Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): She paid, if Ziahl couldn't, and she went to the other balcony, the one opposite from the one she was in last night. Tub of popcorn, box of Goobers, and a HUGE coke. And she knew the movie was different this time around but she didn't bother to look at the title. Fuck it, it was tradition at this point.
She handed Ziahl the joint and a lighter. "Here you go. The idea is to pull in the smoke, hold the smoke in, and exhale."

Ziahl: She has a little money, but not very much, and if Fel treats she'll be grateful. She settles into a seat and takes the lighter and joint. "Smoking makes me cough."

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Yes, that's because you're inhaling smoke. But, and this is the important part, you'll be inhaling THC as well. Don't ask me to explain it right now, I'll have a fit. But it's much better than a cigarette."
She sat down, kicked her feet up and began to work on the popcorn.

Ziahl: She turns the lighter in hand examining it from all sides, then shakes it. She's seen this done. She puts her thumb on the wheel and gives it a turn. Fire! Moves it to the tip of the joint and inhales.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): She tried to ignore the strangeness of the woman, but she couldn't help it. It was like watching a child in the shape of a very attractive black woman.
"Don't burn yourself dear," she stated.

Ziahl: Coughs, smoke spilling from her nose. "I won't." She passes it over to Fel.

Ravyn: ((Just out of curiosity, what's the movie? *G* Makes a difference on who I bring in.))

Ziahl: ((Narnia? King Kong? Underworld? Looks at Fel-p))

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): ((What's literally playing tonight is White Countess. But being a bit of a deviant, I picked something I knew personally. I'll go to vsom.com and pull something out))

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): JOURNEY TO UNKNOWN WORLD (1971) an amazing jaw-dropping cult film; Brazilian production dubbed into English; directed by Flavio Migiaccio; starring Mauricio Farias Walter Forster Odete Lara and Flavio Migliaccio; Uncle Maneco takes his young nephews on a safari into the Amazon where they rescue natives from a flying saucer attack! original Brazilian title AVENTURAS COM TIO MANECO
How about that one?))

Ziahl: ((*LOL*))

Ravyn: ((Nice. *G*))

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Thanks. I'm three sheets to the wind already, so I'll let you have most of it." She settled in, nesting in the seat like a bird. "How in the hell have you managed to live this long without going to the movies? Where are you from?"

Ziahl: "Egypt." Taking another drag and holding it in, wondering if something is supposed to happen besides the coughing.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): ((yeah, it's a good site. I picked up a lotta weird films there))

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Well that explains the exotic looks. But even then I'd imagine they had movies there, unless you were out of some weird ass desert tribe or something. How'd you get over here, and how did you learn English so well? I can't pick out an accent for the life of me. Popcorn?'

Ziahl: "Thank you." Gingerly takes a single kernel and pops it into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully, as she realizes she has no answers to Fel's questions.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: [I hear we're taking stragglers. 8) PM for a full DD if you need one.] He walks into the theater, buying his ticket. He's in Bliss casual today, black boots, black jeans, iced silver shimmery vinyl shirt, black trenchcoat.

Ziahl: "I grew up with a nomadic tribe." Takes a drag off the joint. English. How does she know English? "My mother was an American."

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Did you miss what I asked Ziahl? Wondered how you got here, the English thing?"
God. Another one. New York was chock full of weirdos these nights. Felisa checked to see if the woman was wearing velcro laced shoes; fuck knows the woman probably didn't know how to tie a knot.

Ziahl: ((Stragglers welcome! *S*))

Ziahl: ((*LOL* She IS!))

Ziahl: "My father died in an accident and my mother brought me here."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: He finds his way to the concession stand and just reads over everything, at a bit of a distance. He's never really done this movie watching thing.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): Reasonable enough. She didn't persue any more questions, just passed the joint over once she had her turn and munched on her popcorn. "Y'know it's alright if you pick more than one piece. You're going to want to once the weed hits," she said, smiling, looking a little dopey.

