Amara: She arrives at the node room with a large bottle in one hand, and a full brandy snifter in the other. Although she knocks, she also opens the door, and then waits to see if the person within is up to seeing her.

Sebastian: Sebastian raises his head from the floor when he hears the knock, huge yellow eyes opening to look to the door. He smiles lazily when he sees Amara and sits up, slowly. The tail curls around him. "Good evening, Amara."

Amara: "Good Evening, Sebastian. I brought you a drink. I have no idea -if- you drink, but it's a good year and I thought you'd appriciate the guesture. Could I have a word?"

Sebastian: "Of course. On the word, that is. I do not generally drink, though I do appreciate the gesture."

Amara: "Thank you." She finds a place to set it. "well, now you're prepared to entertain future guests. It might help during the next tour." she grins wryly as she shuts the door behind her and finds a place to sit. "About a eek or so ago, when the raccoon burst in? You spoke to Briar and when you did so, you made a..kinda cryptic remark bout her parentage."

Sebastian: "Hmm?" He raises a scaled brow, then nods. "Ahh, yes, the Daughter of Two."

Amara: She sips her drink, letting her brow furrow. "Isn't everyone?"

Sebastian: "Indeed, they are." He nods a little, settling down some as he regards Amara. "One would think, then, that if she has that epithet, it distingushes her in some way from others."

Amara: She grins a bit. "Well, I noticed it got -her- attention, to be sure. Could you tell me what is meant by it?"

Sebastian: "Miss Kennedy is a human who has much in her in terms of duality, Amara." He eyes her tranquilly as he speaks. "Moreso then most. In fact, one would say that nearly everything about her can be expressed in terms of a pair. Two identities...two minds. Two fathers, or so I believe. Twin children. Two paths that lay out before her, both in terms of her spiritual nature--your Traditions--and her future."

Amara: She nods a little, and takes a bigger sip. "She has two fathers?" She then focuses on the more immediate aspect of this answer. "Wait..she has two identities?"

Sebastian: "One she was born with, and one she lives with now," he says a little nod. "I could sense it on her...the body she maintains is not the body she came into this world with."

Amara: "She changed it to hide from her father. One of them. Who might the other be?"

Sebastian: He smiles a bit. "That, I do not know. I only know what I felt, and what I know what I sensed from the Verbena who was here some time ago, albeit briefly."

Amara: "Griffen?" She puts her cup down, and pulls her knees up toward her chin, thoughtfully. "And you said she had two minds."

Sebastian: "I believe that was his name, yes. He did not stay, regardless." He watches her for a long moment. "She does have two minds, yes. At least, I sensed two within her."

Amara: "This makes sense. Do the two sides of her seem reconciled, or do they war with each other?"

Sebastian: "I am not totally clear. They definitely have two different opinions on a great many thing...but they seem to co-exist. I am not even entirely sure they are aware of each other."

Amara: She massages her temples. "I knew there was something off about her."

Sebastian: "She seems to be functioning well enough as she is." He makes a shrug-like motion. "I do not know if that will last, but for now, her duality is in balance, I think."

Amara: "That's all well and good, I suppose. I imagine the dual path that you spoke of refers to the outcomes that could occur from dominance between identities?"

Sebastian: He nods a little bit. "Exactly. I must confess, I find the girl quite intriguing."

Amara: "I could invite her to speak with you, if you like." She steeples her fingers, tapping them against her chin. "I have my own concerns about her."

Sebastian: "Oh?" He tilts his head to the side, watching her. "How is that?"

Amara: "I've knwon her a very long time as well. Her mother and I were very close friends."

Sebastian: "Ahh, I see. And you have taken that sort of a position with her as your friend? Or are you more of a friend to Briar then a mother?"

Amara: "I'm more like.." she furrows her brow again. "I wouldn't say like a mother. But I care about her individually and aprt from my association with her mother."

Sebastian: "Which, I would imagine, makes the whole matter rather complex."

Amara: "Well, sure. I care about her, but I'm not in any postition to interfere with her life, you know?"

Sebastian: He chuckles deeply. "Interference often seems to mean many things with humans, I've noticed. How would you define this as interference?"

Amara: "I can't tell her how to run her life. Or presume to tell her what's best for her." she sips again, and puts her cup back down. "Or you know, try and make her and Griffen get along."

Sebastian: "Ahhh." He nods a little bit, tail swiwshing slightly back and forth. "So, then, it is incorrect to intervene in someone's life when they do not desire it."

Amara: "Well, no. I mean. Sometimes you need to. Sometimes people need an intervention."

Sebastian: "And what determines when intervention is necessary?" He watches Amara, seeming curious about her answer.

Amara: "When it appears that the one in question is in danger of harming themself irrepairably or someone else, then an intercesion is needed."

Sebastian: He considers this a moment, then smiles some. "Ahh, I understand now. And you do not believe that she is at this point of danger?"

Amara: "Not just yet. She's functioning. And we've determined that she's not letting her personalities clash at the moment. Her kids seem to be allright. The only thing damaged by this situation is her relationship with Griffen, which I might well have to do something about." She doesn't sound eager though.

Sebastian: "What about that makes you so apprehensive?"

Amara: "My concern that I might make the situation worse. But. I wouldn't be much of a friend if I didn't at least try."

Sebastian: "You find yourself in a difficult position, Amara." He smiles again. "But I think the fact that you care should alleviate any worry that you have of making things worse. I have found that you Seers are quite skilled at the task you are setting out to do."

Amara: She grins again. "Yeah, we can make some waves for sure. I suppose, I should go retire. I'll need to go torment them soon." She hops up. "Anything I can bring you?"

Sebastian: "Hmm." He considers a moment. "I am running out of books. Perhaps something along those lines may be appreciated."

Amara: "Do you like fiction, or non fiction?"

Sebastian: "Fiction, Amara, is a matter of perspective." He gives a wide, toothy grin. "But something fiction would be good. I have enjoyed the young wizard series that Cori has been bringing me, for example."

Amara: She laughs. "She would. Allright, I'll find you more like that then. Thank you for your time, Sebastian."

Sebastian: "Of course, Amara. Have a good evening." He lays back down, curling his tail around his body again.