Janus: "I do not know. I have not spoken to either of them in far too long."

Winnifred Miles: *And she's on her way inside, hurrying and very aware she's late.* I'm here, I'm here!

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks from Janus to Marty. "I do not know about winnie, I have not heard from her in quite some time. As for Isabel." she sighs. "I found out through the church that she has left for a time, to be of use elsewhere."

Martin Starling: *He looks up. He looks stern. And back to Janus.* I trust your judgment on this matter. However... when were you planning to tell me that you have done something to attract Technocratic invasion? When they were beating down our doors?

Novalee Van Zandt: She almost drops her glass of water, and winces. "Winnie, I about went blind. Couldn't you have matched that particular shade of green with a different color of yellow?"

Winnifred Miles: But I like what I'm wearing. Colors are always better than white. *She points out, skidding to a stop upon hearing Marty, she flushes and then pales, scurrying to stand beside Novalee.*

Janus: "I only very recently found out that they are even aware of my existence." *he is focused on Marty, and gives no indication he has noticed Winnie at all yet...*

Novalee Van Zandt: Novalee raises an eyebrow to Marty. "I believe ~I~ told you about the incident that must have caught they're attention. The oine in which those other mages, let a mamber of the union live, several months back, and when I was injured for attempting to make sure that the Union would not have information on any of us."

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Intel: 4,6,

Martin Starling: *He looks back to Novalee. And he lets out an odd noise, somewhat like a grunt.* Right. The one that I had to speak to Michelle of.

Novalee Van Zandt: ((I never said my girl was intelligent *Smirks*))

Winnifred Miles: Janus only found out about the note...same as you, Mr. Starling. It's not his fault. *She pipes up hurriedly.*

Novalee Van Zandt: A nod of her head to Marty. "Yes, that incident. If it had not been for that girl...." she seems to draw a blank on who the girl was. "I highly doubt that they would have been aware of us in any way as a threat. I do not leave behind those that may take information back to their superiors."

Janus: *Janus cracks the tinyiest of smiles at Novalee's comment about not leaving informants behind*

Martin Starling: I am not blaming him, Miss Winnifred, *he says quite politely.* I am asking when it happened. So I can correct this matter. Or better yet. So you can. I rather... dislike having a Nephandus nipping at my heels just so the Technocracy can take my throat.

Novalee Van Zandt: Her eyes flick to Janus and she actually smile a bit. "Well you know now. And we have someone we need to find, who I have no doubt with help us to be the David against the Goliath."

Janus: *he nods* "Then we must merely destroy the Nephandus and topple the Technocracy." *casually, he truely believes that this is not only possible in theory (which many would disagree with), but that they can and will actaully do it.*

Martin Starling: We are doing so, *he says calmly to Janus. He looks back to Novalee.* After all, my name, too, is on that list.

Winnifred Miles: *She glances at Janus; seems a rather large commitment.* I haven't done much of anything since the incident Novalee mentioned. And there are alot of people's names on that list. I don't know why we in particular were singled out. But it's pretty clear they've been watching for a while to get such a thorough listing.

Novalee Van Zandt: "By what the message left for me, as they changed the passage in my Bible until I had read it. We, the cabal is the biggest threat to them than any of the others that may be on that list. And through us we shall be their downfall." She says.

Martin Starling: Yes, *he says quite calmly.* As I do not recall your name being on the original list.

Novalee Van Zandt: "Yes I remember reading the original list, and we were not on there." She nods to Marty.

Janus: *he remains silent, looking as though he is perhaps deciding whether or not to say something, but through all this, he has a quiet confidence...like that of a true believer.*

Martin Starling: *He looks back to Janus.* So what if it is a lie? The... people who provide that symbol, however. I have seen some of their work. They get involved when it matters, I believe.

Novalee Van Zandt: "But now that we are together......" she pauses and looks over to Janus. "Janus?"

Winnifred Miles: *She looks in bewilderment between Martin and Janus.* What if what's a lie?

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks down to Winnie. "If the messages we recieved were a lie, I believe."

Janus: "Marty is suggesting that the Union does not actually know about us, or that perhaps this Yoshi Hana person is not a key to success, but rather might be a trap. If it is the former, then that just gives us another advantage that we should not waste. If the latter, then we should be wary, but the Sphinx has guided us rightly in the past." *there's more he's not saying*

Martin Starling: It is an answer, even if it is the one you do not want.

