Alyssa Kostapoulos: (snagsa color)

Miranda Okanedo: ((Mine!))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (k. need to know where she was slung.. how long before she wakes up, etc.)

Marty Starling: ((Got three successes. Janus and Austin were informed not to let her leave Ling's. Marty would ask her to be taken back to her room to sleep it off. Her falcata would be kept FAR away from her, and her weapons confiscated.))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (her falcata was the only weapon she had, all of her other stuff is in her bag, which i'm assuming has been taken as well.)

Miranda Okanedo: ((Based on 3 successes, she'd be out for up to "the scene." So she'd have awakened soon after being put in her room.))

Marty Starling: ((Yes. Absolutely. I was thinking this would take place tonight, then, maybe? Say she slept through the rest of the night, at least?))

Marty Starling: ((Okay! Sorry...))

Janus: ((Here! *waves* Where does Janus go?))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (as soon as she woke up, she'd start wandering around like nothing happened. she might sleep through last night, but would wake up in the early morning hours.)

Marty Starling: ((*places Janus near the door leading to the stairs to the exit?* And we'd pick it up from tonight, or yesterday afternoon?))

Marty Starling: ((Sorry... this afternoon? Or this evening?))

Janus: *Janus is standing guard, sitting in the lotus position, a book in his lap*

Marty Starling: ((Morning... I'll change my tag to reflect that))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: After the spell wears off, Alyssa sleeps soundly through the night. Content and somewhat oblivious. She rouses early the next morning just before 8am. With a lengthy stretch she looks around her room for her bag, and when she doesn't find it she makes her way to the main sitting room to see who she can find. Maybe she left it somewhere.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He is in the main room himself. Shirtless, for once, the bandaging on his right side thick. He looksalmost groggy, half-awake. His switch blade remains drawn, in his right hand. The blade lined up with his forearm, as if concealing it.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a bright smile to Marty. As if nothing happened. "Good morning Marty. Have you seen my bag?"

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He rests in his papa-san chair, almost in an awkward position. His hair doesn't look brushed, and there are circles under his eyes, as if he's short on sleep.*

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He looks up to her, and arches an eyebrow.* It has been confiscated for my protection, *he says wryly.* Have a seat.

Miranda Okanedo: She comes out of the white door, having spent a good long period of time in there, meditating, and shuts it behind her. She looks calmed, refreshed, as always from her morning meditations upon the One. As she turns to face the main room, she frowns in sudden concern, seeing Marty. "What happened?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her eyes widen, looking the boy over. She scurries to sit next to his chair "Marty, you're injured! What happened?"

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He looks up to Miranda, and raises his chin.* Stabbed. *As if this just happens every day. Of course, it IS New York.*

Janus: *he looks at Alyssa like she must be crazy to ask that question...after all, she is, essentially, under house arrest for stabbing Marty...*

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *It's enough of a response to Alyssa's query as well, though his dull, listless eyes look to her.* I asked you to sit down, *he says simply.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She stares up at Marty with a look of deep concern. Caring deeply for the boy "Who did it? Was it one of the Union types? Did you get a good look at them?"

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: ((*pushes Scarlet's post up*))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (scoot that before marty's last post, bitte)

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her big brown eyes go even wider. "I.. I did not! I would never stab you Marty, ever!"

Janus: *Janus doesn't even raise an eyebrow. Oh, he's certainly alert, and listening in, but he's sitting in front of the door with a good, wholesome book..."The Art of War", to be precise. That Sun-Tzu character was a genius.*

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: You did, *he says with a nod to Alyssa.* First you punched me in the face, and I was mad. Felisa was there. I remember her. She's really nice. *He nods, almost blearily.* She told me you were different, but I didn't believe her. Meh. *He floomps back, and hisses slightly.*

Miranda Okanedo: "I see." She looks between Alyssa and Marty, her expression evening out some.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: I am still alive, *he offers to Miranda, almost... defending her.* And even if I had died, it would not stop me.

Winnie Miles: *She'd heard voices and come to investigate. Hmmm..that's Janus's voice..and Marty's. The other two are unfamiliar to her. She's wearign a bright orange cap on her head rather than her usual scarf, but other than that she's still her usual colorful self.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her eyes tear up and she looks helplessly to Miranda. Confused.

Miranda Okanedo: ((If Winnie is living in Madame Ling's, Winnie, she's heard Miranda's voice before. The woman doesn't leave it, almost ever. *S*))

Winnie Miles: (alrighty)

Winnie Miles: *Actually Janus hadn't spoken a peep and she'd heard Miranda upon occasion though she hadn't actually met her yet.* (there changed as needed)

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: I don't know if you meant to or not, *he says to Alyssa.* Something about the movie must have startled you. I can't begin to say what it was. I know you wished to hurt everyone that spoke to you.

