Ingvar Urgahaldt: *A simple enough process.. he remembers to reward the dilligence of his lieutenant as he waits far back in an alley.. the streetlight that would have revealed his position taken care of the day before..*

Sadie Blackfoot: She steps outside, sashing the belt around her coat and looks up and down the street, a satchel with her work clothes slung over one shoulder.

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: per + alert: 2,8,5,3,9,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *A good thing he brought the Buick.. he cants an eyebrow and makes his way toward the car as a cab pulls up outside the club.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: wits/sub: 4,4,6,9,4,2,

Sadie Blackfoot: (does that go to the defender?)

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *A sudden step into a patch of darkness..* ((providing two vs. two doesn't reveal him.))

Ravyn: ((Tie goes to the defender, yes. In this case, the defender would be Sadie, as Sadie would not have to roll Alertness to notice if Ingvar wasn't trying to be sneaky.)) Sadie gets a hint of movement from the alley, though she can't identify who it is.

Sadie Blackfoot: Her eyes search the darkness, ever paranoid. She could have sworn she saw something flicker over there.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He holds his breath.. watching.. get in, woman.. in the cab.. he moves back further, taking pains to be unseen.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: dex/sub+wp: 7,9,5,4,7,8,

Sadie Blackfoot: She considers her options. Flee, investigate, or retreat? Glances back towards the club. No one was in tonight who'd be inclined to assist. Maybe it was nothing. She steps into the shadows, leaving the cab to wait, and draws her gun. Maybe it was something.

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: dex+sub: 3,2,10,3,7,5,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *another glance around.. carefully considering.. the traffic light points that way.. there is no outside security.. he looks back to the woman, remaining hidden.*

Storm Cloud : ((*cough* There are actual rules for 'shadowing' which is what I thought ingvar was going to attempt to do. Who is actually STing this scene here?))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((*L* That's you?? Sorry man I thought you were busy.))

Ravyn: ((That's a good question. I was asked to come in and ST, and if someone else is, I can step out.))

Sadie Blackfoot: ((Good question. Looks at the ST's.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((*Raises hand* That would be my blunder.))

Storm Cloud : ((Well, its no biggy really. If you wanted to handle it but shadowing rules are a bit different. But if just working off him hiding outside the club, and then her spotting him before the entire tail process started then its all good, continue as is I guess.))

Sadie Blackfoot: ((You staying on to ST then, Cloud?))

Storm Cloud : ((Sure :) ))

Ravyn: ((Stepping out. It's Ashton's game now. Enjoy, guys. Will be lurking.))

Sadie Blackfoot: ((Thanks Rav, later.))

Storm Cloud : ((Kay, sorry to blunder this. Keep going as is and sorry for the confusion there.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Ingvar remains in the alley, scanning for the woman.. she'd begun to come toward him..*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: : 5,2,8,3,6,3,

Sadie Blackfoot: Keeping her back to the wall, she edges towards the alley, shielding the gun with her body from any passers bye, although at this hour, there probably aren't many.

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: dex + stealth: 10,9,2,9,2,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: per/alert: 6,6,4,8,1,1,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *...where... damnit.. as quietly as he can, he slips the gun into his hand..*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: dex/sub: 4,6,10,3,9,5,

Sadie Blackfoot: A quick peek around the corner and back.

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: dex+sub: 4,5,2,2,8,7,

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: per + alert: 6,8,5,6,9,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: dex/sub: 8,1,3,10,9,2,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: per/alert: 6,5,6,8,2,2,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: dex/stealth: 4,1,6,6,10,

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: dex + stealth: 4,7,3,7,6,

Storm Cloud : (Okay, now that we got that striaght. Both make yoru per+alertness again to see if they spot each other being all sneaky like.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *His patience runs out- ((spending 2 rage- 1 to shift.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((DLP))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: per/alert: 4,2,2,4,9,4,

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: per + alert: 3,4,8,9,10,

Storm Cloud : And lookie who is there in the alleyway... Ingvar, but it doesn't appear as if he has actually seen her. Though he likely knows she is there... or coming this way since he is making an attempt to remain out of side down the alley.

Sadie Blackfoot: She edges several paces back the way she came so a big clawed hand doesn't come around the corner and remove her face, while mentally damning Craven for not investigating his allegiance. Her desire to shed blood comes up against her loyalty to tribe. Loyalty wins. She can't kill him without knowing for sure. "I'm willing to talk about this, Ingvar. Before Craven. If I'm found lacking I'll give myself over for punishment."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: wp: 4,6,2,6,5,10,

Sadie Blackfoot: ((replace Ingvar with Mr. Urgahaldt, please. She'd never address him by his first name.))