Novalee Van Zandt: "Yes, either way, finding Yoshi Hana will give us all answers, and do not worry I will be more then prepared to face a trap." She rolls her shoulders giving a resounding pop.

Winnifred Miles: Well...what do we do if we decide it is a lie? *she asks, looking to all of them again. She's really far too straightforward for such deviousness.*

Novalee Van Zandt: "Then we have the advantage, of knowing they are still after us, and should make a move against them before they make a move against us."

Janus: *he nods slightly at Novalee's comment* "We will prepare for any eventuality. Though I do not believe that it is a lie."

Winnifred Miles: *She nods slowly.* Either way we'd have some answers.

Martin Starling: Let me know what comes of it. *He looks back to Janus.* We shall need some way to contact you. If you are caught. In case you and your group are redeemable after.

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods her head. "So now onto the main topic, finding this Yoshi Hana. Any idea's? I ususally am not the one who finds people but goes into the action. So I am at a slight loss on that front."

Winnifred Miles: Let's do it easy first...let's try the phone book. You never know..he or she might be listed. *She suggests, not really believign it but you never know.*

Janus: *he nods to Marty* "Yes, we will have to determine some method of communication. I do not intend to allow any of us to be both irredeemable and alive...and I much prefer the latter."

Janus: "I agree with Winnie. We should try the obvious methods first. However, they will almost certainly fail..." *he pauses* "There is always a chance that we will just bump into her."

Martin Starling: If you are... irredeemable, I shall push you along.

Janus: *Janus nods to Marty silently.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She sets her glass down and crosses her arms, "Winnie see if there is a phone book around here and see if there is a phone listing, I doubt it, but as you said one never knows." She looks between Marty and Janus. "Thank you Marty for your assistance should we fall. I would hope and believe in the One that we shall not. As of a way to communicate that we are well.....a phone call and a sign? Or a password? Or something."

Winnifred Miles: *She looks in alarm at Martin.* Hey...I want to be redeemed. I want you to do anything you have to to make sure I get redeemed!

Novalee Van Zandt: "I would like to get moving on finding the woman. The more time we waste, the more time if this is all not a lie, the Union has to get to us and stop us, or get to her to stop us." She looks at Winnie and smiles.

Janus: "Winnie, it is not our way to push along anyone who can be redeemed. This is planning for a worst case scenario, in which we are forcibly turned into Technocrats or the like." *and he nods to Novalee* "Yes, we must begin to move immediately. It is too bad that Isabel has left, but we must proceed despite this."

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods to Janus and looks to Marty. "For informations sake should the worst happen, there is my last will and testiment in my room. If you could see to the distributuins, should the worst befal I would be grateful."

Winnifred Miles: yeah..but I've found a lot of people here are all too happy to shuffle themselves or anyone else off the mortal coil. I just want it to be known I'm not one of them. *she looks at Novalee.* Phone book..right. *And starts looking around the room for one.*

Janus: "These people are amateurs, especially if they would do so to their allies and themselves. Death is not something to be toyed with, and should only come when necessary for a greater good or by the will of the Wheel."

Martin Starling: *He mutters to himself, and then shakes his head.* I would offer asisstance to you, should you decide it would be chance happening to run into her.

Winnifred Miles: *She looks at janus.* Well..as long as we're solid on that. *More reassured by Janus's conviction.* oh...here..a phone book. Let's see is it Yoshi Hana..or Hana Yoshi. Let's look up the Hana first.

Janus: *he nods* "I would appreciate help ensuring that chance is on our side in this."

Novalee Van Zandt: She stays silent through the rest of the talking. "I do not have any further ideas on how to find her unless a little bit of time would help."

Ravyn: ((Heya, guys. Someone say something about finding a Yoshi Hana? *G*)) Winnie manages to find the phone book in the kitchen, next to the rotary telephone.

Winnifred Miles -> Ravyn: (any luck on a name being in the phone book?)

Winnifred Miles: (and scoots my post underneath Ravyn's. *lol*)

Ravyn: Flipping through, though, Winnie is unable to find a name for Yoshi Hana.

Winnifred Miles: *She shakes her head.* Nothing in the phone book.

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks from Winniw to Marty and Janus. "I guess the other methood it is going to be." she smiles. "Any help I can be, just let me know."

Janus: "So, then, Marty. Shall we increase the odds of a chance encounter?"

Martin Starling: It will happen, *he says calmly to Janus, perhaps puzzled.* It has to.

Novalee Van Zandt: She frowns a touch and looks from Marty to Winnie and then to Janus, maybe not understanding.