Keelia: She makes her way into the balcony in question. No sodas, no popcorn, no candy. Just her...why would she need anything else? Green eyes over purple eyeshadow scan the area, looking for a seat.

I say...hot DAMN. That's probably the first thought that passes through most men's minds as she walks through the door to the Tears. In her early twenties, she's tall, with that exotic look that just screams "sexpot." Raven hair falls past her shoulders, ending midway down her back, and frames pale, delicate skin and bright green, almond-shaped eyes. Her features are vaguely Far Eastern...Japanese, perhaps, or Korean. She's dressed in the pure fetish goth style...high boots, fishnet on the legs, latex on the well-formed, slim body. Her comsetics favor dark greens and purples, complementing the outfit.

Ziahl: "I didn't want to talk and smoke with food in my mouth." Taking another drag as they pass it back and forth. She's starting to feel... quite relaxed.

Keelia: ((Damn C&P. Guess where she was when I last played her? :P))

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "You're polite. I've no idea of how to react to that."
The whole section of the balcony smelled of the dank. Whoever was up there was surely getting tore the fuck up, you'd have to figure. But other than that it was fairly quiet up there. Just a conversation.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): d10: per+alert: 9,3,5,8,5,

Ziahl: Takes another drag. Mmmmmm... this is nice. The movie doesn't make any sense, but it's still... nice.

Keelia: She moves to an empty seat right near Ziahl and Felisa...directly behind them, specifically. Long legs slip around people, and she settles into the seat to watch.

Ziahl: Tilts her head back and looks at Keelia upside down, making no effort to hide the fact she's smoking a joint up there. "Hi."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: He slips onto the balcony not too long after Keelia, though he settles a little further away with his popcorn and soda, propping his feet up on the empty seat in front of him.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "That's because in the Chinese calendar, 2006 is The Year Of The Monkey Fucking A Football: ugly, stupid and uncomfortable all round. We have all returned to work, and are now surrounded once more by shuffling hordes of mongoloid wombshit who are jabbering at each other about non-things that would bore the shit out of an 8th Century turnip-farming peasant that had only met twelve people in their entire life while listening to "music" devised by rogue corporations in Frankensteinian laboratories using frontpeople who gave up their 21 grams of humanity in return for money and a halflife of three years on their vile little monoculture-badge herd-brand iPods. Here, have some coke."
She turned slightly listening. Might be other people around.

Ziahl: Smiles at the pretty male that sits a few seats away, then blinks at Fel. "Oh." And has some Coke handing the teensie little remains of the joint back to Fel. "Thank you."

Keelia: "Hello," she says, smiling a little bit to Ziahl, looking the woman over. Definitely sizing her up.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): She turned, looking the woman over.
"Do I know you from somewhere? You look oddly familiar."

Ziahl: She's probably too stoned to qualify as dangerous.

Keelia: She looks over to Felisa and shakes her head. "I'm sure that isn't the case," she says, her voice a low, rich alto. "I'd remember. I'm good at such things." She flashes Felisa a coy sort of smirk.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Right. Don't mind us, we're talking in only the finest of South American films. As you can see from the flying saucers and tribesmen. Just get out of a club?" she asked.

Ziahl: Swipes a handful of popcorn from Fel's bucket. *crunch*crunch*crunch*

Shadow's Blissful Silence: He smiles back to Ziahl with a little nod.

Ziahl: Pats the empty seat beside her, inviting the pretty male to come closer.

Keelia: She nods. "I see that. Aventuras com Tio Maneco is one of Migiaccio's best works, from a purely cult phenomenon stand-point. The man is a genius." She says it with the surety of someone who knows exactly what she's talking about. "Personally, I prefer Assalto Brasileira, though. And no, I didn't."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: He chuckles and does come join Ziahl. Felisa and Keelia get nods as he sits.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): She waved the other goth and turned back to watch the movie. As always, the other girl got the attention, which Felisa didn't mind all that much. She was never the type to fume over something like that. "Told you about the popcorn dear. Are you enjoying yourself?"
An amusing thought hit her that she would be forever known as the girl who always hung out with prettier girls. Strange, that.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "You sound like a buff. Er, movie buff that is. Come here every week?" she asked, turning around again. Yes, she's a little out of it. If she wasn't what she was she'd be a lot of out it.
Speaking from a drug standpoint.

