Morgane Kristanovitch: She took a cab to meet up with Ashlyn looking flustered, she was down to two days, TWO days, at least some of her concerns have been wipped from her mind thanks to a nice chat she had with Lucien. Always looking sophisticated and perfect. She heads to the shop. Ashlyn said thet they had some cute things here.

Ashlyn Reale: Ashlyn is also taking the route by taxi - as per normal, really. And as per normal, she's both fashionable and taliored. The crystal necklace hasn't left her at all yet, and whatever else it's doing, it's not distracting her - she arrives exactly on time as she'd agreed, no thanks to her driver.

Morgane Kristanovitch: A smile to Ashlyn as they both seem to meet up together. When Ashlyn get's out of the taxi. "Good day, Ashlyn."

Seth Almon: For Seth's part, he's sitting at the counter, going over an ordering form. Books on demons seem popular this week...perhaps he should pick up some more. In his late 30's...not especially attractive, or really unattractive either, he's dressed in a straight black T-Shirt and jeans, with a single silvered earring in his right ear and a small, tasteful pentacle around his neck.

Ashlyn Reale: "Hey there," she greets warmly, smiling. And of course, motioning her over, as she ducks over and holds open the door to the shop. "So glad you came! You'll love this place - honest."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She notes the crystal necklace."What an interesting necklace." She walks over and enters the shop, never having been ~in~ a shop like this before she raises an eyebrow upon entering. "Thank you for inviting me."

Ashlyn Reale: She follows after her, closing the door gently behind herself. "Oh, don't thank me... Ooh. You like it? Isn't it lovely?"

Seth Almon: He looks up, smiling warmly as he sees Ashlyn enter. "Well, well, well. Welcome back. And you've brought a friend." He gives Morgane a warm, polite smile. "Welcome to Strange Brew."

Ashlyn Reale: "Hi, hi!" A pleasant greeting, that. She waves to the man, wearing her guilty-but-no-not-really smile. "I couldn't help myself, what can I say?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: "It is different. But quite lovely." always polite to others. "Where did you aquire it?" She has seen other's with necklaces of crystals or beeds or what have you around. She has nothing around her neck at the moment. prefering not to wear much in the way of jewlery. "What exactally is this type of shop?" she asks Ashlyn. Strange brew sounded to her like a drink not a shop.

Morgane Kristanovitch: A nod of her head and a smile faint but there to Seth. "Good day to you."

Ashlyn Reale: "Oh, I got it here just recently." Informing Morgane with feminine, chatty banter. "This place is...well, I'm sure he can explain it better, but it -did- make me want to bring you over to see. I'm sure you'll like it."

Seth Almon: "Ahh, yes, the crystal. How is she doing?" He grins a little bit, standing from the counter and setting the order form aside. He moves around the counter and approaches them.

Morgane Kristanovitch: "You did?" she looks up to Ashlyn, what a mixed pair these two make. She looks over to Seth and makes her way over to where he sits looking at this or that. "Well I would not wish to assume but you would be the owner no?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: ((Or Morgane stays where she is))

Morgane Kristanovitch: "She?" she asks Seth.

Seth Almon: "The crystal," he explains to Morgane. "It has a strong feminine side, so I call it a she. Yes, I am the owner. Seth Almon, at your service." A slight bow, hand extended with palm up.

Morgane Kristanovitch: When he bows even slightly she curtsies no skirt on today only the fine wool slacks but still she exicutes it beautifully and then places her hand in his. "A pleasure to meet your Aquaintence Mr. Almon. I am Morgane Kristanovitch."

Ashlyn Reale: A dazed moment later, she blinks back to her senses. Yes, even models should eat. Go figure. "She's doing really well - seems pretty happy, I think," she reports pleasantly.

Ashlyn Reale: "Ah, lovely.." Noted as this does seem to be going better than the wedding shop had. Ashlyn's hands raise, brushing at her cheeks as if to smooth powder, or brush her gently back into reality. No la-la-land allowed.

Morgane Kristanovitch: "She glances over to Ashlyn when she says Ah lovely, a quirk of an eyebrow but it is gone when she looks back to Seth. "How do you know what respective quality a crystal has?"

Seth Almon: He clasps his other hand over Morgane's and smiles. A momentary hold of the hand and then he releases it, straightening back up. "So, then. What can I help you ladies with today?"

