Brice Halloran: ~As you look her up and down at a glance, you see an average looking girl, of average height and build. She's by no means a supermodel, but she's not some butt ugly brat either. But she does scream thug. Her mid-back length brown hair is drab, and bunched into little tiny twists all over her head. She's got brown eyes, the right one with a hoop through the brow. Each ear has 6 piercings, five up her earlobe, and a stud at the very top of each ear. She actually has a very nice nose, as long as you don't mind the little studs through each nostril. When she talks there's a clack and minor lisp, though that could be from the two barbells in her tongue, it's hard to say for sure.Her makeup has that dark look to it, the dark eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner and mascara, framing perfectly the dark brown eyes that have a hardness to them. She wears a black baby doll T, with white print on the front of a Buddah across her chest, with "Rub Here for good luck" written across his belly, boing right across her breasts and a pair of extremely large, black bondage pants, with zipper pockets and straps going every which way. With the size and sag factor of them, it makes it hard to make out what she might be wearing for shoes, but with her oh so wonderous charisma and charm, you aren't so sure you want to try to find out.~ [Fame 2, see Who's Who for details]

Brice Halloran: ~She strolls along one of the paths, scowling, cigarette dangling from her lips, hands shoved down into deep pockets~

Brice Halloran: ~She moves over to a bench and flops onto it, quite unladylike, then sends the last of her cigarette skittering further along the path, exhaling smoke from her nostrils~

Erik Mansfield: Erik is a teenager and obviously so, he wears a black motorcycle jacket and baggy black jeans, the jacket when open will displays a band shirt of one band or another in the heavy rock and metal selection of the genre. He wears bulky steel toed combat boots and around his waist posted through the belt hooks is a chain wrapped twice around and hanging loose at either end. His light brown hair is cut to about a centimetre in length and he has narrow hassle eyes, his skin is neither particularly tanned nor pail. He is fairly well built for his age, when not otherwise occupied (and even sometimes when he is) he has a tendency to glance round and you always feel like he notices you, like he notices everything. His hands are usually bare and hardly ever in his pockets, except for on occasion to skip the track on the mp3 player he has stored there evidenced by the wire leading up to a headphone in his right ear (he only ever has the one in).

Erik Mansfield: He parks his bike at the edge of the park... ok less parking and more he stops as he dissenbarks and pulls the keys, stuffing them into a pocket he walks in looking around himself, almost suspiciously as he heads in at a leasurly pace.

Brice Halloran: ~Her gaze slips to a more unfocused look, staring off, letting her mind wander. Though the further it goes, the deeper the scowl gets. She leans forward, resting her elbows on her knees, turning the glare straight ahead~

Erik Mansfield: d10: Per alert (acute): 7,2,8,1,8,

Erik Mansfield: He notices the scowl, and being, well, being him erik starts headed in her direction... not distinctly at her, but down the appropriate path, hooking his thumbs into the last links at either end of his belt

Brice Halloran: ~She blinks a few times, shaking her head, then leans back on the bench and brings one leg up to cross ankle over knee, draping one arm up over the back of the bench. She digs around in her pocket for a minute, and pulls out a pack of gum~

Erik Mansfield: As she pulls out her gum he starts his own little stunt, hopping up onto the bench he looks down twists round and sits back, feet on the seet perched on the back of the bench grinning like a heyena, "What's up, the clones gotten you down." he says with a mischevious grin to her, leaning back keeping himself inplace by holding the bench as he does so.

Brice Halloran: d10: startled?: 9,4,5,6,3,

Brice Halloran: ~Her eyes snap over to him, blinking a few times, then scowling once more, popping a piece of gum in her mouth~ Yeah, tha's it. A clone. Who tha fuck are you?

Erik Mansfield: "I'm the anti-clone." he smirks "just here to ruffle some feathers and all that. bordem is the mother of all hell after all."

Brice Halloran: Ruffle someone else's feathers. ~She snorts, shaking her head~ Specially if ya gotta fuckin penis. ~She stands up from the bench and starts walking along the path, shoving her hands back down into her pockets~

Erik Mansfield: "Someone's having a bad day, no I think your feathers will do." he says standing up on the bench and moving along it after her, a few steps back and thus still on the bench. grinning like he's struck gold.

Brice Halloran: Dude..... really. Fuck off. I've hit my asshole quota fer tha month already, but if ya wanna call my secretary an make an appointment fer next month, feel free.

Erik Mansfield: "I was never good with paper work, guess I'll just cut the crap with it and bug you now, what's the harm in another if the quota's already been met?" he says jumping down off the bench grinning and walking along the edge of the path, a good few steps back. he's annoying he's not stupid.

Brice Halloran: ~She sighs, turning around to look at him, hands planting on her hips~ What....... tha....... fuck. Are ya jus like...... lookin fer an ass beatin or what?

Erik Mansfield: "I ain't said no to pretty girls kickin my ass I've gotta say, but none of them had quite your rep for doin it so well, but no rep's gonna stopp me winding you tighter if you're gonna let yourself be so tight, least if you're tryna kill me it'll break some of it out aye babe?" he says with a wink. and in the most annoying way possible, though the switch in stanc from walking towards to ready to flee is notable.

