Felisa Espinosa: She was told to meet Sady here, so Felisa found herself sitting on the steps of a ratty apartment complex, smoking a cigarette and looking like one of the natives. Nobody bothered her here, at least not yet. Being a street rat had it's advantages.

Sady [night]: ~She tromps out of an alley nearby after questioning the people inside and getting no results, heading for the spot designated to meet the girl~

Felisa Espinosa: She raised up a lazy hand and waved her over.
"S'up? Told me to meet here so I'm here, and I don't have anything to report yet," she said, feeling blank about the whole thing. "Looks like a dead end, but gimme another week on the shit. I hate failure like I hate pink hats. And I HATE pink hats."

Sady [night]: There are not any words in the English language 100 letters long.

Sady [night]: ~She hands over a photocopy of a news article~ Start with reading this. ~Then she holds up a picture, not a very good one, but it's something to go on. One of those photobooth style pictures~ This guy here is the one that was killed.

Felisa Espinosa: "Okay. Harem warehouse. We're in Harlem, where the fuck is this warehouse? Gotta be tons of 'em, and I won't ask the obvious question of what the fuck THAT guy was doing in a warehouse? He's gay, so I seriously doubt he was looking for a furniture outlet store. Those people have taste."

Sady [night]: Exactly. Somethin had 'im down here for a reason. Far as I know there ain't shit for gay clubs round here either. I got some people askin around, an I been checkin with the homeless. If we can find out about this anonymous tipper that might get us somewhere too.

Felisa Espinosa: "Y'know, he's probably... well, not like a snitch or anything, but he makes his money by snippets of information. Y'know the type, always with the big nose, sniffin' around."
She put the ciggie out and stood up. "Gotta be somebody that hangs out here. Knows the place like the back of their hands."

Sady [night]: Yeah, but they ain't makin no money bein anonymous. ~She tucks the picture away and looks around, frowning some~ There's enough people round here at any given hour to have seen somethin. Him goin in, anything like that.

Felisa Espinosa: "Yeah. Just gotta find out who's important around here and start asking questions... or start shaking down motherfuckers. Probably not the best of ideas, but hey, gotta crack an egg to make a omlette sometimes."
She cast her brown eyes around the street, watching people. "Where are the bums? That's the easiest bet. Case of Wild Irish Rose and a vial of crack; you'd have fights in the street they'd wanna tell you so bad."

Ravyn: The homeless in Harlem are, of course, everywhere. Pretty much can't throw a rock without hitting one. If they keep looking, they should be able to find more, they are sure.

Sady [night]: You handle the drug shit. I'll just shake 'em up. ~Smirks and turns, heading for the next alley~

Felisa Espinosa: "Yeah, I'll just pull out the case of Wild Irish Rose I have in my back pocket. Geez. I'll just offer 'em cash and shoot 'em if they get antsy."
She didn't sound like she was kidding. That or the woman had mastered deadpan humor. Giggling, she went down the alley, looking for somebody with enough brainpower to start and finish a decent sentence.

Sady [night]: d10: per + alert: 2,10,6,4,

Sady [night]: ~She shoots the girl a look~ Self defense girl. Last thing we need is to get 'em all runnin soon as they see us comin. ~She looks around for a moment, then tromps not so quietly towards the first lump of person she finds~

Ravyn: ((And so we don't have to RP ninety gajillion interviews in alleyways...I'm going to have you both make me Charisma+Invesitagion rolls. Difficulty is 10 - any street influence, any underwrold influence, and any allies combined. So diff 7 for Sady, diff 9 for Felisa))

Sady [night]: d10: cha + inves: 2,7,8,3,

Felisa Espinosa: "Well you're a laff riot."
Since they were together, Felisa figured she'd be the one to keep an eye out and let Sady concentrate on finding somebody to talk to. Feeling the cold weight of the SIG in her hoodie made the girl a little happier.

Felisa Espinosa: d10: cha+ inv: 9,4,8,4,5,

Sady [night]: ~She nudges at the lump with her boot~ Hey. Get up.

