Adriana Carmichael: Adriana is in the kitchen vigorously preparing dinner for the expected company. The table is meticulously set, ice water at each seat for the time being.

Snyde (May 14th evening): *Snyde is sitting in his recliner waiting for Charles sipping on a glass of whiskey* "Adriana im sorry about last night everything just went to hell and back and I didnt mean to lump all the blame on you"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana ignores Snyde for the time being, though it is possible that she didn't hear him. She starts running some water to wash her hands. Food having been placed in the over as to stay warm.

Snyde (May 15th evening): *he slowly stands up and moves into the kitchen and leans against the counter* "Adriana im sorry"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): *he calls Snyde when he's nearby...and curses at his phone...freaking five tries before he gets a dialtone...such terrible luck today.*

Adriana Carmichael: She turns off the water and reaches down for a clean towel to dry her hands. "Your phone is ringing." She states simply, and moves off.

Snyde (May 15th evening): 8Snyde picks up the phone as it rings still leaning against the counter looking at the number before answering* "Hey Charles"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Hey. Ok, I'm pretty're at" *he recites the directions to the actual location* "right?"

Snyde (May 15th evening): "Thats were I be" *he says with a slight laugh* "My bike is sitting out front"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Gotcha. I should be there soon." ((Oh, by the way, based on when he's calling, he's arriving ON TIME...not his customary 'way the hell early'))

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana starts placing the food on the table, pork roast, garlic potatoes, steamed carrots, and wheat rolls. She remains quiet and steers clear from snyde's gaze.

Snyde (May 15th evening): ((cool cool)) "Allright Charles see you soon" *he says as he hangs up the phone and looks to Adriana* "I guess I deserve the cold shoulder" *he says with a sigh* "Adriana though I want you to know I really am sorry for how I treated you"

Adriana Carmichael: She purses her lips and moves to the refrigerator, slipping a pair of thin white cotton gloves from her pocket and sliding them over slender hands. "Bushmills?" She asks quietly.

Snyde (May 15th evening): "Yea that will work Adriana" *he says as he rubs his face* "look I really messed up Adriana tell me im horrible do somthing this silent treatment is killin me"

Adriana Carmichael: "I'm aware." She states and starts pouring his drink, leaving it on the counter for him.

Benjamin: The front door opens, and in walks Benjamin, back from a walk around the property. He likes to walk around the property...or at least, he does it enough times. He appears to be a fairly ordinary man in his his mid-30's, short brown hair, dressed in casual clothes...a T-Shirt and brown leather jacket, jeans and boots. He looks around when he steps inside, quietly shutting the door.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks up toward the door, a tiny smile creasing her expression. "Benjamin. You're back just in time for dinner. What will you be drinking this evening?"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): *and probably about now there's a nock/buzz/ring/whatever indicating that Charles has arrived*

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde gives a nod to Benjamin and a smile even though its quiet apparent that he is a bit uneasy around him seeming thankful when the knock comes from the door moveing to answer it*

Benjamin: "Just...water's fine, thanks Adriana." He smiles to her faintly, and looks over his shoulder at the door right behind him. He looks back at the others, unsure if he should get it.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana pours a grey goose for herself, motioning Benjamin to come over to the table and have a seat.

Snyde (May 15th evening): *He opens the door for Charles* "You found the place good" *he says with a smile before offering the man his hand*

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): *he'll wait for the door to be answered, and then* "Hey." ((could I get a description of the place, or does one not exist yet?))

Benjamin: He nods and moves to the table and takes a seat.

Adriana Carmichael: (if a concrete discription does exist, I don't know about it.)

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): *shakes Snyde's hand* "Despite it taking me 20 minutes to get my car started, know what, nevermind." *sighs* "Just nothing's been working for me today."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana places her grey goose at her setting next to benjamin and calls out to the front of the house. "Charles, dear.. what will you have to drink?"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Just a water, please." *he steps inside*

Benjamin: ((Two story house with a basement. I left it vague when the star-crossed cabal discovered it, and I dunno exactly what's been done to deocrate. :) ))

Snyde (May 15th evening): *he nods to Charles* "Some days are like that" *he says with a smile* "come on in dinner is ready" *he says as he closes the door motioning him towards the dinner table*

Adriana Carmichael: The things I do know: On the inside at the very least, the house is emaculately clean, furniture elegantly moderate in mostly whites and beiges, the occasional mauve accent. Bookshelves line the living room with an assortment of medical journals, mundane references, college texts and the like. There's an old black leather recliner in the corner.