Miranda Okanedo: She takes a deep breath and looks at Alyssa, giving her a small smile, before looking back to Marty. "Of course it wouldn't have. It's all right. Perhaps...further explanation is required?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She flashes Marty the same confused look "I don't want to hurt anyone.. I.. don't understand. I didn't do those things."

Miranda Okanedo: ((And pushes MY post above Marty's. *S*))

Winnie Miles: *hasn't a clue what has transpired. A cheerful wave at everyone.* Evening all.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: ((Well, dammit, I post too fast! Is it my fault that my Godlike typing abilities are at +5?)) *He shakes his head.* You don't think you did, but you did.

Janus: *He will nod vaguely to Winnie, and take this opportunity to mark his page and close his book*

Winnie Miles: Who did what? Marty, you look like hell. *She looks to Janus for an answer; he'll know.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "But.. but.." She says weakly. "My mind is strong. The.. gods must be toying with me." She pauses. "I should call my acarya."

Miranda Okanedo: "Good evening," she says to Winnie, nodding with a slight smile, before looking back to the Thanatoic duo seated together.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: Perhaps, *he says calmly. He looks over to Winnie with a wry smile.* Well, damn. I suppose I'll never be a teen model now.

Winnie Miles: *Now from her vantage point she can see the bandage that was hidden by the chair.* Marty? You ok? What happened? Were you shot?

Janus: *Janus is sitting in front of the door to the outside, and he gestures for Winnie to head over to where he is*

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He looks over to Alyssa.* There is no doubt that your mind is strong.

Winnie Miles: *She scratches her cheek and then sidles over to Janus.* He's not dying is he? And if he is; can we save him? Is that kosher? we won't cause an incident, will we?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa sniffles and looks to the floor, rubbing her eyes. Racked with guilt for punching out yet another deacon. She reminds herself never to watch American movies again.

Miranda Okanedo: "No doubt at all," she says with a nod. "But I also believe Marty when he says that this happened. Which begs the question, Alyssa...why?" It doesn't exactly sound phrased like she expects Alyssa to have the answer.

Janus: *He speaks softly, so as to not interrupt the main flow of the conversation* "He should be alright. It appears that Alyssa stabbed him, though she has no memory of it now. She is not to leave the building." *the last bit apparently to explain his position of being on guard duty*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa hastily rubs tears from her cheek with her face down. Not wanting to appear weak in front of Marty. "I.. don't.. know.." She mutters clumsily, replying to Miranda. "I want Ladon. I want to talk to Ladon."

Winnie Miles: *She blinks a few times, and then looks at Alyssa.* .....that's...shocking.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: This is your right, *he says with a nod to Alyssa.* Call him here.

Winnie Miles: d10: Arete + willpower: 7,2,4,

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She frowns, looking teary eyed up to Marty "His magic number is in my telephone device.. which is in my bag.. which was taken from me so I don't stab you again."

Winnie Miles: *She rummages in her pocket, finding a piece of glass and rubs it, peering with fuzzy intentness at Alyssa. Tryign to see if there are any spirits surrounding ehr that might account for her violent action.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: d10: per+aware: 7,2,1,3,5,

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He blinks, confused.* Where did we put her bag? *He starts to get up, slowly, with a small wince of pain.*

Janus: d10: Per+Aware: 9,3,10,6,10,6,

Janus: ((damn, and me without a specialty!))

Miranda Okanedo: d10: Per+Aware: 9,9,4,7,10,3,

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She reaches up to put a gentle hand on the boy's knee. "Don't get up, Marty, please.. I can get it.. Just.. where is it?"

Miranda Okanedo: "I will retrieve it," she says, rising to her feet and moving to get the bag.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: d10: per+alert: 7,1,3,6,

Miranda Okanedo -> Winnie Miles: ((There are none.))

Miranda Okanedo -> Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: Magic from someone, somewhere.

Winnie Miles: *She whispers back to Janus.* Well, whatever's making her do this, it's not coming from the Other Side. At least nothing obvious.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He looks up almost dizzily.* Magic?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She tilts her head at Marty, rubbing her eyes with the back of a tiny hand. "I.. didn't feel any magic."

Janus: ((Ok, could I get someone to tell me what 5 successes gets me? Lookin' at Rav, the ST on duty this scene))

Miranda Okanedo: ((I'm waiting on some info, Jano. Gimme a minute.))

