Ashlyn Reale: A brief glance to the store's door, and she slips in, fingers quietly crossed that this place won't be closing in five minutes. What the hell? It's not a Sunday.

Ashlyn Reale: In any case, her look is a bit more classic than normal. Her cropped bob, red lipstick and soft, pale eyes put her back to the 20's - rather unlike the long, black jacket buttoned up against the cold. As per usual she's dressed well. Richly enough to imply wealth without flaunting it, tailored and trimmed into a New York series of black on black with black. It's rather as if her only sparks of color rest on her face. And why any woman as tall as Ashlyn wears heels is anybody's guess.

Seth Almon: Seth sits behind the counter of Strange Brew, a coin playing along the backs of his fingers. Been a slow day today...the holiday rush is long-past gone, and even the regulars are all on their off-days as far as paychecks go. Middle of the week is never very busy, and so he just relaxes. In his late 30's...not especially attractive, or really unattractive either, he's dressed in a straight black T-Shirt and jeans, with a single silvered earring in his right ear and a small, tasteful pentacle around his neck. It's a casual day.

Seth Almon: He glances up as Ashlyn walks in, blinking once before smiling. He sits up a bit, though the look on his face is more 'ooh, customer' then 'ooh, marginally famous hot model chick.' He gives her a smile. "Afternoon."

Ashlyn Reale: A brief glance around and, just a little doubtful, she heads for the counter. Her coat rustles, heels clack. "Excuse me? Are you open for a while still today?"

Seth Almon: "Absolutely." He nods to her. "Welcome to Strange Brew. You're a new face there something I can help you with?"

Ashlyn Reale: "Yeah, actually." Because why the hell would she know anything like this? She doesn't exactly look embarassed, but certainly a bit out of her element. "I'm actually looking for a few things. One, at least, I'd really hope you have. Anything on Irish gods and heroic figures?" Her head tilts just a little, hopefully. Seems she'll take this the easy way - one at a time.

Seth Almon: "We do." He nods a little bit, gesturing toward the rows of books. "Right over there, by the crystals. PLenty of books...unless you're looking more for representations of such, and we have that, too."

Ashlyn Reale: "Just the actual stories, not for instance, an encyclopedia form listing who's who and who they gave birth to, etc.," she attempts to clarify. And then a brief pause. She tucks black hair behind one ear. "Also, ah... Oh, it wouldn't be too strange of me ask about ghosts, would it?"

Seth Almon: "No, we've got some story stuff." He nods, and then tilts his head just a little bit. "Not too strange to ask about anything around here."

Ashlyn Reale: "Oh, good." She seems relieved at that, and smiles a touch. "Great. Well, just to be frank.. what all would one need to set up say, a seance?" She's conversational, remaining nearish at hand to speak to him. Aside from a little uncertainty in just how to phrase herself, she seems interested, and fairly casual about this all.

Seth Almon: He gives her a speculative eye. "To be honest, that's not really my area of expertise. You might want to check the community board over there...there might be someone who's able to help you out. What do you need to do a seance for? Party amusement? Talk to someone's dead grandfather?"

Ashlyn Reale: She gives pause at that, and a little, humorless edge of a smile. "Well for one, I had a friend that up and died last year. I knew her. She disappeared pretty suddenly, know. It's worth a shot. And if it doesn't work, well, I've wasted a lot more money when she was alive anyway. No loss far as I'm concerned." This in itself is honest. She has a little too much grace to be openly awkward, even now.

Seth Almon: He winces a little. "Sorry to hear that." He moves from behind the counter, watching her a moment as he heads over to the crystals. A moment's look over them, and he picks one out, a small, tasteful quartz on a loop of chain, and approaches.

Ashlyn Reale: She stays put for now, looking curious and removing her gloves carefully. "Not your fault," she offers quietly. "..A necklace?"

Seth Almon: He holds it up to her, as if speculating on whether it's a match or not, and smiles a bit. "I think it would work well on you. Quartz crystal...excellent amplifier. Good for communication with spirit guides." He nods. "Yeah, definitely a good choice. Do you know much about crystals?"

