight...

Arlett: ((oi!! *pokes* ))*and..... while on th eroad. she'll phone alice!*

Matty "Crash" Ross: And Matty decides that, hey, the Chevelle's working, Jimmy's got all the jobs taken care of, why not just go check it out? Not that he's clean - soot and grease from working on the Suburban whose owner for whatever reason wanted a rotary engine installed on his arms, rubbed off as best he could - but he's never clean!

"Do we still have our gear in the trunk?" Matty asks.


He shrugs. Why not? And he leaves the private-super-super-duper-secret laboratory with the Chevelle (, inputting the AI's self-driving program the coordinates to the apartment.

Alice Newcomb: She'll just do a drive bye first, then move to the edge of scrying distance and try to peek inside.

Melinda Stowe: ((Ah Arlett and Mel work well together *G*)) she ods her head. "Of course." VR set out and plugged in PDA, new one, looks to have been modifyed a bit, is out in hand as they are driven there.

Arlett: ((yea...;) when they recognise each other! *giggles*))

Ravyn: The apartment, when Snyde drops by, is the lower level apartment of a run-down building. ((Dex+Stealth if trying to be subtle))

Arlett & Melinda drive by the building of the Return Address, which is an office and production warehouse, for a company called Imagine Films, from the sign on the outside. The office space is small, but the warehouse seems pretty decently-sized. Alice is making her way to the office and warehouse; Janus is heading to the apartment.

Arlett: *nods, covering the phone* calling a friend... we being a Cabal...*grins* of two* and to the phone* Alice?... hum.... hei... well we got a weird mail checking it out... if you want come play backup or something...

Snyde: d10: Stealth: 10,2,6,4,4,5,5,

Ravyn: ((And Per+Alert from Janus and Matty, as they approach the apartment.))

Arlett: *she'll put the phone on her hear, holding with shoulder, and point gameboy (s) to the place... making a quick prime-life scan * ((just trying to figure out if ther eis mistical energies and or life in there))

Arlett: d10: scan: 9,6,6,

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the alertness!: 9,3,8,2,5,3,

Janus: d10: Perception+Alertness: 1,4,4,2,7,5,

Melinda Stowe: A raise of her eyebrow to Arlett as they drive by she does an internal scan of the place to get a read out of the building ((Corr+Life))

Janus: ((Accursed dice!))

Arlett: *after she has typed and let the effect go, she answers the phone* yea... *pause* why?

Ravyn -> Arlett: Arlett does get a sense of magic from the place...something insidious. There are currently, that she can tell, ten people inside; two in the office and eight in the warehouse.

Melinda Stowe: d10: Areta Scan: 6,3,3,

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: Melinda gets a sense of 10 people inside; two in the office and eight in the warehouse.

Ravyn: Snyde manages to go unnoticed as Matty & Janus approach the apartment.

Arlett: *Eyes Mel*covers phone* first.. Alice is safe *smiles* known her for a while... second... live inside.. ten and eight on the warehouse.. third... I feel bad mojo on their essence

Alice Newcomb: Parks about a block away and has a go at scrying the place.

Arlett: *and to the phone* no don't.. not alone Alice... there is something eacky in there... *looks to Mel, covers phone* mind a third?

Fangwulf: d10: per+awareness: 6,2,8,8,9,6,

Snyde: *Snyde watches as Matty goes in, hmmm that looks like the guy the Doc was talking to, he says as he continues to stake the place out until 3:30*

Alice Newcomb: She stares down at the big faux diamond ring, into the glittering surface of the stone, and focuses her will.

Alice Newcomb: d10: corro (wp) : 6,

Ravyn: d10: Per+Awareness: 1,7,6,10,4,

Arlett: +on the phone* alright

Melinda Stowe: A nod of the numbers as she points to her screen, she looks over to Arlett. "No she should not go alone if you felt....that. Tell her to meet us at the apartment. We shall gather there and be much stronger of a force then." a nod of her head.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty does the drive-by, as it were, just looking. "Looks boring," he says.

The touch-screen on the center of the dash flashes text in white: SO DO YOU.

"I swear to the Ether I'll stab your cerebral cortex! That's a new one, huh? You ever been stabbed in there?"

He flips a switch to bring the Chevelle to manual control, and finds a parking spot across the street from the apartment. "Looks evil."


"Evil is boring! Otherwise I'd be evil!"

Arlett: *nods to Mel* yes... and MEl... if there is bad mojo.. you know.... we should do the effects discrete...*and to the phone* MEt us at the Aparment Alice... we'll be better of toguether

Janus: *he's checking the area around the apartment for anything that seems out of place, and taking his time of it too, being particularly careful to see if there's any subtle clues*

Ravyn: The apartment in question, room 109, has the door slightly cracked open. A typed note is on the door, reading "Casting Call Inside." When Janus enters just before Matty, he finds an empty apartment, but for a newspaper article on the floor, a television, and a DVD player with a DVD inside... "Dark Night 3" is the title.

Janus: d10: Per+Investigation: 9,10,10,5,3,

Arlett: humm.. yep ((Aparment is the casting call right?.. mind slow))

Ravyn: ((Sorry, delete that post, as no one has actually entered yet.))

Fangwulf: *As for those watching the Warehouse, a door opens, and a man in a suit, dark haired, pretty normal, looks around, peering out of the door.*

Ravyn: ((Yes, apartment is the casting call))

Melinda Stowe: Another raise of her eyebrow. "I was planning on it." yesh right her the one who goes to the DW to go INTO the AATR to get info riiiiiight she is sooooo discreat.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((Did you get the corro of the warehouse?)

Ravyn -> Fangwulf: Sorry. She gets a layout of the warehouse. Standard production warehouse, but with some extra rooms. At her level, it's hard to determine what those rooms are for, as she can't actually scry yet.

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: Sorry. She gets a layout of the warehouse. Standard production warehouse, but with some extra rooms. At her level, it's hard to determine what those rooms are for, as she can't actually scry yet.

Arlett: ((thanko!))*Glances to Mel, gigles faintly, then back onto looking* ((and he IS visable)) ohh.. Mel! *kinda pointing and tugging her out of sight if the weren't already*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty sighs, and pops the trunk. He takes his goggles, jacket - which, naturally, has kevlar in the lining and all wired up - and a wrench. Somehow the wrench makes sense to take. Or it doesn't and Matty just grabs it.

He shuts off the engine but leaves the AI on, giving it explicit instructions to stay put. Stay put. Stay put. The PDA slips into a pocket, so he can keep in contact with it, not that it'll do any good.

And with that, he walks inside the apartment.

Snyde: *Snyde slips a pair of dice from his pocket and begins shakeing them in his hand* ((extended roll entropy effect to decrease the diff of fire arm rolls))

Ravyn: ((As it's a new roll, Janus, I'm giving Snyde another Dex+Stealth))

Snyde: d10: Dex+stealth: 3,2,8,7,9,6,7,

Janus: ((whatever, actually didn't expect that to have any chance of catching him *Shrugs*))

Melinda Stowe: ((Gee guys we are gender seperating today *G*)) Melinda of course was not in sight. She looksdown to see if the person was one of the dots from the werehouse or the office that came outside.

Arlett: *Eyes Mel then the phone* wait* wishpered, and looks to Mel* Alice is closer to us then the Apparment.. she is near

Alice Newcomb: Puts the car in gear and drives around towards the other address. Thor licks her cheek. "I'm being careful," she swears to the dog.

Ravyn: Janus notes nothing out of the ordinary ((at least until the Awareness roll on Snyde's casting comes into play)), beyond perhaps the Chevelle in the parking spot.

The apartment in question, room 109, has the door slightly cracked open. A typed note is on the door, reading "Casting Call Inside." When Matty enters, he finds an empty apartment, but for a newspaper article on the floor, a television, and a DVD player with a DVD inside... "Dark Night 3" is the title.

Snyde: *He continues to move the dice in his hands as he moves about the outside of the area makeing sure to keep the entrance in view*

Snyde: d10: Arete(wp): 2,3,4,

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty picks up the article on the floor to take a look at it, and upon catching the title of the DVD, instructs the AI in his PDA to search for any information on the movie.

Melinda Stowe: "She is here?" Melinda looks up from the screen. well tell hert to be sneaky and meet us. then we will at least be together."

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((hey rav if its allright with you im just going to throw out Snyde's rolls and you can determine when the effect actually takes place))

Alice Newcomb: Driving around the Bronx in bright shiney red Mustang convertible. Real stealthy Alice. Maybe she can teach Thor to sit on her motorcycle.

Snyde: d10: Arete (w/q): 3,3,9,

Fangwulf: d10: per+alert: 5,1,7,9,2,2,

Janus: *nothing unusual out here...well, he checks his pockets and jacket, patting them, to make sure he's got everything he needs...yep. Good. It'd suck otherwise. He'll continue to the building to check the apartment itself, being wary just in case this is a trap, which he half expects it to be*

Snyde: d10: Arete w: 3,3,4,

Fangwulf: *The suit narrows his eyes. Big shiny red car? There are lots of them out there.*

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((4 success 3 to drop the diff to three and one to keep it active for the scene))

Ravyn -> Matty "Crash" Ross: Low-budget film, direct to DVD, from Imagine Films. It's about an evil wizard who tries to take over the minds of the unknowing public, and the news reporter who bravely stops them with help from government spies.

Arlett: *nods to her and to the phone* Alice we are near the warehouse.. by the *gives post, gate, cab, nearest by* come.. do not go to far.. this is weird

Arlett: and Alice.. BE discreete if you are seen we are in shit

Ravyn: ((Per+Aware, Janus & Matty))

Arlett: *that is.. unlesse she SEES the car, in which case she groans*

Janus: d10: Perception+Awareness: 4,3,6,2,8,5,

Melinda Stowe: She closes her eyes briefly at what Arlett says, manners she needed to find a way to teach this one manners.

Alice Newcomb: Parks at a liquor store or someplace, and gets out to go on foot, hoping she still tires when she gets back. Hefts her backpack, and tells Thor to guard the car, even though she wants to bring him. Makes sure she at least has a pallette knife to defend herself with. Oh, her old pocket knive. Three inch blade. Deadly.

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 3,6,7,10,9,

Ravyn -> Janus: ((Someone outside and in the area across the street just did Entropy magic.))

Fangwulf: *The suit stays by the door. Outside, watching.*

Arlett: *frowning* think he saw is Mel? *meaning the suit*

Alice Newcomb: "Be right there." And she flips the phone closed, breaking into a trot. Now she's just another yuppie girl in the Bronx.

Ravyn -> Matty "Crash" Ross: ((Someone across the street, subtlely out of visual range, just did magic. Resonance is Subtle.

Arlett: hiiiide *to the phone and clcks,.. erasing the number and putting on vibe. aboid piercing ringings*

Melinda Stowe: Staying behind a wall she removes the VR headset tucking it around her beck so that it is less visable. A glance to Arlett, naw 3 women walking by they shouldn't stand out not at all.

Melinda Stowe: Whispering. "How should I know I didn't see him like you did."

Ravyn: Janus, when he enters the apartment, finds Matty there.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 8,8,7,8,9,3,6,

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs and moves towards the apartment building the outside inspection only revealing two men heading into the place*

Arlett: *Looks to Mel then to the warehouse, frowning* hmmmm....

Alice Newcomb: ((Ooooh, I hope that's a sign of how the dice bot is going to treat me tonight.) Looking around for Arlett.

Janus: *damn, someone behind him and someone in front of him, he immediately moves into a defensive stance, expecting the inevitable ambush, reaching into his jacket and grabbing the hilt of a knife, ready to pull it out for defense*

Matty "Crash" Ross: The PDA beeps La Cucaracha at him and Matty takes a look. "Hmmm! Across the street? Probability of coincidence?"


