Moody Bleak: She recieved the notice just after her practice, right when she had gotten into the shower. A long sigh, a quick scrub, and a change of clothes later the tall space cadet was standing in front of the door, popping her joints and looking thoughtful before she raised her hand and rapped on the wood with her knuckles.
"Dude. Present."

Cori: *she's sitting in her office, hot tea in a large pot, with two cups, beside her. door open, so Moody can tell she's in and all. working absently on a few sketches while she waits*

Cori: come on in. *a faint half-smile, putting her sketches away. not that they're secret. she simply shuffles them into a semi-neat stack and plops them on top of a short stack of art deco books* want some tea?

Moody Bleak: She walked in, noticed the activity and sat down quietly in the most comfortable chair that was availible to her, settling in without much of a sound; certainly without a word. Moody looked at the teapot and sniffed the aroma, put her hands in her pockets and waited, expectant.

Cori: *smells like rose petals, oranges, and something else that's hard to pin down* nothing too weird in here. *she promises, pouring herself a cup and sipping*

Moody Bleak: "Dude, I totally believe you. Wouldn't think that you'd like, pull a fast one or any shit."
A soft smile. "Lets ah... just get this over and like, done with? Dude. Seriously? Fuck up big time on like, several accounts. Risked an apology on one of them, and... the other I have to like, totally see about. I suppose I've brought shame to ah... you and this place."
She looked around, her head turning slowly, taking in every inch, every texture, every tiny detail.

Cori: *nods* the major problem, as i see it, is that you don't seem to have a really clear view on when to talk and when not to talk. nor who to talk to.

Moody Bleak: "Heh."
She nestled in quietly, looking at the cup and the steam that came from it. "I suppose, dude. So far there's a member of the Brotherhood and two Heremtics that are still kinda like, out in the cold? Plus that Heather person, who I'm a little wary of to be honest. The thing is that nobody talks at all, really... and dude, totally understand the reasons for that. But still... when I came here everybody was like, total sketchy, right? Horrifying, really..."
Moody scratched her ear. "I don't offer that as like, some excuse though. Your turf, old rules."

Cori: *a faint sigh* thing is, you gotta learn to watch what you say, and who you say it to. manners, hon. manners. learning to be diplomatic is a big bonus in life.

Moody Bleak: She let out a little snort, then covered her hand with her mouth.
"Dude, totally sorry. That was like, in no way indicative of like, contempt for what you just said, believe me. It's just that ah... well... how to put it?"
She leaned forward a little and thought about it, looking at Cori, obviously in thought. "The way my life went there wasn't much in the way of um... social intercourse, putting it like, mildly. I'm sorta learning still? It's... um... it's a little weird at times. Seeing all of this, seeing all of you people going about, talking and such. It's still a little alien to me."

Cori: then you need to try harder. i mean--look. first, you go around blaring out magic ~in public and without checking to find out anything about your target~. something that could have gotten this entire Chantry in one hell of a lot of trouble. we could have ended up with Open Season tagged on our asses for every other group IN this city. and it would have been your fault, sweetie. yours. *she sips her tea, then continues*

Cori: then, you start jabbering about another Mage's probable mental instability right out there in the open. that's totally uncool anyway. but to make it worse, you apperantly didn't make much of an effort to do this ~quietly~, so the Mage in question overheard. and you may've totally fucked up the things being done about it. whatever those things may be--because frankly, it's not your business. it's Marty's business cuz it's his Chantry, and hers cuz it's her head. jabbering about it is, frankly, pure gossip.

Cori: and, what's this i hear about you wandering into bookstores, asking Sleepers for books in terms nobody BUT a Mage is likely to understand? Moody, that's walking the line of the Rule of Shade. in this city, that is the single worst possible rule to break.

Moody Bleak: "Hmmm..."
She nodded quietly, her eyes on Cori the entire time, looking at the woman's face and the way she held her body there was a strange silence that didn't seem like the usual Moody at all, not by any stretch.
"Dude. I'm sorry. I can go."
She started to get up.

