Novalee Van Zandt: Novalee would have suggested this place, as they had computers, and they needed one to use. She is attempting to keep a low profile, and will stick outside, but contribute some money to the cause of renting the computer for a while.

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The Cyber Cafe, a little out-of-the-way place just outside of Chinatown, is called Cyber Sniper. It's got ten working terminals, three of them in the corer taken by a trio of WoW players.

Janus: *Janus will head inside with Winnie, but this is a task for the least, because he has absolutely no money to contribute, and odds are that she's better with computers than he is*

Winnifred Miles: (never eat at a place called a Cyber Cafe...'cause you know where the hands have been!) *Winnie shows up at the scheduled time. Bright grin and brighter clothes. Enough to make the eyes bleed. Perhaps she's color blind. That would explain things.* We ready to begin. Oooh this place looks interesting.

Janus: "Let's go. You're up." *he looks over to Winnie*

Novalee Van Zandt: She would motion with her head for Winnie to go inside wityh Janus and give her some cash for the rental of the computer. "Yep to both counts." She remains outside to just in case cover their backs.

Winnifred Miles: *She takes the money and heads inside, approaching the counter with her usual, bright twisted grin.* can we rent a computer, please?

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The clerk half-looks up, a teenaged girl bored out of her mind in a green vest with the logo, a computer in the a target, and nods. "Six buck an hour," she says in a monotone. "Don't look up porn or pirate any shit, okay?"

Winnifred Miles: *She hands over six dollars, crumbled up singles.* Sure thing. *She looks around and finds one that'll give them some privacy. She sits down and turns it on.* press this button to turn it on...and this button *click.* puts you on the Internet.

Janus: "Yes, I know the basics. Let's just see what we can find."

Winnifred Miles: Righty boss. *She types in the website, sitting back a little to see what's brought up.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She leans up against a wall outside. Her hair covering most of her face as she croisses her arms and keeps an eye out.

Janus: *he's watching the screen Winnie is working on*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: ((Information coming, guys. One moment.))

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The portal has a US flag and a Japanese flag to choose to enter the site. There is also a warning about being 18 years or older. There is a rather scantily clad woman, spread eagle, her wrists and ankles tied with thorn-like restraints, tied tightly enough to draw blood, that drips down her body. Very dark and foreboding in descign and picture.

Winnifred Miles: *She looks around hurriedly and clicks the us flag to enter, giving a quick glance at Janus. They are so going to get caught and tossed out on their tuckus. *

Janus: *Janus doesn't seem at all perturbed by the 18+ designation, he just watches the screen and waits as things load and Winnie works the interface*

Novalee Van Zandt: (See isn't it good they did not go to the public library.*L*))

Winnifred Miles: (well if they did they've have reference material. *lol*)

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: Once Winnie clicked into the site itself, the page loads into a very general page, set up much like those pay for porn sites in order to really see anything, including the artist (who's known on the site as The Bloody Thorne)'s drawings and movies, which from the look of them are very dark...lots of kink and death-type stuff. Picture all the more...disturbing hentai out there. Lots of bondage, Verotik-type images...though of course on the intro page, it's all censored. Credit card information is of course required to pay to get in further. There are just a few teasers of the drawings she's done and a couple movie clips.

Winnifred Miles: *She shudders and makes a face.* Do we really want to go any further? 'cause if we do we need a credit card. *she whispers.*

Janus: "Unless you have one, we are stuck. I certainly do not. But we do need information."

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The price for the site is 29.99 for a three month subscription, as a side note.

Winnifred Miles: What about Novalee, does she have one? *speaking nice and quietly, so they aren't noticed.*

Janus: "I don't know. I will go ask." *he heads out, leaving Winnie there to sit at the computer and heads to Novalee, and speaks softly so as not to be overheard* "It appears as though this candidate operates a rather...graphic pornography site. There is a chance, albeit a slim one, that there will be information we can use inside of the site. However, to access it we need a credit card. Do you have one?"

Winnifred Miles: *Meanwhile, Winnie's taking a closer looks at the teaser pics they do show, muttering under her breath, probably in disgust.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She continues to lean there against the wall and then turns to look over at Janus and gives him a look of disgust. She takes a deep breath. "Yes I do, for emergencies, which I guess this might qualify." She reaches into her back pocket drags out a wallet and then opens it to hand him a credit card. "Just....cancel it once we have the information." she speaks softly to Janus.

