Stacia Flores: Stacia drops by kinda late at the shop and she hopes it's not too late. But on the drive over, she's gotten to feeling slightly unnerved and really needs to see Seth tonight. Plus her surprise, which she glances over on the passenger seat at the box that she's carefully wrapped, driving a rental car she got for the weekend to just have a moment of splurging. It's a red convertable mustang, one of the new models. She pulls up to the shop, parking the car and getting out with the package in her arms. She has on a long dark blue velvet looking skirt, with a pair of sandals and a white button down sleeveless cotton shirt. Walking up to the shop she knocks at the front door.

Seth Almon: He looks up from the counter, smiling warmly when he sees Stacia. He rises from the final money count and makes his way over, opening the door for her and leaning kiss her forehead. "Well...good evening. Good to see you."

Stacia Flores: She smiles and is glad he is there. "Hi," she beams to him. "Good to see you too." The package in her arm is definitely bigger than a bread box. Setting it down on the counter she puts the keys into her skirt pocket.

Seth Almon: He looks at the box, brow raising a little bit as he smiles. He looks over to her. "Hmmm. What's the occasion? What blesses me with your presence on such a night as this?"

Stacia Flores: She blushes a little, at first, then a bit more. "Go ahead. Open it," she sounds just like a very giddy school girl. ((here's the link to what's inside picture wise: It's a LP record player, portable and has an fm/am radio with it too))

Seth Almon: He smiles a bit and puts his hands to the paper, opening it up. He's careful with the paper, taking his time...enjoying the simple act of opening the gift as much as the gift itself. When he sees what it is, he lifts it up and out, eyes going wide...amazed and awed. "Oh, my. Sarah..." He sets it down, quiet for a long moment, before he looks to her and puts his arms around her shoulder, drawing her into an embrace. "Thank you. So very much."

Stacia Flores: She watches him as he unwraps the present, moving closer to him and just smiles so widely when she sees his amazed and awed reaction to i. "I remembered what you said about the LPs....I didn't want them to collect dust. You're very welcome." she hugs him back tightly.

Seth Almon: "That's...the most thoughtful gift I think I've ever gotten." He smiles and pulls back, watching her with a soft smile, before he loeans forward to kiss her. "Thank you, again."

Stacia Flores: She leans in and kisses him softly. "I'm very happy that you like the gift. You've done so much for me, Seth. It's only a small way I can tell you thank you."

Seth Almon: "It's very appreciated," he says with a smile. There's a long moment that passes as he looks at her, into her eyes with a little smile. "So. How have you been?"

Stacia Flores: She looks back up into his eyes (not sure if I ever gave her eye color ever; they are dark green--what color are his again?) "I....." starts to stammer. "I'm doing much better now." Perhaps it was some of the earlier caffeine that still had her a little wound up.

Seth Almon: ((I don't think I did either...they're an amber color.)) He raises an eyebrow, quiet for just a moment. ((Seth Almon: d10: Per+Emp: 1,9,2,9,5,7,9))

Stacia Flores: She's not kidding when she says she's doing much better. He seems to be the reason. Ecstactic to be with him. A bit underlying that is something that he'd recognize before when she'd been feeling hurt by Lee.

Seth Almon: He smiles and nods. "I'm glad. Come, let's go sit. Are you hungry? Want something to drink?"

Stacia Flores: "Oh, yes...I'm a little hungry," she gladly follows after him, staying unusually close.

Seth Almon: "Perfect. What are you feeling like?" He reaches behind him to take her hand on the way to the living room, cradling the record player carefully under his free arm. He sets it down on the kitchen counter.

Stacia Flores: She squeezes his hand gently when he does that before letting her fingers curl around his. "Anything that's quick and easy. Cheese and crackers? An apple? Fruit...?"

Seth Almon: "Hmmm...I think I can come up with something like that." He smiles a little and goes into the refrigerator. "So, then. Tell me about your week. I want to hear all about it."

Stacia Flores: She smiles, blushing. "the highlight was when I spent the night here with you.....other than that, it's been kinda boring. 'Cept, well, I ran into Lee tonight for the first time....well...since.....all I could think about was you though. Just how much I wanted to be with you again."

Seth Almon: He smiles and looks down a moment, his expression warm, before he comes out with a summer sausage and a block of cheese. He goes to the pantry for some Ritz. "Well...I'm honored. And I hope he's doing well...and I'm glad--or I hope, at least--that it wasn't very stressful for you, seeing him at all."

Stacia Flores: She watches him when he looks down, studying him, quietly in thought.

Stacia Flores: ((Stacia Flores: d10: per/emp: 9,1,7,9,3,6,3,))

Stacia Flores: "I couldn't tell for sure. He seemed glad to see me again. Wants to talk to me sometime.....thought I was so pissed off at him...that he wouldn't call me...." she shrugs.