Matty rolls his eyes. "I'm reprogramming you tomorrow!" And decides that, since no one's there to audition, he might as well check out what's going on outside. Goggles on.

Arlett: hum? *looking to Mel* he is still outside *signales*.... *and narrows her eyes, trying to notice WHICH way he is looking to*

Alice Newcomb: d10: Int for arcane: 2,7,7,

Arlett: ((peering carefully))

Matty "Crash" Ross: And notices Janus. "Oh, hey! Are you doing the auditions?"

Arlett: d10: alert: 7,8,4,2,

Melinda Stowe: "We looks suspicious enough hidding here as it is." she wispers. "Where is Alice? Is he still there?"

Janus: *he hesitates a moment...they must be trying to put him off his guard...he doesn't relax, but he does respond* "...yes. And you?"

Arlett: He is still there... Allice...*peers carefully to try and locate her*

Alice Newcomb: d10: dex: 6,8,7,

Alice Newcomb: (that was for stealth)

Melinda Stowe: ((Delete "is he still there" since she already said he was))

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Yeah, until I saw the DVD..." he frowns. The PDA beeps at him for no reason. "Shut up," he tells it, clearly speaking to the PDA and not Janus.

He looks up. "Dark Night 3? So much worse than the original! I just got this e-mail telling me they had auditions, come by and all they have is a crappy DVD? I want my gas money back!"

Janus: ((Janus would have made sure to close it behind him))

Alice Newcomb: Taps Arlette on the shoulder.

Fangwulf: d10: : 2,5,2,5,1,9,

Snyde: *Snyde stands next to the closed door trying his best to hear whats going on in the apartment*

Melinda Stowe: Melinda looks at Alice, blinking several times. "Alice?" she asks.

Fangwulf: *He looks back and forth again, but remains steadily where he is.*

Snyde: d10: per+alert: 9,1,7,1,1,4,

Arlett: *And.... imidiatly puts a hand on her mouth not to utter a lound sound, though gaps, and turns, reading to kick whom ever in the shinnings!... that is till sees Alice, sighs* shit! you scared me *in a wishpers, of course*

Janus: *he raises an eyebrow, still not relaxing at all...he's silent, seeming to have no way to respond to this.*

Alice Newcomb: Nods, crouching down with them. "Hi," she whispers.

Snyde: *Snyde shakes his head a bit after bumping it into the door the ringing sensation in his ear drowning out all sound comeing from the apartment*

Alice Newcomb: "Sorry." Glances towards the guard. "He has a gun."

Melinda Stowe: Melinda is about 5 feet from Arlette, although she is near, not near enough to be invading personel space at all. which is good for her and her breathing. "So, I take it you were not just in the neighborhood then." a w\shispered comment to Alice.

Arlett: uh? *blinks, then nods, looking to the guard again* yea.. there are several oders inside.... we haven't cehck the aparment yet though.... there is bad energy inside

Matty "Crash" Ross: Well, that's usually how most people respond to Matty, so no real change in atmosphere for him, though the bump on the door is interesting. The PDA beeps. "Shut up, I said," he says.

Janus: "You're aware that you're yelling at an inaminate object, right?"

Alice Newcomb: "Maybe we should check out the other address. I forgot to put on my bullet proof underwear." Shakes her head no at Mel. "Got a letter."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He holds up the PDA. "With an AI program, actually! It gets a little pissy when you ignore it, like a Labrador. But Labradors are cute, so it's got something going for it, this little bugger..." he hits a couple of buttons, "just wants to be a pest!"

He nods to the door, "Should I open it?" Beings that someone did just bump their head on it.

Snyde: *Snyde sighs* "Might as well knock now" *he mutters to himself before knocking on the door*

Alice Newcomb: Arlett> "Is she..?" Figuring she wouldn't be if she wasn't.

Melinda Stowe: She shudders at the comment that the guy has a gun. Gun bullet= lots of PAIN. "Well, so he has a gin and we have?" a nod of her head "Right, so evilness inside, they have 10 people and we are three. How about we take out their power grid and send them scurrying for a bit. A hint of distraction to possibly get us inside?"

Janus: *he steps aside from the door, resuming his stance a few feet away, ready to fight whatever is on the other side if it's a threat. He gives a slight nod towards the door*

Arlett: *Eyes Alice, grins* I did *looks to the warehouse* we should check the aparment.. know if we need to spect soemthing from there.... can we leave a camera here to make sure that no one from here comes out?

Melinda Stowe: "E-mail." she says to Alice in a whisper.

Arlett: *Looks ot Alice* don't know...*then to Mel* so we strike here first?

Snyde: *Snyde turns the handle and steps through the door* "So is this where the auditions for the be rate flick are happening at?"

Alice Newcomb: "Ten to three? Are you crazy? They probably all have guns. All I have is a paint brush. I think we should check out the other place first." Looks at Arlett to see what she thinks.

Matty "Crash" Ross: And Matty, not suspecting anything, just walks right up and opens the door while Snyde is in mid-knock, which, if he opens it fast enough, may result in Snyde knocking on his forehead.

Melinda Stowe: She grins to Arlett. "I can do a map of the place once we are away and make sure to watch the people....keep the program running for a while." she says quietly.

Arlett: *she seems to be thinking.... *

Matty "Crash" Ross: (DLP)

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Beats me!" he says to Snyde. "I was just here to steal their free food and make fun of their movie! But there's no food, and no filmmakers to berate!"

Alice Newcomb: Seems Alice has realized she's mortal.

Arlett: *nods, thinking for a moment* ok... we -should- make sure what we will be specting of the other place... while keeping watch here.. won't do have ten here and then thirty coming from there...*looking to both* once we know what to spect we can try and handle it

Ravyn: There's also the newspaper article on the floor in the apartment.

Alice Newcomb: "I got the floor plan." Taps her temple.

Arlett: *blinks to alice* of the warehouse? or the aparemnt?

Janus: *Janus will move to pick up the newspaper article while they're talking, as there doesn't seem to be an immediate ambush*

Melinda Stowe: "Yes those odds I do not like." Still wispering. "Let's go, see if we can not be seen by him at least and when we are far enough away." (Since I the player do not know how far in distance the building is from the apartment) "then i will track it with a program, nothing left behind that way."

Alice Newcomb: "The warehouse." Draws the basic floor plan on the ground with her finger. "Not much there, big room and couple smaller ones.

Arlett: *nods* alright... so Mel keep a watch here with a program and we check *nods again, and peers carefully to the man, trying to find a way to start to the apparment without being seen*

Arlett: *glancing to AlicE* don't leave track...*softly*

Snyde: *Snyde looks about the room for a place to sit down* "So why did they call for us to come here then if there isnt going to be a movie?" *he says as his eyes drift over Janus and the newspapar article*

Alice Newcomb: Pats the dirt smooth again. "No tracks."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He shrugs. "It's not like they know how to make a movie! Have you seen Dark Night 3? It's in the player, if you haven't, though I can't exactly say you'd want to."

Arlett: ((waits for answer if there is clean path))

Ravyn: Local Film Company Listed on Top 50 Growing Businesses
NY Times, Financial Section

It's not uncommon to see a film company from New York making a name for itself. From Tribeca Productions to Miramax Films, New York is rife with production companies. One company, though, as made the list of the 50 Top Growing Businesses in the state of New York: Imagine Films.

Imagine Films, a company currently focusing on Direct-to-DVD releases and marketing campaigns for local companies, fall on the list at #34. The company was founded by independant businessman Brian Sullivan in early 2005, and has produced several movies that have done well in the Direct-to-DVD market. The company's success has surprised industry experts, as Imagine has produced little more then the typical far that comes with the Direct market--horror, erotic thrillers, and instructional videos. Noted is how the company seems to have a cult-like following of fans, who purchase most films produced by the company, of varying styles, plots, and content.

"We know how to advertise," Sullivan explained. "I don't know how I can explain it more then that. The Dark Night, Blue Blood, and Action Explosion series' have all done exceptionally well, and we couldn't be prouder."

The company is currently said to be preparing to step into Theatrical Releases, and is resisting the urge to go public. Speculation states the Sullivan doesn't want to give control of his company to investors. Whatever the reason, Imagine is sure to be making a wave in the next few years.

((Snyde, you can roll Int+Alertness))

Snyde: *Snyde sits down* "Well start it up lets see what there abilities are"

Snyde: d10: : 2,7,9,5,1,

Fangwulf: d10: per+alert: 6,6,8,6,9,8,

Melinda Stowe: she get's ready to follow the girls. At least they were all on the same page, and looks like they had all done their homework on the werehouse, well one way or another.

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((The name Brian Sullivan is familiar to Snyde...he thinks the name may have been on either the Technocratic Hit List or Technocratic Available Resources List, one of the two.))

Arlett: ((not moving out yet.. just trying to find a path....*wines*))

Melinda Stowe: ((Ummm we dead yet? *faints at the roll*))

Alice Newcomb: (Oh hell, that's more sux than Alice has sneak dice. *L*)

Janus: *he passes the article to Matty* "What do you make of this?" *he definitely has some ideas, but he's not sharing as of yet*

Arlett: ((yea.. thinking thte same!))

Fangwulf: *The suit's head swivels, to the location of the car.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty shrugs. "Not like I have anything better to do...! Jimmy's probably already noticed that I gutted that car and left it for him to clean up."

He goes up to the DVD player, and since he does know a thing or two about technology, gets it fired up. Metaphorically speaking. Doesn't actually set it on fire. With Matty, one has to continuously make this distinction.

Melinda Stowe: ((yeah same here Alice-p we are screwed))

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 1,10,4,9,8,7,4,

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty checks the article out. "Hmm! They suck, but they're good at making sure everyone knows they suck?"

Fangwulf: *Right now, he seems to simply watch them. His gaze locked now. His hand rests on his hip.*

Arlett: d10: finding clean path ?: 8,5,9,4,

Snyde: *Snyde extends his hand out for the article* "Mind if I see that when your done with it?"

Arlett: ((or not...*G*)) oh.... eh... just start walking like if nothing ....*well.. is a guess. yea... visitors here... normal people, nothing to see* keep an eye on his hand* wishpered*

Alice Newcomb: Looks around to see if the coast is clear. "The apt is just a block over," she whispers. "That way." She didn't park far from it.

Fangwulf: *And doesn't reach for the gun. Instead, reaches for a walkie talkie. Speaking into it quickly.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods, handing it over to Snyde, looking to both of the other gentlemen. "I'm Matty, by the way! Call me Crash!"

Alice Newcomb: "Are you sure we shouldn't run?" Walking along with the girls. Just some chicks out trolling for cute guys. Yep.

Snyde: *Snyde nods to him* "Yea I think I saw you the other day talking to the Doc"

Arlett: *having the feeling they are going to haave to run* Alice.. your car is to .... visable..*she starts walking... trying to pretend all is cook * Mel.. can you see if anyone inside is starting to move? or get ready? ...*and she starts seeking a viable car for stealing... so they can be redless discrete*

Melinda Stowe: Well if it isn't for the fact that Mel stays at least 5 feet from everyone and anyone, no matter what, e4ven if she has to walk in the street. She does stand out a bit. Nothing helping that one. She just walks with them. A block isn't going to be far eough away in her mind oh well.

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Yeah! She came by my shop yesterday, too! Talking about..." he stops. "...stuff!"

Alice Newcomb: "My car is also two blocks away."

Snyde: *Snyde looks over to Janus* "So what do you make out of this little article here?"

Janus: *he looks from one to the other, definitely an interesting event. He remains silent, and glances over at Dark Night 3*

Melinda Stowe: She blinks at Arlett, "I believe i can I need to bring up a new program though."