Janus: *he nods* "And yes, I am aware of just how distasteful this is. I would not even be suggesting it if the stakes weren't so high." *he heads back in and hands the card to Winnie* "As soon as we have gathered what information we can, we will cancel this."

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The images very likely do disgust Winnie. Luckily, the blurs and stars thus far have made things moderately okay, though there are a couple sample anmated movies that she could view if she wanted...of the Bible Black, Angel of Darkness variety.

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: d10: Familiar Int+Comp: 8,8,6,6,1,2,

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: ((Delete that roll. It did not occur. :) ))

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods to Janus before he heads back inside. Once more going back to keeping an eye out.

Winnifred Miles: *She takes the card and enters in the correct information, using the little help boxes to figure out what she doesn't know.*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: Once the information is entered in, there's a few moments as it redirects to the pay site...and then, they're hit by the sounds of a dramatic, Japanese-style music. It's not TOO loud, but it's certainly enough for voice of the clerk behind them to say "Hey!"

Janus: *he'll go to shut off the speakers*

Winnifred Miles: Sorry! *She says, hunching foreward a little to obscure the images on the screen in case the clerk comes over.*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: "Headphones are next to you. You're gonna listen to something with sound, put 'em on, okay?" She frowns a bit. "And no fuckin' pirating!"

Winnifred Miles: Oh thanks..headphones yeah...*janus has the speakers turned down, and plugs in the headphones just in case.* let's see what we have here..*she mutters, finally looking at the screen fully for the first time.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She turns her head to look inside, a slight frown on her face before she turns back around.

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The screen is highlighted by an animated image of a woman, clothes ripped fully open and hanging in tatters on her body, bleeding from several wounds. Absolutely nothing left to the imagination. She's held spread-eagled by spiked chains that dig into her flesh, a ball gag in her mouth. The look in he3r eyes is wide-eyed, scared, and pleading. There's links just to the side each breast (the link on the breasts) for movies and images, as well as...tentacles in various places. There's also a link for "About," and "Affiliate Sites."

Winnifred Miles: *Winnie's mouth drops open and she mouths a wordless "OMIGOD" as she stares at the animation on the screen.*

Janus: *he's not able to hide his disgust at this point. He speaks softly, continuing to not want to be overheard* "About, is probably the best choice."

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe] -> Winnifred Miles: When she clicks on "About," Winnie's ears are treated to the sound of a scream, and then sounds of the same voice panting and moaning passion while a deep male voice laughs ominously.

Winnifred Miles: *Being young and rather..inquisitive, she can't be reprimanded for being a tad slow in hitting the "About" link.*

Winnifred Miles: *She jumps in her chair, half pulling off the headphones and then...oooh wow...freaky.*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The page flases, the image of the woman torn split two ways, and the monitor loads up a dark but thankfully less image-driven page. It has a drawn image of a woman's back, the body in black and white. A tattoo of a phoenix is in color, which starts at her shoulder blades and continues down to past the small of her back. The sketch stops just at her neck, with flaming red hair that is pushed over her shoulder.

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The real gem, for the cabal at least, is information on Yoshi Hana. A moderately-known artist in Japan, she seems to be one of the more sought-after artists in the way of the kinds of stuff they've been seeing. She's won a couple awards for it among certain organizations.

Winnifred Miles: *Winnie sees if there's any links for contact information.*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: At the bottom of the information, the following is listed: "Yoshi Hana prefers her privacy, however, she can be reached via email at"

Novalee Van Zandt: ((Sorry *winces*))

Winnifred Miles: *She notes down the e:mail information, than backs out as far as the links to affiliates, clicking on it to see if what can be found there.*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: The link to Affiliates earns then a selection of links to several up and coming Japanese artists...a new generation anime and hentai to the internet population.

Winnifred Miles: I think this is all we're going to find here. *she whispers to Janus.*

Janus: "I agree. But it is a start. Now...cancel this membership and we can leave."

Winnifred Miles: *she starts looking for the link to cancel the membership.*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: Winnie clicks on the cancel link, and finds out that the Credit Card Billing Company requires the card owner to call in to cancel. There is no cancellation link through the internet.

Winnifred Miles: We can't cancel online. Novalee's going to have to do it over the phone. *She writes down the relevant information for Novalee to call in to cancel.*

Janus: *frowns and nods*

Winnifred Miles: *closes the window they were just in and shuts down the computer.* We ready to go?

Janus: *he nods* "I believe so."

