Jake Bender: *He's staked out a corner that sees some decent traffic, leaning back against a concrete wall with a guitar in his lap, amp off to one side, a pie plate with a handfull of change in front. Eyeing the crowd as they pass by is the looker of this particular pair; Milo, a three-month old boxer puppy with big sad eyes, floppy ears, enormous paws. http://rpgsetting.com/characters/jake/images/milopuppy.jpg *

Adriana Carmichael: The woman is tall and slender, fair skin with a hint of a spanish heritage. Her long dark hair is tied in a ponytail hanging in soft waves down her back, her steely blue eyes pierce from behind dainty reading glasses. She appears in her mid thirties and walks with an elegant air about her. Graceful. She wears an ankle length flowing black silk skirt under a simple white tunic blouse. Her hands are hidden under thin white cotton gloves, a matching purse slung delicately over her shoulder (you can roll awareness diff 9 for adriana)

Jake Bender: *...Plays something classic, something that gets a decent reaction... "Riders on the storm", maybe.*

Adriana Carmichael: (color!)

Jake Bender: Have a favorite song? *he calls out to her, as she goes by perhaps.*

Benjamin: He walks alongside Adriana, blinking as he looks around at the lights. First time back in the big city, and all. He appears to be a fairly ordinary man in his his mid-30's, short brown hair, dressed in a brand-new looking lab coat and very clean scrubs.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana places a dainty hand on Benjamin's arm as they walk. Protective, maybe. A tiny content smile about her. She eyes windows, making her way down the sidewalk before blinking down at Jake. "Oh. A vagrant.. how quaint." She says quietly, but certainly within eatshot. She looks up to Benjamin. "Have you a favorite song, dear?"

Jake Bender: d10: Perception+Awareness: 6,8,3,2,4,3,

Benjamin: He blinks at Adriana and nods a little before his eyes flick to Jake. The homeless man is offered him a very slight smile. "Hello."

Jake Bender: Hey, man... *he nods amiably, fingers picking out a tune still on the guitar* How's life? *From beside him, a furry pile rises up on its oversized paws and ambles on over, puppy-clumsy*

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny amused smile at his question and looks over to Benjamin.

Benjamin: "I..." He frowns a little bit and thinks about it. "I used to be a fan of classic rock. Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix. Black Sabbath...stuff like that."

Benjamin: "Life is..." He tries to figure out how to answer that. "Well, I'm alive. That's saying something, right?" He smiles a little to the good doctor.

Jake Bender: *he grins; his smile is dark and sharp and a little oily, like the gelled points of his hair.* Hendrix, huh...? Well, that's setting the bar pretty high, but...

Adriana Carmichael: She nods, giving benjamin's arm a reassuring squeeze. "You have superb taste. I prefer the rolling stones, myself. But I've heard far worse tastes."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana digs in her purse, sifting for her wallet and waiting for the man to start playing.

Jake Bender: Maybe something... *He begins picking out strains of 'Stairway to Heaven'. Best to stick with popular favorites, when you live out of a change jar. Milo bumps his cheek against Adriana's leg, tail wagging.*

Adriana Carmichael: She plucks a twenty from her wallet and leans down with an elegant motion to drop it to his pie plate. Looking down at the pooch. "My Persian would dispise you." She states simply.

Jake Bender: *His eyebrows go up.* ...Milo gets along with just about everybody, Miss... *Which he seems to. Wagging cheerfully, eyes still somehow sad. The cutest, most soulful kind of hobo-dog. To Ben* ...Classic tastes, man. That's the good stuff.

Benjamin: He looks down at the dog, smiling a little bit, and looks to Jake. "Thanks." His gaze switches to pass over the street area, examining it briefly with a slightly curious look, then back.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny smile down to the dog, then back to Jake "Rochalimea is a cat. She's terrible at getting on with canines."

Jake Bender: *to Adriana* ...Are persians the huge fluffball type?

Adriana Carmichael: She purses her skinny lips "Rochalimea is both healthy and well groomed, thank you very much."

Jake Bender: *he laughs* Hey, hey... I'm sure she's a very cool cat. *Milo meanwhile is making himself persistent, spinning a circle trying to get her to bend down and pet him. And then he pads over to Ben, when Adrianna remains persistently upright.*

Benjamin: "They're the, a...long-haired cats, yes," he says, to clarify the point.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a look of distaste to the pooch if he gets close to her.

