Piotor OOC: ((*Waits*))

Ravyn: Okay, sorry, just getting a liiittle info from MC really quick.

Piotor OOC: *C* NP. I realize there's a lot of potential problems--such as, was ~Mary~ actually Kyla's legal guardian in the first place?

Ravyn: That's what I'm finding out. *S* MC doesn't communicate with me much, and Mary wasn't under my system, so I was fairly out of the loop on that.

Ravyn: (Gets un-nekkid* Okay. So, Piotor, if he looks into it, will find out that Mary is actually not Kyla's legal guardian. Her parents still are.

Piotor OOC: *Nods* I figured as much. Take your time. Piotor's main approach, actually, is going to be fairly straightforward; he's going to talk to a lawyer. Get one with his own practice, still fairly new (these are pretty standard legal requirements, after all), and pay him for the 5-6 hours of time determining all the requirements involved in acquiring guardianship.

Piotor OOC: Ah... And then, still looking into it--where are Kyla's parents? Deceased?

Ravyn: Tell ya what...I'm gonna be mean and make you roll on this one. *S* Gimme an Int+Investigation, just for grins.

Piotor OOC: *G* I figured some rolls would come up. *Nods*

Piotor OOC: d10: Int + Inv: 3,9,7,7,3,

Piotor OOC: *Blinks* Oooh... that was a good one.

Ravyn: Nice. So, a little digging around reveals that her parents divorced about 11 years ago. Her father (the legal guardian) is still alive, and lives in the Brooklyn area. He lives on disability pay after a dock accident years ago. Her mother is a lot harder to track down, but she's not living particularly close, and hasn't had contact in years.

Piotor OOC: Wonderful.... He was rather hoping, in a macabre sort of optimism, that they were dead, or in jail, or something equally easy to bypass. He investigates the father a bit more, then, passing through the neighborhood, seeing what he does now that he's living on disability. He also checks to see what Kyla's official status is--is she dead, missing, not even reported?

Ravyn: Not even reported. Gimme an Int+Streetwise or Invest to figure out what the dealio is with her dad.

Piotor OOC: d10: Int + Inv: 6,2,10,4,8,

Piotor OOC: ((*Realizes I need, at some point in the future, to determine Piotor's Intelligence specialty.* I noted down the one for Manipulation, but not Int.))

Ravyn: Her father...doesn't do much. At all. Word is, he's the irritable kind...bad temper. And there's some rumors that he's known to take women home from time to time. And that this may have had something to do with Mary getting Kyla.

Piotor OOC: This just gets better and better. He needs to get Daddy out of the picture... Hrm... Right, then. He gets a lawyer to draw up the forms necessary for Kyla's father to surrender his status as her legal guardian. He then acquires some cash--say, $5 grand. (Pretty sure that's within the means of someone with Resources 3.)

Ravyn: It would be a stretch...Resource 3 gives you an allowance of $3000 a month, and $50,000 if everything's liquidated...but if he's saved up for a couple months, or he skimps next month, he can swing it.

Piotor OOC: *Nods* So, skimping for the next month it is (he's dropped a few smaller bits over the last month, unfortunately). Now, time to pay Daddy a visit.

Piotor OOC: Which, unless you want to keep this fast and loose, probably means going IC.

Ravyn: Cool. He gonna use any of his special brand of (Sorerous) charm on the guy? Or just gonna work him over with the idea of good hard cash alone? :)

Ravyn: I was actually thinking fast and loose, honestly. With Piotor's plan, it's not going to be difficult, I don't think, to convince the guy.

Piotor OOC: *G* Yup. Sorcerous charm, to get the guy pliable, then moving on to straightforward bribery.

Piotor OOC: So... Fascination roll first. He wants some serious leverage, so he'll go for Effect 2, and Duration 2 (lasting the scene). Only one person, so he'll need 3 successes. Base Difficulty 6, up to 7 for going for something other than attraction. In the unlikely event the low-life has a high WP, Diff 8. He also is spending a WP on the roll, as well as the one needed for the casting.

Piotor OOC: d10: Manip + Occ + WP: 3,7,3,8,8,3,8,

Piotor OOC: *G* Okay, the man's pretty much guaranteed to be 'under his spell' for the duration. So, with that... Manip or Charisma + Streetwise for the bribe?

Ravyn: Niiice. No, he's all low WP-ed. :) So he's got a major advantage from the get-go.

Ravyn: Manip+Expression. Persuading others to your point of view in a sneakier manner.

Piotor OOC: So, enhanced Manip + Nothing. *C* Still, 6 dice....

Piotor OOC: d10: Manip + Fasc + WP: 9,8,1,5,3,7,

Piotor OOC: So... 3 succ on the bribe attempt?

Ravyn: d10: WP: 7,4,6,

Ravyn: He does an effort of holding out, and Piotor finds it a little harder then he might imagine...possibly guilt for letting her go, or more likely, he's going for more money. But in the end, he relents.

Piotor OOC: *And with his business done, Piotor leaves. Now it's just a matter of getting the girl to dress a bit less scandalously, and he can introduce her as his neice.*

Ravyn: *S* Beaut. Sounds like a plan.

Piotor OOC: *G* Thanks much for the ST'ing. *Nods* It'll be a relief for MC, too, I think. *C*

Ravyn: Any time. Happy to do it. :)

Piotor OOC: *G* Awesome. Okay, gonna go do some work-ish stuff. *POOFS*

Ravyn: See you!