Stacia Flores: Stacia drops by the shop.

Seth Almon: The shop is closed, but he's still in the actual shop itself...the lights are on, the door is unlocked, and the sounds of...of all things, Lynyrd Skynyrd playing. 'Freebird,' of course. Most wouldn't think Seth to be a fan of Southern Rock, but it appears they would be wrong. He's doing a tiny bit of random cleaning, singing along with the song as he runs a dustrag over the shelves..

Stacia Flores: She's on the bike but if the music is up enough he might not hear. She wears leather of course when riding and it being cooler out it helps her stay warm. She walks up to the door and sees the lights, giving a knock first she then tries the door. Opening it, she smiles hearing the song. "I love this song," she says loud enough to announce herself.

Seth Almon: He looks over his shoulder, and his expression becomes a wide, warm smile. "Hey, you. Yeah, I'm quite the fan myself. I grew up wanting to be Ronnie Van Zant." He sets the dust rag down and makes his way over her, arms coming out to draw her into a hug. "It's good to see are you?"

Stacia Flores: She hugs him back and can't help but start to slow dance with him a little. "Good to see you too. I'm doing well. School has kept me a little busy, but I always have time for you."

Seth Almon: He grins a little bit and starts to sway to match her dance. "Ahhh...well, I'm well and truly honored, my dear." He keeps his arms light around her waist, watching her with a little smile. "Mmmm...haven't had a good first dance in a while. I've forgotten how nice it can be."

Stacia Flores: "How long as it been?" she smiles back, blushing a little as she moves her arms around his neck a little more comfortably.

Seth Almon: "Since my last first dance?" He grins and looks up, thinking. "Ohh...let's see. As long as you don't count random clubbing events, and only count actual dancing with people...I'd say almost seven years now. New Year's Eve of 2000. Y2K and all. I figured that I'd go out dancing."

Stacia Flores: "This is much nicer than the one I had not all that long ago. Being sandwiched between Lee and.....can't remember her name" but describes Roxy.

Seth Almon: He chuckles a little bit. "Ahhh, Roxy. She's quite the girl." He shrugs a bit. "Bit of a jealous streak, though, from time to time. Which is funny, much as she seems to be open in her relationships, from what little I know of them."

Stacia Flores: "I've seen her jealousy streak even if she doesn't think she has one. Another reason I stay clear of Lee. I don't play stupid games like that. But anyway.....this is nice...." she lays her head down on his shoulder, still listening to the song and dancing.

Seth Almon: " is nice." He smiles and leans his head against hers, arms resting around her as he moves. "And here I thought I was going to have a solitary night with an old book. This is much better."

Stacia Flores: "I really am happy that I'm better than an old book," she laughs, turning her face up just a little toward his. "Better than being stuck all night reading a not so old book too." Happily, then she closes her eyes.

Seth Almon: "'re right. It is nice to be better then an old book." He laughs a little, softly. "So, not that I'm complaining at all, but what brings you by? Just looking for an opportunity to cut a rug, so to speak?"

Stacia Flores: "No," she blushes a little. "Just .....missed you," she says very quietly. After a moment she opens her eyes again, bringing her head up.

Seth Almon: His head tilts a little bit, and he smiles warmly. "Well. It appears we have something in common...we missed each other." He watches her for a moment, then leans forward to kiss her cheek.

Stacia Flores: Her smile widens when he kisses her cheek. "I'm know what I mean," she stammers a little.

Stacia Flores: ((Stacia: d10: per/emp: 6,2,2,6,10,8,6, Stacia: d10: reroll: 4,))

Seth Almon: ((That was, of course, a delcaration of intent and his feelings for her, and they're quite honest feelings. He's very much attracted to her, and even without the Fascination, though that may have started the whole thing, he's growing to have romantgic interests. He also seems perfectly willing to be patient,'s not an insistant declartion.))