Benjamin: He looks over at Charles, watching him for a moment, before offering a polite smile and a nod.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana sets the last of the drinks out before taking a seat next to benjamin. Folding gloved hands in her lap and waiting for the others to join them.

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde moves over to the table and takes a seat next to the glass of Bushmills picking it up and takeing a drink offering Adriana a smile* "Dinner smells wonderful Adriana"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): ((Makes some point, a real description will have to occur)) *he heads to the table* "Thanks. So how are you guys?" *then he notices Benjamin* "Umm, hi, I'm Charles." *gives a bit of a wave, because he's not in hand-shake range yet*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana casts a tiny smile up to Charles. "Hello, dear. I've been well. Progressing, at the very least. And yourself?"

Benjamin: He smiles at Adriana and sits there, posture unconsciously straight but shoulders odd sort of dichotomy. He looks back over to Charles and nods a bit. "Hey. I'm Benjamin."

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Finally found out that one of my inventions works yesterday...of course, nothing has worked properly since." *grumbles a little* "But at least exams are done with and all the papers are graded."

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Nice to meet you Benjamin." *and he'll now take a seat*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods to Charles. "Excellent. I turned in my unspent vacation days to get the tail end of the schoolyear off. Luckily I wasn't forced to deal with finals and the like."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde just sits there and takes a drink from the glass of whiskey looking at Benjamin his gaze seeming a bit curious even if a little uneasy*

Benjamin: "Nice, uh...yeah, nice to meet you too." He smiles to him and relaxes a bit, picking up his water for a sip. Snyde gets a brief glance.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana flicks a steely gaze across the table toward snyde. Testing, maybe. A quirk of the brow, as if to ask what's on his mind.

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "That's good." *nods* "Trying to grade 120 Physics 1 final exams in one sitting is NOT an intelligent thing to do."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *He gives a smile to Adriana* "So should we go ahead and discuss buisness or would we like to finish dinner first"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "I'm sensing tension..."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana casts an amused smile to Charles. "I fear after the first handful, I'd run out of red ink." She nods to Snyde. "I'm quite capable of handling several tasks simultaneously. Go ahead, dear. Speak." She says, perhaps a bitter undertone in her voice. Still angry with the man.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny exhale and nods to charles. "I apologize. I should refrain from berating my cabal mate at the dinner table. It's terribly rude."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde nods to Charles* "yes there is a bit of tension but its nothing that wont pass, Adriana and my soon to be wife do not exactly get along" *he says with a sigh* "But anyway down to buisness"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Ahh, you're getting married? Congratulations!"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana purses her lips, taking a sip from her vodka. Ignoring Snyde's words about the woman.

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde nods to Charles before looking to Adriana* "Well Charles since your the expert in how things like this should be done maybe you would like to make a suggestion on what our first move should be"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Well, first thing I think is setting up diplomatic relations with everyone else. United we stand, and all that jazz."

Benjamin: He blinks at mention that Snyde's getting married, and goes for another sip of water.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana sets her glass back in its designated ring of perspiration, a tiny smile. "I'm all in favor of Charles being in charge of such things, as I fear I'd fumble terribly."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde nods to Charles* "I can go speak to the hollowers I have talked with a few of them about their chantry maybe I could increase my relations with them"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "That'd probably be good."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana flicks her cloth napkin across her lap and casts a comforting smile to Benjamin.

Snyde (May 15th evening): "I guess we should also probably keep our eyes open for new mages comeing to New York" *He says as before takeing a bite of food*

Adriana Carmichael: "Our eyes and not our hands.. you mean." Adriana says under her breath before taking a bite of carrot.