Cori: and to go back to the business involving Ling's. Marty is an incredibly honorable guy. *a slow blink* you insulted the fuck out of him by insulting his friend. your little buddy did pretty much the same thing--i mean, dude! you both basically told him he ain't got a clue what he's doing. when neither of you has a clue what the whole story is. so, you tell the Deacon of another Chantry he's an idiot in public. what is up with that? lack of social skills isn't an excuse. common sense covers it--you do not piss in the face of an alpha dog unless you're challnenging for leadership of the pack.

Cori: sit. i got one more point to cover. and you haven't had your chance to say your piece. *waits, taking a sip of tea, then folding her long hands together calmly.*

Cori: sit. i got one more point to cover. and you haven't had your chance to say your piece. *waits, taking a sip of tea, then folding her long hands together calmly.*

Cori: ((*meeps and erases one of those posts*))

Moody Bleak: "I don't take threats lightly, Cori, no matter who they are from. He said he wanted to thrash me for what I did, and I was totally willing to back down and talk reasonably. You try being a pit girl for years, huh? You try living as a white slave with the only possibility of survival being that you had to murder the child in front of you before he or she killed you. You like, live though that, and escape it... and then try to like, adapt to this...."
She got up. "I make no bones about my fuckups, do you understand this? I don't offer any excuses for my behavior, that's all me, and nothing more. If you want me out then I'll just take it as like, a lesson learned. My mentor was totally cool. It wasn't his fault."

Moody Bleak: "I don't take threats lightly, Cori, no matter who they are from. He said he wanted to thrash me for what I did, and I was totally willing to back down and talk reasonably. You try being a pit girl for years, huh? You try living as a white slave with the only possibility of survival being that you had to murder the child in front of you before he or she killed you. You like, live though that, and escape it... and then try to like, adapt to this...."
She got up. "I make no bones about my fuckups, do you understand this? I don't offer any excuses for my behavior, that's all me, and nothing more. If you want me out then I'll just take it as like, a lesson learned. My mentor was totally cool. It wasn't his fault."

Cori: *arches an eyebrow* saying you want to thrash someone isn't a threat. *voice dry* it's a statement, a look into someone else's head. that's point one. point two is that i haven't said we were kicking you out. point three is that there are ways to teach you better social skills. now, i have one other issue to bring to your attention, since it's been brought to mine.

Moody Bleak: "Dude, it's really starting to totally look that way. And ah... if the ways of being taught better social skills means that I have to have some sort of like, magical twonky in my brain for months... no."
She sat down. "That smacks too much of what I had to deal with a long time ago. I'd much rather be dead, than be, like, controlled."
She sat back down and waited.

Cori: *eyes her a moment* punishment without understanding why you're being punished is unfair and unworthy. now. my final point of objection here. you're going all over the place, telling everybody that you're doing everything and we're sitting on our asses. that's a lie. flat out and bald in the face. it's also very insulting to everyone doing shit who, unlike you, doesn't feel compelled to blow their own horns over it.

Moody Bleak: She sighed, and looked at Cori. "Dude. It wasn't a question of arrogance or pride. It was a question of seeing a lot of people milling around and not, like talking to each other about anything at all. I know that there are some people doing shit, they've been doing shit since like, before I got here, right? But nobody was like, chatting with anybody else. Fuck dude, what's the point of that? Especially with this shit going on? Dude, this is like, serious. Shit's likem starting to spill the fuck over."
She stood up again. "The only thing I ever wanted in this was for people to like, be together, right? Only fuckin' thing... beat the bad guys, have a beer and, I dunno... a fuck over the shit. If that means that I'm kicked out and sneered at for like, the greater good? Hey, I can do that. I've been alone before, I can do it again. But dude... I'm totally sorry about the fuckups. Just ah... well..."
She let out a breath. "Guess I'll stop calling you n' shit."

Cori: you need to learn to control your mouth. your Tradition isn't an excuse on that one. and frankly, if you weren't able to learn, you probably wouldn't've survived, as a child or after you Awakened. which means you can do it--if you feel like it. once again, i point out that nobody's said anything about kicking you out except you.