Ashlyn Reale: She shakes her head in a mute negative, though rather obviously quieting to allow him to, hopefully, explain.

Seth Almon: He smiles and undoes the clasp. "Crystal and gemstones have natural resonances toward various qualities. Quartz crystal, for example, is an amplifier...commonly used in wands and the like. Also good as a reservoir stone. If I may?" He holds it up, as if to suggest putting it on her.

Ashlyn Reale: "Oh, one moment." She quickly unbuttons the long goat, sliding it off and then onto one thin arm. Out of the way, see. Then she turns her back to him, to allow him to drape it over. "Could you explain what you mean by reservoir stone, please?"

Seth Almon: "Well, that's more for when it's a more rounded stone then this..." He reaches up around her neck with the chain, snapping it delicately in place and stepping back. "But a reservoir stone is like a...storeplace for energies. It can hold all sorts of things. Quartz is also good for meditation, scrying, telepathy, clairvoyance, and visualization. It's a very strong stone in general."

Ashlyn Reale: She nods thoughtfully on this matter, touching the crystal delicately with her fingertips. "That's really interesting. It sounds like it's...clicking with mental energy?" Uncertain, but the general idea's trying to get across, at least.

Seth Almon: "Something to that effect, yes." He watches her a moment with an appraising eye, and then nods with an approving smile. "And this one is definitely meant for you. I think it likes you."

Ashlyn Reale: She smiles at that, taking up the crystal between her thumb and forefinger. "Cute. And it leads right up to the last question - do you have anything on.. what did you call it? Telepathy, something like that?"

Seth Almon: He raises an eyebrow, smiling a bit. "What kinds of material are you looking for, specifically, in that regard?"

Ashlyn Reale: "Not that it's a big secret but.. I'm a little novice? So.." Her hands lower, making open gestures as she speaks. "Something that describes it. Like an ESP theory book, or something to explain what it -is- maybe?"

Seth Almon: "There's several books that can do that...some of them actually written in the time you and I have been alive." He smiles a bit. "Most of the books about ESP and the like were written during the '60's and '70's. Age of Aquarius and all that. I may be able to find something that could help you, though." He heads over past the crystals again, to the bookshelves, and starts looking over titles. "Have you started experimenting with it?"

Ashlyn Reale: "What, right now? This isn't to help with the seance at all?" Curious, following over.

Seth Almon: He looks back at her, confused a little bit. "No...I might be able to direct you toward someone who can help with a seance, but this is more about your last question." He shrugs, smiling a bit. "Thought we'd moved from contacting the dead to telepathy and ESP."

Ashlyn Reale: "Oh, right," she nods, twisting the crystal between her fingers. "Sure, sure. Sorry." Her breif smile is just a bit nervous. What the hell? It's cute enough to buy, but she ought to at least know what she's getting.

Ashlyn Reale: d10: per + empathy: 8,5,2,2,4,

Seth Almon: "No problem." He smiles to her and pulls out a book...slim and small, more an introductory and how to expand your mind, meditate and increase your psychic awareness. A general introduction...seems to be what she's looking for. He hands it over to her. "This is a good place to start. If you want more in-depth stuff, I can give you a few suggestions."

Ashlyn Reale: "Please?" She takes it up in her hand, glancing over the cover and yes, listening to him. She's a bit more soft spoken. The crystal hasn't been out of her grasp long for the most part, thus far.

Seth Almon -> Ashlyn Reale: Ashlyn finds herself drawn into couple brief image of Seth pulling it out of salt, and the other setting it up for display. Apparently, this was his at one point, and he's cleansed it and put it on sale. He seems to be quite the fan of the little crystal, but knew his time with it was over. She does get one other brief flash of a goth girl, dressed up and looking like Death from the Sandman series, findling it briefly. Though her expression and attitude is less calm, more miechevious and playful.

Ashlyn Reale: She smiles vaguely, and lets the necklace settle for real this time, lowering her hand to the book. "Yes, it likes me. I think this'll be a good little crystal." She does sound more certain of that, and amused.