Ravyn: The DVD starts up, going through all the beginnging stuff...and it freezes on the warning against copying and know, that green screen that tells you that you're going to jail and hell if you show a movie for profit or copy it? Yeah, that one. It reads differently, reads "Duplication, in part or in whole, of this highly dangerous material is prohibited, but has occured, and still is occuring, with explicit instructions from the usual legal recourse. Someone must put an end to it, don't you think?" Instead of the FBI logo, the image of the Sphinx is there.

Alice Newcomb: "But it's also really fast."

Arlett: your caris to obvious Alice... we can't take it

Arlett: *nods to AlicE* try.. we need to know if they are coming after us and how many *looking for car while heading to the warehouse*

Snyde: *Snyde watches the screen* "So this is why I got out of bed this morning?"

Janus: "This Imagine Films company is suspicious. I believe they are a front for someone, but the question is who."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He frowns. "That's not supposed to happen!" And then he sees the Sphinx. "Oh! Kittens!"

Alice Newcomb: Glances around all non-challant like.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 9,9,1,2,8,2,7,

Melinda Stowe: A slight nod of her head as the VR head set and monocle is put into place. And she recalls a program. watching the code appear on the PDA.

Snyde: *Snyde nods to Janus* "I have a couple of guesses in mind and none of them are happy careing people."

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete (Cor+Life)WP): 3,8,5,

Janus: "No, Sphinx. Mythological beast. Whoever Imagine is a front for seems to use it as a logo."

Janus: *nods* "Doesn't mean they're bad guys though. I've got plenty of friends who aren't exactly nice or caring."

Snyde: *Snyde looks over at Matty* "Did someone drop you on your head at birth?" *he says with a confused look as he watches the mans behavior*

Arlett: *watches Mel, then Alice* ok Al... can you make out who is int he apaerment and if there is any kind of energy in? *seeking for car*

Arlett: d10: seeking fleet car: 8,4,2,7,

Fangwulf: *He speaks softly into the walkie talkie, and then keeps his eyes open.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He shakes his head. "I don't think this is part of the front," he says, motioning to the screen. "That isn't very subtle!"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks at Snyde. "I think I blew up a Sidewinder missle a little too close to my head once. Does that count?"

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "Yea maybe the sphinix is the logo of people who are against imagine and their backers"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He picks up the PDA, pointing it at the screen, specifically the Sphinx, to get a scan on it. "Can you scan my private library to see if there's anything on that? If not, scan the Interweb from behind the firewall this time!" he tells the PDA.

Janus: *hmm...he reads the warning page, and seems to get an idea* "Subtlety, by its nation, is not often obvious. If neither of you mind..." *he pulls out a small charcoal crayon, which he uses to make a mark, roughly eye shaped, on his forehead while murmuring a short mantra* ((Entropy 1 to detect, well, entropic energy in the video))

Alice Newcomb: She steps to a little patch of grass surrounding a tree, and squats. Gah, no telling how many dogs have used this tree. Maybe she found a dime in the grass. She digs her fingers down into the dirt, and looks down at her ring. She's never tried to link the arts before. (wp)

Arlett: ((pokes Alice-p))

Alice Newcomb: d10: cor/life (apt): 4,

Janus: ((nation=nature)

Janus: d10: Entropy : 8,5,8,

Matty "Crash" Ross -> Ravyn: [Two points in Library; doubtful that it's in there, but just checking]

Arlett: ((making sure we are OFF the guards eye BTW))

Melinda Stowe: "No one is coming,." she says to Arlett and Alice as they continue walking and she keeps that program running. "Are we going to the apartment?"

Alice Newcomb: It only takes a moment, and she pretends she picked something out of the grass and tucks it in her pocket, holding the effect.

Ravyn: ((Awarness, Matty & Snyde))

Arlett: *frowns, but nods to Mel* yes.... I Don't like that we are seen and no movement....

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 7,5,7,9,1,

Alice Newcomb: (I thought they were there by now, it's only a block away.)

Ravyn -> Janus: There is a faint residue of some Entropic energy...manipulation of fate, nothing corrupt, and certainly not Qlippothic.))

Arlett: 8(I thought so too *S*))

Snyde: d10: Awareness: 3,6,2,2,4,7,

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes get a sort of glassy look as she tries to expand her awareness and feel out the apt.

Ravyn: ((Ahh, then Awareness from the ladies, too.))

Arlett: ((*snifles* the sT had forgotten about us =( *S*))

Melinda Stowe: She blinks as she looks around realizing they are there near the apartments, so much for her trying to do two things at once.

Arlett: d10: awa: 5,1,5,7,

Arlett: 88ble))

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + aware: 5,6,3,6,10,6,9,7,

Ravyn: ((1 success: Two magic pings. 2 succ: one inside the apartment, one outside; if you have it, you know that Entropy was inside, and Corr/Life was outside. 3 success: From Snyde and Alice's positions exactly. 4 succ: Ping me.))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Awareness: 3,7,7,9,8,

Alice Newcomb: d10: spec: 8,5,

Ravyn: ((Holy shit.))

Janus: "Fate has not been allowed to develop natural here..." *he frowns slightly* "But nothing truly evil, fortunately." *he watches the screen to see what the point of all this is*

Snyde: ((Do you mean Janus?))

Arlett: ((*sighs* it seemed as if they would take another 30 mins.. but I am being called for my usual sunday pause *=( *looks to Rav* I put Arlett in ya hands?))

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: What do I get for 7 sux? *G*

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Janus his face showing that he knows what he did* "So who exactly are you anyway?"

Janus: ((wait, do I get awareness, as there's magic other than mine?))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty's PDA beeps La Cucaracha followed by a data stream, but not the one he was waiting for. "Hmm..." he glances over to Janus, the only one of the three looking like they may be working something. "Doing something?" he asks.

Arlett -> Ravyn: (8more or less 30- to 40 mins... hope not missing something *snugz* but need fade *puts Alret in hands* d))

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: ((Resonance is Fated. She can even tell the's searching something for Entropic Energy.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Oh!" he looks closer at the data stream. "We've got someone outside playing with..." he glances at both. One he knows rolls with Carmichael, and the other just admitted to it, so why not. "...Correspondence."

Ravyn: ((Yes, I meant Janus, and yes, Janus gets awareness.))

Janus: "I am Janus." *as if that is enough*

Janus: d10: Perception+Awareness: 5,4,4,5,2,9,

Ravyn -> Snyde: The screen is still frozen on that green screen.

Janus: "We are being watched then?" *he seems thoughtful, gears turning...or more precisely, Wheels spinning, in his head*

Alice Newcomb: "Someone in the apartment is using Fatum," she murmurs.

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: ((Resonance inside is Fated. Resonance outside is struggling, grounded by reality, and drug enduced decay))

Snyde: *Snyde turns towards the door* "So do we let them come to us or should we go to them?"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: (Does she get anything on the life/corro effect?)

Melinda Stowe: A purse of her lips. "Seems like we might need to jpoin who is inside and see what to make of them."

Alice Newcomb: Still holding her effect senses stretched, she asks Mel, "What's your name?"

Janus: "And you are?" *he thinks another moment* "If we stay here, I believe we are at the advantage, as they will be coming to us. If we go there, they will be able to attack us while we move, if that is their intention."

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: ((Three inside, mostly empty apartment but for them.))

Alice Newcomb: "What if they're union?"

Snyde: *Snyde nods as he pulls his pistols and moves to stand near the door so that he will not be reabily seen as the door opens*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He frowns. "I could look through the wall, see if they're hiding..." He shrugs.

Melinda Stowe: "The name is Mel and if they are, then they know about us as we do them." she tells Alice.

Alice Newcomb: A slow blink, eyes flickering. "There are three of them."

Janus: *he reaches into his coat and pulls out a pair of knives, just in case* "I could as well, but I believe the less we tell them about our abilities might be better at this point." ((anything happened with the DVD we've got going? Or just frozen like that?))

Melinda Stowe: "And there is 3 of us." good dodd's to her. The PDA scrolls to the 'fry' program in case she needs to electricute anyone. "Shall we see if they be friend of foe?" she indicates Alice knock on the door.

Ravyn: ((Stiiiiiiiiiiil frozen.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: He reaches into his coat, bringing out a... wrench. "All I got," he says, shrugging. "Sue me; I wasn't expecting The Way of the Gun...!"

Alice Newcomb: Wishes Thor wasn't guarding the car. "Do you have any offensive abilities?" Moving to put a parked car between them and the apt, leaning against it as she holds the effect, in an attempt to track their movements.

Alice Newcomb: "You want me to go knock?" Blinking at Mel.

Melinda Stowe: "I believe electricution was the order of the day if they were foe." she tells Alice.

Alice Newcomb: d10: Int on car: 4,4,9,

Alice Newcomb: This car looks familiar. "Okay, get ready, because I don't have much more than a pocket knife and good eye sight." Seems shes spent enough will to prone to taking crazy suggestions. She swallows once, and marches right up to the door and KNOCKS.

Alice Newcomb: Slides the quote so she says "This car looks familiar" aloud.

Ravyn: ((With only one success, Alice, the effect was an instantaneous effect, and thus gave her just a flash.))

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head she was ready.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks between Janus and Snyde. "Are the MIBs polite before they try to kill us, now? Or are we just paranoid?"

Snyde: *Snyde nods to Matty when he hears the knock on the door*

Alice Newcomb: ((Ah, kk))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty walks on over to the door, turning the knob and open. "Oh, good; females! Are you all here for the love scene on page 120? 'Cause we haven't started the auditions for that one, yet."

Alice Newcomb: (Only one female, Mel is hiding I think?)

Alice Newcomb: "Yep! I heard Brad Pitt was the lead man."

Alice Newcomb: Tries to peer past Matty into the room.

Melinda Stowe: She stares at Matty. "No there were no love scenes on page 120." Melinda says. "Didn't you even READ the script before coming?"

Snyde: *Snyde moves to look through the door and lowers the gun, just what I need he thinks to himself* "Alice, you havent been trying to spy again have you?"

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 5,5,3,3,6,10,8,

Ravyn: ((Arlett is behind Melinda, by the way, for the record. Being quiet. *S*))

Alice Newcomb: d10: spec: 3,

Snyde: *After confirming the three women he holsters his pistols*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He shrugs. "No one's here for the auditions, actually! Didn't I see..." he points to Snyde back in the room, "you sitting on her car the other day?"

Janus: *raises an eyebrow* "Alice?"

Melinda Stowe: She looks to Snyde when he speaks she nods her head to him. "Hello Snyde, and no she is with us." oh yeah they did come together remember?

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes widen a little when she sees Snyde. "No sir," she says hurriedly, sliding a hand behind her back to make an okay symbol before Mel starts electrocuting.

Janus: *glances over, so he's Snyde, eh? Interesting...and they seem to know him, he he puts his knives away for the moment*

Melinda Stowe: She narrows her eyes on Matty. "You are not here for the Audition, they why precicly are you here for them?"

Alice Newcomb: Matty> "You were at the park yesterday, that's your Chevelle."

Snyde: *Snyde nods smileing a bit when he sees Arlett* "Well to let ya's hopes down there really isnt anything very interesting here just that crazy screen over there and this" *he says as he reaches the article out towards Mel*

Alice Newcomb: "Maybe they could help with the warehouse?" she suggests to the girls.

Melinda Stowe: As much as she would probably like to electrocute Matty she doesn't enable the program.

Matty "Crash" Ross: "To steal free food from the auditions," he nods to Melinda. "Oh, and to make fun of their filmmaking abilities, or lack thereof! It's sort of a hobby."

A nod to Alice. "You had a Mustang, right?"

Alice Newcomb: Janus> "Who are you?"

Alice Newcomb: "Yeah, I was parked next to you."