Seth Almon: "You just feel it." He smiles a little. "Haven't you ever seen an inanimate object of some sort and gotten a sense of masculinity or femininity from it?"

Ashlyn Reale: "A few things." She considers, and remains vague as ever. "I've got a few questions, but we're here first as shameless consumers. There's this -wedding- thing, you see..."

Morgane Kristanovitch: When her hand is released she smoothing her sweater with it, just straightening out her sweater is all. A smile on her face still no need to look so demure all of the time. A slight shake of her head to Seth. "No I have not. If I have perhaps it was an unconsious thing." she will give him that much. "I have not been a shop such as this one before."

Seth Almon: "Wedding?" He tilts his head, smiling. "One of you are the bride? Or both guests?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: "Both of us in out own respect are Brides to be." she tells Seth. "Mine is this coming weekend, much sooner than my friends." she indicates Ashlyn.

Seth Almon: "Well, then! Congratulations to both of you." He smiles warmly to them both.

Ashlyn Reale: "She's up at the altar first, but I've got my chance later this year." She seems amused - not offensively, just quietly amused at something that's been said. Again, black hair is tucked away from her face. With a look of feigned innocence, her pale eyes tip ceilingward. "I can't say if I'm a -guest- or not."

Morgane Kristanovitch: A bow of her head. "Thank you." she looks over to Ashlyn. "Of course you are a guest." as if that has been decided long ago and not just last night.

Seth Almon: "Well, then, what kind of wedding gifts, decorations, adornments, or advice can I give?"

Ashlyn Reale: "Well thank you." A bit of a proud smile at that, content. She then considers Seth, hands slipping down to rest on her hips in a thoughtful gesture. Much less demure - she's a freakin' New Yorker. "Something new and something blue would be a good place to start? We ought to cover our bases."

Morgane Kristanovitch: A smile to Ashlyn "what would those be fore?" a shake of her head."Well I have need to get the gifts for the attendants and such, but since Ashlyn needs to speak with you on something, I shall go and look around. I shall come back if I have any questions I shall come back and ask them." she smiles politly to them both as she heads off on her own looking around.

Seth Almon: "Something new and something blue, I can provide both." He nods to Morgane, letting her look around, and looks back to Ashlyn expectantly.

Ashlyn Reale: She..blinks at that. It's so easy to keep assuming people will just come out and say whatever... Time with Reyna's giving her false hopes, apparently. She resolves to herself to fill Morgane in on the silly American details of a wedding.

Ashlyn Reale: "Alright. Aside from the new and blue..Timing was on my side yesterday, I suppose," she begins, quieting. "I wanted to know if you know of anything in print about.. Ah, please forgive me if I mispronounce it? Ishtara?"

Seth Almon: d10: Int+Occult: 9,8,3,8,8,2,

Morgane Kristanovitch: d10: Per+Alert (AS-H): 6,2,8,5,9,3,

Seth Almon: He raises an eyebrow, his expression speculative. "You could mean...a few things by that. Is it Ishtar, or Ishhara, perhaps?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: She lets her ears pick up what her eyes and watching them would certenly be thought of was keeping watch on them as she looks around not paying much attention to the items as she walks around heading into the books.

Ashlyn Reale: "Either?" she offers, not entirely certain. Her voice is kept down as much for their conversation as to allow Morgane to absorb the atmosphere. "The latter, I think."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She randomly picks up a book to look at it reading the back cover and blinking, she looks at the front cover and then back to the back. A frown as she sets the book back and notes there is another one and another one on the subject of telepathy or telekinesis. She did not know there were ~Books~ on the subject.

Seth Almon: "Well, the two are related," he says, leaning back on the counter. "Ishtar is the Sumerian goddess of love. Her Babylonian name was Ishhara. She was the consort to Dagon...who may or may not have been a good guy. Ishtar-slash-Ishhara's servants, those who did her bidding, were also known as the Ishhara...again, some good, some not so good."

Ashlyn Reale: "Oh.." She considers this, nodding a little. "Dagon - why does that not sound like a pleasant figure?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: A glance over to Ashlyn and Seth, before flicking her eyes back to the books to get a better in depth look at these books. She cannot believe there is a name for gaia's sake for what she can do. Wedding shopping totally forgotten.