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde flashes a look to Adriana before giveing a soft sigh*

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Yes...we should watch for new Mages, certainly." *nods, and falls silent at Adriana's comment*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana eats, eyes down to her plate. Quiet and methodical.

Benjamin: He starts eating a little bit...the man really bird-picks at his food, not eating much.

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde shakes his head a bit* "Maybe we should think of a name for this chantry" *he says as he takes a drink of whiskey*

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): *he eats, quietly for a bit* "That's one of the hard parts."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods. "A name would be useful. Something more eolquent than the old haunted farmhouse."

Snyde (May 15th evening): "Old haunted farmhouse has a nice ring to it if I say so myself" *he says with a bit of a laugh*

Adriana Carmichael: She quirks a brow up to Snyde. "No." she states simply.

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): *he bites his tongue and doesn't respond to that, just eating, and looking thoughtful*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks from charles to Snyde. "You.. did.. tell him about the spirits.. and the wolves in the basement, yes?"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): *looks up, raised eyebrow* "Spirits you say? And wolves..." *he frowns at the wolves* "If this is Wolf territory..."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *he looks at Charles* "Yes Talia lives in the basement and has control over wolves she guards the node"

Benjamin: He looks over at Snyde, giving him a strange look, and goes back to eating. He seems a little wierded out at the discussion of the spirits and the wolves.

Adriana Carmichael: She purses her lips, trying to think of the best way to explain the wolves. She gives a tiny sigh and looks to Snyde. He's the mystic afterall.

Benjamin: ((Tala))

Snyde (May 15th evening): ((ahh okay))

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Ahhh. Yes, you mentioned a node guardian." *nods* "Wolves though..." *shudders slightly*

Adriana Carmichael: "I've not seen any wolves outside. Just in the basement. I.. don't quite understand them. They.." She squints, still a bit confused about the aforementioned wolves. "Upon first arriving at the location.. several of them were shot. And unscathed. If that makes any sense. I know that they're somehow attached to the spirit woman. She's not so bad. But I still steer clear from the basement. Besides.. its' filthy down there."

Snyde (May 15th evening): "She is connected to the wolves they are and extension of herself" *he says looking at Charles* "And they are a good protection for the node I put what should have been a killing shot through one of them and it didnt appear to even phase him"

Adriana Carmichael: She raises a gloved finger "It did look quite disturbed at being shot. More of an annoyance than an injury. If that makes a difference." Adriana reaches over and gives Benjamin's knee a slight squeeze. An apologetic gaze cast his way.

Benjamin: " that possible?" He looks at Snyde, blinking...confused and looking a little uncomfortable with that concept.

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Well...if they're spirits, that's not too surprising." *shrugs* "Still...I've learned to be wary of anything involving wolves..."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods at Charles statement. "Agreed." She says simply, looking back over to Benjamin. "I.. it's a bit to take in, I know dear. Regretfully I'm the least capable of explaining such things."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *He looks to Charles* "I dont beleive they are shifters if that is what you are wondering as Adriana said they never leave the basement"

Snyde (May 15th evening): *He looks to Benjamin* "How are you possible?" *he says as if that was an explanation*

Benjamin: He looks over at Adriana and nods a little bit...then looks at Snyde again. "Shifters? Okay...what's a shifter?"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana purses her lips at her cabal mate. "Snyde. Manners." She states firmly.

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Umm...short explanation is that they don't entirely exist in this world, and so things not meant specifically to find where they live won't interact with them normally."

Benjamin: Snyde's comment draws a definite stiffening of his spine and a good spot of tension into his face, and he falls dead silent, going back to eating.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks over to benjamin with a softened expression. "Shifters, from what I understand, are persons with animal dna spliced in with their own. They.. are to be avoided."

Snyde (May 15th evening): "I apologize Benjamin my comment was out of line even though you are a bit of a curiosity to me" *he says honestly looking sorry for hurting its feelings*

Adriana Carmichael: She looks over to Charles. "They were located with my bio-scanner. I think your theory is flawed."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana places a comforting hand on Benjamin's shoulder. Giving it a tiny squeeze. "He didn't mean it, dear. He's.. drunk. Most likely."

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Ok, if they're biological, then they aren't fully spirits, at're sure they aren't shifters?"