Felisa Espinosa: "You find somebody?" she asked, going over to where Sady was.

Ravyn: Felisa knows of a possible contact through her buddy Snaggletooth Johnson, someone who tends to be on top of all the good rumors in Harlem. His name is Buster Hurst, and he seems to keep ahead on allthe good news. Sady also manages to track a name down to Buster...after much searching, they manage to find him, sitting on the curb alongside a 7-11.

Sady [night]: ~She nods, waiting for the person to stir, her arms crossing with a scowl~

Felisa Espinosa: "You Buster? Got a friend of a friend that says you're the one with a good nose," she said, tilting her head slightly.

Sady [night]: Oh damn, that's right. ~She turns and heads out of the alley, shaking her head and heading for the 7-11~

Felisa Espinosa: She shook her head and followed. Fucking brain farts were contagious tonight, she thought.
"We ain't exactly Cagney and Lacey. Goddamn..."

Sady [night]: ~She smirks, shaking her head~ You ain't kiddin. Fuckin Tweedle Dee an Tweedle Dumb. ~She tromps to the 7-11, taking a good look around~ Buster. Where the fuck you at?

Felisa Espinosa: "He ain't that guy getting a slurpee is he? Fucker looks like he took a wrong turn at Columbia. He's got greek letters on his chest."
Another ciggie, and she was tempted to sit on the curb but refrained. Too much broken glass... and was that a bullet casing? Fuck.

Sady [night]: Naw, he's out here somewhere. ~She moves over to a man, glaring down at him~ You Buster?

Felisa Espinosa: "Like looking for a needle in a diseased haystack. Fuck, and I thought my neighborhood was shitty."
She kept an eye out for anybody looking to bolt, or pull out a gun, or anything fucked up.

Sady [night]: No shit. ~She nudges the guy with her boot~ Hey fucker I'm talkin ta you.

Ravyn: ((Sorry avout thatm guys. I'm back now.))

Sady [night]: ((Is ok ~S~ We know you're busy))

Felisa Espinosa: She watched the nudnik get his slurpee, pay the guy and walk out wide-eyed. I bet you drive that nice SUV over there don'tcha? Yes you do...

Sady [night]: ~She crouches down next to the guy, her eyes narrowing~

Felisa Espinosa: "Is that the guy? Somehow I expected something different. Y'know, like a person that can stand up or something."
Man did something smell. Auspex was really a two way street.

Sady [night]: Dunno, I think he's passed out. ~She reaches over and pokes at him~

Ravyn: As they come up to the 7-11, it become pretty obvious who he is. He sits on the curb just outside the front door, smoking a joint with the standard homeless fashion policy of many layers of blothes. A white man in his early thirties, he looks up when Sady and Felisa come up, watching them as they approach. he doesn't say anything until Sady nudges him, and then he grunts, taking a drag off the smoke. "Fuck yeah...I'm Buster, awright. Who tha fuck are you?"

Felisa Espinosa: "Maybe somebody mugged the guy, who knows? I wouldn't fucking doubt it. He still has his shoes though, so that's something."

Sady [night]: I gots some questions I need answered. ~She digs the picture out and holds it up to him~ Ya see this guy a few months ago hangin round?

Ravyn: He frowns and leans forward, looking at the picture. A little purse of his lips. "I dunno...my memory ain't quite what it used ta be..." He looks between Felisa and Sady.

Sady [night]: Well....... take another fuckin toke an it might clear it up. Guy's queerer than a two dollar bill. He was found dead in a warehouse round here. Think hard an it might get ya some food.

Felisa Espinosa: "The way that shit smells I'm surprised you have any memory at all," she said, flipping out a twenty... and holding it.

Ravyn: He looks up at the twenty, which seems to interest him much more then some food. "Lemme see that pic..." He waves it closer, reaching out to snatch it if Sady will let it go.

Sady [night]: ~She reaches out and pushes his hand back down, then moves the picture closer~ Think real hard now. Was bout three months ago.

Felisa Espinosa: Yeah. Cash can get you all sorts of things, including people if you cultivate them often enough, and with the right care. Felisa looked at the bill, gave it a nice sniff, flexed it. Crisp new twenty. Yup.