Seth Almon: The bookshelves have a large selection of the usual new agey crap, and certain selections of better books. Seth smiles a little. "He's a popular guy. To the Sumerians, he was the god of agriculture...but others saw him as a warlike god, a protector, forger of great and terrible weapons. To the Hebrews, he was a half-fish, half-man, with his hands cut off. There's more bad then good in his history."

Ashlyn Reale: She wrinkles her nose a little, rubbing at her wrist gingerly. "Sounds like the man with the party, alright. So.. What exactly did the servants go out and do, usually? Pull a Cupid and meddle with a dating circle?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: She set's the book back that she had been looking through. She turns and looks at some of the other titles, trying to get her mind off of one subject and back to the wedding. Suppresing her own curious, and fearfull emotions under the calm cool mask. It might be a question to the owner. ~Might~

Seth Almon: "For good or ill, yes." He nods a little bit. "Meddling being the operative term. Making people fall in love, out of love...whatever was deemed best. Sometimes the results were good...often, they were far from it."

Ashlyn Reale: She glances back to Morgane, torn between relaxing at the relatively harmless answers given, and concerning herself anew with the rapidly upcoming wedding fuss.

Ashlyn Reale: "Lovely." Smirking, this time. "Well, thank you.. Oh. I'm reading through that book - the last one you picked out for me? It's really.. interesting."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She wanders back over to them once she feels that the hushed part of the conversation is over with. Not like she couldn't hear them anyways.

Seth Almon: He smiles at that, the slight tentetiveness gone instantly. "Wonderful. Is that interesting as in, 'I like it and am learning a lot,' or interesting as in 'The guy's full of crap and he doesn't know what he's talking about?'" The smile becomes a disarming grin, taking either answer with aplomb, whatever is returned to him.

Ashlyn: She makes a so-so gesture with her hands, speaking up and openly, but pointedly not excluding Morgane. Her body language is clear here. Open, chatty. "Eh, a little from column A, a little from clumn B, you know? I personally disagree on a few points, but overall it seems good and reliable."

Morgane Kristanovitch: A raise of an eyebrow a book that came from here actually being reliable and good. A swallow and a smile. Oh yes mask firmly in place. "Do people actually learn how to do some of these things from these books?"

Seth Almon: "Fair enough," he says to Ashlyn with a chuckle. Morgane's question gets his attention, and he nods. "Believe it or not, Miss Kristanovitch, they do indeed. Paganism is alive and well, and despite the dubious nature of some of the books I sell--I have to stay afloat, and people will by the idiotic so-called spell-books and the like--many of them are quite practically useful. And, of course, there's quite the amount of research into psychic pheonmena."

Morgane Kristanovitch: "I was speaking more on those books that deal with the movement of the mind, reading another's thoughts and moving objects" Oh so serious for one so young."Psychic phenomena?" another raise of her eyebrow.

Morgane Kristanovitch: "Do not get me wrong i am on brought up in the belief structure of mother earth."

Ashlyn: Ashlyn turns into the passive one now, watching each in their exchange, quiet. No need for her to step in and clerify right now, neh?

Seth Almon: "Psychic phenomena," he repeats with a nod. "The things you've just described...ESP, telekenesis, telepathy, psychometry, astral projection, pyrokenesis, clairvoyance, channeling, precogntion...and so on, and so forth."

Ashlyn: "Makes you wonder what we're doing with the other ninety percent of our brains, doesn't it?" Light hearted, but not playful - it is an honest, prodding question.

Seth Almon: "Exactly." He smiles and nods to Ashlyn.

Seth Almon: ((Guys, I'm loving corrupting the kinfolk over to the dark side of psychic phenomena, but I'm crappin' out here. Can we pause this one until tomorrow sometime?))

Morgane Kristanovitch: Several blinks of her eyes. "But..." another few blinks as she purses her lips. "All of those things can be learned from the books that you sell?" she asks. she looks to Ashlyn.

Morgane Kristanovitch: ((I can *Nods*))

Ashlyn: (( No problem! *snugs* Thaaaaank you for the scene, though! ))

Morgane Kristanovitch: ((Thank you *Hugs all around*))

Seth Almon: ((Thanks, guys. *Hugs* See you later, Nessa!))