He smiles and nods. "I know." His head tilts a little bit, watching her curiously himself. ((My Turn! :) Seth Almon: d10: Per+Emp: 7,2,3,8,2,4,3,))

Stacia Flores: ((She is certainly attracted to him and has been missing him and the dance set off romantic feelings and she suddenly is feeling like an awkward school girl around him. And thus all the blushing she's been doing when she thinks about it all.))

Stacia Flores: "I think the song's over," as she reluctantly stops moving but doesn't let go of him...yet. "You have any other good songs?"

Seth Almon: He stops moving and leans forward a little bit. "I have an entire library of good songs, Sarah. It's just a matter of how long you'd like to dance."

Stacia Flores: "All night long, Seth," she says quietly, looking back into his eyes.

Seth Almon: He smiles softly, and then gives her a sort of disarming wink. "Well, then...if you can ignore the inherant pick-up quality of my response...let's dance." He smiles and leans forward to kiss her, lips meeting hers directly this time, as opposed to her cheek.

Stacia Flores: She is about to say something when he kisses her and so surprised she goes beet red and after a moment, kisses him back softly.

Seth Almon: He smiles, arms pulling her closer to him. The kiss is soft, more of a brushing of his lips over hers at first...though when she returns it, he presses the kiss a little more, giving it a bit more substance. He holds it for a few long moments before pulling back, watching her with a little smile. "Are you all right?"

Stacia Flores: She nods slowly, a yes, smiling about as much as she can. "Yes. Are you?" then lets her tongue lick over her lips where they had just kissed.

Seth Almon: "Very much so." He gives her a soft smile and nods. "I'm were about to say something, and I interrupted you."

Stacia Flores: "I forgot," she blushes again. "Something about dancing I think and records you have....."

Seth Almon: "Ahhh." He chuckles a little bit and leans in for another kiss, quickier this time. "I have quite the varied music collection, actually...most of it good for dancing of some kind."

Stacia Flores: "I...." and kisses him back the same way. "maybe slower music would be better tonight." Slowly she lets go of him so he can go get some other music.

Seth Almon: "Slow music...I can definitely do." He smiles and steps away, moving behind the counter to the stereo. He pulls up a book of CD's and starts to flip through it, speaking as he does. "My best stuff is on vinyl, but sadly, my record player died on me a couple of months ago. So we'll have to settle for the digital stuff." He slips a CD out and puts it in. The song that comes out is Fleetwood Mac's "Crystal."

Stacia Flores: "Oh, that is sad.....but this will work," she smiles watching him.

Seth Almon: He smiles a bit and shrugs. "Yes, but it's a start. And besides, I'm just a sucker for Stevie Nicks's voice. She has a way of making the most somber songs...still hopeful, somehow." He makes his way back over. "Happier songs will happier times. And while this is a good time...I can say with some surety that happier still will come."

Stacia Flores: She holds out her arms and when he comes back to her, wraps her arms around his neck again. "I do hope that happier will come very soon."

Seth Almon: He comes quite willingly into her arms and slips his hands around her waist, starting to move as he looks into her eyes. "I guarantee it, Sarah. Though I can't promise they'll all be happy...I promise I'll be there with you through it all."

Stacia Flores: "Nothing is always 100 percent great, but I'll be there for you too. So it shouldn't be so bad if we do this together." As the song plays she listens to the words, smiling some as she had never heard it before, and maybe something about the words she finds more special as she slowly starts to dance with him again. Looking back into his eyes. "Nice lyrics," she says quieter.

Seth Almon: "I rather thought so." He smiles and shuts his eyes, breathing in deeply though his nose...just taking in her scent. His arms draw her closer as they dance, cheek to cheek now with his body resting lightly against her. "The greatest Wiccan that never was one, Miss Nicks is."

Stacia Flores: "Really?" she asks, slowly breathing as well, staying as close to him as she can, closing her eyes too and listening to the song, and his own breathing between when he talks to her.