Seth Almon: "No problem. I'd suggest Michael Schmicker. He's done some good, scientific studies into it. Also, T. Lobsang Rampa, and W.E. Butler for more of the how-tos." He nods and hands her the paperback, entitled Psychic Development For Beginners "This is a good start, though."

Ashlyn Reale: "Did you like it?" My my, what a question. She puts the one book over the other, cradling them both close.

Seth Almon: "The book?" He pauses, looking at her a moment, curiosity waving through his eyes over a little smile.

Ashlyn Reale: She nods, quiet but with a growing smile.

Seth Almon: He pauses a moment, looking at her curiously. "Yeah. It was okay." His eyes travel back to the crystal, then to her face, smirking just a little bit. Maybe have just been checking her out. Maybe. He shakes his head, chuckling slightly, and moves to get behind the counter. "C'mon, I'll ring you up...unless there was anything else I could help you find."

Ashlyn Reale: "Uhm.." She gives pause, daudling off to the section to pick up a fairly more random book of Celtic myth. "For today, I think so." There was a distinct moment of hesitation and almost asking - but no. Another day, for sure.

Seth Almon: "No problem." He rings it up, the price of the books only. "And your grand total is...37.85."

Ashlyn Reale: She offers her card and ID for this, after a moment negotiating with her glittery red star wallet. "Here you.. Oh. But, the necklace too?"

Seth Almon: "I don't sell that necklace, sweetie." He smiles at her a little. "I'm just passing it on to it's newest owner." He slides the card through the reader and prints out the receipt.

Ashlyn Reale: She smiles at that, fingering the necklace again. "What gave you the impression?"

Seth Almon: He grins a little bit and shrugs. "Just a feeling. I'm good like that."

Ashlyn Reale: "I'll see you later." And this time, it sounds more like a promise. Her smile is easier, more natural. She signs the reciept, and stuffs the cards back into her black and red wallet. "Thanks."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He walks into the shop quietly, looking around with a tiny smile, pausing just inside the door to breathe in the scent of the place.

Seth Almon: "See ya. Have a good day." He smiles at her, then looks over to Ethan as he enters, head quirking to the side a bit.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smiles warmly at Ashlyn, and well, anyone who looks at him. At the tilt of the head he waves to Ashlyn. There is a bit of dark blue over the bottom half of his palms, a geometic, almost Celtic design extending up into the coat-sleeves.

Ashlyn Reale: She smiles, quite pleased, and takes a moment to gether her things properly. The smile flashes to Seth, then to Ethan, as if just being here and having been helped with the books simply left her in a good mood. Some book about Irish myth is on the top of the stack she holds - just three of them, really. "Hi," she greets impulsively, though on her way toward the door. Aaaaaand pauses, giving Ethan a second glance.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Hi." He smiles again, interest caught. Most New Yorkers just don't respond to him. He peers at the books. "What'd you find there?"

Ashlyn Reale: "Oh, this and that.. Say, this is going to be a little rude but, what's that? On your hand?" Curious, see. Pretty shameless about it - and so she -is- a New Yorker.

Seth Almon: He looks between them a moment, picking up his coin again and fliping it over the backs of his fingers as he watches from behind the counter.

Marty Starling: *The shop seems to catch the boy's eye, and he pushes open the door. He slips in without touching the door frame with any more than his palm, and he lets it close behind him.*

Ashlyn Reale: And she steps out of the way somewhat hurriedly - not difficult, leggy as she is. Just the sudden realization that she'd been somewhat in the way, that's all. ...And apparently good for business.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smiles. "Indigo." He holds out both hands, palms up, to show her as much of it as the sleeves allow. It's a simple filled-in loop, outlined with three blue lines, heaviest on the inside. "It'll stay there a few days."

Marty Starling: *He doesn't quite look over to the girl that was in the way. Of course she got out of the way. He shoves his hands into his pockets, and looks around. The faintest smirk on his lips.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: Marty gets a warm smile, even as he moves a little closer to Ashlyn. Mostly to get out of the way. Just inside the door is kinda a bad place for a conversation.

Ashlyn Reale: "Oh. Like from the beauty bar, only probably not," she remarks in way of understanding. "That's pretty."