Adriana Carmichael: "I don't recall recording human dna, though I could check back in the data base. Or perform another scan."

Benjamin: He takes a deep breath and nods to Adriana, and smiles to Snyde. "It's fine. I'm...I imagine I am a curiosity." Not hat he seems comfortable being one.

Snyde (May 15th evening): "Do you think shifters would let me access the node they are protecting?" *he says looking to Charles* "I mean if they are then they dont seem like any ive ever met before"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "If the spirit running the place told them to, maybe. I don't know much about their organization, just that they're tied to spirits in some way...and that they maul people who step into Umbral Central Park."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana crosses her leg under the table. "I've met one of their kind that is actually quite nice. Of course.. I never spoke to him about nodes.. but he's always been very kind to me."

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "All my Shifter contacts are gone these days. Used to work with them on occaision." *shrugs*

Snyde (May 15th evening): *He shrugs to Charles* "I really dont think that they are" *he says looking at him* "They seemed to me to be more extensions of her, they moved in unision with each other as if controlled by a single mind" *he says with a sigh* "if that makes any sense to you"

Adriana Carmichael: She looks to Snyde "Why don't you simply ask the woman? You do have the capacity to speak with the ghost, yes?"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "It makes sense, though I'm sure a mind mage would understand better."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *he nods* "I guess I could ask her" *He says as he takes another bite from the food infront of him and a drink of whiskey before standing up* "Ill be back in a moment Charles would you like to see the node?"

Benjamin: One can almost see the questions flitting over his face, but he stays quiet for now, eating and looking from person to person as they talk.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana sets her fork down, smiling over to benjamin. "You have questions. Is there an inquiry I could assist you with, dear?"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Yes, I would." *nods* "I want to meet the Guardian"

Adriana Carmichael: She looks up "While you're speaking with her, Sndye.. as if she wouldn't mind me cleaning out the basement. I'll not tamper.. but it's hardly sanitary down there.."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde smiles and leads him towards the door to the basement opening it and turning on the light before moveing to walk downstairs pulling a small wooden box from his jacket pocket*

Snyde (May 15th evening): ((put Snydes post after Adriana's)) *He nods to Adriana and continues towards the basement*

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): *Charles gets up and follows Snyde*

Snyde (May 15th evening): *he moves down the stairs into the old basement and slowly opens the box spinning the wheel inside* ((Spirt two extended roll 3 quint on first roll effect to see and speak with the Tala))

Benjamin: He looks at Adriana and shrugs a little. "This is...all a whole new world. Everything's just...kind of flying over my head, is all."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods. "I understand, dear. I've had some number of years to get used to such goings on. If you ever do have any questions, feel free to direct them to me. I.." She trails off, a thoughtful look. "It might be best if you kept your distance from Snyde for the time being. He's.. skeptical. And an ass to boot."

Snyde (May 15th evening): d10: Arete: 4,8,5,

Snyde (May 15th evening): d10: Arete: 4,4,4,

Snyde (May 15th evening): d10: Arete: 4,8,3,

Benjamin: ((Wait a minute. You're spending three Quintessence on a Spirit 2 roll?))

Benjamin: ((Oh, Gaah, nm. Ignore me.))

Snyde (May 15th evening) -> Benjamin: ((its in part to get his quint lowered since I dont see the ritual scene happening soon at the rate its going))

Snyde (May 15th evening) -> Benjamin: ((4 success I think, i dont have a book with me))

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): d10: Per+Aware: 1,8,7,8,6,1,

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "Should I have brought my goggles down?"

Snyde (May 15th evening): "I can extend the perception to you if you wish" *he says looking down the stairs for Tala*

Benjamin: ((Sorry, guys, Messenger hell hit.))

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): "If you would." *nods*

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde spins the wheel again and focuses on the wheel and Charles* (Same effect just putting it on Charles))

Snyde (May 15th evening): d10: Arete: 8,2,7,

Snyde (May 15th evening): d10: Arete: 5,2,5,

Snyde (May 15th evening): d10: Arete: 3,3,5,

Snyde (May 15th evening): ((Cool cool dont worry about it))

Benjamin: Benjamin nods a little bit, reaching up to scratch at his neck. "Yeah, I guess I can imagine how I might wierd some people out."