Janus: "Met you a bit over a week back, and your friend Livvy, in the park."

Snyde: *Snyde turns and looks at Janus* "That is actually a really good question, and I guess you probably have a good answer"

Janus: "Oh, I have an excellent answer." *but does he give it? nope.*

Alice Newcomb: "Ooooh yeah. And the kid... I forgot your name, sorry."

Melinda Stowe: She takes the Artice making sure to stay away from everyone her back to a wall once inside. "Thank you" she says to snyde as she reads. "Yes Alice they might just be able to help with the werehouse. And Snyde, and the rest of you, the script is that of a recent event in our own history of a meeting that got crashed, and is being portrayed as the Good soldiers and evil villans. but their success of taking down the home of the evil villans make it all a great success."

Arlett: ((back! *eyes parents and prays they won't yell again for trying to scamper*))

Alice Newcomb: "Why don't you just tape him to a tree and stick your gun in his face," she says a little darkly to Snyde. Yeah, she didn't like that much. "And you can cut off his fingers if you don't like his answers."

Snyde: *Snyde looks at the man* "Well were waiting"

Snyde: *Snyde looks at her* "He wasnt following me after being told to go home and hasnt lied about anything yet to my knowledge"

Melinda Stowe: "Alice please, we need unity to work together scarcasm later please, thank you." she drops the newspaper back to the bed once she is done reading it.

Alice Newcomb: "Six to ten is better odds than three," she says to Mel. Matt> "I'm Alice," she says offering her hand.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He frowns at Melinda's words. "Who crashed the meeting?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: Takes Alice's hand. "Matty! Call me Crash. Or..." he looks to Melinda, "some people call me Dumbass if they so prefer."

Arlett: ((trying to catch up *S*))*listening and watching, quietly*

Melinda Stowe: She looks to Matty, then a glace to Snyde. "Is everyone copacetic?"

Janus: "I wanted to know who these people were and how they knew who I am." *oh, he's still wary...and it's clear*

Alice Newcomb: "Crash it is. Some people call me Blondie." Looks at the television screen, then picks up the paper and reads the article.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at the man* "allright so noname it is"

Ravyn: ((If you need the article re-posted, let me know.))

Alice Newcomb: (Please?)

Janus: "I'm Janus." *sighs* "It's not a hard name to remember." *he mumbles something under his breath*

Alice Newcomb: Janus> "Just make up a handle so we don't have to call you hey you."

Snyde: *Snyde smiles at the man before extending his hand* "Snyde even though you probably already heared that"

Matty "Crash" Ross: "So, uh... anyone seen this before?" He points to the insignia, the Sphinx on the screen.

Snyde: *Snyde shakes his head* "Not that I can recall"

Janus: "Shall we move on? There's some organization that knows who we are and how to find us. Personally, I am not a big fan of that, and I want to know who they are, determine if they're dangerous or not, and either destroy them or enlist them as allies, depending on what I find. Does anyone have any ideas about how to go about this?"

Alice Newcomb: "You guys all got the package yeah?"

Ravyn: Local Film Company Listed on Top 50 Growing Businesses
NY Times, Financial Section

It's not uncommon to see a film company from New York making a name for itself. From Tribeca Productions to Miramax Films, New York is rife with production companies. One company, though, as made the list of the 50 Top Growing Businesses in the state of New York: Imagine Films.

Imagine Films, a company currently focusing on Direct-to-DVD releases and marketing campaigns for local companies, fall on the list at #34. The company was founded by independant businessman Brian Sullivan in early 2005, and has produced several movies that have done well in the Direct-to-DVD market. The company's success has surprised industry experts, as Imagine has produced little more then the typical far that comes with the Direct market--horror, erotic thrillers, and instructional videos. Noted is how the company seems to have a cult-like following of fans, who purchase most films produced by the company, of varying styles, plots, and content.

"We know how to advertise," Sullivan explained. "I don't know how I can explain it more then that. The Dark Night, Blue Blood, and Action Explosion series' have all done exceptionally well, and we couldn't be prouder."

The company is currently said to be preparing to step into Theatrical Releases, and is resisting the urge to go public. Speculation states the Sullivan doesn't want to give control of his company to investors. Whatever the reason, Imagine is sure to be making a wave in the next few years.

((And Melinda, Arlett, and Alice, if they've read the article, can roll Int+Alertness))

Snyde: *Snyde nods to Janus* "Yea I have a friend who can get on it as soon as I get in contact with them"

Alice Newcomb: "I think it might be the good guys." Punches out the cd and reads the label. "Yeah, it's a sphinx, egyptian symbol of some sort. Tells riddles."

Alice Newcomb: d10: int + alert: 9,6,6,7,6,1,

Arlett: *Looks to them all then to the news paper Alice passes her to*

Arlett: d10: intell: 9,6,4,6,5,3,

Melinda Stowe: "Yes the insignia of the Spinx has been used and sent to me before, sending me to a club once and now this. It seems that he is warning us of evil that is popping up. And Crash for the record the back hat's were the ones who crashed a meeting of the rest of us, and another place was blown up with several good people being taken out. The fact that this film place is making them out to be the good guys, and us the villans is a laugh and twisted. There is a wherehouse Snyde, the return address for what we recieved came from. Us girls went there and checked things out as of right now there is 10 people there 8 inside a larger part of it and two in an office, but one man did come outsaide and spotted us three as we walked away from the place. And Arlett has so obligingly added to us girls tat there is a creepy feeling coming from the place."

Arlett: *wrinking her nose a tad* Sphyns has warned us about other things.... always dangerious* ((making a quick recall and a bit of asumption* hideS*))

Matty "Crash" Ross: He glances at the PDA. "Just to be sure, who was outside playing with Correspondence?"

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Alert: 3,5,2,5,8,1,7,

Janus: "It was also a demon associated with bad luck by the Greeks." *frowning*

Ravyn -> Arlett: Arlett recognizes the name "Brian Sullivan" from the Technocratic Available Resources list. New World Order.

Arlett: we were I think Crash *reading along the paper*

Alice Newcomb: "Fifteen good people died," she says quietly.

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: Arlett recognizes the name "Brian Sullivan" from the Technocratic Available Resources list. Brian Sullivan, New World Order, Ivory Tower, Gray Man.

Arlett: ohhh *bliking at the news paper, frowns* ok guys.... film maker.. deffinitively Irontooth

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "Figured! Just being certain..."

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: ((The name Brian Sullivan is familiar to Melinda...he thinks the name may have been on either the Technocratic Hit List or Technocratic Available Resources List, one of the two.))

Alice Newcomb: "Who was inside manipulating fatum?"

Alice Newcomb: Nods at Arlett. "He's a grayface."

Janus: "Me. I was checking the DVD. I found nothing overtly evil or inverted, just manipulation."

Melinda Stowe: She sighs. "And of course the man who founded also on one of the resource lists for the black hats coincidence I do not think so."

Alice Newcomb: Eyes the euthie as her first guess.

Alice Newcomb: Blinks at Janus.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Mel* "Allright then this is somthing we need to procede carfully on"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He thinks. "Doubtful that the same crew that made the movie did the screen, then; if they made the DVD, they wouldn't need to manipulate it!"

Janus -> Ravyn: ((Rolling Int to remember the list, as he attempted to memorize it))

Arlett: *Looks to Alice, nods again* So... we were hinted here either to trap us, which due to the time we have been here is less likely.. or hint us....*looking around* we shoudl take the warehouse...

Alice Newcomb: "Okay, ten people aren't guarding nothing. What are we going to do about the warehouse?"

Janus -> Ravyn: d10: Int: 5,9,7,

Ravyn -> Janus: Janus recognizes the name "Brian Sullivan" from the Technocratic Available Resources list. Brian Sullivan, New World Order, Ivory Tower, Gray Man.

Melinda Stowe: She nods her head to Snyde. "Yes, of course. I had suggested a power outage at their location, as means of a distraction. But perhaps with six of us we can come up with something else to do."

Arlett: *frowning, thinking looking around at them, then blinks to Matty* the DVD is mannipulated?

Alice Newcomb: She's in. Thoth will kill her, but she's in. The union took everyone from her, she's not passing up a chance to slap them in the face.

Matty "Crash" Ross: "I like the power outage suggestion," he says.

Alice Newcomb: "I like explosions. Let's blow up a car in their parking lot."

Arlett: *nods again* yea... Mel's idea I think would be our first step.. we need to plan on that though... mean.. what is after

Alice Newcomb: "And turn out the lights."

Janus: "Yes, I haven't attempted to discern how yet, you were sensed and that put us on our guard." ((btw, in case anyone missed it, he has charcoal smudged on his forhead roughly in the shape of an eye...just so you all know...))

Snyde: *Snyde nods to Mel* "Allright then we need a plan"

Matty "Crash" Ross: "I like the blowing up suggestion better," he says.

Melinda Stowe: "Crash, the DVD might have been manipulated with but they wish to tell their story from their good point of view. And with the DVD to be released mass, then they could succeed in getting their point of view to millions if need be." She doesn't sound happy about that. "Should syphion their proffits from this to us."

Alice Newcomb: "We want them to run out of the building, right? How many people will run out to check a breaker vs. a big boom? And if it's dark we can all be prepared by going altersense in advance."

Arlett: or just plain avoid it been passed MEl *frowns*

Janus: "Could one of you sketch the layout of this building and any other relevant information you found there? I would like to see this before we go."

Arlett: *Looking to Alice*^but a boom will make neightbours and those inside call the police and the firefighters... we don't want MORE comming

Matty "Crash" Ross: "My point is Janus here sensed some non-mundane manipulation to the DVD. Who's to say that we aren't being hinted here by the people who did that manipulation, and the people who made the DVD are what they're trying to tip us off to?"

Melinda Stowe: "Well I could always just pop on in there. make some distractions to get their attention off fo the front doors to get you guys inside." can she do that?

Arlett: Mel has them positions and Alice has a layout

Arioch -> Ravyn: (Please don't be upset with me for interrupting, it's just one little quick question that I can't find the answer to in any of my books. How do you hack a computer gamewise? Intelligence and Knowledge: Computers? I'm sorry for interrupting)

Alice Newcomb: "So would a shoot out? Maybe we could get someone on the roof?"

Snyde: *Snyde nods as he looks at the three girls before smileing a bit* "Or we could just let Alice sneak in"

Arlett: *looks to Alice* if we plan this right... we only make sound in the end ... when we are about to get the hell out *eyeing Snyde* no.... she doens't have a gun and... I don't want to leave her alone

Melinda Stowe: She trtuns her PDA around to show them what she is seeing in the werehouse with the people. " I would hope this helps."

Alice Newcomb: Looks at Snyde. "I don't suppose you carry anything kewl like a sleeping gas bomb we could chuck into the ventilation shaft?"

Snyde : *He looks at Arlett* "It was a joke just rembering her great job spying the other night"

Arlett: *blinks to Alice, blinks then grins* noo... but we could improvice one

Alice Newcomb: "Mel, you're a wizz!"

Janus: *he looks over the layout* ((can someone describe it to me? PM is fine.))

Arlett: *tilting her head to Snyde, then to Alice, then to him* missed that one

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Do you have wireless?" he says, holding up his PDA. "Is it cool if I tap into your feed?"

Alice Newcomb: Snyde> "If you weren't so heavily armed I'd kick you about now."

Snyde : *He shakes his head* "nope just the pistols"

Melinda Stowe: "Thank you Alice." Main office space and a huge werehouse space ((If I am wrong let me know ST's))

Fangwulf: ((Could I have Alice, Mel and Janus roll wits, please?))

Alice Newcomb: "What do you need to make one Arlett?"

