Charles Knight: "Sure." *and he'll help* "Really? Would you be willing to discuss that? I'm doing a bit of research trying to understand them, and figure out what's going on, and that would be of great help."

Arlett: *well there is a hiss upstair and a little trail of smoke from one of the rooms.. followed bya + SHit.. you fucking freaking thing! do not smoke! work!!! *cling,cling, crash, huff*

Alice Newcomb: Pulls up the back of her shirt, turning her back to him. "Yeah, I'll share if you will. I'd like to know more about them too, if they're gonna pick on me." ((and I need to check the laundry, give me 10 minutes please))

Alice Newcomb: ((Arlett, just in time to see Charles giving the kid a back rub! *L* Oh the incrimination!))

Charles Knight: ((Deal, assume Alice is quiet...she's about to witness something that will certainly be...interesting enough to make her just watch for a bit anyways)) "I don't have much yet. Only experience has been with Spirits that claimed to be demons, but really weren't."

Alice Newcomb: ((kk, brb!))

Arlett: *and... more huffing* FINE! smoke you shitty thing! *and slamps her door...* damm! cheap batteries *walking out the room to head towards the kitche.. that is.. getting there, stoping, halting, going back in her tracks... and... staring*

Charles Knight: *and he knows that voice...and that method of cursing at batteries! He looks up* "Hey Arlett, how's it going?" *and he braces himself for a quick and painful death*

Arlett: *STARES*

Charles Knight: "Umm...I'm back? I'd have called you when I got into town, but I don't have your current phone number..."

Arlett: *Stares.... keeps staring, then sudenly asks* are you dead?

Charles Knight: "Nope. Though I half expected that you'd kill me..."

Arlett: *nods...* are you a vampire?

Charles Knight: "Nope. Etherite."

Arlett: *nods, slowly going over to were he is.. and actually sticking on finger in his arm like if to check he IS there*

Charles Knight: *he is, and he's quiet...still braced for an attack*

Arlett: *nods.... and plaing takes her hand back and gives him the MORE strong slap in the face she can gather ((that is.. not much))* WHERE THE FUCK hAVE YOU BEEN?!?! i WORRIED SICK!!!!! AND YOU JUST LEFT WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!! i THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!!!!! AND THEN THE TECHIES AROUND AND THEY COULD HAVE OFF GOTTEN YOU!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Knight: "I went to London! I posted a note before I left!" *he pauses a moment* "And there's less wrong with me now than when I left. Part of why I had to go."

Alice Newcomb: Ooookay, she's got enough balm on her back, edges out of the way as Arlett pitches a major bitch, and just... stares.

Arlett: YOU DIND'T LEFT ANY FUCKING FREAKING NOTE!!! *swating him again and starting to go on pokes to him* YOU JUST LEFT!!! NO ONE KNEW WHERE YOU WERE!!!! OR what!!! you needed to go to Englad for a new pair of PANTS!!!!

Arlett: isn't there in Europie a FREAKING PHONE!

Ravyn: ((The lurking Ravyn decrees this to be the best...scene...EVAR.)

Arlett: ((*giggles, dances*))

Charles Knight: *he just takes the hits...she's smaller than him by enough that he can do it* "I DID leave a note. I don't know what happened to it, but I did. And I needed to go help the Society deal with someone who fouled up with my Storm Watcher invention! And I stayed...well, I have a lot of reasons for staying." *he's trying his best to remain calm...he was expecting this, after all*

Snow: ((The Sikly Snow agrees *Nodnodnod*))

Alice Newcomb: ((*c*)) Her eyes are wide as saucers as they flicker from Knight to Knight, wincing when she slaps him.

Charles Knight: "And some of them were reasons I couldn't call either."

Arlett: *keeps the poking and swating rain* YOU LEFT FOR MORE THEN A YEAR!!!!!!!! WHAT you have gone so OOOLD you don't even know how to DIAL!!! you could just even freaking phone HERE or your fucking HOUSE!! but noooooooooooooooooo!!! you just toook holid.....*blinking* Storm what?