Janus: ((No prob)) *He glances to Winnie* "That's good to know." *he nods*

Miranda Okanedo -> Janus: ((Magic from Winnie. Resonance will be PM'd once Dragonfly gives it to me in a timely frickin' manner. :P))

Miranda Okanedo: She returns with the bag, handing it to Marty, so she can give Alyssa the cell phone.

Janus -> Miranda Okanedo: ((Gotcha *nods*))

Miranda Okanedo -> Janus: ((Resonance is Dynamicly Whirling, like watching leaves caught up in a breeze...Cyclic...yin and yang...and Statically Intense, as in something coalescing for a moment before it whirls away again.))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa sits quietly on the floor, waiting for the chance to call her mentor.

Winnie Miles: So....why'd she do it? *wonders if Marty's on pain medication or something, he seems entirely too cool about the entire situation.*

Janus: *he shrugs*

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He takes the entire bag, and inspects the falcata there, a small breath. No fear, really. Simple fascination, as he is well and truly distracted.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa clears her throat. "It's in the front pocket." she states softly.

Miranda Okanedo: "Martin. The phone." She says it gently, watching him with a look of concern.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: Hm? *He looks up, away from the weapon with his blood on it. And yet... he is drawn to it.* Oh. Right. *He goes into the front pocket, and hands it over.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa takes the phone and curls her legs to her chest, balling up and poking around for the number. It takes her a minute, but she finally haggles with the device until it calls Ladon. She puts it to her ear and waits.

Miranda Okanedo -> Alyssa Kostapoulos: ~Gre~ "Hello? Alyssa, is that you?" The man seems worried, as she didn't come home last night.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: ~greek~ "Ladon. I.. I don't think I can wait tables today. They won't let me leave the marabout."

Winnie Miles: *A quick peek at what Janus is reading, since it seems Marty is not on death's door. That's kinda funny..don't Euthie's have their own special key?*

Janus: *He listens to Alyssa's conversation, perhaps he speaks Greek? Or perhaps he's just listening to tones. Or just listening in general. Could be anything. And the book is Sun-Tzu's "The Art of War"*

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He again looks down to the bag, and pulls out... the falcata, by its hilt. He did not resheath it.* I forgot to clean her sword, *he murmurs.* She will be upset.

Miranda Okanedo -> Alyssa Kostapoulos: ~Gre~ "What happened? Are you all right?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: ~greek~ "I.. bad people listen to telephones. Can you come? I don't want the restraunt to suffer but.. I think I might have done something. Something bad."

Miranda Okanedo: Miranda watches from her standing spot quietly, her attention on Marty. "Don't worry about it. It can be cleaned."

Winnie Miles: *She resolves to get Janus Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the Tsao of Pooh. He needs it.*

Miranda Okanedo -> Alyssa Kostapoulos: ~Gre~ "I will...yes, yes. I will be there as soon as I can."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa cringes, seeing the blood on her prescious falcata. She gives a sad look to the floor. Guilty. ~She~ has no open wounds.. so that rules THAT out..

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods subtly with her eyes still to the floor ~greek~ "Thank you, acarya. I'm.. sorry."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He nods, and seems relieved at that, replacing the blade into the bag.*

Miranda Okanedo -> Alyssa Kostapoulos: ~Gre~ "It's all right, Alyssa. I'll be there soon." *Click*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa pulls the phone from her ear and presses a button.. then another.. then another. She gets frustrated and throws the thing weakly across the room before setting her face to her knees. "He's on his way." She mutters.

Ravyn: ((Nick change so I don't have to have two windows open.))

Ravyn: Miranda nods and moves to take a seat next to Marty, taking the bag gently from him and setting it aside. He looks down at the wound at Marty's side. "Would you like me to take care of that for you," she asks quietly.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: Just keep the bandages coming, *he says, looking to Miranda.* I will be fine. There will be a mark.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "I'm sorry, Marty." she whispers, hugging her legs with tiny arms.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: It's okay, *he offers to Alyssa.* I'm sorry I let you. And that I didn't clean off your sword. It is harder the next day. I know this.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny frown up to marty and miranda. "Can.. I clean my sword? I won't stab anybody.. honest.."

Janus: *Janus nods silent agreement with Marty's comment about blood and swords*

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: Miranda knows how, *he says, raising his hand.* Until we hear from your acarya(sp?), I would recommend you not touch another weapon.

Ravyn: Miranda looks to Marty and then to Alyssa, nodding a little bit. "I will clean it for you, dear. If that is all right with you."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny nod, considering mentioning that she's just as adept at fighting with her hands. She decides against it. She likes her hands.