Janus: d10: Wits: 7,9,4,7,

Alice Newcomb: d10: wits: 3,1,3,

Alice Newcomb: ((DOH!))

Melinda Stowe: And Melinda eyes Crash. "I would prefer if you sisn't." there is a wire traveling from the PDA up her sleve at the moment but then again there is a wire running down her collar of her shirt from the VA headset as well.

Melinda Stowe: d10: Wits: 8,10,3,

Janus: "There will be cameras. And this will make the news."

Alice Newcomb: "Oh, I know! What if we rig a car to blow and run it right through that metal door. KABOOM!"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He shrugs. "Okay," and pockets his PDA. "The office space we could assume would have the more important people, right? The people who know things? Couldn't we bypass the warehouse altogether if that were the case?"

Arlett: *blinks to Janus* so we need to avoid being filmed too.. not like they don't know whom we are... mostly

Ravyn: (( There is another building off the back where the filming is done...the arrows are what Melinda recognizes as the security traffic. Blue boxes are the production lines for the DVD's...yellow box is an elevator down. Tan boxes are other rooms.))

Alice Newcomb: "Tex here, can shoot the cameras." Nudging Snyde.

Melinda Stowe: "No there will be no camera action at all. And although it will be on the news they will not know who did it. Best way to take out a camera is to mess with it's electrical, which I can do, and then I can get in there as well. Without sneaking in."

Arlett: hmmm... maybe *frowning, and moving to look at the layout, for a way to get in the office avoiding warehouse main... *

Ravyn: ((And the office space is another, conjoining building off the side. Three rooms, reception area, office, and bathroom.))

Janus: "I'd prefer to not be arrested. I have things to do, and I'd prefer to avoid jailtime for this particular caper."

Alice Newcomb: ((What's the little bitty orange box outside?))

Matty "Crash" Ross: "If we cut the power, couldn't that just deal with the cameras?" he says. "Are they on a separate line?"

Ravyn: ((Dumpster))

Arlett: ((nods)) *she nods to mel and then looks at the layout, biting her lips* ok.. that solves the being seen.. we have to halt the DVD release.. but offices might have the one original film.... how take both?

Janus: "We aren't dealing with everyday law enforcement here. They'll know who it was, and they'll fabricate evidence against us. This requires strategy and cunning, not 'blow shit up' tactics."

Alice Newcomb: "They're all union people, why don't we just blow up the whole building and them along with whatever is inside?"

Melinda Stowe: "I do not plan on being arrested either Janus. That would be most unpleasant for me." she states.

Arlett: *blinking to Alice, blinks* you seriously want to... murder ALL those people?

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks to Janus. "You talk as if the two are mutually exclusive!"

Janus: *to Alice* "Many of them are likely sleepers just doing their jobs, not real members of the Union."

Snyde: *Snyde nods to Janus*

Alice Newcomb: "Then there won't be cameras, witnesses or anyone left to fabricate stuff." Looking a little intense, that's what they did to her chantry. Turn about's fair play in her book.

Arlett: signals Janus* another point

Melinda Stowe: "Best idea is to blow a transformer to cut the power, I can also locate and cut the security camera if they are on a seperate line all together. From there we need to have two groups one to find and retrieve the original while the rest takes out the production line."

Alice Newcomb: "They killed all of my people," she says darkly, quite ready to blow the lot of them.

Arlett: *shakes her head to Alice* I like Melinda's *nods* and we avoid harming people *looking to Alice* have another's life weight in you....

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Alice* "You need to understand somthing Alice, the people in there that are Union are the enemy those who are just doing a job are innocent of the Unions crimes"

Janus: *he nods agreement with Melinda* "And we should attempt to make it look like any damage we do is accidental, and could have been caused by the workers. If the only crime they see is stupidity, there's nothing to prosecute."

Arlett: *frowning more and just adding* so.. you want to become them by copying their actions..

Janus: *to Alice* "Then are you saying that you are no better than they? If the good guys will do the same things that the bad guys will, then the War truly is lost." *disgust in his voice*

Snyde: "Allright then who is going after what?" *he says as he looks around the group*

Alice Newcomb: Crosses her arms. "You don't know if they're innocent or not."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks to Melinda. "Okay, power outage! I could jam cell signals, too. I could give everyone a tracer that you could use to track all of us and coordinate...?"

He looks around. "I mean, since we're not blowing stuff up, someone else is probably better off in charge!"

Melinda Stowe: Well it seems some people are in agreement withher plan of action at least. "Main thing is to figure out and be on a clear understand of how to get rid of the DVD's on the production line and those that are to be shipped out. The original of course will be in out hands." oh if only she had a way of transporting matter.

Arlett: *blinks to Matty, grins, for now letting go off Alice anger... she needs time to surpass it* right... Melinda could do that *looking to her* now.. who goes where?

Janus: "Exactly. You don't know. As far as you know, everyone in there is some poor Sleeper, doing his shitty job to eke out a living. And if you kill them, there are other consequences. Their families are destroyed, having lost a family member and their means of support. I will not go along with any plan involving the wanton destruction of human life."

Alice Newcomb: "See how you feel about it after they've killed everyone you cared about."

Snyde: *Snyde nods as Janus speaks* "He is right Alice and for your sake I hope you understand that, when it is their time to move along the wheel they shall."

Alice Newcomb: "I'm good at finding things," she says, clearly disappointed they're not blowing the place up. "I can run pretty fast too. In and out and look for the original. Why do we need the original anyway?"

Arlett: Alice... not everyone there is responsible...

Melinda Stowe: She looks to Crash. "Can you take put phoen lines as well? because a combined cellphone walkie talkine signal jam with the phones out and the power down. Will cause havoc so they will not know what is really going down. But it needs to be done quickly. Our attack going down at the same time as the diversaion. Ad my attack i mean getting the original and distroying the production line. And Crash that would work if you all wished for me to stay behind." she doesn't seem to mind that option.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Alice* "Murder is never justified, it is only sometimes nesscary and revenge is not somthing you want controlling your life because in the end it will end up destroying you"

Janus: "And so you would doom others, children and spouses and parents, to feel PRECISELY that pain? And worse, they won't have known in advance that it was possible. Union officials know that they are targets and those on our side know as well. Sleepers are ignorant and innocent. THINK before you inflict that pain on others. Especially because you've been put through a LESSER form of it."

Arlett: to avoid them making more *nodding to Alice* I can go with Alice... back her up .. not so good at finding things.. but I can go with it

Matty "Crash" Ross: "We could..." he thinks. "It would be really, really difficult, but we could theoretically transmutate the whole production line. No need to destroy the DVDs, just change them into something different! Like porn!"

Melinda Stowe: "We need to have the original because if they don't movie cannot come out."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods to Melinda. "I could find the phone lines - they generate energy just like everything else!"

Janus: *to Matty* "That's a good idea. I can corrupt the discs, it will look mostly like shoddy production."

Alice Newcomb: Why is everyone lecturing her? She's not the one who walks around with big guns.

Melinda Stowe: She blinks at Crash. "That could work if you could m,anage to do that to all of them at once."

Snyde: *Snyde nods to Janus* "I can aid in the corruption of the discs"

Alice Newcomb: ((Porn?! *LOL* @ Matt!))

Arlett: So SNyda and Janus and Crash are on corrupting files.. Alice and I on finding the original and Mel will coordinate us?.... she is right we would need to time up

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "I would need some serious help, though... it wouldn't happen immediately, and would require a lot of work, but if we can locate all the DVDs, and we only need one to be able to do it, I can use my handy-dandy scanner to re-scan and transmute the DVDs!"

Janus: "Then the three of us can be one team, wreck the discs, and the girls can get the original, while you coordinate."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "Okay," he says. "I've got the tracers in my car, if everyone's fine with Melinda tracking all of us!"

Alice Newcomb: Hands Mat the DVD she took out of the player in the room. "Use this one."

Snyde: "Just as long as she is the only one tracking our movements" *he says very seriously as he looks at Melinda*

Arlett: yes... then she'll know how close the ones inside we are and guide us *nods to Crash, though then looks to Mel* but if someome comes your way.. just send a warning and run the hell out...

Melinda Stowe: She nods her head. "That soudns like a plan then. And I will be the main person to take out power and do the phone thing." she actually smile.

Alice Newcomb: "How are we supposed to get in? The doors are probably locked."

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Hey man just to give you a warning I am probably going to need to jet in about 45 minutes to an hour to get ready for work))

Melinda Stowe: "I cannot ward you all against anyone else checking on your movements.....but I can track you all. Thank you Crash."

Arlett: but we can sneak in.. I think I know how

Matty "Crash" Ross: "The tracers come with little tiny shockers," he says, "So if she wants to send us a signal, she can just tell the tracer to shock you a little to let you know!"

He takes the DVD from Alice. "Thanks," he says, and scans the DVD into his PDA after cutting the device off from his network. Taking a plug from his goggles, he hooks it into the PDA and slips the goggles on.

Arlett: *blinks at Matty*

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "Allright lets get to it then"

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Okie))

Alice Newcomb: Sneaking, she's real good at that.

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Tracers are in my car," he says. "Need to get my scanner, anyway." A glance to Janus and Snyde. "Will I need a gun or could you guys make sure I don't get shot and bleed all over my equipment?"

Alice Newcomb: "So does a zap mean get out? One zap go, two zaps stay or something?"

Arlett: *blinks again, then shakes her head* alice might actualy need a gun... just in case....

Melinda Stowe: "One there is someone coming, two means to get out entirely." she tells Alice and the others. ";That way you will know if say the police are coming, or if someone is just walking around a corner."

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Matty* "I think we can handle you not getting shot" *he says as he looks to Janus*

Arlett: *nods to Mel, alright* hmmm....

Snyde: "Do you have one to give her?" *he says looking at Arlett* "because im not giveing her a weapon so she can take pop shots at everything that moves inside"

Alice Newcomb: Blinks at Arlett. "I don't know how to use a gun."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "I've got kevlar on just in case. I left my power armor at home." He frowns. "But it's been exploding, so it might not be ready for field testing yet. Oh, well! Let's get the tracers!"

He starts moving to go outside.

Arlett: *blinks to snyde* yea.. I thought that too.. but.... what if.... you KnOW how it can get *looking to Alice, then agian to Snyde* I can watch her back.... I guess..

Alice Newcomb: "I wouldn't!" she snaps at Snyde.

Melinda Stowe: She eyes Crash as he leaves vwery warily hoping his tracers will work and not fry. She twitches unexpectadly. Her and electricity do not seem to like each other much lately, she might need a new circut board.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Alice* "Girl you need to calm yourself before you end up killing"

Alice Newcomb: "You're not gonna call Thoth and tell him I was here are you?" she says suddenly to Snyde.

Snyde: *Snyde pulls out one of his pistols and hands it to Arlett* "here if you think she needs it let her have it"

Snyde: "Why should I?" *he says looking at her*

Snyde: "You're the one who walks around with guns. How many people have you killed?"

Ravyn: ((*Blinks as Snyde becomes an angry teenage girl*))

Alice Newcomb: ((*L* That should say Alice. How the hell?))

Arlett: *blinks to him, then to Alice, slowly taking it, thinking a moment before she nods* I trust her to make the right decition.. if it comes to it... *looking then to Alice, meanigfully* she is much better then them *well handing it to Alice*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty trots out to the Chevelle, making sure - for once - oncoming traffic isn't going to hit him. He remotely pops the trunk, and puts his wrench back inside. He digs through various things - how did a Furby get in there? Was that the exploding one or the vulgar one? - until he finds a little bag with the small tracers and a note with the exact frequency scribbled out. He makes a note of that on his PDA for when he jams wireless signals; wouldn't want to jam the tracer signals!

Then he finds his scanner, which of course looks like an iPod that collided with a Blackberry.