Seth Almon: "Yeah..." He nods a little, brushing his cheek lightly against hers, lips just lightly ghosting at her jaw. "Listen to her music, and you can't deny it...but the woman's never admitted to it." He pulls back a little bit and smiles to her. "Though, if I may be biased, I'd rather call her placing second in my estimation, these days." It's a gentle tease.

Stacia Flores: She shivers when he lightly touches his lips along her jaw like that. "I will listen more to it.....will help me think of you when we're apart." When he pulls back, she opens her eyes. "What would be first?" she asks.

Seth Almon: "First in my estimation?" He grins and raises an eyebrow, watching her. "Guess."

Stacia Flores: "I don't know. it's why I asked," she laughs, watching him, blushing again for no apparent reason.

Seth Almon: "I'm looking at her." He smiles and kisses her forehead. "As I said, I may be biased, but there you have it."

Stacia Flores: "Seth..." she gets very embarrassed by his admission, looking down a little which makes it that much easier to kiss her forehead. "I.....thank you....." she stammers again.

Seth Almon: "Thank ~you,~ Sarah." He tilts his head, watching her with that warm smile. "For giving me a chance to get to know you, because I'm truly blessed by what I've come to know."

Stacia Flores: "I....." she doesn't know what to say, getting nervous and closing her eyes tightly as she concentrates with the feelings she's having (to of course fight her nervous tendency to let fascination just go--if that means a willpower spent, she does so.)

Seth Almon: ((And just roll me a WP roll to see if she keeps from it. Since it's more instinctual still at this point. *S*))

Stacia Flores: ((Stacia: d10: willpower: 8,6,4,4,5,5,))

Seth Almon: "Shhh..." He smiles and rests his hand on her cheek, his thumb gently lining her bottom lip. "You don't have to say anything to that. It wasn't said to elicit a response. Just...needed to be said."

Stacia Flores: She blushes again, eyes looking downward, her natural reaction to just kiss at his thumb. Finally, she speaks again, simply, "okay," said quietly.

Seth Almon: He nods. "Good." He slips his arms around her waist again, drawing her to him and continuing to dance, as "Crystal" gives way to Christine McVie's vocal stylings on "Everywhere."

Stacia Flores: She can't help but start to blush again as she listens to the words of the song. "You certainly have picked some really good songs tonight...."

Seth Almon: He smiles and shrugs. "Fleetwood Mac is always good for some situations. I'm quite a fan of mix CD's, you'll find." He chuckles a little bit, moving with her.

Stacia Flores: "So far I enjoy your choice," she smiles looking back up to his face and into his eyes. "Maybe you should help me if I ever get to that point with music for my work," she laughs, still moving with him.

Seth Almon: "I would be happy to," he says with a grin. "Sadly, my musical talents are entirely that of an aesthetic, not that of a performer, and my sixth-grade dreams of being the next David Bowie were crushed."

Stacia Flores: "Awwwww, well I think you'd be better at it than me. So you wanted to be a rock and roll singer?"

Seth Almon: "For about two years, yeah." He grins and nods. "Even had a band. Gods, we were horrible. I mean, not just bad. HORRIBLE."

Stacia Flores: "You really don't think you were so bad were you?" she doesn't appear to believe him.

Seth Almon: "Oh, no. Believe me...we were HORRIBLE." He grins. "I mean, we didn't think so at the time, but...okay. You know those guys from Wayne's World?"

Stacia Flores: She nods. "No, you weren't like that were you?"

Seth Almon: "They were Led Zeppelin compared to us."

Stacia Flores: She tries hard not to start into a fit of giggles when he says that. "Well, I..." and she puts her hand to her mouth, looking away again. "Ummm...sing for me?"

Stacia Flores: after taking her hand away again of course.

Seth Almon: He gives her a look, perhaps surprised over that grin. "You really hate your ears that much?"

Stacia Flores: "Of course not. I don't believe you're as bad as you say."

Seth Almon: He sighs and nods, still smiling, and pulls away to go change the CD's. "I'm at least putting something on that's more my vocal range then Stevie."