Moody Bleak: "I said I didn't offer anything as like, an excuse," she said, looking exasperated.
She waited then; looking at Cori.

Cori: i know you did. however--now is your chance to explain to me what's been going on in your head with all this stuff. all of which pretty much boils down to you not being able to clam up when you should. plus, i haven't heard you say anything at all with regards to you nearly tossing the Rule of Shade out on the trash heap.

Moody Bleak: "I don't have anything to say on the matter, it was just like, poor judgement on my part. Dude, what do you want, blood?"
All of a sudden she wished she had a cigarette.
"I don't think anything I'd say would matter at this point."

Cori: *tilts her head* Moody, do you know how much you sound like a teen with a bad attitude right now? *sighs softly* aren't you a little old to act like a brat with a chip on heer shoulder? why not try sitting down and discussing it. and maybe even coming up with ideas for how to stop this runaway train you call a tongue before it gets you--and everyone else--into shit we totally cannot handle?

Moody Bleak: "Dude. Seriously? I'm getting reamed, there's just a matter of the whupping I'll get or being tossed out on my ass. I can say that I'll do my best to not like, do it again, I would mean it, but that really wouldn't satisfy would it? I don't think you'd believe me, would you? Dude, not after all the fuckups. And seriously? I'm not going to have some magical twonky in my brain that fucks me hard whenever I get a shitty train of thought going. I've lived through similar circumstances and again... I'd rather be dead than otherwise."

Cori: *arches a brow* magical twonky? Moody. chill out. and honestly--you don't think you deserve any form of punishment for all the bull you've pulled? you, from what i've heard, make absolutely no effort to control what comes out of your mouth. THAT is a very, very dangerous habit to have. *steeples her fingers, very calm. her big brown eyes, slightly lidded, give her thin face a faintly Asian cant* i will be totally honest here. if i thought there was no hope of teaching you to keep it shut, this wouldn't be an interview. this would be me feeding you something very special in your next cup of tea that you wouldn't wake up from. despite the stereotypes, Euthanatos are not the only ones who know enough about how the body works to make it cease effective functioning. now, you'll note i've done no such thing. so why not consider behaving like a rational adult, accept that your actions will have consequences, and start working out ways to deal with the actions that are the source of the consequences in question?

Moody Bleak: "You'd kill me?"
She raised an eyebrow and folded her arms. "I'm willing to accept the consequences. I want to know what the punishement is. Of course, if you want me dead Cori, I'll just drink the damn tea."

Moody Bleak: "Better yet... I'll get the katana. Excuse me for a moment. I swear I'll be back."
She meant it too.

Cori: *actually chuckles* there's nothing poisonous in this tea. *and refills her glass* i don't like killing. i don't think it's my place to help someone onto the next spin of the spiral unless they ask for a shiv. but to protect us, all of us? not just Haven, but all of our kind? you betcha i'd kill. as far as the punishment, that's going to wait. it's not happening right this moment, in other words.

Cori: *arches an eyebrow* you want your sword? *shrugs* why?

Moody Bleak: She'd already left. Back to her room, then back to the office, weapon in hand, without the sheath. Sharp as a razor. She moved the chair away and kneeled down.
"My punishment, then. Old school, right? Nothing like a life to make a point? Let's throw it to fate and like, see if I'm worthy."

Cori: *eyes Moody for a long, long moment. then begins to laugh* Moody...what the ~hell~ are you doing? i am so not going to hack anybody up in my ~office~. you think we got an army of invisible midget vampires here with little vaccuum hoses for mouths to clean it up or something? not to mention, i'd ruin all these sketches i've been working on, and kill these books--which do not, by the way, belong to me. quit with the melodrama.

Moody Bleak: "Who said anything about drama? I'm serious. You wanted a punishment, right? I can run myself through easy. Nothing like pain to make like, a point. Like I said dude, old school. And people would get a chuckle."
She prepared herself, sucking in a breath. "Oh this is gonna hurt..."