Winnie Miles: *She's all sorts of confused, especially when the apologies start flying.*

Ravyn: She nods and takes the bag, rising and moving out of the room to clean the falcata.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa sits where she is with her head pressed to her knees, waiting for Ladon to show up. She stays quiet.

Ravyn: And about fifteen minutes later, the sounds of footsteps come down the stairs, heading toward the red door.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *His head swivels, and momentary panic causes him to draw his knife.*

Janus: *Janus will stand up, set his book down on the floor off to the side, and then move off to allow the person coming in to enter the Chantry. He's ready in case it isn't whoever is expected though.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She frowns at Marty "Please don't stab my mentor.. Please?"

Winnie Miles: *Going to give them all their privacy and she heads back to her room.* (and player is goign to call it a night and get a good nights rest)

Janus: ((G'night Dragonfly!))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (thanks!)

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He frowns slightly, and he nods.* I shouldn't, no, *he says, as if debating internally.*

Ravyn: ((Night, D-fly!)) The door opens, and an older man steps through. (( He looks around the place as he lets the door close behind him, relief that Alyssa is here, and then nodding to Janus and Marty. "Good evening," he says, in heavily accented English. He waits at the door before venturing further.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa blinks up with a helpless look to Ladon. Wanting to run over to him.. but not wanting to disobey marty's command from earlier to sit. She stays where she is, silent.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He raises his head, and perhaps examines the man. young and old. A good balance. He nods.* Feel free to have a seat.

Ravyn: "I am Ladon Lerios," he says as he moves to take a seat nearby Alyssa, facing Marty. "Of the Hierochthonoi. Alyssa is, as you know, my chela."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa scoots a bit closer to Ladon. More comfortable now that he's here.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: I am aware. She is also of my Chantry, *he muses.* Martin Starling. *He offers no long title, simply his name. Perhaps it is a vanity.* And perhaps it is time to discuss secrets.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa blinks, wide eyed between the old man and the young boy. Secrets?

Ravyn: He raises an eyebrow to Marty, head tilting a moment. "Secrets. Explain."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: Something... in the movie triggered Alyssa's momentary violent streak. I do not believe it was her fault. *Of course, he might be a little biased.* She attacked anyone that spoke to her. I am not weak. *He looks away, vacantly, at the chess board.* Any more than Alyssa is violent.

Janus: *Janus remains standing aside, observing*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She blinks helplessly at her acarya. Certainly he would know what to do. Fix it.. somehow.

Ravyn: He frowns at that, and looks around. After a moment, he looks to Alyssa. "Chela...I need your bag. Would you retrieve it for me?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa looks to miranda and marty to see if it's okay that she does so.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: I will, *he says calmly to Ladon.* Unless it is important that it be held by her.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa frowns down to the floor. A guilty look.

Ravyn: ((Miranda isn't here...she left the room with the bag.)) He looks at Marty. "I would prefer that she retrieve it." Said with a calm tone.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He nods.* I trust you, Alyssa, *he says with a nod.* Go get it from Miranda, tell her I said it was all right. She will know you are telling the truth.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa nods and moves to the other room to fetch the bag. Walking slowly with the same devestated look about her.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *And then he looks to Ladon.* There were letters from her home. Without postage on them.

Ravyn: He waits until she's gone to look back to Marty. "Alyssa's mind is...fractured." Getting right down to business. "She is...of more then one personality, as a result of what happened to her family."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He sighs, and shakes his head.* I was afraid of that. Is there... anything we can do to control it?

Ravyn: Alyssa finds Miranda up the stairs in her own room, cleaning the blade with gentle care.

"I am not sure," he says with a sigh. "I...think it is triggered by violence. It seems to make sense. It is when she has come out before."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: But even by such a thing as a two dimensional image of violence. *He sighs.* I cannot protect her all the time, any more than you can.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa walks sheepishly up to Miranda "My acarya is here. He told me to fetch my bag. Marty said that it was alright.. and that you'd know I was telling the truth."

Janus: *Janus picks up his book* "If you need me to stand guard later, I will be in my room. It appears as if the situation is under control for the moment." *he does wait for Marty to nod approval or something before leaving though*

Ravyn: "No..." He sighs. "The other...she is Andrea. Sheis the original girl. Alyssa...she was created to allow Andrea to be in the world. Andrea is...untrusting. Tortured by what happened. To make her comfortable, you must gain her trust. When Andrea is strong enough to accept what has happened, then we can restore her."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He nods as well.* Thank you, *he says, wearily to Janus.* I appreciate all you have done for this Chantry.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: I don't think I did very well, *he says idly, and reaches down to touch the bandage.* Alyssa likes me, Andrea hates me... This will more than likely be the first time I ever say this in the presence of another, but... I don't know what to do.