Stacia Flores: She lets go of him reluctantly and watches him, laughing a bit at his comment of vocal range. "I think you're better than you give yourself credit for."

Seth Almon: "You asked for it..." He smirks and changes CD's. The sounds of Tom Petty play... "Learning to Fly," specifically. And he starts to walk back to her, singing as he does. ((Seth Almon: d10: Cha vs.eight(No Per): 4,3,7,6,))

Seth Almon: And he's certainly not...good. At all. He's just...not on key. A lifetime of smoking doesn't help, either. He knows the words at least, which is a plus...he's grinning as he approaches. "Well I started out down a dirty road...Started out all alone. And the sun went down as I crossed the hill, the town lit up the world got still...I'm learning to fly but I ain't got wings. Comin' down is the hardest thing..."

Stacia Flores: She grins some as she listens and well, for whatever her reasons, she leans and just kisses him as he finishes up the 'Coming down is the hardest thing...."

Seth Almon: He blinks and smiles, arms slipping around her as he returns the kiss. He holds it for a long moment, murmuring against her lips. "That bad, eh?"

Stacia Flores: She nods a bit, and murmurs back, "At least you had the words down."

Stacia Flores: ((Stacia: d10: fascination/char: 3,9,6,9, -- to help her charisma and sing roll coming up...but after your post))

Seth Almon: He laughs and pulls away, just for a moment. "Well, I would hope so. Been listening to them for 15 years."

Stacia Flores: She grins and despite hearing Tom Petty, she decides to sing Rhiannon, drawing something deeper inside because, she sooooo wants to impress Seth.

Stacia Flores: ((Stacia: d10: char/performance: 9,9,1,2,1,2,4,4, -- too many dice *lol*))

Stacia Flores: And she starts to sing, "Rhiannon rings like a bell thru the night...And wouldn't you love to love her...She rules her life like a bird in flight....And who will be her lover... " And who will be her lover...

Seth Almon: He raises an eyebrow, smiling as he listens. His head tilts to the side, nodding in time with the music. It's not worse then him, at least...

Stacia Flores: She smiles back. "Maybe I should just leave the singing to the professionals too."

Seth Almon: He chuckles some. "Or the shower. Everyone sounds like a professional in the shower. It's a universal truth."

Stacia Flores: "Well, I don't know if I'm ready to do that....but I think I know what you mean." She moves back to him, starting to wrap her arms around his neck again, but well, Tom Petty doesn't quite do the same for her as Fleetwood Mac.

Seth Almon: He smiles a bit. "Back to something else? Musically, I mean?"

Stacia Flores: "Musically....that might be good. Though I don't want to bore you by trying to dance most of the night with you either."

Seth Almon: "Oh, you're not boring me. At least, we should find something that I haven't mangled for your ears." He chuckles and pulls away. "Maybe we could head to my living area? I could make you some tea..."

Stacia Flores: "I would like that," letting go, and waiting for him to head on ahead of her.

Seth Almon: "All right." He shuts off the stereo and picks up the CD book, carrying it into his living quarters. It's dropped by the portable CD player on the end-table next to the couch as he heads toward the kitchen area. "Pick something out. Your choice."

Stacia Flores: "Okay," she moves toward where he put the CD book and starts looking through it, trying to pick something. She sits down on the couch to get comfortable.

Seth Almon: The CD book is one of those big, 250+ ones, with about a fifth of it various mix CD's, hard to tell what's on them, but for titles... "Meditation Disc 4/25/04," "From Carrie," "Beltaine," "S/S Ballads," and the like. The rest is a hodge-pdoge of genres...classic rock, gothic, new wave, jazz, some disco even, modern rock, classical, alternative, and so on. He's not so much into popular music, but beyond that, it's quite the varied mix.

Stacia Flores: She picks the one called "Beltaine," slipping the CD into the player and pushing play.