Cori: Moody, quit with the melodrama. *sighs and shakes her head* i am not having people bleeding all over my floor. *holds out her hand for the blade* give me the pig sticker.

Moody Bleak: "Fine. Outside then."
She got up, went outside the door, sat in the hall and ran herself through.

Cori: *blinks. and growls, thin face setting in hard lines as she gets up and stalks to the door, looking down at Moody* you fucking imbecile. you absolute idiot--you think this is going to make the wrongs right? Michelle! *an ungainly hop to clear the mess on the floor outside her office, heading for Michelle's office* MICHELLE!

Moody Bleak: "No... but when I heal... dude, I'll totally have to think about what I've done."
Seemed fair to her. God, did it hurt. But it was a familiar pain, and it was what she deserved.

Cori: ((no damage roll--you just ran yourself through.))

Michelle Morgan: She steps out of her office, which is pretty much right next to Cori's, and looks down at Moody's ran-through body, gaping. "What the FUCK?"

Cori: *ignores the words in favor of knocking on Michelle's office door. hopefully, that's where she is. but her hand's already heading for her cell phone, just in case*

Cori: we had that little needed chat. she seems to think this's a good enough punishment. *shakes her head, scowling* personally, she's acting like a little drama queen. i've half a mind to see if Sebastien wants to risk catching idiocy. *yes. Cori is pissed. big brown eyes nearly black*

Moody Bleak: "There..."
She closed her eyes, and left it up to the fates.

Denise Wylde: It was hard for her not to hear the commotion, even though the door was closed. Out she comes looking around. "What the hell?"

Cori: *moves back over to Moody and kneels down, checking for a pulse and the like.*

Michelle Morgan: "Oh, son of a..." She drops to her knees, eyes widening as she looks the whole mess over. "You've got to be fucking shitting me. You stupid..." She looks up to Cori, and over to Denise. "I'm...not a doctor. I can't fix this..."

Moody Bleak: "Kinda figured you wouldn't..."
She chuckled, frothing at the mouth. "Y'know... all that you said in the office Cori. It was... totally true... can't have a running mouth... so... if I live, I learn."

Denise Wylde: Denise comes running over, looking a bit surprised, but not total shock either, keeping a calm head about her. She takes a closer look without a second thought.

Cori: i can try. dunno if i can put this mess back together, either.*she closes her eyes a moment and begins to mumble rythmically, setting her hands about the sword, first, to try and draw it out*

Michelle Morgan: Moody's words draw an absolutely enraged look from the Cultist. "Shut up, you stupid bitch." She spits in Moody's face and stands, backing up. "What the FUCK gives you the right to do this shit to us?"

Cori: *and then, once the sword's out, sets a hand above and below the gaping would. absently noting that fecal matter is leaking into the body cavity. this, from the smell. it's pretty distinctive. still chanting*

Cori: d10: trying to heal: 3,9,5,

Moody Bleak: "You were set to punish before... this isn't what you wanted?"

Denise Wylde: She takes her finger and touches some of the blood and draws something in Greek on Moody's forehead.

Denise Wylde: d10: heal: 2,3,9,

Moody Bleak: "Stop it. Fucking stop it..."
A snarl, and she stumbles to get up. "You sat there... told me that you would kill to protect this place...."

Michelle Morgan: Both Cori and Denise try, and while they're able to reach Moody's pattern...the magic isn't strong enough to heal the wound. Michelle's face hardens, and she backs away from the trio. "Fucking drama queen bitch. I hope you enjoy whatever hell you're going to..."

Cori: *stops her chanting and snarls right back* damn straight i did, you fucking moron. what right do you have to suicide instead of ~growing the fuck up and taking real responsibility for your own actions~? instead of running away from them? that's what you just did. you've run away from responsibility. you...spineless.....coward. i hope you're happy.

Moody Bleak: "Nice."
She fell over.

Moody Bleak: "No... I paid my dues. I left it up to fate."
A rattle.