Marty Starling: *The smile is looked on in... confusion. He jerks back, perhaps, almost like a lizard startled from a rock.* Do I know you? *It seems, not rudely asked, but a genuine question of idle confusion.*

Seth Almon: Wow, and suddenly, he's busy. He leans forward onto the counter, watching the three, a warm smile of greeting on his lips when Marty and/or Ethan look his ways.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Thanks. I haven't figured out complicated designs yet. This one's just a glorified figure eight."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Not unless we met in a previous life." The tone is teasing, not serious. He offers Marty a hand. "Ethan." There is a little twitch at the corners of his mouth. "I'm a Leo."

Ethan Demian Augustus: And, of course, Seth gets a return smile.

Marty Starling: *He looks down at the hand as if it would bite him, but takes it, looking back up.* Martin, *he mutters.* Cancer.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He squeezes Marty's hand gently. "Nice meeting you."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He turns back to Ashlyn, offering her his hand as well, still smiling. "And you."

Ashlyn Reale: She reaches to take his hand - almost. Her own is bare, and she pulls up short, drawing back again with a little pointing gesture to his indigo. "Lovely to meet you, but I stain easy. No offense. I'm Ashlyn." With no zodiac sign.

Marty Starling: *He nods, and releases the hand, cutting the handshake rapidly short. Contact doesn't seem to be his cuppa. Instead, he seems to be looking around the store with a definite interest.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: "It's not gonna get on you. The dye's already washed off." But he doesn't seem bothered at all by that, or the lack of a Zodiac sign.

Ashlyn Reale: She makes sure to stay out of their way, hand returning to support the books with a nod of understanding. Nervous and narrowly avoided contact. Oh goodie. This is, at the least, leaving more room for Seth to actually break in with them, neh? "Oh, sorry. All a bit unfamiliar - forgive me this time?"

Seth Almon: He looks over toward Marty as he starts looking around. "Anything I can help you find, just let me know." He looks to be in his late 30's...not especially attractive, or really unattractive either, he's dressed in a straight black T-Shirt and jeans, with a single silvered earring in his right ear and a small, tasteful pentacle around his neck.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Certainly. Though it's nothing so terrible it requires forgiveness at all. Don't let me keep you. I know you were on your way."

Marty Starling: *He nods.* I will. When I know what I'm looking for.

Ashlyn Reale: She bobs a little nod at that. "Good luck finding it." Whatever it is - which she doesn't immediately comment on. A quick but not unfriendly " 'bye, guys," is offered back to the three, and she heads out, apparently pleased with what she'd found here.

Seth Almon: He nods to Marty with a grin. "Fair enough." Ashlyn gets a wave. "Good bye. Treat her right, and she'll treat you right." Assuming she'll know what he's talking about.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He watches Ashlyn go and then starts to really look around, letting Marty be. Mostly he seems interested in herbs, he lingers longer over them, but he seems easily enchanted by anything - candles, books, crystals. He wanders very slowly.

Seth Almon: He maintains his lean on the counter top, watching Ethan and Marty lightly. Not in such a way as to be expecting them to steal anything, just new customers.

Marty Starling: *He doesn't quite seem to know what's going on either. His fingertips don't quite touch the glass case, but almost a centimeter away from it. Steady. He cants his head, watching the things within as if expecting them to bite. Not paranoid, per se. He does smile, and lower his hand again.* Nice place.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He picks up an amethyst crystal, then, more impulsively, a rose quartz with a tiny smirk. He seems perfectly at home here, a little less intense while he's shopping, not talking.

Seth Almon: "Thanks." He smiles to Marty. "My own little slice of some blissful afterlife or another."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Lavender," he murmurs as he passes by Marty and the counter. "It'll help you relax. Put it in pillows or cushions or things. Or pick up the oil. I've always liked the plants myself though." No direct eye-contact this time, voice more of a soothing murmur than anything else. He doesn't linger there unless Marty responds.

Marty Starling: *He looks up slightly, perhaps.* I prefer tea myself. A friend of mine makes marvellous tea. Relaxes.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Tea is good too. Not so much with lavender. They do however make lavender infused chocolate, which is to die for."