Brice Halloran: I beat ass, I don' kill people. Big diff'rence. ~She scowls at him~ An if ya know my rep, why ya gonna be all fuckin retarded an piss me off? Ya like.... onea them sick fuckin masochists er somethin?

Erik Mansfield: "Maybe, maybe not." he shrugs seems to make no ends to him. "And the killing wasn't meant in a quite litteral sense." he smirks, still obviously ready to run, but being, well erik.

Brice Halloran: ~She scowls at him~ Yer pushin..... hard......

Erik Mansfield: "Is there any other way to push?" he says... his voice a sickeningly sweat tone, an obviously intentional and false pretense to, well anyone ever.

Brice Halloran: ~She takes a couple steps towards him, her jaw setting~

Erik Mansfield: He takes an equal number of steps back, but in doing so just grins more.

Brice Halloran: d10: controlthyself: 2,8,3,6,5,8,

Brice Halloran: ~She stops, fists balling, then turns again, and resumes walking away from him~

Erik Mansfield: "Everybody walks away, no one wants to face the truth, i'm the asshole after all right." he says with a wink despite the fact her back is turned "go on, go live in the lies." he says after her with a smirk taking a few more steps back and retaking his place on the back've the bench.

Brice Halloran: ~She spins around and spits the wad of gum at him~ FUCK you, ya stupid little fucker. Ya don' know a GOD DAMN THING so shut yer FUCKIN mouth b'fore I shut it fer ya! Got it?

Erik Mansfield: "Sure, people like me, street scum, we don't know shit bout nothin, I got it." it's said in such a smug way as to be sure that he's not sincier in what he's saying, watching her from the short distance now between.

Brice Halloran: ~She starts stalking forward again, moving for him on his little perch on the bench~

Brice Halloran: ((~Slaps pause and skitters so I can get back quicker~))

Erik Mansfield: ((~goes off until summoned once more~))

Brice Halloran: ((YAY! Back now))

Erik Mansfield: He sits on the bench and grins meeting her glare as she stalks towards him seemingly unbothered, I mean he's unbothered enough that his eyes flick round scoping the surrounding area out aswell before comming back to hers.

Brice Halloran: ~She steps right up to the bench, glaring hard at the boy~ Damn fuckin right ya don' know shit. Now why doncha take yer scrawny, good fer nuthin ass on outta here b'fore I lay ya out ya fuckin bitch.

Ravyn: ((Here if/when needed. :) ))

Brice Halloran: ((YAY! ~giggles~ Will likely be needed..... unless Erik decides to curl up in a ball and get beat up by a girl))

Erik Mansfield: ((*notices birdie and hides*))
He glances around before leaning foward to her "Sure, I can take a hint, but jus so you know, you really need to chill, but what do I know, ignore me right? you're not as pissy as the clones, not just another bad tempered bitch in new york." he says it in the most annoying possible way he can, and starts to stand up to start headed away, braced for her to snap on him.

Brice Halloran: ~To which she does, as he's starting to stand up, snap her fist in for a sucker punch~

Brice Halloran: ((~L~ You want init first? Or the roll for the hit?))

Ravyn: ((Gimme an init))

Brice Halloran: d10: : 2,

Brice Halloran: ((~Services the roller~ uh.... that would be 8 total))

Erik Mansfield: d10: Init, add five: 5,

Brice Halloran: ((~Snickers and swats Blind~ I serviced the roller for me, not you.))

Erik Mansfield: ((10 here)) erik trys to turn the stand into a jump to the side, off the bech to try to avoid the incomming fist grinning all the while... except you know... if it connects and hurts.

Brice Halloran: d10: swinging: 7,4,2,5,6,1,

Brice Halloran: ((~Shakes fist at roller~ How about we go back to that room we did the raid in? ~LOL~))

Erik Mansfield: d10: Dodge: 8,7,9,6,8,

Erik Mansfield: ((Looks in awe at the dice... No, I like this room))

Brice Halloran: ((~Baps Blind for stealing my servicing mojo~))

Ravyn: RECAP: Erik successfully turns and twists, ending up to the side of Brice as she swings and finds only air.

Brice Halloran: ~Yummy kicking range goodness. She snaps a foot up and to the side, while player services roller again~

Brice Halloran: d10: dex + brawl (WP): 4,1,2,1,8,4,

Brice Halloran: ((DAMN you! ~Kicks roller~))

Erik Mansfield: Erik grins, turns on his heel and starts doing a runner.

Erik Mansfield: d10: Dex athletics, NR: 6,10,3,2,7,6,9,

Ravyn: RECAP: The kick flies wide, and Erik takes off like a bat out of hell, starting to make some good distance away from Brice.

Brice Halloran: ~She frowns, shaking her head as he takes off running, but doesn't give chase~ Fuckin pansy ass bitch.

Erik Mansfield: "You know it toots." he says grinning and obviously enjoying himself, flipping the bird, headed out of the park onto the bike and away if she's not gonna chase.

Brice Halloran: ~She toys with the idea of chasing, but decides he's not worth it. Besides, she made promises, and if Brian finds out she was fighting he'll kick her ass~