Alice Newcomb: "You and your friends ratted me out yesterday."

Melinda Stowe: she listens to them talking as programs start popping up on her PDA. getting them ready for ease of use. 'TSF blow' is one of them and the other is 'speak down' which hopefully will take out the phone lines as well.

Alice Newcomb: Takes the gun and turns it in her hands, not really watching what direction the barrel points although her finger is well away from the trigger.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Alice* "more than ive cared to girl" *he says as he looks at her* "Didnt I tell you to go home when I caught you the first time?"

Arlett: *sighs and points the barrel* point... before shooting.... and ONLY if your life depends on that Alice... I'll take care of our safety ....*well she'll try*

Alice Newcomb: She's never even touched a gun before.

Janus -> Ravyn: ((sorry, had to go AFK for a bit, and will have to leave soon for another twenty minutes to a half hour due to acts of parents...I'd like to point out that the scene is scheduled for four hours, I made it...and that I'll be back...I'll let you know before I leave, you know what Janus intends to do to help the plan succeed))

Snyde: *Snyde is very happy that the saftey is on*

Joey Edwards -> Ravyn: ((I'm late? I thought the Mage game was now. Oops.))

Alice Newcomb: Stuffs it into the back of her pants and pulls her shirt over it.

Janus: *he's silent, waiting for people to get ready to do something* ((sorry I timed out, was called AFK))

Ravyn: ((Guys, ST has to run for about 10 minutes...leaving things my my AST's more-then-capable hands. Will be RIGHT back.))

Snyde: *Snyde moves to stand beside Janus nodding to him* "So what club house do you belong to anyway friend?"

Arlett: ((oi! see your fault for taking so long*G* eyes the rest of the group* hugs Rav*))

Matty "Crash" Ross: To the car, he says, "It is imperative that you do not do the Electric Boogaloo while I'm working! That could blow our cover!" The dashboard beeps and writes something vulgar at him that Matty doesn't read.

Everyone in the apartment seems very certain that it's a Union job, so he leaves the Spirit Blaster 3001! inside. Though that disappoints him.

He comes back into the apartment, tracers in hand. They look like SIM cards, and he hands them to everyone, then gives Melinda the note with the frequency on it. "I'll be sure to make sure I don't jam that one," he says.

Arlett: *takes the card, eyes it, nods and slips in on her jeans pocket to make sure it stays there*

Janus: *he takes a tracer* "A nice place my mentor suggested I check out. Perhaps one day I'll tell you a bit more. But now isn't the time."

Snyde: *Snyde nods to janus as he takes and pockets his onw tracer*

Melinda Stowe: She takes the items from Crash although she does lean back ad holds out her hand not it seems wish to touch him or having him touch her. "Okay. I will give send to you an initial single zap so to speak when we need to corrdinate when theings go down."

Fangwulf: ((A'ight... so the guys are staying, the girls are finding the disk?))

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Okay," he says. "Let's review: What are you doing specifically and what am I doing specifically?"

Alice Newcomb: Looks at Arlette. "Ready?"

Arlett: *nods to Alice* yes ((well we are giong onto finding disk in office part I thinks))

Snyde: "So are we all makeing a common entry and then spreading to cover our chosen areas?" *he says as he looks at Arlett*

Alice Newcomb: "Oh." Snags a tracer and stuffs it in her pocket.

Melinda Stowe: "You are taking out the wireless signal besides the one for the tracres, and I am taking out the power, which will then take out the camera's, and I am also taking out the main phone line." she tells Matty. "As well as watching you all and them inside the werehouse and offices she says tapping her VR set.

Arlett: *Looking then to Snyde* I would guess... though wound't the original be in the office part? I Thinnk it's separate complex

Alice Newcomb: "How will we be able to the original from a copy?"

Janus: ((sorry guys, gotta run for a back in oh, 20-30 minutes. Until then, Fang's in charge of Janus.))

Melinda Stowe: ((Fang 3 groups so to speak. Mel staying behind, Arlet and Alice going into the OFFICES (seperate building right?) to get the main copy of the DVD, and the guys are going to go and take out the prooduction line (were3house))

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "Allright just be safe Arlett and keep the squirt safe as well"

Fangwulf: ((*nodnod* hat's correct, two separate buildings. All right then. Melinda's staying at the apartment?))

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "All right, then! Are we going on foot? We'll need a quick exit and a distraction for the people who may want to shoot us."

Arlett: *eyes Alice* you are the one good at finding stuff, remember?... hmmm.... *frowning* well I think an entrophy effect with corro to cocolate the source of the DVD you just have Crash?

Alice Newcomb: ((To TELL the original from a copy))

Melinda Stowe: ((yeppers *S*))

Arlett: *Smiles to Snyde* Well to *nodding* you too.... we need a creepy guy to keep us on check *winks a bit, then eyes Crash* I can wire a care before we enter.. have it waiting us at an exit?

Arlett: ((that is why you use entrophy?))

Arlett: ((Well MY idea.. which is Arlett's is a bit scientific... saying you have xbariables.. and this capitalX is the source of all the little x.. so you only have to formulate a formula who strips all the posibilities to arrive to the Capital X... avoiding the little ones... taking an alghorith from the one little x we have at hand... hmmmm))

Melinda Stowe: "And you all do not need to worry about me I can make my own clean getaway once you have all made it back out." she nods.

Arlett: Be carefull Melinda...

Melinda Stowe: ((Wowe....I understood that. *Blinks*))

Ravyn: ((Miracles will happen. *Grins and hugs Arlett*))

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "Well lets move out"

Arlett: ((*giggles* Etherite science... of course))

Matty "Crash" Ross: "If someone has Entropy," he says, "...let's try and locate all the DVDs first. There may not be one in the office!"

Goggles still on his face, and having scanned the DVD into his PDA, he hands the disc over to Arlett and instructs the AI to do a search of the office and warehouse and surrounding area of that specific DVD. (Correspondence 1, Matter 1)

Melinda Stowe: "You as well, all of you." she says. well she figures she will be okay here in the apartment, hell no one running after her, no one shooting at her, yep totally safe here.

Arlett: ((*giggles and snugz to the Rav*.... so can Arlett try.. cause I doubt Alice will understand her explanation... which is identical to mine))

Alice Newcomb: "Be careful." Squeezing Mel's shoulder on the way out.

Fangwulf: Janus will use Entropy for Luck, I'm assuming, Matty?

Arlett: *takes disks and starts unclocking the algorith for it*

Matty "Crash" Ross: [God, I hope so!]

Ravyn: ((Go ahead, Arlett.))

Alice Newcomb: ((Alice botched her wits roll, let's not confuse her more. *L*))

Arlett: ((jeje roling first intell technocolgy for it then .. YAY trhee rolls for fiding it *dances*))

Arlett: d10: technology : 3,8,9,2,9,10,5,

Alice Newcomb: "Maybe he can make us all lucky. A big luck bomb." Explosions still on her mind for some reason.

Arlett: d10: arete: 3,3,7,

Arlett: d10: arete: 6,2,7,

Arlett: ((Will on the last to make sure))

Melinda Stowe: And Alice just sent mell into hyperventilation mode as she screams.

Arlett: d10: arete: 3,6,4,

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: arete for the win!: 2,9,3,

Fangwulf: d10: Janus Arete: 8,8,2,

Alice Newcomb: "Mel?"

Ravyn -> Arlett: Arlett finds that the Master copies of all the discs are located within the office, in a locked safe.

Melinda Stowe: "Do......not......touch......please." her eyes wide after the initial scream she seems to not be able to catch her breath.

Arlett: ((thanks!)) *and nods to herself* got the Master copies location....

Alice Newcomb: "Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to..." Well she did, but she didn't.

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Thank God for Concentration merit.]

Alice Newcomb: "Where is it Arlett, show me on the screen?"

Arlett: *eyeing Melinda and Alice, then carefull with MEl's space signals the point*

Arlett: locked safe

Melinda Stowe: She is shaking as she gasps for breath, those brown eyes with the blue tinge to the white wide, as if making them wide will get oxygen into her lungs somehow. "It.....just....not....again."

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((hey man I am probably going to have to pull out of the scene here shortly so ill leave Snyde in your hands for the op))

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Gotcha. *Nods*))

Alice Newcomb: "Which room." Casting a worried look at Mel. "I didn't know..." Glances at the others. Way to go Alice, you just broke the operations controller.

Alice Newcomb: It reminds her the time she broke her sword fencing with Law, by falling on it.

Arlett: *Looks to Mel* are you fine? *glancing to AlicE* in the oficce *to look back to Mel*

Melinda Stowe: Well, unless you were in the 'circle of trust' you might not know what was up with her. "She is trying to concentrate on getting herself calmed down did the girl break anything? she slowely moves her shoulder nothing that she can tell, she shakes her head to Alice not quite ready to get any more words past her lips.

Melinda Stowe: She nods to Arlett "Will .....minute."

Arlett: *nods to Mel and takes Alice's hand to make hermove a bit off, giving more space to Mel... she remembers someone telling her something about that.. nothing clear* alright... let us know what you need

Alice Newcomb: Mentally dubs Mel, Glass Gal.

Snyde: ((Well ya I need to get ready for work so ill be leaveing Snyde in Ravyns hands))

Ravyn: ((Guys, much as the interplay is fun...we have players leaving and having to leave soon. Might wanna get to the actual mission.))

Alice Newcomb: ((Yes, shall we move out? Later Snyde.))

Melinda Stowe: She isn't gaspig as badly now. Space has been returned to her finally. "You guys go.....Get this done I ready....when you are."

Arlett: ((sorry SNyde* yea.. lets move))

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Okay!" he says. "Like... if every citzen in China made one disc, they would make enough for how many are in the production warehouse... and a bunch of discs locked in the safe in the office, like Arlett said! So the transmutation in the warehouse is going to take a while, which means we're going to have to find a way to buy me time to do it..."

He shrugs, looks up. "Well, I'm ready to go over there and jam some signals, as soon as Melinda is all recovered and ready!"

Snyde: ((See ya thanks for the scene will talk with ya later, damn work for dragging me away))

Arlett: *nods to Mel and guides Alice out* keep close ok?

Alice Newcomb: "We could still blow the place up," she mumbles when Matt says he needs time. "We could set off the fire alarm and clear the building and THEN blow it up."

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Whoo! All right!" And now he's vibrating, nodding to Mel as he walks out, Janus and Snyde presumably following. Or leading. Matty's walking That Way, and the others probably are as well. He reconnects the PDA with the car. Figuring he'll need his own getaway car and it would be nice to just remotely drive instead of letting the AI figure it out.

Alice Newcomb: Nods to Arlett.

Melinda Stowe: "Magnet, de-magnitize them." she gasps out to Crash as they all take off, oh well. she is sure they will do fine. She keeps her eyes on the werehouse people ad them as they move in. Getting ready with her program when they are all in place, and to zap Crash when he is in place for the go.

Janus: ((back, so what'd I miss?))

Arlett: *eyes Alice* do not....*then Crash* ... well maybe Alice and I breaking will make a distraction.. or we could blow up the trash can outside.... that won't kill no one and make them distract? though then they'll be warned....

Arlett: ((DLP)) *getting in position and waiting*

Arlett: *and waiting for the zap.-.. wishpering to Alice* be trying to see how we can sneak... while we await

Fangwulf: ((Namuch... you got two successes on an Entropy roll.))

Alice Newcomb: Stays close to Arlett, and does what she does best. Watches.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 2,2,7,4,10,5,10,

Alice Newcomb: d10: spec: 8,4,

Matty "Crash" Ross: [And now Matty's headed to the warehouse, Snyde and Janus presumably coming along.]