Seth Almon: He chuckles. "That must be interesting," he says in response to Ethan's chocolate comment. "Gonna have to try it one of these days. Where do you find it?"

Marty Starling: *He frowns slightly at the odd guy, and edges away, looking to the caretaker.* I think what I'm looking for, maybe, is information.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Little gourmet food store in Phoenix. I have't picked up any here, but I'm sure you could find some somewhere."

Seth Almon: He looks up to Marty. "Sure thing. What kind of information can I provide?" A bit curious now of the young man.

Marty Starling: I'm looking for any information you have on demons. Religious... modern-day stories... whatever you have around.

Ethan Demian Augustus: Just on the verge of wandering off, something about Marty's question causes him to blink. He pauses a second, but then with a slight shake of his head eases off into shopping.

Seth Almon: "Demons." He grins a little bit. "You're asking me personally, or asking about books on the topic?"

Marty Starling: *He pauses.* Whatever you can offer. And defenses on the subject? Talismans... whatever you think best. I'm not an expert on the subject, but I need to become so in a very short time.

Seth Almon: He quirks an eyebrow at that, and leans back onto his stool, dark eyes watching Marty with some interest. "I don't honestly have a lot...I can show you some books on the subject, perhaps. I'm assuming there's a reason for this?"

Marty Starling: Curiosity, *he mutters, in a voice that doesn't quite clarify if he's telling the truth or not.* Books would be beneficial. Are they for purchase or for checking out?

Seth Almon: "They're for purchase." He keeps his eyes on the kid. "Not the kind of stuff to just go messing around in, though. Especially when you're trying to become an expert in a very short time."

Marty Starling: I wouldn't go 'messing,' *he says with a scowl.* I HAVE done some previous studying. Just, my personal library doesn't seem to have enough information to complete my education on the subject. *He shrugs.* I would appreciate it if you would show me what you have?

Seth Almon: He nods and rises from the counter, moving around to lead him past the crystals, where the books are. "Lots of different books on the subject...I assume we're not looking for metaphorical demons here?"

Marty Starling: *He shakes his head.* I know enough about those. *A wry smile touches his lips.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: He briefly sets the two crystals down to rub lightly, just where his neck meets his shoulders. When his attention isn't so much on other people, he seems so much more serious. He picks the stones back up, thumb smoothing absently over the amethyst as he studies the herbs again, considering.

Seth Almon: "Yeah." He heads to the relevant section of the bookshelves and starts running his fingers over the book. "Okay, here's a few." He pulls them out and hands them over... Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson, Encyclopedia of Hell by Miriam Van Scott, and A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits by Carol and Dinah Mack. All paperbacks, of varying sizes.

Marty Starling: *He nods, and takes all three. Inspects then, and settles on the second of the three.* I've read the other two, *he says idly.*

Seth Almon: "Gotcha." He nods a little bit, taking the other books and setting them back on the shelves. "Now, when it comes to anything non-book, I'm afraid I don't have any Talismans or the like...I can suggest some crystals or gemstones with protective or exorcistic vibrations, and some incenses, as well."

Ethan Demian Augustus: His eyes flick over to Marty and Seth for a few seconds, curious, but Marty is just not social enough to press at, so he resumes picking out herbs.

Marty Starling: Something to infuse, *he murmurs thoughtfully.* I'm okay for that. Thank you.

Seth Almon: "You bet." He head back behind the counter. "Anything else for you today?"

Marty Starling: No, that should be it. *He nods lightly.* Thank you.

Seth Almon: He nods and rings it up. "17.95." He goes to bag the book up for him, slipping a business card in the bag as well. "So I guess I'm not going to know what the curiosity was inspired by?"

Marty Starling: *He smiles faintly.* I suppose that will leave you something to be curious about as well.

Seth Almon: He chuckles and shakes his head, passing the book back over once payment is collected. He looks over to Ethan quickly. "Finding everything okay?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Just fine," he says softly, a little lost in pondering ingredients.