Novalee Van Zandt: She is still waiting outside arms crossed and looking relaxed as she leans against the wall.

Winnifred Miles: *If they went over the hour time she'll make sure they pay for it before heading out with Janus.*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: They didn't, and the teenager looks up at them. From the knowing smirk on her face, one might think she had an idea of what they were doing. Apparenly, she's only really hard on enforcing that piracy rule. "Cheap motel's down the street if you're...inspired."

Winnifred Miles: Ewe, no way...he's like...OLD. *and the only thing the Hentai did for her is make her yearn to go out and buy a really sharp pair of pruning sheers. And out they go.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks over when they come out. She looks at the two of them a questioning look on her face.

Janus: *he contorts his face slightly, but says nothing as they head out*

Winnifred Miles: *It's a mighty, epic even struggle to hide the guffaws as soon as they get outside.*

Janus: *when they're outside and meet Novalee* "We have an email address. And unfortunately you'll have to call in personally to cancel it. Winnie copied down the information."

Winnifred Miles: *She wordlessly hands the information to Novalee, sneaks a peak at Janus and starts to snigger.*

Novalee Van Zandt: If it is possible her complexion get's even paler by Janus' words. "Call in." a slow nod of her head. "I will be laughed out of the order." she closes her eyes and raises a hand to pinch the bridge of her nose. "But even just an e-mail address, this person could be anywhere."

Janus: "She will be found." *there is no doubt whatsoever in his voice* "Even if she is located far away normally, there is a chance that she is visiting the City at the moment."

Novalee Van Zandt: She takes the things from Winnie on a sigh and puts both the credit card and the information in her wallet.

Winnifred Miles: No one's going to know unless you tell 'em. *she says cheerfully.* e-mail address is better than nothing.

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods her head to Janus. "Of course."

Janus: "Do either of you have any ideas as to how to proceed, other than to investigate the email address and for me to wander the city and allow the Wheel to work?"

Novalee Van Zandt: "No I do not." she says to Janus. "I highly doubt asking to meet her through e-mail would be a good idea, she might dissapear into the woodwork."

Winnifred Miles: Well..we can ask about purchasing some of her work. See if she has a showing coming up anywhere anytime soon. Maybe we'll come up lucky.

Novalee Van Zandt: "They do showings of this type of thing?" she asks Winnie.

Janus: *he's silent, looking to see Novalee's opinion on Winnie's suggestion*

Ravyn [Cyber Cafe]: ((Killing nick and lurking for now so as not to time out...lemme know when Novalee cancels the card or I'm otherwise needed. *G*))

Winnifred Miles: *she shrugs a little.* I have no idea.

Janus: *he shrugs slightly as well* "Even if they do not normally, it is possible we will get lucky."

Novalee Van Zandt: She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Well, winnie if you can get an e-mail account, one of those free ones, and see if you cannot get in contact with her. Janus I do not think it wise to wander around the city by yourself, take someone with you when you do." she looks between the two of them.

Janus: "Then perhaps Winnie can look into things electronically and the two of us can attempt to cover ground and see if Fate is with us tonight."

Winnifred Miles: I used to have a free e:mail account. I'll have to see if I can still access it. If I can get a hold of a computer at the library or something I'll do some more searches and see if I can come up with some more information.

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods to Janus. "I can do that." A grin of sorts. Probably still reeling from the information about the artist.

Janus: *he nods to each of them* "Then that is how we shall proceed."

Novalee Van Zandt: "Sounds like a plan on all ends." she nods to them both. "I am ready to go when you are." she says to Janus.

Janus: *he nods, and then starts walking. Apparently he's ready now.*

Winnifred Miles: I'm going to head back now then, maybe make some pancakes. My tummy's been rumbling for the past half hour. And I can't do anything more until things open in the morning anyway. You guys going back too? *a grin of anticipation of the sweet, warm treat.*

Winnifred Miles: (it's time for me to hit the hay. I'll send Ravyn a pm of what winnie's up to,)

Novalee Van Zandt: "We will see you later Win..." she waves to Winnie. "Have a good dinner." And then falls in step beside Janus.

Winnifred Miles: Good luck! *she calls out, heading back to the Chantry, waiting for them if they decide to join her, or alone if they're going out wandering the streets.*

Janus: ((G'night Dragonfly!)) "Goodbye Winnie. And good luck."

Novalee Van Zandt: ((*Hugs* Night DF))

Novalee Van Zandt: ((And Fade))