Jake Bender: Where'd you get the name "Rochalimea"? *he leans back. Fingers still plucking out the tune, casually. He's not a guitarist of surpassing skill, but he's not bad.*

Benjamin: He regards the dog a moment before kneeling down to hold his hand out to the dog...which actually seems to throw Milo off, if he approaches to sniff. The man has an odd scent, it seems, and it actually makes the dog back up with a bit of a whine.

Jake Bender: *...Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, between 'technically competent' and 'inspired'.*

Adriana Carmichael: "It is a bacteria." She states in a sterile tone.

Jake Bender: *Milo backs up, pup-clumsy, until he hits Jake's leg, his stubby tail tucked down. Jake lets out a low whistle, under his breath, tuneless; for the dog, apparently.*

Adriana Carmichael: She frowns down at the puppy and gives a sympathetic look down to Benjamin. Extending a gloved hand in offering to the man.

Jake Bender: You named your cat after a disease? *to Adriana. A sharp smile at Milo, and then Ben... Calculating almost.*

Benjamin: He blinks and stands up suddenly, almost bumping into Adriana. He seems very much surprised by the dog's reaction to him, and gives both Jake and Adriana apologetic looks. "Sorry."

Jake Bender: Probably just have something on your hands... He's kind of a spazz. No worries.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives benjamin's arm another reassuring squeeze, looking down to jake. "Rochalimea is a particular species of bacteria as the causative agent to the cat-scratch disease. I found it amusing. I call her Rocha for short."

Jake Bender: *to Adriana* Kind of has a ring to it.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny nod, looking down the sidewalk. "Do you know where we might find an appropriate venue in which to purchase mens apparel?"

Jake Bender: What kind are you looking for? *he hitches his head left* There's a shopping strip down that way, or a mall a stop down on the subway...

Benjamin: "And here I thought it was Roca, like Almond Roca," he says with a faint smile.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny smile to Benjamin. "Whatever he likes. I'm hardly in the market for mens apparel. I hide my form enough as it is in women's clothes."

Jake Bender: *to Ben, he says* ...New duds, huh? *and a nod, greasy smile* ...I'm Jake. This is Milo.

Benjamin: He gives a little shrug. "Just...you know, a clothing store. Something...business casual, I guess?"

Benjamin: "I'm Benjamin." He nods to Jake, his little smile returning. "Nice to meet you, Jake...and Milo."

Adriana Carmichael: She nods to the man.. and puppy.. oddly enough. "Doctor Adriana Carmichael. It's a pleasure." (fame 1 in the medical/technological communities)

Jake Bender: *Nope, no recognition.* Nice to meet you both.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny nod, looking Jake over with analytical blue eyes. "What was the last time you cleaned yourself, Jake?"

Benjamin: Benjamin, on the other hand, seems to have taken to regarding the dog with an odd, contemplative sort of look.

Jake Bender: Just this morning, Adrianna. *an amiable look. It's believable, even... His goatee is well-trimmed.* Yourself?

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a quaint smile down to Jake. "Just before I left the house, actually. I meant no offense. I was going to request that you join us for dinner. I know a very elegant outdoor cafe not terribly far from here. And my friend seems quite taken with your canine."

Jake Bender: ...If Milo can come along, I'll join you for a friendly dinner, sure. *he sets the guitar aside, after a second, in the case.*

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny nod, looking to benjamin "Is that alright with you, dear?"

Benjamin: "Hmm?" He looks up to Adriana, and then shrugs. "Oh...yeah, that would be nice." He looks at Jake and goes for a friendly smile.

Jake Bender: *and packs up the guitar, zips it into the case.* So how do you two know each other?

Adriana Carmichael: "We met at the lab." She says quite frankly and starts to walk off, one danty arm still cupping benjamin's.

Jake Bender: *He tips the contents of the change-plate into his bag, folds up the 'HELP FEED JAKE' sign, and like that - he's all packed up. Leads a mobile kind of life-style, Jake...*

Jake Bender: What do you research?

Adriana Carmichael: "Mechanical prosthetics.. though currently I'm in the process of relocating my research. My contract ran out in late April and I had no intentions of asking for an extension." She moves with an elegant pace, toward an outdoor cafe.