In the basement, the wolves are of course there...six of them, all grey wolves, in various parts of the room. They rise as one as the two men come down, regarding them...most of their attention on Charles, the newcomer. In the back of the room, near the well, is Tala.

Snyde (May 15th evening): "Good evening Tala" *says Snyde with a smile* "I hope that you are well, this is my friend Charles he is comeing to help us and would very much like access to the convergence"

Charles Knight (Tomorrow Night): ((How big are the wolves?))

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana shakes her head. "You're fine, dear. I'm hardly squeamins. I rather enjoy your company."

Benjamin: ((Uhhh...American Grey Wolf size.))

Adriana Carmichael: (gah. squeamish. that's what I get for not paying attention)

Benjamin: ((3 feet at the shoulder, 100 pounds. One if them is a touch bigger. Pulling up DD for Tala now.))

Charles Knight: ((30 minute warning)) *Charles sees the wolves...looking at him...and he reaches out for the wall to steady himself...he's just this side of passing out*

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde reaches out and pats him on the back* "Its allright Charles, they wont hurt you"

Benjamin: Tala is a woman, young of body, incredibly attractive. Caucasion, pale-skinned with flowing ebony hair and clear blue eyes. ((Hey, I didn't say it was a big one. *G*)) She smiles and nods to Snyde. "Hello, Snyde. I am well..." Her eyes travel to Charles, and she looks him over. "Good evening, Charles."

Benjamin: Benjamin gives Adriana a little nod. "I know you do. It's...I'll get used to it, I'm sure."

Adriana Carmichael: She gives his shoulder another comforting squeeze. "It's been a trying evening. What say we put off the rest of the tests until morning. I don't want to tire you." she stands.

Charles Knight: *he doesn't answer for a moment, breathing heavily and trying to collect himself...his left hand goes to his waist on his right side as a reflex. After he's got his breathing under control again* "Hello Tala...nice to meet you." *doing everything he can to focus on the spirit, and avoid the thought 'there's wolves RIGHT there...'*

Benjamin: "All right." He nods and rises, to help her with any dishes that need doing or just to clear away the table.

Tala smiles and nods to Charles, moving closer to regard him. As she does, the wolves move back in unison, six sets of bright blue eyes watching Snyde and Charles. " wish to access the convergance, then?"

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde stands there next to Charles being supportive but letting him answer*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana does in fact start cleaning the table off and gathering dishes. Placing excess food in appropriate containers and putting it away in the fridge. She doesn't seem to mind benjamin helping.

Charles Knight: "Yes...though not immediately, more as a general thing."

Benjamin: Benjamin moves quickly and efficiently, quietly helping Adriana wherever needed.

Tala nods a little bit and looks to Snyde, then back to Charles. "I understand. And you will be bound by the same conditions Snyde and Adriana, and Ness should she return, are?"

Charles Knight: "What conditions are those?"

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde nods looking to Charles* "We all swore to protect the convergence and to not use its power for destruction"

Charles Knight: "Easy enough. I'd protect it even without access to it, and I'm a creator...destruction isn't something I really do."

Benjamin: The wolves watch Charles closely as Tala speaks. "To not make alterations to this leave the house above. And to only use the convergance to defend the good in this world from those who seek to corrupt it."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana moves in the same efficient manner, quickly putting the dishes back where they belong. She places a comforting hand on Benjamin's arm and leads him upstairs to Ness' old bed.

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde looks to Tala* "Adriana wished me to ask you if she may clean down here?"

Benjamin: She nods at Charles's answer and smiles. "Then your actions will prove your pledge. I will grant you access, until your words prove false."

Charles Knight: *he leans against the wall again under the scrutiny of the wolves* "I can agree to that."

Benjamin: Benjamin follows along with Adriana, letting her guide him upstairs.

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde smiles to Tala and then at Charles*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana leads him to the bedroom and grabs some of her night clothes before making her way out. "I'll leave you be, dear. I'm sure you'd appreciate the occasional bout of privacy. I'll be on the couch if you need anything."