Seth Almon: ((He's quite flattered and touched by the fact that she was thinking about him...joyed by that fact. He's very deeply cares for her, his feelings for her very strong and growing stronger by the day. As far as Lee goes, he's fairly annoyed with the man, and how he treated her initially, but he's glad that she seems okay with it all.))

Seth Almon: "Really." He raises an eyebrow and sighs. "Yes, well...the man does indeed have feelings. Who knew?" It's clearly intended as a gentle joke, and he chuckles as he starts to cut up the cheese, then the sausage.

Stacia Flores: "What is it?" she asks him quietly, noting the sigh plus the raised eyebrow, walking over to him and wrappingher arms around his waist from behind, careful though since he has a knife. It wouldn't be good if he cut a finger.

Seth Almon: "Nothing, just...I'm still a touch pissy at him on your behalf. But I'm glad he's not a complete ass. I'm horrible in a fight, even if it's over your honor, I imagine." The tone gently teasone on that last bit, though there is a hint of a serious undercurrent to it. Not the fighting part, but perhaps how angry he was on her behalf for it.

Stacia Flores: She hugs him gently. "Oh Seth....don't worry....he's not going to take me away from you," she lets out her own little sigh. "Mmmmmm....." she lays the side of her head against his back. "I made a mistake...but he's the reason we're together now....indirectly but still.....His loss."

Seth Almon: "It wasn't that." He smiles and leans back against her. "I'm not a jealous man, and I'm secure in us. It's just that if he'd been even more of an ass about it all...I would have had to do somethin drastic, I'm afraid. And I'm a bleeder." he chuckles some, before leaning back to kiss her jaw. "So that's good."

Stacia Flores: She blushes a bit, having taken it not quite the way he meant it. Gently she brushe her hand against his face when he kisses her jaw. "Then I'd better teach you kickboxing real soon," she smiles shyly back at him. Letting go of his waist she reaches a bit further to grab at something on the cutting board, picking up a piece of the cheese. "I hope that I ....." and she quickly puts the cheese in her mouth and buries her head against his back again.

Seth Almon: "Hmm?" He looks over his shoulder at her. "You hope that you...?"

Stacia Flores: She half murmurs against his back after finishing the bite. "I....well, I didn't sound...I don't know....silly.....for saying what I did....and you didn't mean what I thought you had about the bleeding thing," she starts babbling. "Nevermind...."

Seth Almon: "You never sound silly, Sarah." He turns to face her, his hands encircling her waist. "And by being a bleeder, I mean only that I'm not a great fighter, and having heard about Lee, I imagine that he is one...or better then me, at least. And I'm nto a violent man, no. But I certainly would have shared words with him, if he had continued to treat you as poorly as he did."

Stacia Flores: Letting go of his waist, she moves her arms up around his neck. "Yeah....I think you're right about him being a good fighter. He....umm....." she gets a bit red, "....can be .....rough." Quickly though she leans up and kisses him, first slowly, then deepening the kiss.

Seth Almon: "Oh?" He smiles a little before she kisses him, and then he draws her to him, meeting the kiss. He follows her lead, deepening it when she does, and runs his hands lightly over her back.

Stacia Flores: She leans into him more, even after he pulls her in closer, letting her fingers run along the nape of his neck some. Holding the kiss for as long as she can, she reluctantly pulls back gently, looking back into his eyes.

Seth Almon: He lets out a deep breath when the kiss finally breaks, smiling warmly as he reasis a hand to bruish over her hair. "Hey, there."

Stacia Flores: "Hey....." she grins back up to him, catching a bit of her own breath. "Don't think you want to know the sordid details now....?"

Seth Almon: "Mmmm..." He grins a little, leaning in again. "No, not now, I don't think. Later, maybe." Again, the teasing obvious in his voice, as he rests his forehead against hers.

Stacia Flores: She blushes a bit, touching her forefinger gently against his lips and tracing them, her nail gently touching the skin as she does. "I think it's time for that snack. You hungry too?"

Seth Almon: "I could go for something to snack on, sure." He smiles and pulls away, moving to set the food on a plate. He turns and holds it up, balanced on one hand with his other arm behind his back in a waiter's pose. "And where would madame like to dine? The couch is a popular spot for such, although there are many other options...:"

Stacia Flores: She starts giggling when he calls her a madame. "I wouldn't want to make a mess in the bed, so I think the couch would be best, good sir," which calling him that made her start laughing.

Seth Almon: "Well, then...the couch it is." He winks, otherwise deadpan, and turns on a heel, carrying the plate to the couch and setting it down on the coffee table.

Stacia Flores: She almost tickles him for that deadpan look she gets but doesn't want the food all over the floor. So she moves after him, waiting to sit down until after he does, semi sitting in his lap, reachin to the coffee table to get a few bites of the sausage. "What about your week?" she asks him after finishing with her first bite.