Ziahl: "Hi," she whispers to Bliss. "What's your name?" Fel> "Oh yes. This is a very nice place. Lots of people."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Bliss," he murmurs to Ziahl.

Keelia: "Every now and then," she says with a nod. "I enjoy oddities. Interesting experiences. New encounters."

Ziahl: That sounds like a happy sort of name. "I'm Ziahl," she says softly.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Pretty," he says, voice low, with just a hint of a purr.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Now YOU, madame, have a very nice mindset. Name's Felisa, and I'm taking Ziahl here to the movies and getting her stoned for the very first time. So far the evening has been a success, although I should probably get more popcorn."
She turned to Bliss and waved, smiling a zany little smile.
"We aren't disturbing you are we? You look very serious about watching this."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: His eyes flick up to Keelia. Also pretty. But far more complicated seeming than Ziahl. Granted, Ziahl seems to be a bit stoned.

Ziahl: "Your name is pleasing also." Leaning a little towards him. Did he purr? She's been thinking of getting a cat.

Keelia: "Not at all. I've seen it several times." She smiles to her. "I am Keelia." Ziahl and, now, Bliss get sizing-up looks again, as does Felisa. She's not appraising danger level, that's for sure.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Glad you think so." Yes, there is definitely a little hint of a purr in his voice.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "I'm going to have to start coming here more often, the quality of people I met has suddenly skyrocketed tremendously." she smiled to herself, wiggling in her seat a bit.

Ziahl: Bliss> "Would you like to join my harem?" Oh yeah, she's stoned. But he purrs!

Ziahl: Grins at Fel.

Ziahl: "Keelia," tasting the other woman's name and smiling at her.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Excuse me?" He's not offended, hell, if anything he looks pleased. But he's not sure that really did just happen.

Keelia: Join your harem. She looks over at Ziahl and chuckles at the question she present to Bliss, and looks back to Felisa. "You just have to know when to come by."

Ziahl: "Would you like to join my harem?" she repeats quite clearly. He's pretty and he purrs. Apparently that qualifies him for candidacy.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Who else is in it?"

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "I didn't know you had a harem Ziahl. The things you do when I'm not around."
Holy Christ. It looked like Ground Zero for an orgy all of a sudden. Felisa looked over at everybody, pursing her lips a bit.

Ziahl: "Oh, a few others.. Alexander, Nathaniel, ToeKnee..."

Ziahl: Fel> "You never asked."

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Not the sort of thing you ask offhand, at least not in my circles. Still, you go girl. And fuck if you can't pick 'em." She munched on some goobers, holding Ziahl's hand to give her a goodly amount. "Chocolate. Tell me you've had chocolate."
She turned to Keelia and shrugged. "So when should I come by?"

Shadow's Blissful Silence: He nods. "Mmmmmmmm...I've never been so much into the harems. I find you start to lose that personal touch that gives relationships their unique appeal. I prefer one-night stands really, to the whole attempt at a sustained harem."

Ziahl: Peers down curiously at the goobers. "No, I haven't had it before." Pops one into her mouth and offers some to Kee and Bliss.

Keelia: "Mmmmm." She idly listens to Ziahl and Bliss, attention flickering that way, then back to Felisa. "Typically, Thursdays, Fridays, ans Saturdays are best."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: Bliss shakes his head. "All yours."

Ziahl: "One night stands give a personal touch to relationships?" That doesn't make a lot of sense.