Charles Knight: *he nods and starts moving backwards, away from the wolves* "I should probably hit the road, I need to be back in the City in the morning."

Snyde (May 15th evening): *Snyde nods to him* "Goodnight Tala"

Benjamin: Tala nods to the two and smiles. "Good night, Snyde and Charles. Be well."

Snyde (May 15th evening): (9Would ya like to fade there))

Benjamin: Benjamin looks at the bed, then back to Adriana. " don't...I can take the couch. Unless you guys are still going to be discussing things...I don't want to kick you out of your room."

Charles Knight: "Good night." ((Yes, I should get to sleep))

Snyde (May 15th evening): ((cool cool)) *Snyde moves to his recliner and drinks a bit before heading to bed*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana shakes her head no. "Don't be silly, dear. You're fine. Get some rest. I plan to start endurance testing in the morning, so you'll need to be at full capacity."

Snyde (May 15th evening): ((good night ya im gonna try to get some sleep))

Benjamin: ((Night, guys!)) He opens his mouth to fight it, but gives in and nods with a small smile. "All right. You're going to be fine?"

Adriana Carmichael: She nods with a tiny exhale, almost a laugh. "Of course I will. I'm resiliant and quite used to sleep deprivation. You get some rest, dear. I'll wake you for breakfast."

Benjamin: His smile widens a little bit, and he nods. "All right...good night, then. And...thanks."

Adriana Carmichael: She casts a tiny smile to the man, lingering in the doorway. "No need to thank me, dear. If it weren't for you.. the union members would have.." she trails off a bit, then shakes her head. "Not only do I owe you my life, benjamin.. but perhaps my sanity as well. You're very special to me. I want you to remember that."

Benjamin: He blinks a little bit at that, and then nods, reaching up to rub the back of his neck, flushing a bit. "I know. I could really...say the same thing back. I mean, literally...I would be dead if it wasn't for you."

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a quiet laugh, an odd sound for the woman. "Well.. The situations were somewhat different, considering the fact that you ~were~ dead when I met you. Nonetheless, I want you to feel welcome here. When things get a bit more.. settled.. I'll speak with snyde about expanding and getting you some more room."

Benjamin: "All right." He nods to that, and pauses. "Is...any news about...Megan?"

Adriana Carmichael: She purses her lips. "I've.. been meaning to speak to you about that. We can go about this several different ways, none of which would involve legal means. I fear we may need Snyde's help in the matter and.. he hasn't quite.. warmed up to you just yet."

Benjamin: He nods a little bit and sighs. "Well...I guess I can, ah...I don't know. Do something to help that along. I'll be extra un-wierd, or something." He half-grins at that.

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a concerned look to Benjamin. "How.. do you think Megan will take seeing you again?" She asks quietly.

Benjamin: He shrugs a bit, bringing his thumbnail to his lips to chew on briefly. "I..I don't know. You know? I just...I didn't mean to..." He sighs and lets his hand drop, smiling weakly. "I screwed up, really bad, and I...want to make it right."

Adriana Carmichael: She nods with a tiny frown down to the floor. "I just.. worry. The girl's very fragile as it is. I don't mean to drive her over the edge.." She trails off, looking up to him with a sad squint "If I'm upsetting you, feel free to inform me of such."

Benjamin: "No, you're not." He sighs and shrugs. "I can't stand to think of her in that place. Maybe it's the only place she can get help after I...did what I did. Maybe not. I just don't really know."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a tiny nod. "We'll find her, dear. And we'll be able to help her far better than that institution. Her rightful place.. is with people who care about her. And I can tell that you do.. very much."

Benjamin: He nods a little bit, smiling to her. "Thank you. Really...thank you very, very much. I can't say how thankful I am."

Adriana Carmichael: Her smile widens and she nods at the man, stepping to the other side of the doorway. "Sleep well, dear. I'll see you at breaakfast."

Benjamin: "See you tomorrow." He nods and lets her go, moving to lay down on the bed.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana quietly closes the door and moves off to the bathroom to change.

Benjamin: ((And fade...thanks for the scene!))