Denise Wylde: Denise stands up, looking stunned now between the three.

Cori: no. *coldly* you just tried to shove the consequences of your actions off on someone else. again.

Michelle Morgan: Moody's blood flows onto the floor quickly from the wound, and it doesn't take her long to bleed out, her life expiring. Which means she's not talking anymore. At all. 'cause she's dead. Michelle just shakes her head. "I'll go get Sebastien. He can clean this up."

Moody Bleak: "Fuck... no, I'm not gonna..." She looked at Cori, and then the light went out in her eyes.

Denise Wylde: Denise sighs, shaking her head and says something quietly in Greek.

Cori: *and she lifts her head and ~screams~. several emotions, none of them happy ones. and slams her fist into the floor*

Moody Bleak: ((Note: My thanks, to all of you. This was not to go out in a blaze of glory. In fact, for me, this was a very good thing. I've been so nevrous these past few months, about losing what I've work for, the creative endeavor that comes with building a character. Scared me to the point where I was being difficult. This, believe it or not, helped.))

Cori: *it's along, loud, raw sound. she almost looks feral, or rabid.*

Michelle Morgan: ((Uh. Sure. No...problem? Er...happy to do it?))

Moody Bleak: ((I know, it looks weird. But for me this was a god-honest breakthrough. If you really want to talk about it I'll be in ooc))

Michelle Morgan: She winces when Cori screams, and looks back, between Cori and Denise. " Denise, can you...I gotta...Sebastien..."

Cori: *the sound cuts off abruptly. Cori staggers upright, shaking. teeth clenched. looking....more enraged than upset*

Denise Wylde: Other than that, she just watches Cori, unsure of what to do yet except to let the anger out right now. And another glance toward where Michelle went.

Denise Wylde: After a moment and a few deep breaths, "I.....Look......Cori, let's get you back to your office....."

Cori: *shaking from head to toe. glances toward Denise. and...steps over the corpse draped across her lintel. back into the office. where she stands. she can't really sit, after all. rugs on the floor. upholstered chairs. stone bitch to clean blood off*

Denise Wylde: She tries to keep her own body out of the line of sight of Moody's body for the time being and gently put her arm around Cori's shoulder if she'll allow it.

Ravyn: Michelle makes his way back toward the node room...and before long, a man makes his way down the hallway. He's got a certain level of regalness to him...the proud tilt of his strong chin, the direct stride, full of confidence. He's got a slightly cat-like curl to his back. Hair is a bright read, going down in an unruly mane toward his the small of his back...his eyes are bizarre for a human, but uniquely familiar to those who have been in the Node room before. Just...smaller. He's dressed in a pair of antique-looking breeches and a tunic, alternately red and black.

Cori: *she neither accepts, nor shrugs off, the arm. body stiff and trembling. teeth still clenched. her eyes dart from object to object in the room*

Denise Wylde: "I don't know what to say right now, Cori. Maybe a shower might help?" she says quietly and trying to be as comforting as possible.

Sebastien: He looks down at the lifeless corpse in front of him, and he sighs, shaking his head. "Humans and their idiocy." He looks up to the office, frowning a little bit, and then down to the body.

Cori: shh...shhh-rrrr.....*it's like her jaws just won't unclamp long enough to speak properly. a short nod. turning abruptly, unsteadily, to head back out of the office. stepping over Moody's corpse with flared nostrils and narrowed, blank eyes. not even Sebastien, in his never-before-seen human form gets much of a reaction*

Sebastien: "Cori." He looks up to the Verbena, lips pursing. "Come here a moment, please."

Sebastien: d10: Sebastien Is Cool: 10,6,9,5,3,1,3,7,

Cori: *she pauses a moment. head turning slowly toward the dragon. a long pause. more as if she's getting her balance. and then takes a step toward him. teeth still clenched. still shaking*

Denise Wylde: Of course she lets go and lets Cori take off, watching her and even Michelle with some concern. She moves back toward Michelle now and Sebastien, which does get a second look in his human form. "Anything else I can do right now?" she asks in general.