Ziahl: "It's sticky," she notes of the candy, looking for some place to rid herself of it. Oh well. She stuffs them in her mouth and swallows them without chewing so they don't stick to her teeth like the first one did.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Well it's Friday morning by my watch," she said, looking at it. For a little Puerto Rican gangbanger looking chick, she had damned good taste it seemed; it was a nice looking wristwatch. "I guess I lucked out. I do have a question though, if you don't mind... where's your date at? Figured you'd have someone hanging all over you."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "No. But they aren't relationships. They're meaningless. No personal touches needed to make them seem complete, just a cheap hotel room and maybe a bottle of semi-tolerable wine."

Ziahl: "If it's meaningless, what's the point?"

Keelia: "I don't know. Still looking for them."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "The sex." He says to Ziahl, as if she's completely lost her mind.

Ziahl: "And you think sex should be meaningless?" Looking at him as if he's completely lost his mind.

Keelia: Bliss and Ziahl's conversation is obviously amusing her.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Not doing a terrific job of looking," said Felisa, smirking playfully. "Hope you find them though. Otherwise you're stuck with us. Which is probably a questionable thing."
She turned to Bliss. "Why does it have to be cheap and semi-tolerable? Why not good quality all the way around?"

Ziahl: Nods her agreement with Fel.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "No, I think sex involved in one-night stands should be meaningless. I actually do expect sex with people I date to mean something." He glances at Felisa with a chuckle. "Tried that route, and while it was more fun, I find that it gets questions about the next time. I don't like my meaningless sex to be complicated."

Keelia: "Mmm...I don't know." She leans back in her seat, paying more attention to the three in front of her then the movie. "I'm finding this much more interesting already then the typical vanilla date."

Ziahl: Studies Bliss a long moment. "I don't think you're doing it right."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Mmmmmmmmmm...so few people understand. It doesn't matter."

Keelia: "There's nothing wrong with meaningless sex," she says with a bit of a shrug. "The only tricky part is making it truly meaningless."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Amen," he says softly to Keelia.

Ziahl: Pats his arm. "That may be. I don't have much experience yet."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "I'm sure your harem will help with that."

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "I'd think the acts leading up to sex in the first place are rather complex, unless you're the type to just pull them in on sheer vibe alone, which... well, I'll be getting fairly good at hopefully. But anyway... you would trade in a lesser version of fun for expediency. How odd."
Then, back to Keelia. "Are we really? Would you date us?"

Keelia: "That depends entirely on your definition of 'date,' Felisa."

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Well, sometimes expediency is more important than honest affection."

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Fair enough. Would you fuck us then?"

Ziahl: "In time, I'm sure they well. Expedient sex doesn't sound like it would be much fun. I like affectionate men."

Keelia: "More then likely, yes." She smiles a little, pulling out a cigarette. Just regular tobacco. "Certainly interesting enough."

Ziahl: "...and men that purr," she adds as an afterthought.

Ziahl: Looks at Fel curiously. "Are we going to date Keelia?"

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "I'm glad that's settled. I had my suspicions, but that's the sort of thing you have to ask about sooner or later, and I figured I'd strike when the nipple was pert. I'd fuck you too dear," she said, and nodded happily.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Purring I'm good with."

Ziahl: "I noticed," she says with a smile.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: He leans close to Ziahl's ear and purrs.

Ziahl: Giggles and pets his hair.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): She looked over at Ziahl. "Probably not. Feel free though, don't let me stop you from humping like a camel."

Keelia: She throws her head back and laughs, full-heartedly, at Felisa's comment, and how it's phrased. The laughter is not mocking, but very honestly amused. It lasts a couple moments before she calms, looking back to her. "Good to know," she says to Felisa, affecting a purr, perhaps for Ziahl's sake.

Ziahl: Blinks at Fel, then stares a moment at Kee when she purrs.

Keelia: ((Last comment to Felisa's second to last post, not the one directed to ZIahl.))

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Perhaps later, under stranger circumstances."
She noticed a changing of the darkness, it was getting brighter, which meant the movie was over. "You know I haven't watched a film here in the past two times," she said.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "You might work on that," he says softly to Felisa as he rises.