Marty Starling: *And he tucks the book under his arm, again taking a brief look at the odd man. Mistrusting. He steps out of the shop.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: And then, as it occurs to him, "you don't carry any colored raw silk cord?"

Seth Almon: He watches Marty go, and then shakes his head. "Kids." He sighs and moves around the counter once more, heading over to where Ethan is. "So what are you concocting?"

Seth Almon: "Actually...yes." He nods. "Not a lot, but the basic colors."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Oh, about a dozen things, really." He smiles. "Tea, gifts, research, the usual. People come in often asking about demons?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: He nods. "Packaged or just by measurement?"

Seth Almon: "Measurement. I don't sell enough of it to put it in packages." He shrugs and smiles. "And no, not that often. This would, it appears, be one of those days, though."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Mmmmm...well, everything has its season. Can I get a yard of each, please? You never know when you'll need it." He bites at his lips lightly as he studies the herbs like it's a life or death decision.

Seth Almon: "Sure thing." He turns and trots behind the counter, and starts measuring the cord out. "New to New York, or just new to the shop," he asks in a conversational tone as he works.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "To both, really."

Seth Almon: "Cool. Glad you found us." The cord is coiled into circles and left on the counter, neatly in order, as he goes to the next one. "Guessing, then, that you came from Phoenix?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Yeah. Drifted around a little up the West Coast and the headed out this way. You?"

Seth Almon: "Born and raised here. New Yorker for life."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Must be an interesting life." He smiles. "A few weeks here and I'm still not sure quite what I think."

Lurker: (open?)

Seth Almon: He laughs a bit at that. "Ain't no city in the world like it, they say...and sometimes, I certainly hope not. Other times, I really believe the old saying. Everyone who lives outside of New York is really, in some sense, kidding."

Seth Almon: ((Yep.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I didn't understand that until I came here, but yeah. It's more...immediate in texture." He picks out a little bag of willow bark. Definitely that one. A little pause before he adds lavender, lemon verbena, and catnip. Another little frown.

Seth Almon: "That it is." He finishes measuring out the cord and starts to place it in a bag.

Alice Newcomb: *Walks into the shoppe.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: He chuckles at that. "Hopefully we can avoid the enslavement of my soul to the Pope. It's a fairly hard bargain for eternal bliss. Considering all I'd have to give up, I prefer shopping around a little." Even teasing, his tone is gentle.

Alice Newcomb: The girl is thin but athletic looking with a dark tan and wheat blonde hair. Her features are regular... pretty, with an oval face and pale blue eyes. She tends to wear whatever the latest style is, to fit in and of course to look cool. Her clothes are new, all yuppie brand names. A warm coat beats back the winter chill. She looks to be in her teens, at the dangerous height of puberty.

Ethan Demian Augustus: At the counter, he doesn't see Alice yet, just calmly bantering with Seth.

Alice Newcomb: Walks past the counter, deliberately bumping Ethan. "Hey. When did you you take up witch craft?" *G*

Seth Almon: He grins to Ethan, and then looks up to Alice, smiling politely to her in greeting.

Ethan Demian Augustus: His eyes go just a little too wide at the bumping and there is a sharp hiss as he breathes in suddenly. "When I found the need to curse people who walked up from behind me like that," he says softly, after a few deliberate breaths. It's a little less gentle than the tone he's been using on Seth.

Alice Newcomb: Gives Seth a bright smile. "Hi." Ethan> "Maybe if you weren't eyeing up guys..." *G*

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Trust me, if I were seriously chasing anyone tonight, I'd have either had him in bed or moved on. I was actually just talking. I do that sometimes." The playful bantering tone is back, just a little more stress in it.

Alice Newcomb: "Confident, ain't he?" she says to Seth. "I'll just leave you two alone..." And she heads for the book section, looking for a primer on hedgemagic, and demon books.

Seth Almon: He leans back on the counter, watching them with some curiosity to his face. They obviously know each other.

Seth Almon: The demon section, remarkably, is a bit light today, as Ethan and another customer have done good at clearing him out. There is still A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits by Carol and Dinah Mack, and several new-age Wicca books, so-called "spell-books," Crowley stuff, and so on.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "It's not that I wouldn't pick you up," he says absently to Seth. "I just was seriously looking to be shopping for herbs not dates." Playful, yes. Gentle again, yes. Still a bit strained, yes. Even with Alice gone.