Storm Cloud : The alleyway that this is taking place is certainly a good 75 feet or so from the actual front entrance to the club itself. With Sadie standing near the corner of the alley, calling out down towards where Ingvar was spotted.

Sadie Blackfoot: Is slowly backing towards the club entrance.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Quite eerie, that rumble coming from the alleyway.* Very well, Ms. Blackfoot.. interesting.. that only now you have learned the proper way to address me..((Rolling man+exp to lull her as far as he can into putting down her guard. +2 dice for PB, -2 diff enchant. voice.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: : 1,4,9,9,4,7,6,

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: wp: 9,3,2,8,4,8,

Sadie Blackfoot: "I'll be in the club," she says, backing up more quickly, gun at the ready and never taking her eyes off the alley entrance.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((Spending 3 rage. 1 to shift)) *A black wall of violence suddenly darts out of the alley, seeking to reach her before she can make it inside.*

Sadie Blackfoot: (init?)

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: : 9,2,7,1,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((ah good... no frenzy.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: : 5,

Storm Cloud : ((She's on guard, so no suprise attack. Need to go with Init on this one.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((12))

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: : 1,

Sadie Blackfoot: ((Oh hell. 6))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *closing this round. attacking as soon as he gets an opportunity.*

Sadie Blackfoot: She fires off a 3 burst round at the wall of fury.

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: dex + firearms: 4,2,3,6,9,9,

Storm Cloud : (ingvar trying to dodge?)

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: dodge: 9,6,2,3,2,6,7,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((looking up whether or not I could. sorry for the delay.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *As soon as the woman is within reach, Ingvar's claws whistle through the air.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: strike: 5,8,4,7,6,5,7,5,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: damage: 5,2,2,8,6,3,4,4,3,7,7,

Storm Cloud : ((That makes four damage, no soak for claw's unfortuatnely... still got one rage action?))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((nope- that's it. If its above stamina though, doesn't that mean a knockout?))

Storm Cloud : (actually, I think that is it for the round right?)

Sadie Blackfoot: ((Should I roll stamina? Or is it an automatic knock out?))

Storm Cloud : (yes, correct on both counts Deep.)) Sadie gets slashed by the Crino's and the resulting damage is enough to stun her and leave her in a slight daze for the next round.

Storm Cloud : (No roll, automatic stun because of the damage)

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: : 2,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((9))

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: : 8,

Sadie Blackfoot: ((13))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((okay.. that was a little dense.)) *Reaches down to grab the kin- casting the gun away before he drags her back into the alley.*

Sadie Blackfoot: Leaves a nice trail of blood as she's dragged off by the beast.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((my roll, by the way- wasn't talking about you sadie-p.*G*))

Storm Cloud : ((And next round, she's regained her senses after the one round of stunn so both go for Init again.))

Sadie Blackfoot: ((*s* I think combat is over and punishment is about to commence.))

Storm Cloud : ((Doh, site rules are keep same init through combat but up to you to really))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Once inside the creature crouches over her- one massive paw settling across her cranium as, in chuffs and muted growls, he prays briefly over the woman.. preparing to send her back to the august Realm of the Grandfather.*

Sadie Blackfoot: She's rather surprised to find she's not dead yet. Pretends she's still unconscious.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *...then wrenches her neck sharply to the side.* ((strength roll to break her neck?))

Sadie Blackfoot: "You're not even going to ask, are you?" Closing her eyes and baring her throat. One final act of defiance, trying to shame him for her death. "I submit."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Whispered as he melts back to Homid, composing her body as his claws become fingers and the clothes he wore slip back across his skin. There were no screams, so no witnesses..* Too little, too late. Your children will not carry your debts. *With that he leaves her in the alley, walking across the street to retrieve his car- the body goes into the trunk, then the Judge into the Club.*

Sadie Blackfoot: (would dlp the pretends she's unconscious post, since I didn't see him praying until after I posted it. Thought she was still being dragged then.)

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((nvm the part about going into the club. Driving off with the body.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((If you'd like to redo those two posts, we can.))

Sadie Blackfoot: ((Please, would like at least a chance to talk him out of it.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Rumbling from the immense creature.. he watches her form, but focuses on the words and pentameter. Traitor or not, her blood is Shadow Lord...*

Sadie Blackfoot: "You would judge me without hearing my side?"