Jake Bender: Sounds like interesting stuff. Like... Metal arms and legs? *a head-hitch, and a low whistle; Milo heels neatly. Well-trained for a puppy of his age.*

Benjamin: He walks along beside Adriana as they move, paying more attention almost to the street around them, the houses, and the rest of the environment then the conversation at his side.

Adriana Carmichael: She nods. "And other various mechanical components, yes. Does that field of study honestly hold your interest?"

Jake Bender: In the details...? No. But I bet you've got some interesting stories.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives an amused smile. "Quite interesting, dear. But I'm afraid my work is confidential. Should you need a limb replaced, though.. I'd be more than happy to accomidate."

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Is this an open or closed scene?))

Benjamin: "She's very talented," he says distractedly, his eyes tracking a motorcycle as it zooms through an intersection ahead.

Benjamin: ((Open far as I'm concerned...))

Jake Bender: *He laughs, then... A little weighed-down, between the guitar slung over his back and the amp held left-handed.* Sounds a little expensive.

Adriana Carmichael: (open, yeah)

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny smile. "I'm always looking for willing participants in my more.. non-conventional procedudes should you be interested."

Jake Bender: How's that pay? *amiably, eyebrows raised.*

Adriana Carmichael: "I suppose that would be up for negotiation. I've not opened my new facility as of yet. I've been practicing out of my home."

Jake Bender: Sounds... Interesting. You put metal in people in your house?

Keridwen Hawthorne: New York was certainly an interesting and varied place. Not exactly stunning, but not exactly ugly, red appears to be one of her favorite colors. She's a natural redhead and proud of it. Brown eyes, about 5'7" and wears whatever seems to fit her mood, often having something red on her at all times. Around her neck she wears a necklace that is never taken off; that of a beautiful and ornate looking phoenix. Tonight, she wears a red long sleeve shirt with some Japanese writing on the left front pocket part (looks to be the name of a business most likely), tucked neatly into a pair of jeans and a rather comfortable pair of shoes. Slung over her shoulder, carried across her side and hanging along her left hip is a black satchel.

Adriana Carmichael: "Only when I find it necessary." She makes a shooing hand motion "But that's neither here nor there. Let's get a table." She moves into the outdoor cafe with the same elegant pace. Veering for a table in the corner.

Benjamin: His expression twitches a little bit at something, but otherwise, he seems to be only half-paying attention to the conversation, his attention distracted elsewhere as it is.

Jake Bender: *He lets Adriana lead the way - this is her treat, after all.*

Benjamin: "Ahh." He nods, and moves to the table Adriana's headed toward. He reaches the table and pulls a chair out for Adriana.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives Benjamin's labcoat a tiny tug, moving toward the table. Expression one of concern. "Dear.. are you quite alright?"

Jake Bender: How about you, Ben? Do you do metal too? *he settles into a chair, drops his stuff in a pile... and snaps his fingers by the side of the chair, where Milo sits and watches with hopeful eyes. Skritching the puppy idly, as they talk.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: Seeing the outdoor cafe it looks like a good spot to get something to drink and with a table a perfect place to draw.

Adriana Carmichael: (you can roll per+aware on adriana if you have it, keri)

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana takes an elegant seat when benji pulls the chair out for her. Folding gloved hands in her lap.

Benjamin: "I'm fine," he says to Adriana with a nod. "Just...still getting used to things." He looks at Jake and shakes his head. "No, I, ah...I'm sort of between things, at the moment."

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: per/aware: 9,6,5,6,7,2,

Jake Bender: *He grins, then* Know the feeling.

Benjamin: He looks over to Keridwen for a moment before offering her a brief smile and nod.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She pulls out an empty chair at a table. Being a single diner doesn't bother her at all. The extra chair gets the satchel which puts down and starts to dig out her sketch pad and pen.

Jake Bender: ...Got a job lined up, me... At a greek restaurant. But I'm waiting to see if it goes through.

Keridwen Hawthorne: The smile gets a surprised look. Reserved, he only gets a polite nod.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks around the cafe with a tiny squint of the eyes. Nervous.. maybe. Afterall, they hadn't been to this side of town since the last night at the lab.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny nod. "Food service is a respectable trade, I suppose."

Benjamin: "I'm still trying to get my bearings," he says to Jake, before he moves to take a seat next to Adriana.