Alice Newcomb: *Thinking the same thing. Storm what?*

Charles Knight: "My Storm Watcher. It finds safe paths through the Avatar Storm. And some idiot screwed up, and they needed me to fix it. I was the only person in the world that understood the Technology. And no, I couldn't call." *he does not like repeating himself...and that's clear*

Arlett: *Frowns and scowls* SO WHAT! the fucking CHOVINIST MACHO FREAKS fo the DAMM Society don't have enough brains!!!!? *huffing and looking at him resentfully* THERE are other means to let know you are at LEAST ALIVE! you know!!! or what you were to bussy gromping RUNTS With the MACHO PACK?

Alice Newcomb: Gromping runts? Wonders if that means Charles is gay.

Alice Newcomb: Maybe she should hook him up with Cutter and Flame.

Charles Knight: *ok, she's gotten to him. She doesn't listen. Same as always* "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" *the anger in his voice is palpable* "IF YOU MUST KNOW" *he calms slightly* "I was recovering from serious mental illness...among other things. I needed to be isolated from New York to be able to recover."

Alice Newcomb: Quickly sits on the couch, even though he wasn't yelling at her.

Arlett: *A blinks and a glare as he yells back, folds her arms so NO Sitting.. when has she DONE anything he's said,opens her mouth.. oh.. mentall illness... closes it... frowns* Well you could still have let me know! *frowning*

Alice Newcomb: *Winces, and not just from her recent tasering. She knows all about mental illness.*

Charles Knight: "I...left...a...fucking...note." *first time he's actually cursed in all this*

Arlett: OBVIOUSLY you didn't! *pouting up at him, hei at les tthe swating and poking has stopped, she glares at him, then plain gets over and starts.... checing him up... yes that is checking there is five fingers, two legs, teo arms.. hair eyes, mouth.... i'c nothing missing *((of course she is NOT checking privates you dirty minded))

Alice Newcomb: *Wonders if she shouldn't let them battle this out privately, but there are spider monsters in the hall waiting to electrocute her again.*

Charles Knight: "Yes I did. If it wasn't there, then someone took it down. Stop calling me a liar. You know better. I may be an idiot, but I'm not a liar."

Alice Newcomb: ((*L* Checking him up or feeling him up?))

Arlett: RIGHT you are an idiot and a fucking egocentric! *chekcing , chekcing, nods to herself and then simply goes snatch a hair out of his head, take out her gameboy... and check his ADN, making sure it IS him* coulnd't you send a messenger?.... or just a freaking history book, then I'll now you were alife, you know?

Arlett: d10: life scan: 3,2,9,

Arlett: ((bodily making sure he is complete))

Charles Knight: "I needed to cut off all contact with New York. If I hadn't I wouldn't have recovered at all, and I'd either still be in London or I'd be here and fucking useless."

Charles Knight: ((He is, nothing physically wrong with fact, he's in a bit better physical health than he was last time you saw him too))

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + aware: 9,3,5,8,7,7,9,5,

Arlett: a BOOK?! *staring to him* how much contant is sending a BOOK! jeeez *eyeing* open your mouth

Charles Knight: "All of my books are here. I took nothing with me. All of my inventions were left in my lab and in my room, my books are here, I literally went with the clothes on my back." *he then rolls his eyes nad opens his mouth*

Alice Newcomb: Stiffens then winces for it as her radar fires off. Eyes jumping to Arlett. (give me some resonance please? *g*)

Charles Knight: d10: Per+Aware: 1,7,1,7,9,8,

Arlett: *huuffs at him, gets a cottong from a pocket and dips in in his tongue, sets in on her game boy and then aims it at him.. checking his mind is not being mannipulated now* and you cound' go to the corner a buy a history book! I'll know only YOU could send THAT..... jeeez.... for a scientific you are not very smart, you know?

Arlett: d10: mind check: 10,4,4,

Charles Knight: "How many times must I tell you? NO CONTACT." *he goes into his backpack to pull out his own scanner, and points it at Arlett*

Charles Knight: d10: Arete: 4,6,6,

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + aware: 5,9,9,7,3,7,8,4,

Charles Knight: "Odd, nothing. And here I thought you were possessed by a stupidity spirit."

Alice Newcomb: Rubs the back of her neck as Arlett fires off again.