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *In silence, the creature finishes the prayer- then, eyes glimmering in interest, grabs her ankle to drag her deeper into the alley.*

Sadie Blackfoot: Dragged along, perhaps she's only bought minutes, maybe he's not the traitor she suspected. He would have killed her already.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Behind a dumpster, near the maintenance fence- he drops her ankle and turns, crouching again, thick fingers around her throat. If a Crinos could tilt an eyebrow... strange, even in this form.. his calm is frightening.*

Sadie Blackfoot: "I brought down the Darabka Ver." Waiting, watching to see if those words are her end. If he's one of them. If he's the Badger. The only one who escpaed her.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He looks completely incredulous. Poor creature.. bait, or compatriot. You chose the former. He says nothing, and does not move. An immense black machine with empty, pale eyes.*

Sadie Blackfoot: (escaped)

Sadie Blackfoot: "I bargained for the list. I paid for it. I hunted them. It was in the newspaper. The murders were attributed to a serial killer named Double Charlie."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He comes to understand what the woman would have with her passing. Respects. It settles back- though its hand does not loosen... simply listening to the part of the story he doesn't know.*

Sadie Blackfoot: "You left me to rot. Espesito said you sold me to him. It was Trevor Dunne who took me from him. He trained me as an assassin and got the list in exchange for my acquiring information he couldn't get, from the Royal Family, who was hunting him."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He may very well be a stone.. watching, listening.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He begins to sink into Fair Glabro.. Man- looking, or nearly.. though the strength in his hand is undeniable.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *The other hand he winds into her hair.. locking his hand against her skull.*

Sadie Blackfoot: "The list was given to the caern. They did nothing. I tried to get a group of kinfolk to rise, and they accused me of bringing the Darabka Ver here. When the truth was, I revealed their presence, they had always been here. They slurred my name, and the sept did nothing. So I did what they failed to do. I hunted them down myself. Micah Carrington was my wheelman on one assassination. You can verify it with him. It wasn't until I had killed the top people that a group came together and made a strike. I was part of that too. I put down more of them than any trueborn. And when I told the truth of it, I was insulted. Let me guess who spoke to you? Stephen Culligan? He hates Shadow Lords."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He doesn't speak, merely continues to stare into her eyes. There is no more mercy within his own than there ever is.*

Sadie Blackfoot: "He hated me because Dawitt insulted him for not taking action. He said my first mistake was ever asking you for protection, because you were a Shadow Lord. And I should have known better than to trust one."

Sadie Blackfoot: "When it was done we had liberated over fifty kin. Most were Silver Fang, which I delivered to Troy Lawrence. There was only one on the list that escaped. The leader, known as the badger. Your auspicious absence led me to suspect... it might be you. That you are even listening to me, suggests not." She's amazingly calm, given her proximity to death. She is not afraid to stand before Thunder. She avenged her children well.

Sadie Blackfoot: "Not three weeks ago, I also saved an entire pack from burning with fomori, I discovered. I have not been idle. And I am not afraid to stand in judgement before our Father."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *A single question gleams in his eyes. There is no actual cruelty... rather, nearly the manner of a priest prepared to give a benediction. A simple request for final words. What she would have Thunder hear through her lips before he hears directly from her soul.*

Sadie Blackfoot: "A pack of our tribesmen."

Sadie Blackfoot: "And after all this, you would slay your own kin? For being left in the hands of the enemy? For suspecting betrayal, when it's all I've seen? Because I said you should be checked? Your side should be heard as to why you left me with the enemy? This isn't justice. This is one man who's angry because his loyalties were questioned by a kin."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He blinks.* In conclusion?

Sadie Blackfoot: ((Does he say that aloud?))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((yes))

Sadie Blackfoot: She coughs, it was almost a laugh, blood spraying from her lips. Yes, she is laughing, but it hurts. She wipes her hand across her mouth. "In conclusion? In conclusion, I would prefer life to death. Or even to know why if you are not The Badger, you would kill me?"

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *This, he appears to honestly consider for a moment.. as though suprised she would ask.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: Because I hate you, Ms. Blackfoot. *Conversational.. he may very well be speaking about the weather.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: dex/brawl: 1,9,4,4,7,1,9,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He twists her neck to the side sharply.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: damage: 5,8,9,5,6,

Sadie Blackfoot: She watches him, her own brow furrowed, because she really doesn't know why he would. He would have sacrificed her and her children to bring down the Darabka Ver. She did it in spite of everything and everyone, and lived. She even managed to retrieve two of her children. She did what he wanted and she questioned what needed questioning.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *His palm slips.. slick with her blood... such happens. He smoothes her hair, then twists more swiftly.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: d10: : 2,4,5,8,10,

Sadie Blackfoot: d10: soak: 4,3,

Sadie Blackfoot: Her body spasms once and goes limp.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *In odd counterpoint, he holds her until she stills, face frozen in solemn regard. He checks her pulse in two places, then bears her body to his trunk.. nearly a pallbearer. She had, after all, served the Tribe deliberately or not.*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((ftb))