Seth Almon: He shrugs a little bit. "It's been all right. Nothing too eventful...the exquisitely lovely time spent with present company excepted." He smiles. "I think the most problem I had was a teenaged boy I've been working with on his psychic skills not making it to his weekly class."

Stacia Flores: There is a big smile when he mentions that their time together was eventful. "But he will come to class next week, right?" She takes a few more bites again, glancing back to him.

Seth Almon: "I certainly hope he will," he says with a nod. "He's a street no way to contact him. He's always just shown up at the scheduled time."

Stacia Flores: "You think something happened to him?" she asks with some concern.

Seth Almon: "Too early to say." He does sound concerned as well. "I mean, he may have just missed it. Street does happen. Can't say I'm not worried, though."

Stacia Flores: "But he was always regular before?"

Seth Almon: "Yeah. Like clockwork. I mean...sure, late from time to time. But always there."

Stacia Flores: She hugs him. "I hope he'll be okay.....Though if you'd want to go out and look for him sometime....."

Seth Almon: "Maybe." He nods a little bit. "If he misses this week."

Stacia Flores: "All you have to do is ask....I'm there with you." she kisses his cheek.

Seth Almon: "Thank you." He smiles and hugs her back, tightly for a moment. "I'm probably worried over nothing. But we'll see."

Stacia Flores: "Sometimes though there is more to it....." she gives him a tight hug after he does with her. "Seth...." she's not sure what else to say.

Seth Almon: "it's okay." He smiles at her, a hand rising to bursh over her cheek. "I'm sure it'll be fine. Thank you."

Stacia Flores: "Always..." she smiles back to him, turning her face to kiss at his fingers.

Seth Almon: He takes a deep breath and smiles, his index finger tracing around the line of her lips. He watches her for a moment, then leans in to kiss her.

Stacia Flores: She shivers (a good one of course) when he traces the line of her lips, and as she starts to lick back, instead she gets his lips and smiling, kisses him tenderly, looking into his eyes.

Seth Almon: The smile carries to his eyes, which meet hers as they kiss. They partially close, but what's still open is looking deep into hers. He shifts a bit closer, the food forgotten, and gives Stacia his full, VERY undivded attention, his fingers playing lightly around her jawline.

Stacia Flores: Her kiss deepens as her tongue gently pushes into his mouth and dances with his. As his fingers touch her face like that, she shivers again, her eyes only closing for a moment, even smiling while still kissing. Then her eyes open again slowly, catching back with his amber ones again. Doing her best, she tries to climb up into his lap wanting to be closer.

Seth Almon: He sighs a little bit into the kiss and leans back, his arms drawing around Stacia to pull her over to him, making room in his lap for her.

Stacia Flores: She moves with him, getting more comfortable in his lap and trying not to put too much weight on him either. Feeling his arm around her, she lets out a very small moan and her own arms wrap around his neck.

Seth Almon: He shivers a little himself now, and breaks the kiss to lower his attention over her jawline, down to her neck. He glides his hands over her back, going to tension spots and applying his fingers to them, working them into a more relaxed state as he kisses along the line of her neck.

Stacia Flores: She lets out a gasp feeling his fingers as they rub her tension away but the kissing of her neck....she does let out a very small moan, shivering again, and whispering his name, "Oh Seth....." then after a moment. "Nice hands...."

Seth Almon: He smiles a little bit. "I'm glad you like them," he murmurs against her throat. He brings his hands around to her sides, brushing feather-light, then back to find more tension spots, and his lips travel a line, gently nipping and kissing down to her shoulder.

Stacia Flores: "Mmmm...." she murmurs back, trying to nussle back against his neck or cheek, whatever she can easiest reach. "This mean you want me to stay tonight?"

Seth Almon: "This means," he says with a smile....apparently, that's the completion of the sentance, and it's definitely in the affirmative.

Stacia Flores: She smiles more. "I would have begged you to stay if it hadn't been. Just though you should know that." She kisses at his neck gently, murmuring again. "Sometime you have to come back to my place."

Seth Almon: "Most definitely." He tilts his head back to allow better access to his neck, a small moan coming out with his sigh. "I'd love to see your place, one of these days..." All the while, he keeps the bressure up with his hands, working through the knots in her upper back and shoulders now.

Stacia Flores: She gently kisses and licks more along his neck, her breath slowly from how he is massaging her back and shoulders, certainly being relaxed. She had been pretty tense at first. "You'll have to stay the night too...." she says between the nussles. "Fair's fair."

Seth Almon: "Fair is definitely fair...and I meant it. I'd really, very much like to see it. I want to know everything about you you're willing to let me know." He smiles softly and pulls her close to him, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "And I mean that, with all seriousness."

Stacia Flores: Closing her eyes again, she pulls herself tightly against him. "Seth....I can tell. I you do know more about me than anyone else. You know I'm Sarah. And with you, I finally feel free to just be who I used to be......and I cannot begin to describe how happy that makes me...." she says quietly against his ear, kissing at the lobe gently.