Jake Bender: It'll do, anyway, till I'm a rockstar. *he grins. Skritches Milo's head again.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: The pad opens and she starts to sketch something. As she does, from time to time, the woman glances around her, and then a glimmer as she spots a waitress. Of course for only the briefest of seconds does she glance in the direction of Adriana.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny nod, a look of almost distaste. Be nice.. she reminds herself. "I know only one musician myself. You handle youself much more eloquently than she does, dear."

Adriana Carmichael: (brb, putting the marauder to bed)

Jake Bender: *amiably* ...Band girls can get a little touch-and-go.

Benjamin: He sits back in his seat, listening to the conversation quietly as he looks over the outside table area.

Keridwen Hawthorne: The waitress moves to Keri's table and takes her order for some cheesecake and a mocha, glancing down curiously to see what it is that is being drawn before glancing away, trying not to seem too nosey. The waitress walks away to turn the order in.

Adriana Carmichael: (am back) Adriana waves a waitress over with an elegant flick of a gloved hand. "Her name is Michelle Morgan. And if she plays 'touch and go' with me again.. I'll not refrain from acting against the woman."

Jake Bender: ...Oh? One of those girls?

Benjamin -> Jake Bender: ((Check out the "Rich and Famous" section for information on Michelle. *S*))

Jake Bender -> Benjamin: ((*L* Will do. Would he have heard of her?))

Adriana Carmichael: She gives an amused smile to Jake. "I'm not a lesbian, dear. Not anymore. Women are insane." She looks up to the waitress. "I require a glass of ice water, coffee black, and a garden salad with vinigarette dressing. The three of us are on a single ticket."

Benjamin -> Jake Bender: ((Probably. She's a nationally-known singer...politically active, very liberal. Fame 4. Also a member of the Cult of Acceptance within the Cult of Ecstacy.))

Jake Bender: *He chats up the waitress a little. "What do you think I should get? Will there be some for Milo? Look at him, begging... Milo, don't beg." And so on. And orders whatever she suggests.*

Jake Bender -> Benjamin: ((Ahhhhhh. Then yeah, definitely, as he's an Ecstatic himself.))

Jake Bender: ...Think I've heard of Michelle Morgan, come to think of it... *a head-bob, grin.* Not bad, not bad. You were a lesbian before?

Benjamin: He looks between the two of them, blinking. "Michelle Morgan. I feel like I should know that name..."

Adriana Carmichael: She purses her lips. "Not a good one, I don't think." She says to Jake and leaves it at that. She gives a tiny smile to Benjamin. "You've probably heard her music. A lot of people have."

Keridwen Hawthorne: Keri continues to sketch, not paying attention really to the conversation. The waitress comes back and carefully sets the plate of cheesecake and the mocha to the side as not to ruin the artwork. And again, she looks at the sketchpad, giving a small grin as something she see or likes.

Jake Bender: *He laughs, then* ...What'd you, accidentally date men? *and to Keri, over his shoulder, a dark smile* Whatcha drawing?

Adriana Carmichael: She blinks, a defensive look to Jake. "My affairs are.. none of your concern, dear."

Benjamin: "Ahh, yeah." He nods, as something seems to click into place. "Rock singer. Two albums, a third, highly delayed one on the way. Political talk show host for Air America Radio. Bisexual." He recounts it off the top of his head, as if it just came to him.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a startled look to Benjamin, as though expecting him to continue with.. other facts about the woman. "Yes. Dear.. that's. That's right. Very good." She says in a relieved tone.

Jake Bender: *he raises his eyebrows at Adriana* Just making conversation, now. *and turns, to skritch the puppy again* Ain't that right, Milo?

Jake Bender: *to Benjamin* ...Sounds like a cool lady.

Benjamin: He blinks a moment as he realizes he made Adriana uncomfortable, or that he realizes what he just said. "Umm...yeah. She seems like she'd be okay," he shrugs to Jake.

Adriana Carmichael: She reaches over to give benjamin a reassuring pat on the shoulder. An 'it's okay' smile flashes his way.

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Sorry about that....got busy with a post and forgot to refresh :/ ))

Benjamin: ((I've been there. *S*))

Keridwen Hawthorne: She looks up out of her haze. "Are you talking to me?" said politely as the pen stops moving and she suddenly realizes food and drink got on her table and she never saw when.

Jake Bender: *to Keri, grinning* No, I meant the other girl drawing... C'mon, show it.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana folds her hands in her lap. Ignoring the banter between the vagrant and the artist.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She gives a bit of a taken back look to him. "There's the side of New York I'd expect." Nope, she's not showing her work.