Ravyn: He squints a little. "I know the kid, yeah. Used ta come down here for a piece every coupla months or so."

Sady [night]: Ya remember who he dealt with?

Felisa Espinosa: "Every couple months or so huh? Guy's got a sense of taste. I don't know exactly what that taste is, but he's got a sense for it," she said, tsking.

Ravyn: "Whatever kid'd sell their ass to him for a bit." A shrug. "He knew some of local kids...most of 'em have moved on from here, though."

Sady [night]: ~She frowns, glancing over at Fel, then back to the guy~ Kids? Who's still 'round?

Felisa Espinosa: "What kinda kids are we talking about? Like, kid-kids? Fucking ten years old n' shit?"
Not that it bothered her any. Felisa was just curious.

Sady [night]: ~Her phone goes off, and she sneers, pulling it out of her jacket. She glances down at the screen, hits a couple of buttons, and then tucks it back away, putting the picture away while she's at it~

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 8,7,6,2,3,

Ravyn: "More like the fourteen to sixteen years olds." He frowns, looking around. "There used to be a couple of them that lived a couple blocks down. Dunno if they're still there, but...they may know more. What, you guys lookin' to pick up the kiddie whore johns?"

Sady [night]: The guy is dead. I wanna know who killed 'im. You see anyone b'sides kids with 'im?

Felisa Espinosa: "Fuck no. But if they got a pimp or some shit I'd like to know about it beforehand, yeah? I don't need some jackass in my grill all of a sudden."
She handed him the twenty, looking slightly mad.

Ravyn: "Someone killed 'im..." He blinks, thinking about it for a moment, before he nods, remembrance coming to his face. "Ahh, shit...that's right. Ain't seen him in a few months. Heard one of the old guard got himself offed aroun her late October. Shit...musta been him."

Sady [night]: ~She nods~ That'd be him. I need some names if ya can give 'em over. Any of the kids that'd still be 'round here. Gimme that and there's more money in it for ya.

Felisa Espinosa: "Keep talking man, this is getting fascinating to my ears," she said, dipping into her pocket.

Ravyn: He forwns, thinking about it. "I think Fischer still works a couple blocks down..." He points off North, down the street. "He might be able to help."

Sady [night]: Thanks Buster. Been a huge help. ~She stands, nodding to Fel, then turning and heading north while Fel finishes up with Buster~

Sady [night]: ~She pulls her phone out along the way, scowling hard as she starts pushing buttons~

Felisa Espinosa: "What's this Fischer guy like?" she asked. "We aren't going to be walking up to some guy with a sawed-off are we? I mean, yeah, that'd be interesting and kinda cool, but I never really handled surprises that well."

Ravyn: He snorts. "Fischer's an eighteen-year-old hustler with little more then the clothes he's wearing and the track marks to show where the rest of his money's gone."

Sady [night]: ~She tucks the phone away, tromping in the direction Buster indicated~

Felisa Espinosa: "Right. Thanks Buster. Don't spend it all in one place," she said, giving him another twenty. She patted him on the back and tried to catch up to the impatient woman that was walking into god knows what.

Sady [night]: ~It's not hard to know which way she went. Just follow the stomping~

Sady [night]: ~Her phone goes off again, and she pulls it from her pocket. A pause, and then she starts pushing buttons~

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert (Heighen): 2,3,7,6,2,

Felisa Espinosa: She caught up easily enough.
"You know if you just want me off this thing you could say something instead of walking away."

Sady [night]: ~After a very short pause the phone goes off again. She looks down at it, nods, and tucks it back into her jacket as she continues tromping~

Sady [night]: If I wanted ya off this thing I'd tell ya. ~She smirks and digs some money out of her pocket, pulls two twenties and hands them to Fel~

Ravyn: Sady and Felisa, who's not too far behind, makit it a couple blocks up the street, and sure enough, they see a kid who looks about the right age leaning against a wall...classic 'come hither for a price' pose. He's in his late teens, maybe early twenties...a provocative shirt, showing off his lanky, effeminate body. Long sleeves. Pants that are skin-tight to his long legs. 3" Heel boots. Adrogynous look, shoulder'length blond hair. He looks over at the approaching duo, eyes looking over their forms, warily watching their movements.