Sebastien: As he speaks to Cori, he waves a hand, and Moody's body and the blood all fades slowly away...breaking down into raw quintessence and flowing directly into Sebastien's hand. One Cultist, returned to the cycle.

Sebastien: ((And yes, you do get an Awareness roll for that...though I think seeing it will make Awareness pointless. *G*))

Denise Wylde: d10: awareness for fun: 8,3,6,8,8,

Sebastien: He reaches out to Cori and brushes her hand over the side of Cori's face, from brow to chin. A rare gentle smile hits his face. "You will be fine, Cori. This will not effect you. Do not worry."

Cori: *another slow step. she seems to be focusing on Seb's hair more than anything. bright color. her skin has managed to achieve the impossible of being even whiter than normal. and she's about as white as you can get and still have a pulse*

Sebastien: d10: Sebastien:Hella Cool: 9,3,7,1,6,2,10,9,

Sebastien: d10: Specialty: 6,

Sebastien: ((Awareness roll for this one, and Cori, if you make it, you can counter with a WP "Dodge"))

Denise Wylde: d10: awareness: 4,7,6,8,8,

Cori: d10: : 5,4,9,6,4,

Cori: d10: : 6,10,2,6,3,

Sebastien -> Cori: Cori feels Sebastien's mind reach out to's an incredible, huge, VAST thing...almost overwhelming in it's enormity. This is a truly ancient and powerful thing. It surrounds Cori's mind and blankets it, shutting it down, for the moment.

Cori: *she blinks. sways. eyes shut. such a nice floor. so flat and smooth. good for resting a flat and smooth body on top of*

Sebastien: He sighs a little bit as Cori hits the floor, and looks over to Denise, watching her for a long moment. "This is never spoken of again. The Cultist merely left on her own accord, unable to accept what was going to be offered as punishment. And that is the reality of the situation. Agreed?"

Denise Wylde: She nods, with a small smile. "I agree entirely. I don't even want to bring this up unless I have to. This really is for the best."

Cori: *she simply lays there, breathing deep and even. one might imagine they can hear the individual muscles in her jaw unclenching*

Sebastien: He nods. "Excellent. Now, if you will excuse me...I have some work to do." He beands over and picks Cori up, nestling the unconscious Verbena in her arms. "I am glad to see you as a Deacon here. You have a sense that this place needs. I wish you luck in the position...and should you ever need advice or to speak on anything, you know where I am."

Denise Wylde: "Thank you for having me here. And I will do my best to help around here. I'm glad you're helping her," looking to Cori with some concern.

Denise Wylde: She hesitates for a moment, looking around for Michelle. Satisfied she's not around she speaks quietly. "I'm worried about Michelle too. I.....I would feel better if you could check on her or at least keep an eye out on her too.....please?"

Sebastien: He nods, following her gaze to Cori. "Humans get themselves in the most interesting predicaments. This will not be one which breaks her, I will be sure of it."

Sebastien: "Michelle?" He nods a little bit, frowning on that. "I will check on her...she will likely need the same that Cori will get. I try not to poke into minds too much, but I will see what I can do. Good day." He turns to make his way to Cori's room.

Denise Wylde: "Thank you, Sebastian...." She heads back to her new office, long enough to make a quick phone call before heading off again to take care of her own family matters.

Sebastien: ((And a couple rolls here...))

Sebastien: d10: Memories-B-Fixed: 7,8,7,5,3,9,7,2,

Cori: ((*G* thank you, guys.))

Sebastien: d10: Michelles Turn:Sleep: 4,8,8,7,5,9,7,9,

Sebastien: d10: Per+Awareness: 4,4,9,3,3,

Sebastien: d10: WP: 2,1,9,6,7,1,

Sebastien: d10: Memories-B-Fixed: 6,4,4,1,2,9,6,6,

Sebastien: d10: Memories-B-Fixed: 6,8,10,2,1,5,3,2,

Sebastien: d10: Specialty: 7,

Sebastien: ((Thanks! *Hugs*))