Janus: ((nice! So we're in the warehouse, power is out, and destroying the goods? Just let me know when to roll some more))

Alice Newcomb: Looking for a way in... a cracked window, Ground level vent shaft... anything they might squeeze through.

Fangwulf: ((*L* Not yet. We're heading there. The boys in one group, the girls in another.))

Ravyn: Snyde does indeed follow along behind Matty. All silent and ready to do his thing.

Fangwulf: ((And Mel staying behind.))

Arlett: ((Feeling bad for Snyde... we DID took ages ))

Janus: *he follows along silently too, also ready to do his thing*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Half a block away, Matty kicks in "Come on, Feel the Noise" for a couple of minutes, enough to get his adrenaline pumping, before shutting it off, making his way around the warehouse, checking to make sure they don't have any sentinels watching outside.

Ravyn: Alice notes the front door, of course, to the office. There's also windows for the lobby and for the back office. It's a single floor office, only two rooms.

Melinda Stowe: ((Just waiting on the okay from the ST's that everyone is just waiting for Mel and Crash to take things down to they can head inside))

Fangwulf: ((Yeap, pretty much it, Mel-p. Go ahead with the crashing of systems.))

Alice Newcomb: "If the office is empty, why don't we go right in the front door?"

Arlett: ((we wating for Mel's signal)) *looks to Alice* I don't know where they are... wait *and shifts her scanner, to quickly check where is the people in the offices.. adding a bit of prime to hide her effect* ((scanning life, trying to hide what she can with prime))

Alice Newcomb: "Or we could try the windows?"

Melinda Stowe: She send a zap to Crash to let him know that it is good to start, and then sets the program in motion. ((She is taking out the power first. Corr+Forces 1 Quint lower diff and 1 WP))

Arlett: d10: life: 4,2,8,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 10,2,1,

Ravyn -> Arlett: ((Two people in the office, both in the back room.))

Melinda Stowe: She continues to let the code run as she focuses some more.

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 10,5,4,

Fangwulf: d10: per+awareness: 4,3,4,3,10,7,

Arlett -> Ravyn: where the discs are, right?))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Once he gets the shock, now to the south side of the warehouse, by the bushes, he pulls out his PDA, pressing the button which releases the rather thick antenna. "Time to Crash," he says, and chuckles at his pun. "I made a funny." Goggles on, he hits the next button.

Ravyn -> Arlett: Yep.

Arlett: hmmm.. two people in the back office Alice.. the only two.... we can try and make them sleep before going in... or ....*frowns, trying to think on something esle* zap them to stay unconsious...

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: arete&#;wp+Janus?: 7,8,3,

Arlett -> Ravyn: thanks

Alice Newcomb: "I don't know how to do anything like that, can you do it?"

Melinda Stowe: Once that program is gone the next one opens and coding scrolls to life on the screen. As she takes out the phone lines. She is such a bad person sometimes.

Fangwulf: *On the warehouse door, the box right next to the side door starts to smoke slightly.*

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(QW): 8,5,6,

Fangwulf: *The smoke now pours out of it, and there is a distinct click noise.*

Arlett: *nods* I think so..... will need a bit of time.... I'll start building power while we wait for Mel's signal.. you are going to keep watch while I do... that no one peers out or comes our way

Alice Newcomb: Nods eyes scanning the area.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks up at the smoke. "Well, if that isn't a signal telling us to go..." A glance to the other two. "Ready to roll?"

Alice Newcomb: "If you need some juice, you can tap me," she whispers.

Arlett: *and she starts building till Mel shocks them*((building with the little bultes she made for her gun, the ones that act like tazers.. she will NOT kill, but it'll taze to unconsious.. is her aim.... will build till I get the signal *snugs* starts))

Arlett: d10: tazer like: 5,10,8,

Janus: *he nods, and moves to do this thang*

Arlett: *lil nod to Alice, not breaking her concentration on what she is doing*

Arlett: ((Rav... should I keep rolling a few more times or how do i know when I can roll for each round?))

Melinda Stowe: She was only supposed to give a signal to Crash so they could coordinate their effect, hoping the power outage in the office building was enough of a signal for the girls.

Ravyn: And just like that, the power in the office dies. Presumably, in the warehouse, too. Communication lines die off as well...cell phone and radios. The zappers are still active.

Fangwulf: *and with Melinda's actions, it seems the place shuts down, powers down, the outside lights shutting down for the red emergency lights. The soft hum of the circuitry trying to save itself.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Sliding his anti-shock gloves on, he looks to Janus. "You probably should go in first, make sure we're clear to go in!"

Fangwulf: ((And that too.))

Ravyn: Snyde is ready with Matty & Janus.

Arlett: ((ok... signall. she will build one more and shot to first person visable trhough windo))

Alice Newcomb: "The lights went out," she whispers, looking to see if the two people inside exit the now dark building.

Arlett: d10: tazer (with will!): 2,2,7,

Arlett: *nods to Alice* finishes* move *and moves to sneakedly aim and shoot*

Ravyn: No one exits the office building. The thing is silent. ((Per+Alert, Arlett, to see if you can see anyone through the window to the back office.))

Alice Newcomb: "I thought we weren't killing anyone?" she hisses.

Ravyn: ((And Dex+Stealth for both Alice & Arlett))

Fangwulf: ((Boys, Dex+stealth if you're sneaking.))

Alice Newcomb: d10: dex: 8,3,7,

Arlett: d10: stleaht : 6,10,9,2,4,7,

Janus: *Janus attempts to sneak in to make sure all's clear*

Arlett: *wishpers* tazer

Janus: d10: Dex+Stealth: 4,8,2,9,4,

Arlett: ((hum.. pluse arcane? or the arcan is substracted for those trying to sees me?))

Ravyn: d10: SAS:Sneaky-Ass Snyde: 5,2,6,9,9,9,3,

Ravyn: ((Plus Arcane, as well as minus from them.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: Matty-Sneaky?WTF?: 5,3,4,4,

Alice Newcomb: Nods.

Arlett: d10: arcane: 7,9,

Arlett: ((there =) ))

Ravyn: ((Last two dice of following don't apply vs. Arlett))

Ravyn: d10: Per+Alertness: 2,5,3,9,2,3,

Ravyn: ((Still waiting on Arlett's Per+Alert))

Arlett: d10: alert: 5,4,9,5,

Arlett: ((sorry!! missed it))

Ravyn: Arlett sees a shadow of movement, but not much else. ((+2 diff to hit))

Arlett: ((grumble... eyes her will... hmmm.....))

Fangwulf: d10: per+alert: 8,7,4,9,8,10,

Arlett: d10: tazer shoot (will): 9,8,5,2,7,9,

Alice Newcomb: ((Give the gun to Alice! Let her shoot 'em! *G*))

Fangwulf: *The door opens, very slowly, into a darkened warehouse. The flickering of red lights make it easier for them to see, only slightly. The place looks like a movie set. A few different scenes, one that looks almost like Four Elements pre-poof.*

Fangwulf: ((Shall I take the guys to another room to avoid confusion? Bronx Business?))

Ravyn: The tazer bullet flies, striking the shadow unerringly. ((Roll Damage, Arlett. Bullet+3 damage, bashing))

Ravyn: ((That works, Fang.))

Arlett: *wishpers to Alice* make ready to trhow what ever at second's guy head... knock off.. don't kill

Janus: *Janus will be looking to see if all's clear before giving the all-clear signal*

Arlett: d10: dam: 3,10,4,3,10,6,3,

Arlett: ((plus forces warded on it, right?))

Alice Newcomb: Looks towards the door, figuring the other person will come running out, and picks up rock. Maybe she can bean 'im.

Ravyn: d10: Stamina: 7,4,6,

Fangwulf: ((And I'll roll for Snyde.))

Ravyn: ((Correct, Arlett. My bad.))

Arlett: ((yay!))

Janus: ((heads to bronx business))

Ravyn: A ZZOT sound comes, and a thud follows.

Alice Newcomb: Winds up her pitching arm...

Ravyn: ((And Initiative, Ladies.))

Arlett: *smiles.... and IF second guy does not come out she'll start trying to find him to follow same effect, maybe not so big... but will at lest dumb second.... right?* ((seeking second guy))

Alice Newcomb: d10: init: 8,

Arlett: d10: init : 9,

Ravyn: d10: INitiative: 7,

Arlett: ((17... *holds her post*))

Arlett: ((eh. sorry 16))

Ravyn: ((Wow, these is some fast bitches.))

Alice Newcomb: ((14))

Ravyn: ((So, StreamLined, etc. Declare order: Office Guy, Alice, Arlett.)) There is no movement from the office.

Ravyn: None visible via the window, anyway.

Arlett: ((waints on Alice))

Alice Newcomb: ((I thought Office Guy was doing something.))

Arlett: ((is.. something we can't see.... *points to Rav post* right?))

Ravyn: ((Correct.))

Alice Newcomb: "I'll circle to the other side, maybe we can flank him."

Alice Newcomb: ((Duh. *L*)) Alice moves towards a position at the door.

Arlett: *blinks to her, bites her lips* no.... stay out of sight... I am thinking following his life pattern.... then we can shot again?... or start moving just lets keep in sight...of each other

Alice Newcomb: d10: fast sneak: 9,2,1,

Arlett: ((or lets her go.. ARlett is scanning with life to track the man inside movements))

Arlett: d10: life : 9,7,3,

Ravyn: d10: Per+Awareness: 4,9,10,7,4,3,

Ravyn -> Arlett: The man is back away from the window, crouched where he has a vantage point on all entry points.

Alice Newcomb: Trying to stay low, the door is in sight so Arlett can see her and hopefully man inside can't.

Arlett: *and makes a signal to Alice NOT to go inside NO*

Ravyn: RECAP: Arlett does her life magic to find the Office Guy, as Alice runs without being sneaky to the door. The man is...doing something, maybe?

Arlett -> Ravyn: IS there any second form laying down unmovil?))

Ravyn -> Arlett: ((Sorry. Yes, there is.))

Alice Newcomb: Makes a face at Arlett.

Ravyn: The man inside...does something. Arlett can't quite tell what, cause there isn't much motion from him.

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 8,4,5,9,

Ravyn: ((Awareness, guys))

Arlett: d10: awa: 7,10,5,9,

Alice Newcomb: Draws the gun, just in case.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + aware: 9,8,9,2,9,4,2,3,

Arlett: ((Waits to see what we peek))

Alice Newcomb: d10: spec: 6,7,4,

Ravyn: They both know exactly where he is, and that he just did something with Entropy. Alice gets his resonance...insidious.

Arlett: *Frowns, biting her lips somewhat, before she focuses, ok.. THERE he is.... she moves to the part of the wall he is neares to, and puts a magnet, then smahes a bullet agaist it* ((i.e... using the magnet as a source to let the forces shock pass through the wall to hopefully hit the man...using the for now shut of electric sistem, that ShOULD still be a good conduct)) ((eh not sure what to roll aside from arete though *G*))

Arlett: ((spends a will and a quint on the roll to have a shot at tazing this guy))

Arlett: d10: tazing : 7,1,9,

Alice Newcomb: Insidious mage. She should shoot him, right? Pointing the muzzle of the gun questioningly towards the door and looking to Arlett for some clue.

Arlett: shakes head to Alice, no killing*

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 4,1,4,

Ravyn: ((*Thuds*))

Arlett: ((woa... *snugz the die roller*))

Ravyn: And the guy inside drops.

Alice Newcomb: She probably heard that.

Arlett: *blinks, then grins, nodding to Alice, wihspering* lets go inside... *checking if the window is open... half thinking the door gotta be wired or something* in.. tie them up and take all technological from them you can find

Ravyn: The window isn't open, but it's easy to get inside. She did shoot it out, after all.

Alice Newcomb: A prisoner!

Alice Newcomb: Tries the door.