Felisa Espinosa: She snatched up the bills and stuffed them in her hoodie, being quiet.

Sady [night]: ~She tilts her head and makes a deliberate tromp for the boy, and as soon as she's in reasonable range of him, starts talking~ Hey. Ya know a kid named Fischer?

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 10,7,8,5,4,

Ravyn: He smirks a little bit, shrugging...high voice, matching his image. "Depends on why you're lookin' for him, honey."

Sady [night]: ~She snorts~ It ain't to buy his goodies. I need information. ~Moving right up close to stand infront of him, head tilting~

Felisa Espinosa: She kept an eye out, watching for any sudden moves or hidden fuckers with bad agandas. Somebody had to do that sort of shit.

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+emp: 7,6,3,7,4,

Ravyn -> Felisa Espinosa: He's wary, especially at the idea of giving information. But he's not looking like he'll bolt unless he thinks he really needs to.

Felisa Espinosa: "Chill man, just chill. We're just checking on some old school shit, nothing to clinch your ass cheeks about."
She flashed a grin at him, trying to look nice.

Ravyn: "Mmmm..." He grins a little bit, pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, pulling one out. "Information don't come cheap, sweetie. What are you looking to know?"

Sady [night]: ~She pulls the picture from her pocket and holds it up for him to see~ Ya know this guy?

Ravyn: He looks it over, and frowns. "Yeah, I know him. S'Micah...or Saidah, if you wanna call him that. What about 'im?" He eyes the two.

Felisa Espinosa: Felisa put her hands in her pockets again, looking nowhere and everywhere.

Sady [night]: He died about three months ago. I wanna know who he was with.

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+emp: 6,6,6,2,3,

Ravyn -> Felisa Espinosa: Cominbation sympathy and disgust for Micah...a definite kiinship there, though one that's highly, highly tarnished.

Joshua Coil: *He takes a cab, to Harlem. Doesn't come here very often. Wearing a faded blue tee shirt and black jeans beneath his jean jacket. A surprisingly casual look. But the sheer size of him is unmistakeable, as he slips out of the cab, paying with tip, then taking a look around.*

Joshua Coil: d10: per+alert: 3,5,7,2,4,

Joshua Coil: *It's dark. Isn't this where the leech said she'd be? He grunts, and walks.*

Felisa Espinosa: "Looks like you guys were tight in a weird way. I can see it in your eyes," Felisa said, her face like a china mask in it's blankness.

Ravyn: "Mmm...sorry, honey, I don't know who he was with." He lights the cigarette. "I heard a little about it. Got in some shootout with some muggers that day...killed all the muggers. Tried to pick up a new john off the streets...pull his scare tactic, rape fantasy bullshit. Kid ran off, and somehow, Micah ended up dead in a warehouse with his head bashed in. Looked like an anger killing, or a hate crime. Don't see many people's heads crushed to pulp for little old robberies."

Sady [night]: Who was the kid? ~Her scowl deepening, the picture being tucked back into her jacket~

Ravyn: d10: Per+Alert: 8,9,4,2,8,

Felisa Espinosa: "That somehow part's quite a little mystery isn't it? This new john guy, I bet he wasn't seen again afterwards."
It was a hunch. But Felisa was good with hunches.

Ravyn: "New kid. Mikey...umm. No, Mickey..." He frowns, thinking. "Gonna have to forgive me, baby dolls. It's been a few months, and we get a lot of movement through here, you know?" He tries to think...until he sees the enormous man heading this way. That seems to distract him some.

Joshua Coil: d10: per+alert: 7,4,10,9,7,

Joshua Coil: *Getting closer, he can see a bit better. The gathering, the ... look. He cants his head, perhaps a bit curiously.*

Sady [night]: ~Not letting herself get distracted. Fel's got a lookout and that's good enough for her for the moment. She waves a hand over the kid's line of sight~ I know it's been a few months but I need this info kid. Is it Mikey or Mickey?