Ravyn: Miranda looks up at Alyssa and smiles gently. She sets the falcata aside and nods, reaching down to get the bag and give it to the girl. "Here you go. Don't worry, dear...this will all work out."

Janus: "I only do my part." *he bows his head slightly, and then heads to his room* ((thanks for the invite to the scene))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny nod with a sad look. She takes her bag with a tiny hand. "Marty is going to hate me even more now."

Ravyn: Ladon looks after Janus, nodding to him, before looking back to Marty. "Patience is what is needed. I am sorry I did not inform you of this sooner. It is my failing that I hoped healing would occur...naturally. I believe...if Andrea can be..brought out? We can work to heal her. In..." He frowns, considering the word, language a bit of a barrier to him. "...controlled conditions."

Ravyn: Miranda smiles and rises, reaching out to cup Alyssa's cheek. "I very much doubt that, my dear. Marty does not hate you, at all. He is worried about you, is all."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny sad nod, not entirely convinced. "I need to get the bag to my acarya. He asked for it." She turns and wanders back down toward the main room.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *If he notes the apology, it is not clear.* Yes, *he says with a nod.* It would be best. I will... think on the situation, and should I come up with a solution I will come to your restaurant. *He pauses.* It would have been something I would have to deal with eventually anyway.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa wanders meekly back into the main room, offering the bag to Ladon and keeping her eyes glued to the floor. "Here you go, acarya."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He looks over to Alyssa, and he gives her a nod.*

Ravyn: ((Sorry, guys, computer froze up.))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa doesn't look to Marty. Or to anyone, really. She keeps her eyes to the floor, looking positively ashamed of herself.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: ((Is okay!))

Ravyn: He looks over to Alyssa, smiling to her a little bit, and takes the bag. "Thank you, chela." He withdraws the wine and pours himself some. "The situation, as I told you, Mr. Starling, I think you can help with greatly. Perhaps we should...set up a time with which to do it?"

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He nods, and noting Alyssa not looking... he turns his head.* Of course. I need a bit of time to recover. Maybe a week or so?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa sits back on the floor with her eyes down. She curls her arms back around her legs. Not asking questions.

Ravyn: "A week would be an excellent amount of time." He nods, and looks to Alyssa. Speaking in English, for Marty's benefit. " not worry. We will...resolve this."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: Yes, *he says, and perhaps looks a bit sad.* It will be resolved.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny nod, looking to Ladon. "I trust your judgement acarya. You're very wise. I'm waiting for my punishment. I struck a deacon."

Ravyn: "That is not my place to make judgment...your Deacon will decide that."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She looks to Marty.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He frowns slightly.* We'll... talk about it later? I have to think about it.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny nod, looking back down to the floor. Sitting between her deacon and her mentor.. she waits for orders.

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: It's up to you if you want to stay here, in your room, Alyssa. You are welcome here. If you feel more comfortable with your mentor, however, you are free to go.

Ravyn: He looks to Alyssa and smiles a little bit, warmly. "When you are ready to come home, call me, and I will come get you." He looks at Marty. "Unless there is something else, Deacon?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "I.. should go. I have things to do back at the restraunt."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: No, nothing else, *he says, and he gets up.* I have to go meditate.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa stands meekly "I'd.. like to retreive my falcata before I go." she says and moves to fetch it from miranda

Ravyn: He rises to his feet and nods, watching Alyssa go back to Miranda. His expression is sad as she disappears behind the door, and he looks to Marty. "Thank you, Deacon. For everything."

Marty Starling [3/6/06 a.m.]: *He doesn't look back, his head lowered. He pushes the door leading to the rooms. He looks back only slightly over his shoulder.* Watch over her until I can assist. You can find the way out on your own yes?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa moves into the room where Miranda is, stepping sheepishly. "I'm leaving with my acarya.. to go back to Queens. Can I have my blade back? I won't stab anyone."

Ravyn: "I can," he says with a nod, watching the young man as he leaves.

Miranda looks up as Alyssa comes in. "Yes, dear?"

Ravyn: "I think that will be okay. I trust your acarya and his judgement." She hands Alyssa the cleaned blade, in it's sheath.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa takes it and moves out of the room without another word to join her acarya.

Ravyn: Ladon smiles to Alyssa as she comes down, an arm extended to her. ~Greek~ "Come, Alyssa. Let's go home."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny nod, face still sad. She follows wherever he leads.

Ravyn: And he leads her out to the car, driving her back to the restaraunt.