Benjamin: He smiles to Adriana with a nod, and then looks over over to regard Keri and Jake's conversation curiously.

Jake Bender: Not for strangers, huh? *A smile - dark and slightly oily, like his hair. He leans back in the chair, offers his hand.* Well, I'm Jake. *and a gesture to the dog* This is Milo... And Adriana. And Benjamin.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks over to Jake, pursing her lips. "It's rude to hound strangers, dear. If that is her wish.. you should leave her be."

Jake Bender: *he grins at Adriana, then* ...Please, potential friends.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Not usually when someone demands me to do something. Strangers tend to have better manners...most times," she smirks. Since names are given, she does give hers. "Keridwen. Hawthorne."

Adriana Carmichael: Her sharp eyes narrow on Jake. "Do NOT intruduce me. Ever. If I wanted to share my name.. I'd do so myself."

Benjamin: He gives Keri another nod, and then looks back to Adriana. A deep breath, and he runs a hand over his hair, sighing.

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((She's got Fame 1....as anime artist, but known better on the Internet as The Bloody Thorn.))

Jake Bender: *He laughs, when both women get huffy at him at once.* Please, please... We're all friends here. *and leans back in his seat. In a wifebeater, leather jacket, his jeans shot through at the knees.* You'll both forgive my rude, presumptuous self?

Adriana Carmichael: At the sigh she looks over to Benjamin, sharp eyes softening on the man. She frowns. "I.. am sorry. I should not have spoken to you like that." She offers to Jake.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Aquaintances at best. I have very few friends," she's quick to correct. Not being argumentative so much as making a point.

Adriana Carmichael: She nods to Keri, looking back at the girl. "I concur. It's more effective that way."

Jake Bender: *Renewed laughter, though it sounds good-natured. His eyes dark, sharp, cynical and yet somehow amiable.* ...I'm sorry to hear it, Keridwen. Do you go by Keridwen?

Jake Bender: *Oh, here comes their food.*

Benjamin: He shrugs a little to Adriana, as if to say 'No big deal.' He remains sitting there, listening to the three and their conversation of sorts.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Not always," she says cooly. She glances to Benajamin and observes how well he is staying out of the conversation.

Adriana Carmichael: When her plate arrives, she scoots it in its appropriate place on the table, moving her drinks and silverware accordingly.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "And there's no need to feel sorry about it. I don't mind at all."

Benjamin: The look from Keri his direction gets a nervous sort of smile.

Jake Bender: *he divides off a section of his food for Milo and leaves it apart from the rest on the plate, then digs in. To Adriana* Thanks for the invite, by the by.

Keridwen Hawthorne: Since the food has has arrived at their table, it gives her a good chance to flip her pad closed and start eating her own food.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana doesn't seem to acknowledge Jake's statement. She clasps a gloved hand daintily around her fork and begins inspecting her greens. Thorough and precise, she inspects for potential contaminants.

Benjamin: He hasn't ordered anything, apparently not hungry. Which just leaves him to sit there and observe. More.

Jake Bender: *Pretty fast eater, Jake. When he's finished most of his food, he puts a chunk of sandwich down for Milo to eat.*

Adriana Carmichael: Once she'd gone through the entirety of her salad, Adriana gives herself a tiny reassuring nod and forks some greens delicately into her mouth. Not a drop of dressing out of place.

Keridwen Hawthorne: Keri doesn't eat too fast either, just enjoying her food and coffee.

Adriana Carmichael: After a few bites, she places her fork to the side of her plate and clasps a gloved hand around her coffee. Looking to benjamin with inherent concern. "You've not eaten." She says.

Jake Bender: *to Keri* So are you this unfriendly with everyone, or is it just me? *smiling.*

Benjamin: "I'm not hungry," he says to Adriana with a shrug. "Appreciate the offer, though."

Adriana Carmichael: She purses her lips. Displeased, but not pursuing the offer. She takes a sip from her coffee and sets it back in its designated ring of perspiration. She continues eating quietly.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She blinks a little. "I'm talking to you aren't I? If I was unfriendly I'd told you were to go by now."

Jake Bender: *He grins* Talking to me to tell me I'm rude. *Milo, who has up till now been sitting placidly by Jake's side, shakes himself and pads away from where he's finished the piece of sandwich to investigate Keri.*

Benjamin: "I just..." He shrugs to Adriana, flushing a bit. "No point in eating if I'm not hungry, right?"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana doesn't look up from her plate. Posture formal and rigid. "Do as you like, dear. I'm not going to tell you to do otherwise."