Felisa Espinosa: "There's a big chunk of information missing on that one."
Just a question of what. Felisa pulled out a ciggie and lit it. "Don't suppose you'd know about the john, again?"

Ravyn: "Ummm..." She seems to be getting nervous as the big guy approaches. Just something about him. She looks back to Sady. "Uh, Mickey, I think. Yeah, that's it. And no, he got his ass off the job after that. Or at least found a safer place to work. Kid was runnin' scared, it sounded like."

Sady [night]: Any idea where he went? Or how I could find 'im?

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+emp: 9,8,3,2,10,

Felisa Espinosa: She felt damned near useless. What was the point of this again? Oh yeah, to save the skinhead's ass. Felisa looked over at the man, who was huge, and seemed to be curious as to what they were doing.
"That's a big motherfucker."

Joshua Coil: I'm not a necrophiliac, *he shoots back, his voice... horridly unpleasant. As if he is fighting to get every word out, scratchy.*

Ravyn -> Felisa Espinosa: He's scared of Joshua...that irrational, instinctual fear. Not by anything he's doing or that...she doesn't seem to know him...just his general presence.

Sady [night]: ~That voice gets her attention, and she glances back over her shoulder~ Hey man. S'alright girl, I told 'im where I was. ~She looks back to Fischer~

Felisa Espinosa: "He ain't gonna hurt you man."

Ravyn: "Dunno where he went, no. Rumor was he got himself a sugar daddy." She's still watching the big man, a little skittish.

Ravyn: ((She = He))

Sady [night]: Any idea who might know more than that?

Felisa Espinosa: Which, in a way, brings us back to the john. Or perhaps it didn't and Felisa was stuck in a loop of sorts. "So the kid's off the streets now? Nobody's seen him for months, he doesn't pop up every now and again?"

Ravyn: "Nope...I haven't seen his skinny ass, that's for sure. Whatever happened, it scared the SHIT outta him. Everyone's pretty much thought the gay-bashing was bullshit...I've been here for years, haven't ever been beaten around to that point. They kinda felt it was 'cause he was..." He shrugs. "Well, prey turned predator, if you get my drift. That kind of thing isn't taken well, you know?"

Joshua Coil: He can't have been the only person that Micah was around, *he grunts out.*

Sady [night]: You ever see a big german guy round here? Bald, usually peddlin drugs.

Felisa Espinosa: "Well, now we know who to look for. Question is where the fuck did he go?"
She dropped the cigarette and stomped on it, thinking. Fucking sugar daddy, that could be anybody half twisted. "Wouldn't happen to know Mickey or Mikey's last name offhand?"

Sady [night]: ~She shakes her head no to Josh~ 'Parently this is a new kid that he was tryin ta pick up on.

Joshua Coil: *He scowls.* Maybe he had some other agenda in mind.

Ravyn: "Micah was only down here every couple of months," he says to Joshua, looking up to him and swallowing. "Look...he'd been gone for a while, all right, honey? He came back, got in a fight with some gangbangers, they all got shot up, like I said. Went and found Mickey. Whatever happened happened...probably someone trying to take out Micah for preying on his own old crew. He ended up dead in a warehouse, with his head bashed in. Cleaned out the evidence, took off."

Sady [night]: One ya don't wanna know bout man, trust me on that. ~She shakes her head, frowning~

Joshua Coil: *His eyes narrow, harshly.* Preying on his ... old crew.

Ravyn: "Bald German guy sellin' drugs?" She snorts. "Shit...everyone knows not to try and sell in here. Only one guy runs the drugs here, and it ain't no fuckin' German."

Sady [night]: ~She nods, patting the kid on the shoulder not so gently, then digs some money out of her pocket. Hands him a couple of twenties, muttering something about being glad she had left over from the security deposit~ What 'bout the german? Ya see 'im at all?

Felisa Espinosa: "Maybe somebody didn't like what he was doing, and fucking kakked him for it for whatever reason..."
She sat down on the curb and pulled out a Camel. "Somebody had a score to settle, ladies and germs. Like, BADLY. Like, crusader or vigilante badly."