Keelia: "People rarely do."

Ziahl: She thought only males could purr. "Is it over?"

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Why? The movie's only part of the entertainment."
She stood up and stretched, fiddled with her phone, opened it and looked. Felisa chuckled. "And sadly, I've to go. Ziahl, you'll be safe, right? Bliss, you're adorable, I hope to see you again. And YOU, Kellia... if you're here on the weekends we'll have to get to know one another."

Ziahl: "Yes, I'll be safe." Rising as well.

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): ((In short, I've 9 minutes. I hope it was fun))

Keelia: She grins a little bit at Felisa's comment and nods. "It is only part, indeed. And yes, we most certainly will have to...Felisa." The name drawn out just a little bit. She hasn't risen yet.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: He smiles at Felisa. "Perhaps you will."

Ziahl: "Bye Felisa." Looks from Bliss to Keelia.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: [Oh it was. *G* Thanks much!]

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Goodnight," he says quietly to Ziahl and Keelia.

Ziahl: ((Always fun. *S* Good night.))

Keelia: ((Bye, Felis-P!))

Ziahl: "Good night, Bliss. It was pleasant meeting you."

Keelia: She looks over at Bliss, grinning slightly as she bats her eyelashes at him. "Good night, Bliss. Hope you find what you're looking for tonight."

Felisa Espinosa (Paris Theater): "Take care of yourselves aight?"
She smiled as she left, weaving through the seats, out to face her destiny, strange thing that it was.

Shadow's Blissful Silence: "Pleasant meeting you too," he says to Ziahl, then nods to Keelia. "Oh, I'm sure I will." He smiles. "Same."

Ziahl: Stands there a minute, like she's not sure she knows what to do with herself, then blinks at Keelia.

Keelia: "I'm sure I will, too." She smiles to Keelia, and looks up at Ziahl. "So what is on your agenda for the night now, Ziahl?"

Shadow's Blissful Silence: And he slips out.

Ziahl: "I guess I'll just... walk around?" Aimlessly, like Fel said.

Ziahl: ((Night Fox, thanks for dropping in! *s*))

Keelia: "Well, what is it you desire?" She looks directly up at the woman, into her eyes, her own darkly amused.

Ziahl: "Mostly things I can't have," she says wistfully.

Keelia: Ooh, that drew curiosity from her. "Such as? Give me an example."

Ziahl: "It's not good to want things," she says softly.

Keelia: "Why?"

Ziahl: "It.. distracts one."

Keelia: "No, it doesn't." She shakes her head, ebony hair waving as she does. "Rather, it gives one a reason for doing what they need to. It focuses them."

Ziahl: "Perhaps for you, it is that way."

Keelia: "Why need it not be the same for you, Ziahl?"

Ziahl: "I guess because... I'm not you."

Keelia: "Some truths are personal...others are universal." She shrugs, a hand coming up to idly play over the edge of the seat next to her. "The question, my dear, is for you to figure out which this one is."

Ziahl: Settles down into a seat, one over from Keelia. "I suppose it's a personal truth."

Keelia: "It can be." She nods, watching Ziahl. "I would say that it is both."

Ziahl: Blinks slowly through the drug haze. "Perhaps a little of both."

Keelia: "It depends on which level of desires and wants you're speaking." She shrugs. "On one level, the trivial level, wants can distract you, yes. If all you do is focus on the here and now, the little joys, then you can lose your purpose. But the key level...the higher level, it's a universal truth."

Ziahl: This is deep. Perhaps too deep for her current state of mind. She wishes she could tell her. Tell anyone what it's like. But she doesn't dare. It feels like a disservice. An insult even to sit there as the woman shares her wisdom and with hold the truth. "I should go," she says suddenly, rising again.

Keelia: She tilts her head curiously, watching Ziahl. A long moment passes before she nods. "All right, Ziahl." She stands and takes the woman's hand if she'll let her, and raises it to her lips, kissing the knuckles. "I hope I'll see you again."