Arlett: *blinks and goes back onto raining poke and swats at him* I WASN?T THE ONE LEAVING!!!!!!!! *poke poke, poke poke*

Alice Newcomb: *And then Charles*

Charles Knight: "No, you're the one who WON'T LISTEN!" *shakes his head* "Maybe it's malfunctioning."

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + aware: 6,8,2,2,2,8,9,4,

Alice Newcomb: Shudders as they swamp her senses.

Arlett: *stares at him* AND THE HELL HAVE i EVER LISTENED TO YOU?! *poking him VERY hard. then just sudenly hugging to him* you stupid .. block of a.... dunk!

Charles Knight: "Not once, ever. I used to spend all my time cleaning up after you because of it too." *and he hugs her too*

Arlett: Like you didn't screw everything all the time either,.. uh?

Charles Knight: "Yeah, but you weren't the one fixing my mistakes."

Arlett: *blinks up to him* I WAS NOT?! shall I remembe ryou your Girlfriends?!... BOTH....

Charles Knight: *he stops the hugging, and stands up, moving to leave*

Arlett: *blinks and stares at him, huffing* typic... leave! *frowning*

Charles Knight: *fairly softly* "That'd be one of the things I was recovering from." *he hasn't left, but he's ready to walk off into the dorms*

Alice Newcomb: *Clears her throat to remind them she's here.*

Arlett: *Blinks and frowns, looking to him* recovering from?.. ((damm it I suck I can't recall her name... not Gwen, the other))((so insert her name here)) didn't left you... you walked away from her Charles... and the only way to recover from something.... is fasing it!

Charles Knight: "You're wrong there. You don't know the whole story." *shakes his head sadly*

Arlett: ((Kelly!))

Arlett: *frowns* how will I if you never spoke to me.. not really *eyeing Alice, blinks, she has NOT noticed her there, then looks to Charles* you can't run away form things always... eventually you are gonna end out of paths were to hide Charles

Charles Knight: "I left on business...and I stayed away to heal. That's what happened. If you won't believe me, then we don't have much left to discuss."

Alice Newcomb: "Sometimes you just need... space, Arlett," she says oh so softly, recalling her time in The Institute.

Alice Newcomb: Man if Kelton and Ice Man had come at her the way Arlett is going at Charles she'd have run from them too.

Arlett: ((but Alice is a giiiiiiiiirl and Charles a grown up man!... outwardly *skitters*)) *sighs, staring at him* I never said I didn't believe you Charles... *nodding* but it's the same.... you won't tell me what's wrong.. you just run away... and then spect I just understand... I needed you... I had no one left.. and you knew that.... but it ain't mattered.... -I- had to to just forget and stop worrying, uh?... *shakes her head* it would have been nice to just know you were fine... not just for you to spect I saw one note in the ONLy place I never wanted to be... but for you *looking to AlicE* sorry ya had to see that... Iíll stop bugghing him now *heading to the kitchen*

Alice Newcomb: Blinks rapidly at Arlett and rolls her lips, then looks over at Charles.

Charles Knight: "If you want me to apologize, then fine. I'm sorry. The only way to deal with things is by doing what you think is best at the time. I left a note telling everyone where I was. I stayed longer than I intended to because I HAD to." *shakes his head* "If I hadn't stayed, but had come back, I'd have fallen apart completely. If I wasn't dead by now, I'd be no better off than if I was."

Alice Newcomb: Charles> "Sometimes its hard for other people to understand, even if they want to." Voice just a little above a whisper. Her parents had her locked away because they loved her, and were afraid she'd hurt herself.

Arlett: *Stops, turning to look to him, nods slowly* I learned that .... by my self... that it didn't matter how much I wished you back or Michael... or even my dad... people leave... and you have to let them go... but you don't have the right to spect me to throw a party when you come back... after leaving me alone in a place you KNEW I was scared of... you could have told me before leaving, you could have left a note in your place. and you didn't... *stops* I AM glad you are back Charles... and that you are actually alife... but now... -I- need time to solve what I am feeling... because, unlike you.. I dind't have a choise in how to acept things *gettign into the kitche with that.. to steal the batteries from the kitchen clock and start heading to her room*

Charles Knight: *to Alice* "I know, and that is why this fight hasn't gotten out of hand like some of our others have."