Jake Bender: *a casual look between Ben and Adrianna.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She watches the dog as it comes over to her before taking another sip of the coffee before talking to Jake again. "I've met worse. The problem lies in that you don't see what you did as being rude."

Jake Bender: *He grins, sips his drink* You've caught me out. *Milo's tail is wagging, his paws enormous. Big sad eyes. He bumps his head against Keri's leg.*

Benjamin: He nods a little bit and sighs, his hand running over his hair once again. "All right."

Jake Bender: Everything okay over here? *another glance. Ben to Adrianna to Ben.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "And you've got a puppy to get the awwww effect too," though that does seem to work on her. She leans over and pets the dog.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a quaint nod, looking down to her plate. "The food is acceptable. Coffe a tinge bitter for my taste. The night is somewhat brisk, but not terribly cold."

Jake Bender: *Milo's whole body wags, and he bumps his head against her hands, puppy-anxious and very friendly.* Puppy? Man, he's my best friend.

Benjamin: "Everything's fine," he says with a nod to Jake. "Thank you."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Unconditional love and all that jazz, huh," not a question, definitely a statement, still petting.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana sets her fork across her plate when she's finished, draining the last of her coffee. She looks over to Benjamin. "What would you like to do now, dear? We could continue to search for an appropriate clothing store if you like."

Jake Bender: *to Keri* Exactly. And he's like, the friendliest thing, y'know? *to Ben, a smile* Cool, cool. Don't wanna get you in trouble with your woman, or anything.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny frown, looking over to Jake. "I am not copulating with Benjamin." she states quite matter of factly.

Benjamin: He opens his mouth to answer Adriana, but Jake's comment catches him completely off-guard. "I, ah...no, we're not...I mean, she's not my...we're not together. Like that."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She gives the puppy a final pat before sitting back up and taking the last drink of her mocha.

Jake Bender: *He blinks at Adrianna* ...Hey, hey, sorry. Didn't mean to piss you off.

Jake Bender: *He gives a low toneless whistle, and Milo comes padding back over.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I'm not sure if you are aware of this Jake, but just because two people are together doesn't mean they are involved in some kind of a deeper relationship," just said as a general statement.

Jake Bender: *Amiably, to Keri* ...But they often are.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana purses her lips. "I'm not angry. I can tell if I'm angry." She says, perhaps a bit more denfensive than would be considered.. normal.

Benjamin: He looks down and reaches up to rub at the back of his neck, driven quiet again.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She shrugs and actually gives an apologetic look to first Adriana then Benjamin.

Jake Bender: 'Course you can. *Right, time to bail. $20 and dinner is a good haul for an hour's work.*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana pushes up from her seat, laying a comforting hand on bejnamin's shoulder. "Come, dear. Let's get you some clothes." She slips a hand in her purse, again going for her wallet.

Benjamin: He nods a little bit and smiles to Adriana, before he rises, looking between the other two. "Nice to meet you, Jake...Keridwen."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana lays enough cash on the table to cover the bill and a lofty tip. She lays a business card in front of jake. "Should you fall ill.. don't hesitate to call me. I rarely get the opportunity to practice."

Jake Bender: Pleased to meetcha, Ben, Adriana, Keridwen. *and she stands, shouldering the guitar again.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "The same, Benajamin. And nice to meet you too, Adriana."

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a quaint smile to the two, forced almost. She's trying, at least. "Good evening." she says and makes an elegant pace away from the table.

Jake Bender: *and he heads out.*

Adriana Carmichael: (oh, she was supposted to give a card to both of them. let's pretend i dont suck tonight. *G* the card has her name and phone number on it. no adress.)

Benjamin: He moves along at Adriana's side, to the door and out.

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((So she actually does give Keri the card too?))

Adriana Carmichael: (yeah. sorry. i flaked.)

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana places a hand loosely on Benjamin's arm, walking with him to the nearest clothing store.

Adriana Carmichael: (thanks guys, i need to wind down. work early tomorrow)

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((No worries. I didn't know if she'd been inclined and she'd not have felt slighted at all either if she hadn't. Thanks :) ))

Benjamin: ((S'all good. Thanks for the scene, guys!))