Seth Almon: The album, it appears, is actually gothic rock, albeit with a pagan bent...Inkubus Sukkubus, specifically, starts off with a song called "Beltaine." He smiles a little bit and puts the kettle onto boil. "Interesting choice."

Stacia Flores: "Just something you'd said earlier was all," she smiles innocently.

Seth Almon: "Oh? Which was that?" He looks over at her curiously as he readies the tea balls.

Stacia Flores: "The part where you had said, ' I'd rather call her placing second in my estimation...' something like that." She watches him now when he looks to her.

Seth Almon: "Ahhh." He smiles and nods. "Yes. Well; I did rather mean what I said there..."

Stacia Flores: She smiles back to him. "I know, Seth. And thank you....I have to wonder maybe what next Beltaine might be like, too," saying the last part about Beltaine a bit more quietly.

Seth Almon: "How so?" He tilts his head, giving her a curious look.

Stacia Flores: "I just hope to spend it with you. But I know that's a lot of time in between."

Seth Almon: "It is a lot of time..." He nods a bit, leaning against the counter as he waits for the tea to boil, eyes on her. "But no one knows what'll happen in-between. Not even the diviners. So there's no reason to assume we won't be able to spend it with each other, right?"

Stacia Flores: "That's right," she nods, smiling back. "If nothing else.....well....I don't see why we couldn't," watching him back.

Seth Almon: "Me neither," he says with a smile. He's quiet for a moment, eyes on her, until the water comes to a boil. He then turns to pour the tea, and brings her over a cup.

Stacia Flores: She smiles and takes the cup from him, careful of it and how hot it still is. "Any plans for Samhain?" she asks, making room for him to sit next to her.

Seth Almon: "Well, let's see." He sighs. "Spend the day in the of my biggest sales days, as you might imagine. I have my ritual, of course, later that night...that's it so far."

Stacia Flores: "How about I come by and help you since it's one of your biggest sales days," she smiles, certainly geniune about her offer to him. "And afterwards, maybe we could do your ritual together?"

Seth Almon: "I'd love that." He smiles and takes a seat next to her.

Stacia Flores: "Wonderful. Maybe I can you out a bit too with some of my charms?"

Seth Almon: "That, my dear, is entirely up to you." He smiles faintly, head tilting. "I can't say I wouldn't mind the help...but be careful there. I don't want you doing something you're not comfortable with, just to help me have a good sales day."

Stacia Flores: "Well, I'll see. Though maybe it might be seen as personal gain and I wouldn't want to have it come back at me later either." she carefully sips at the tea and then leans her head down on his shoulder also carefully since he is holding his own tea. "Then again, maybe I do need to be careful because I would rather.....well.....ummmm.....nevermind."

Seth Almon: His brow raises a little bit, and he looks at her a moment. "Okay, there was an intriguing thought cut short." ((Seth Almon: d10: Per+Emp: 2,8,2,7,7,9,9,))

Stacia Flores: ((She's thinking maybe it'd be better if it were him giving her the attention. Semi shy but also comfortable with him. And still thinking about the last kiss when he was singing.)) "Yeah..I know....I should have jjust stopped instead of babbling on like that," she blushes.

Seth Almon: He smiles at her, and shakes his head. "Not at all. Even babbling, I love to hear you talk." He leans forward and kisses her briefly, pulling away only a little after to look her in the eyes.

Stacia Flores: She blushes while he kisses her and still seems a little stunned as she looks back into his eyes. Definitely looking happy with the stun/surprise.

Seth Almon: He smiles softly and reaches a hand up to brush it over her hair. "Sarah...I want you to know that I would not want you to say yes to anything you were remotely uncomfortable with...with that in mind, would you spend the night here with me?"

Stacia Flores: She touches his hand lightly. "I wouldn't be uncomfortable at all, Seth. I would love to spend the night here with you."

Seth Almon: He smiles at her answer, and leans in to kiss her again, stonger this time.

Stacia Flores: Her kiss is much deeper now, as she cups his face in her hands gently brushing her thumbs along his jawline.