Janus: *he nods, and pulls out a bit of charcoal* "The timing is right. The wheel is spinning quickly, something momentous is about to occur. That there is a chance for true victory here has been foreseen. It will not fall through our fingers."

Winnifred Miles: I might be able to help too. Just give me a few minutes. *She says, turning and heading into the kitchen, apparently, whatever she wants to do requires privacy.*

Martin Starling: *He stands up, then, slowly.* Let me go get the candles.

Novalee Van Zandt: She squats down, watching everyone go off to get what they need to.

Martin Starling: *He does, moves towards the kitchen, and gathers the matches and a few burnt-down candles.*

Janus: *Janus rolls up his sleeves and proceeds to draw designs symbolic of chance encounters on them. He is focusing intently on this, making very detailed designs to help the wheel guide him to Yoshi Hana*

Martin Starling: *He lights the candles then, one by one. Letting the match burn down. He watches it, until it reaches the tips of his fingers. Enough to redden them, but he shakes the match off before it can truly begin to blister skin.*

Janus: ((Janus will be working on the designs for about a half hour long Entropy ritual to make it more likely that he just happens to encounter Yoshi Hana in the near future))

Ravyn -> Ravyn: d10: Int+Computer: 5,2,10,8,8,3,

Ravyn -> Ravyn: d10: Int+Computer: 8,7,5,8,4,6,

Ravyn -> Ravyn: d10: Int+Computer: 6,2,4,5,8,8,

Martin Starling: ((Gimme a sec, phone...))

Novalee Van Zandt: Novalee will continue to sit and wait and watch.

Ravyn -> Winnifred Miles: Broadway comes back in a zip, communicating to Winnie that there is a manga/hentai comic book artist named Yoshi Hana. Her website is known as "The Bloody Thorne," and some of her work has been made into hentai films.

Ravyn: ((Sorry for delay. Sounds good...I'll give you 4 rolls on that, at a -1 difficulty, or 5 at regular diff.))

Martin Starling: *He runs his fingertips over the candles, idly, working with Janus' pattern as much as he can, watching.*

Winnifred Miles: *Winnie comes back into the room a bit later, walking over towards Novalee.* Hey...I think I might have found something. There's a Yoshi Hana who ownes a comic book store. She has a website called "the Bloody Thorne.". She's got some films out too. *she whispers.* She does manga and hentai. Errrrrr...what's Hentai?

Janus: ((I'm a tad rusty...regular diff is 5, right? Coincidental is 3 plus high sphere, and Affect Probability is an Entropy 2 effect?))

Novalee Van Zandt: She tries her best not to disturb Janus and Marty, even getting up slowly and moving out of whispering ear shot to them. Motioning to Winnie to follow her. "I do not know......but ytou found this out?" she glances over to Janus and Marty then back., "I guess we shall see, between what you found out and what they are doing, maybe all of the pieces will fall in together." She has kept her voice low so as not to disturb.

Ravyn: ((Correct. And anyone with the appropriate level of Entropy can, per acting in concert rules, roll for full effect. Anyone else participating, roll Arete omnce, and if successful, you add a success.))

Winnifred Miles: *She nods and remains silent, peering at Janus to watch what he's doing. Of course, she doens't have a clue what he's doing, but it sure looks fascinating.*

Martin Starling: d10: Arete: 6,8,7,

Janus: ((Ok, as the diff is only 5, I'm going to roll 5 times at that. Any willpower/quint expenditures will be noted as they are made))

Janus: d10: Arete: 6,6,9,

Janus: d10: Arete: 7,7,7,

Janus: d10: Arete: 2,9,2,

Janus: d10: Arete+WP: 9,9,1,

Janus: d10: Arete+WP: 8,10,7,

Martin Starling: d10: Arete: 5,9,4,

Janus: ((I count 13 from Janus))

Martin Starling: d10: Arete: 4,3,5,

Martin Starling: d10: Arete: 6,5,8,

Martin Starling: ((Sorry... keeping it at four rolls for meself.))

Martin Starling: ((Sooo... 11?))

Ravyn: ((So, ummm...wow. You have, like, 24 successes. Janus, as the Rite-Master, lemme know how much you're spending for Duration, Awareness diff raising (base is 4), and Effect...I'm going to rule that this is affecting Yoshi Hana's pattern to put her in line for you guys to find her, so 1 succ is spent there, that gives you "only" 23 to others.))