Ravyn: The door is locked.

Arlett: ((Dha! true)) *she motions Alice to follow, clears way of glasses with thick of jacket and gets in.. looking inside*

Alice Newcomb: Circles around to scramble through the window after Arlett, tucking the gun back into her pants. "You grab the disk. Which of these guys was the last one down?"

Ravyn: It's dark inside, but the bodies of the two unconscious men are evident, as well as the general layout of the back room. A desk, chairs, some paintings, water cooler. Looks like a regular office. Arlett knows the safe to be behind the wall.

Arlett: *signales the one she 'think-knows?' is *tied them up and take all technological off *again, going to find the safe she scaned first.... making sure if there is any security on*((some safes have their own sorce, thus making sure))

Alice Newcomb: Searches the two men.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 6,8,6,8,10,8,10,

Ravyn: ((Per+Invest. It ~IS~ dark, and she could miss some things. *S*))

Alice Newcomb: d10: spec: 7,9,

Alice Newcomb: ((DOOOOOH! But, but, look at that roll!!!!))

Arlett: ((woa!!)) *tring to put the safe on sight, checking security measures and what ever might be security* ((should roll something? perc alerness? or technology? or?))

Ravyn: ((Never mind. Holy fucking SHIT.))

Arlett: d10: investigating : 10,6,2,

Ravyn: ((Int+Technology, Arlett.))

Arlett: ((or that wasn't for me LOL Alice is the perception master))

Arlett: d10: techlongoy: 8,8,7,6,1,5,4,

Alice Newcomb: d10: Per: 7,8,6,5,

Ravyn: Arlett figures...Technocracy...if the power's been cut, they've probably lost all their security. This place isn't the AATR, so they won't have much in the way of magical defenses over it.

Arlett: ((oh)) *nods to herself and goes... on getting the safe open.. first tries the normal pull and turn*

Ravyn: Alice finds everything on the guys. ID's, wallets, car keys, an X-5 Protector on each, a tazer on the guy near the window.

Alice Newcomb: dlp that last roll then.

Arlett: ((mean if the safe is the one with the circle thingy you have to get the convination out turn turn...((she knows how to steal)) if the thin is just a sknob pull.. and if the thing has electronical code it should be open without power))

Alice Newcomb: Collects all their goodies cramming them into her backpack.

Ravyn: The safe is, coincidentially, unlocked. How lucky are they? They may want to thank Janus later.

Alice Newcomb: ((That is the best roll I've ever made.)) She steals their shoes and socks, throwing them out the window.

Arlett: ((makes mental note on that)) *blinks, grins, yea group work rocks, and goes to take EVERY single disc in there out and onto her inner pockets*

Arlett: pants too *wihspered to Alice.. pondering if they should take t hem in..... for questioning or something.... one IS mage*

Alice Newcomb: Then ties them up with what ever electrical or phone cords she can find.

Ravyn: There's a good 50 discs in there. That's a lot to stuff into pockets. Also, about $15,000 cash, and some documentation.

Alice Newcomb: "We're taking this one." Nudging the insidious mage with her foot. "These guys blew up my chantry. We're taking this guy to Thoth."

Arlett: *fle... then tries to find the ones more likely to be theirs and they go onto pockets... the rest goes on her baggie along with documentation.. and money why not.... wait... money can be tracked.... fle she'll go drop it to the bumbs in Central or Bakery they need it any how *

Arlett: *eyes her. then the guy then her* alright

Alice Newcomb: ((Brilliant Arlett!))

Arlett: *grins* wait.. I'll get the chair out, you can strap to it and we can wheel him faster out *and does as told, putting the chair out the window, then helping Alice with guy*

Arlett: ((of course! =) and Arlett will empty the safe... cause you never know how usefull documents can be... oh!))

Alice Newcomb: Moves to heave the body as Arlett rolls a chair around and braces it.

Alice Newcomb: d10: str (wp): 4,7,

Alice Newcomb: (Make that shoving the guy out the window then. *L*) "Why aren't we using the door?"

Arlett: Cause I think it might be bugged,.. sides first thing they checks *nods* lets go out... and I can go on erasing our finger prints

Alice Newcomb: She brings extra wires to secure him.

Ravyn: The guy lands outside with an "Oomph!"

Alice Newcomb: (Waits for Rav to say if she got him through the window.)

Ravyn: ((*points up and grins*))

Alice Newcomb: Scrambles out after him. Did he say something? She whips out the gun and pistol whips him to make sure he stays out.

Arlett: *waits for Alice to go out and then makes a quick convination of hair spray with perfume and gum* ((ehterintes, don't ask))*and tries in a little smoke bomb*))matter, intended to erase all finger prints left by Alice and Arlett*))

Arlett: ((hum... willpower *dots the third one*))

Arlett: d10: fingers off: 7,8,4,

Ravyn: The guy groans a little bit, but it appears to be an unconscious groan.

Alice Newcomb: d10: dex+brawl: 7,9,9,8,

Alice Newcomb: She's not taking any chances.

Alice Newcomb: She is SO going to be sent back to House Tytalus for this.

Arlett: 88he.. she has the flamebeau fire! *G*))

Ravyn: ((Go ahead and roll Str+4 damage, Alice. Bashing.))

Alice Newcomb: d10: str (damage): 7,8,

Alice Newcomb: d10: +: 5,8,1,6,

Alice Newcomb: (there's the other 4)

Arlett: ((poor guy))

Arlett: ok.. Alice.. lets hit it

Alice Newcomb: "Help me get him int he chair Arlett, we can throw all our stuff on top of him." ((did the office have any curtains?))

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 6,6,4,

Ravyn: ((Nope. Blinds.))

Arlett: *nods to Alice and goes help her get him on the chair* no.. carry them... safer... in case anything

Alice Newcomb: Once they have him secured in the chair, legs folded up uncomfortably, she drops her backpack and takes off her coat, throwing it over the body, then pulls on her backpack again. Unconscious guy is not holding the guns.

Ravyn: The guy goes onto the chair without a fight. Unconscious people don't fight much.

Alice Newcomb: *Starts rolling the unfortunate technocrat towards the sidewalk.*

Arlett: *nods to Alice and motions her...*you handle him I keep watch *and does so, moving a bet ahead and lookign intently around for their other group, or anyone looking at them*

Alice Newcomb: Muscles the chair over the pavement, glancing around for the rest of their team.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 6,6,6,6,10,4,1,

Ravyn: The rest of the team is not within sight.

Alice Newcomb: d10: spec: 8,

Arlett: d10: alert: 5,7,10,7,

Alice Newcomb: If no one interferes, she'll just keep right on rolling the guy that extra block, to her car. "Sheesh, I feel like a bag lady."

Arlett: *blinks giggles*.... ok... I'll type a message to Mel.. to let her know we are off... *looking for the others * I don't know if we should wait to break the others flight

Alice Newcomb: "Mel's coordinating. Let's get this guy loaded into my car. Need to deliver him before he wakes up and tries any hocus pocus. You can meet her and tell her I went to secure the prisoner. Get everyone's number, they might want to know what comes of questioning this guy."

Arlett: I know.. just letting her know *typping and sending*

Arlett: *eyeing her* not sure you should go alone....

Alice Newcomb: Flips out her keys as they draw near the convertible, a big dog stands up in the back seat when he sees Alice and lets out a single woof, tail wagging. The top is down on the convertible.

Alice Newcomb: "I'm not alone," she says with a grin. "Front seat, Thor." The big dog climbs over the console and moves to the passenger seat.

Arlett: *bites her lips again, unsure* I'll let them know and go with you

Alice Newcomb: Clicks the hood and tosses in her backpack. "Got anything you want stashed?"

Ravyn: ((To let people know...Alice & Arlett are down the street at her Mustang, and the guys are just coming out of the warehouse.))

Arlett: Just the dvd's but Mel and co should have a look at them... too

Alice Newcomb: "Throw what you want to in the back." She flips out her pocket knife and cuts the prisoner free of the chair, but not free of his bindings, then pulls the dog blanket out of the back seat and throws it over the body. "Let's heave him on three. Ready?"

Arlett: *nods, keeping her bag, which isnot that heavy hopefully and helsp Alice with guy*

Alice Newcomb: "And... three..." HEAVES!

Alice Newcomb: d10: str: 6,6,

Arlett: *heaves*

Arlett: d10: str: 7,

Ravyn: Between the two of them, they get him heaved.

Matty "Crash" Ross: And Matty's out! The car better be on its way, but man, if there's traffic, that Chevelle ain't going anywhere. He gets out to the curb, checking the road.

Ravyn: Luck is with them (thank you, Janus), as the Chevelle comes driving down the street.

Alice Newcomb: Fixes the blanket and adds her coat to the cover, then says something in German to the dog, snapping her fingers and pointing at the body. Thor climbs back, growling as he settles on top of the prisoner.

Janus: *he's quiet in his seat in the car* "Damn I'm glad you got that done when you did...didn't want to have to kill him if I could avoid it."

Alice Newcomb: "Hop in Arlett. You tag Mel yet?" Hopping into the driver's seat without opening the door.

Arlett: ))knows german! *G*))

Arlett: sent her a type message.. she did say she'l make her way out.. I just wish we could know if the others are out....

Melinda Stowe: And Mel takes the easy way home. Teleportying can be your friend sometimes. And she did make sure to grap the paper and the DVD in there if it was left and the script. As when she see's that they are all out of there safely, she goes to head home. Oh yeah and she has the main device for the tracking system, she has got to copy that.

Alice Newcomb: Starts the engine. "I don't want to leave without everyone getting clear, but I'm worried about you know who waking up."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He presses down on the button to slowly, slowly brake, and what does the PDA do? It goes, no, I'm just going to brake a second after you tell me, and as Matty starts to walk across the street, Chevelle doesn't stop until three inches from Matty's side, which of course forces Matty to jump back, yell and kick at it before getting behind the wheel and flipping it to Manual.

"Well, my AI was being a little bitch!" And the car's hydraulics bounce in response. "Oh, kiss my ass," he tells it.

Snyde of course gets in the back seat.

Alice Newcomb: "Ditch your tracer. Can't have it where we're going."

Janus: *he'll hand Matty the tracking device back* "And I believe this particular toy is yours. Now lets get the hell our of here."

Ravyn: ((And everyone is going their own way...I think we can fade at this point, and move onto debrief (which you will VERY much want to be a part of this time, TRUST me), if you guys like.))

Arlett: *nods to Alice I know.. I'll phone Mel in ten mins, and then blinks, taking out the tracer and putting in off*

Janus: ((OOC room?))

Arlett: ((ohhhh okie!))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty grins as he takes the tracer and hooks the PDA into the Chevelle. And brings up the auto-destruct equation for the tracers. "Whoo! Roll!"

Ravyn: ((Here's probably easiest. Don't wanna kick peeps out of the OOC room.))

Alice Newcomb: She was about to toss hers into the gutter. "You can turn it off?" Handing it to Arlett as she zips into the street, cruising the Bronx in her red Mustang.

Arlett: ((okies...))

Melinda Stowe: ((Gee how do you think Melinda is gonna find Matty to give him back his gadget. *G* just follow the signal. Anways off to debriefing. And Arlett Melinda still refuses to have a cell phone on her at all. No way to call unless she uses some other means))

Janus: ((Ok then...fade to debrief!))

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Tracers now smell like a cap that went off.]

Arlett: ((well trackes in a humm.. damm word in English... is thick and singals don't go out... that'll do it, right? or a little forces corro swat))

Melinda Stowe: ((Aw man. *Sighs as they get distroyed oh well *Shrugs*))((yep here works *S*))

Alice Newcomb: Won't Thoth be surprised! Look I really got one this time!

Arlett: ((then mail =P))