Alice Newcomb: Oh, a field guide! That's what she needs. Maybe she'll start a botanical... er demonic collection. Snags a Crowley book, just for giggles and grins. Then moves to peruse the beginners section, if there is such a thing. Maybe a basic Wiccan primer would help.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He raises his voice, just a touch to call over to Alice. "Try to tear yourself away from the bright colored glossy pictures long enough to pick up Contemporary Paganism by Graham Harvey if they stock it and you don't have a copy."

Seth Almon: "It's okay." He grins to Ethan. "I'm committed." he looks over to Alice. "Third row, middle bookshelf."

Ethan Demian Augustus: Up goes an eyebrow. Not at the committed. At the fact that he's in an occult shop that carries that book. He smiles. "Congratulations."

Alice Newcomb: "Okay, thanks!" Pokes around the middle shelves until she finds it.

Alice Newcomb: Takes a few minutes to flip theought the Harvey book.

Seth Almon: "Thank you, and you're welcome." The first to Ethan, the second to Alice.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smiles. "Of course. Surprised to see you carry that."

Seth Almon: "I try to stock most of the better books. Stay away from the crap, unless it's the crap that keeps me in business." Gesturing to the several shelves worth of RavenWolf.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He laughs softly. "Yeah. I hear that." He offers Seth a credit card. "I should head out - before I turn into a pumpkin. It happens to me sometimes."

Seth Almon: "Sure thing." He rings the man up for his purchases, handing over the credit card slip, and starts to bag the items up. "If you need anything special ordered, let me know. I'll be happy to help."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I'll do that." He says as he signs the receipt. "Lovely meeting you."

Alice Newcomb: Walks over with her books and plops them on the counter. "How you been, Ethan?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I've been good. You?"

Seth Almon: "Nice to meet you, too." He takes the receipt and smoothly transitions into starting to ring up Alice.

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Seth Almon: And Ethan is totally NOT the name he signed the credit card slip with, if Seth is paying attention.

Alice Newcomb: "I try to be good." Smiles. "You know how it is."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He chuckles. "Try being the operative word in your case."

Alice Newcomb: "Hey! I do try!"

Seth Almon: "71.00 even," he says to Alice after ringing her up.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Yes, so I've seen. Goodnight to both of you."

Alice Newcomb: "I hope these are printed on gold." Digging out her credit card and offering up.

Alice Newcomb: "Later, Ethan."

Seth Almon: "See you later," he says to Ethan with a smile, before sliding Alice's card through the machine and handing it back, then bagging up the books.

Alice Newcomb: "What's your name?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: And he slips out. [Thanks for the scene. *poofs*]

Alice Newcomb -> Seth Almon: (dd?)

Seth Almon -> Alice Newcomb: In his late 30's...not especially attractive, or really unattractive either, he's dressed in a straight black T-Shirt and jeans, with a single silvered earring in his right ear and a small, tasteful pentacle around his neck. ((Haven't done up a full DD for him. :) ))

Seth Almon: "I'm Seth." He flashes her a friendly smile, handing the slip over. "You?"

Alice Newcomb: "Alice." Surprised he didn't read it on her card. "You a friend of Ethans?"

Seth Almon: "Nope. Not yet." He smiles a little. "Just met him. Nice guy, though. You seem to know him well enough."

Alice Newcomb: "We've been friends a little while." Gathers up her books. "I bet you keep the really good stuff down in a creepy basement full of monsters."

Seth Almon: He grins. "Not lately. Cerberus was peeing on the carpet, so I sent him to obediance school." A teasing wink.

Alice Newcomb: Right next to a man-eating plant named Audrey.

Alice Newcomb: Grins. "Thanks, see you 'round Seth."

Seth Almon: He chuckles. "You bet, Alice. See you later."

Alice Newcomb: And off she goes. ((thanks for the scenage!))

Seth Almon: ((Thank you. *S*))