Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: Adriana is sitting at a table by herself, as per usual. The surface smells of fresh disinfectant. She nurses a grey goose, very likely not her first of the evening. The woman is dressed down for the evening, meaning that she's out of uniform and in her elegant street clothes. Hair is down, reading glasses snugly placed in her purse. (awareness diff 9)

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She folds one long leg over the other, handling her glass of grey goose in a daintily gloved hand. Staring out into the crowd with an inquisitive expression. Evaluating the other patrons it would seem.

Benjamin: He pushes the door open to the bar, stepping inside. He seems to be a fairly ordinary man in his his mid-30's, short brown hair and soft green eyes. His clothes consist of a blue dress shirt and slacks, with a suit jacket over the whole thing. He looks around the place, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly as he lets the door shut.

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She shifts her sharp eyes toward the movement near the entrance. Eyes scanning benjamin from her seat. She stays where she is, nursing her drink.

Benjamin: Their eyes seem to fall upon each other at about the same time. He offers her a small smile and makes his way over, giving a quick glance around as he approaches her table. "Hey..."

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She averts her eyes at his approach. Looking down to the surface of her table. Not really a displeased gesture. Maybe she's just tired. "Hello, benjamin. I trust you're doing well?"

Benjamin: He gives a slight shrug in response, non-committal. "How was your family time?"

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: "As frightfully bland as always. Did you enjoy the time to yourself?"

Benjamin: "It was okay. Quiet...a little too much. I cleaned up until there wasn't anything left to clean." He makes a slight gesture to the chair opposite her. "Do you...mind if I join you?"

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She subtly shakes her head. "I do not mind, dear. Would you like a drink?"

Benjamin: He pulls the chair out and settles into the seat. "I...yeah, I think a drink would be good, actually." He looks to flag down a waitress.

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She nods, looking down to her own drink. A thoughtful glance. "I see you've been getting out of the house more often lately."

Benjamin: He nods a little bit, quiet until he orders a gin and tonic from the waitress. Once she's gone to retrieve it, he looks back to her. "Yeah. I..." He purses his lips, looking around, before speaking quietly. "It was something I kind of had to do. Rather suddenly."

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She stares down to her drink. Quiet for a long moment. "I see.." She says quietly. A hint of bitterness in her tone.

Benjamin: He frowns a little bit, concerned. "You're upset with me."

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: "Moreso with myself. It's no concern of yours. I'm glad that you're getting out on your own. Really I am." Her tone gives her away. She always was a terrible liar. The vodka doesn't help.

Benjamin: He sighs. "I was hardly socializing, Adriana. It was..." He pauses, head tilting just a bit. "I don't know if this is the right place. But I didn't go out because I didn't want to be home."

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She gives a subtle nod, downing the rest of her vodka. "It doesn't matter, dear. I'm not upset with you. If you wanted me to know where you'd gone.. you would have informed me."

Benjamin: "I...didn't really have the option." He falls quiet when the waitress comes back, giving her a smile based purely on politeness as he takes the drink. The waitress asks if Adriana would like a refill as Benjamin occupies himself with a sip off the gin and tonic.

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: Adriana nods to the waitress. "Another grey goose, dear. And put this gentleman's drinks on my tab. Thank you."

Benjamin: The waitress nods and walks off to get her order. Benjamin keeps his eyes on his drink, quiet for a moment. "I would have told you if I had the ability to. I mean that."

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She gives a slow nod, but doesn't look over to him. Remaining quiet.

Benjamin: "I'm sorry." He raises the glass to his lips, draining the rest of the drink in this second drink from it.

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: She drinks her vodka at the same pace as she always does, being a seasoned drinker. "You shouldn't have to be. You're an individual, benjamin. I'm not your keeper."

Benjamin: "I never claimed you were. I...wouldn't want to burden you with've done so much for me already. But it doesn't mean I don't care about you, and that I want to just vanish a period of time."

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: "I've been unable to aquire your daughter." She states simply with another drink.

Benjamin: He nods a little, looking at the table. "I know. But that's not what I was talking about."

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: "Just pointing out the fact that I've not done what I promised I would do. I've worked toward it.. but have been unsuccessful as of yet. For the time being.. I'm a failure."

Benjamin: "There's a difference between being a failure and just not succeeding yet," he says quietly.

Adriana Carmichael [upscale bar]: "Perhaps. Though one might argue that lack of initiative is seemingly worse than lack of the ability to succeed."