Sady [night]: ~She nods, turning to Josh and pointedly raising an eyebrow~ And I know for damn sure if he wasn't sellin he wouldna been down here. He ain't that stupid. Let's leave tha kid 'lone, yer freakin 'im out. ~Smirks and starts tromping back the way they came~

Sady [night]: ((Hey guys I have to scoot. ~Hugs on and winces~ Best friend's cat just died))

Ravyn: When Joshua gets scari-ER, she takes a couple steps back, eyes going very wide, back going straight and stiff. She darts her gaze around the street. "Y-yeah...his o-old c-c-crew..."

Ravyn: ((Oh, shit. *Hugs* Go, go, China. Tankee for the scene.))

Joshua Coil: *His jaw tightens, as he watches the girls go. He shakes his head. He slams his fist into the brick wall nearest, hard, and walks off into the night.*

Felisa Espinosa: She got up, grumbling. Paid the kid and smiled at him before heading off and away, saying nothing at all.

Sady [night]: ~She glances back at Josh, but keeps going. She'll deal with him later. For now, there were still some things to look into~ ((Thanks muchly for the scene ~lix all around and scoots~))

Ravyn: He jumps when Joshua decides the wall needs punishing...that's enough for Fischer. He takes his cash from Felisa and books it.

Felisa Espinosa: "Why was I here again?"
She shook her head and started off. Damn ingrates, muscling around when all it'd take was a fine touch. Not everybody needed to be bullied to get them to talk.
She walked past the big guy, curious but quiet. He looked PISSED.

Joshua Coil: *He doesn't look over to Felicia, not at all. His jaw tight. He looks more... upset, than angry.*

Felisa Espinosa: "Hey, you okay?"
Then she tsked. "Okay, okay... stupid fucking question, you're not okay. But at least you know, right? You know the truth. Now it's just a matter of finding the other motherfucker."

Joshua Coil: I don't care, *he mutters.* I was trying to avenge a fucking pedophile. By the Mother, I can't believe it. *He scowls, and shakes his head.* I'd kill him myself if he were still here.

Felisa Espinosa: "Well, it's a shocker, yeah. But ah, justice is served, right? Nobody else got hurt."
Not that Felisa really cared, but it seemed the thing to say because that's what everybody else says in times like this.

Joshua Coil: I want to hurt someone, *he mutters.* So maybe you're speaking too soon. *He growls, and punches the wall as he passes by, again.*

Felisa Espinosa: "Hurt the guy that killed him, whoever the hell he is. I wish I knew where to start on that."
She pondered, weighting the options. If only she knew that kid's last name.

Joshua Coil: I don't even care, *he mutters.* At this point, I'd be avenging a goddamned pedophile. It's not... he doesn't deserve a grave. He doesn't DESERVE it, *he snaps.*

Felisa Espinosa: "Yeah, yeah..."
She wasn't about to throw out a quip. Guy was... well, she suspected that he was like the other one, and like the lady that lost the fight last night. Angry Folk. "What do you plan to do?" she asked.

Joshua Coil: I'm going to go visit a friend, give my girlfriend a kiss, and then sleep for a bit, and then, go to work tomorrow. Nothing I can do.

Felisa Espinosa: "As long as the closure fits you," she said, turning to walk away quietly. Her hand appeared for a brief moment, flicking away the ciggie into the sewer. "That's a play on words, by the by. No double meanings. Take care of the ones who deserve it."

Joshua Coil: And I will, *he murmurs.* The kids... shouldn't see me like this, though. I'll take a walk. Get some coffee. Get myself cleaned up a bit.

Felisa Espinosa: And the little Malk disappeared into the night, thinking about how some people came close to nearly cracking over over people that were clearly broken.
Speaking of which.
She wondered how that other one was doing.

Felisa Espinosa: ((I think that's a wrap. Grim shit, truely))

Joshua Coil: ((And yeah, I'm outta here. Tired...))

Felisa Espinosa: ((See you soon!))