Janus: ((Ok...these may need to be changed if I'm inaccurate, but if I'm reading the charts in the book right...3 successes to duration makes it for the story...which means it's just get be cancelled when they found her but would be going until then, leaving me with 20. Assuming it's one-for-one, then 5 to bring awareness diff to 9, leaving 15 for effect...that should still be enough, I think.))

Novalee Van Zandt: She stands next to Winnie, as Marty and Janus continue to work on the effect. She crosses her arms and waits, a bit anxious.

Martin Starling: *He nods, and stands, putting out the candles with the flat of his palm.* I pray that shall help. I believe I need to meditate.

Ravyn: ((It damn well better. If you can't bend luck with 15 successes, then you need to get your ass out of the Entropy game. *G*))

Ravyn: ((Winnie & Novalee, feel free to roll Per+Aware vs. 9))

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks over to Martry. "Thank you Marty, and good luck on your meditation." She nods her head to him.

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Per+Awareness: 5,4,5,9,5,7,

Janus: "I thank you as well Marty." *Janus is all but grinning, an extremely rare thing...most likely never before seen* "The Wheel on our side."

Winnifred Miles: d10: per + aware: 7,2,9,6,4,6,

Ravyn: Winnie and Novalee feel it...it is a powerful but subtle thing, this working of Fate. They barely even felt it's touch.

Winnifred Miles: *She's not sure what she feels..the twisting and warping of fate to Janus's needs..it's kind of like taffee...*

Martin Starling: *He nods.* I do what I must. *And he heads, quickly, for the meditation chamber, light on his feet.* ((And I'm to bed, peoples.))

Novalee Van Zandt: She sighs and smiles, when she feels the effect work. She looks to Janus. "Winnie found some informatio0n out. I do not know if it is the same person, but they have a web site...and own a Comic book store." she looks to Winnie to make sure she was correct on that information.

Novalee Van Zandt: ((*Hugs* Night Fang and thanks for the help *S*))

Janus: ((g'night fang *waves*))

Winnifred Miles: *She nods quickly.* She has a website, The Bloody Thorne. I don't know if it's the same person..but it's worth a check and she owns a comic books shop. She specializes in manga and hentai. *from the way she says it, she has NO idea what either of them are.*

Winnifred Miles: (night fang!)

Janus: *he nods, thoughtfully* "This lead must be followed up immediately."

Winnifred Miles: d10: int+alertness: 7,2,4,9,3,

Winnifred Miles: *She pauses.* Wait..she's an artist...she doesn't own a comic book store..but her website might give us her address or at least her agent.

Winnifred Miles: (I can't be on too much longer...is getting very sleepy. Stoopid sleepy)

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods to Janus, yes if only......" then stops and looks over to Winnnie. "So she draws comic books.....do either of you know your way around on a computer? I know a bit about them, but no access to a computer."

Janus: "I know the basics, but I certainly do not own a computer."

Winnifred Miles: I'm pretty good with computers. I'm no hacker but can point and click with the best. *she grins that twisted beaming grin at Novalee.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She smiles. "Well then I guess that is the next step." a look to Janus. "And your chance encounter with Yoshi as well...." she nods. ((Do you guys want to see when we next can get together? Or do you guys want to do those things on your own?))

Winnifred Miles: (I'm ususally around most nights. I'm on EST time. so either way works for m e.)

Novalee Van Zandt: ((And I am normally always around myself *S*))

Janus: ((Either works for me...Dragonfly...what IM are you using these days? I haven't been seeing you sign on))

Winnifred Miles: (i'm on ICQ and MSN usually ldorr@hotmail.com for both)

Janus: ((Ok, got you. Shall we shoot for tomorrow or sunday night to try to continue?))

Ravyn: ((Lemme know when, there's one other player who it may need to be coordinated with.))

Winnifred Miles: (either is fine by me.)

Novalee Van Zandt: ((Either as well for me. Just ping me when people are ready to go on things. ))

Winnifred Miles: (alrighty...that sounds fine by me too.)

Janus: ((Ok...so then shall we shoot for tomorrow night? 9 EST work? I'm free, my TT group has gone on hiatus *grumble*))

Winnifred Miles: (9 it is tomorrow night.)

Ravyn: ((We're gonna shoot for tomorrow, if you guys don't mind.))

Ravyn: ((Which, I guess, works, as you guys already decided. *Chuckles*))

Janus: ((Always best when it's all agreed *G* See you all tomorrow night!))

Winnifred Miles: (alright then..my nice warm bed is calling me rather insistantly so I must heed it's call.)