Moody Bleak: In spite of everything she still needed to work on the larger problem at hand. Her silliness was nothing in comparison to the far uglier menace that loomed before the community at large. Which was why she was scouring the occult bookstores whenever she could find one, with the faint hope that maybe some book, somewhere in this town would be helpful in the coming conflict.
It was a vain hope, this one. Like finding a needle in a fucking haystack, except perhaps a little grimier due to the city being what it is.

Stacia Flores: Stacia certainly isn't a beautiful model, but a beauty that comes out from within. Somewhat tall and leggy she stands at 5'8. Most of the time she wears her shoulder-length light brunette hair, with some blonde streaks through it, down and loose. She heads inside with a larged sized duffle bag, and is dressed very casually in a white tank top and grey sweatpants with sneakers, her hair this time pulled into a ponytail.

Moody Bleak: d10: per+alert: 8,8,4,7,9,

Moody Bleak: Moody heard the jingle of the bell, turned and took the woman in quietly, looking at her up and down for a moment, drinking the form in. Yes, very pretty. Stunning compared to her Plain Jane face.
A small grunt, and she went back to looking for books. She would be happy with one lousy page of information at this point.

Stacia Flores: She looks around, seeming to be looking for someone in particular as she moves around the store. Not finding them, she sets her bag behind the counter and walks around the shop a bit more.

Moody Bleak: She kept an eye on the woman while looking through various books; most of the stuff she picked up was interesting in it's way but not what she needed at all; in fact a large portion of it was pretty silly by her standards.
On seeing the woman set her bag behind the counter Moody stopped what she was doing. Perhaps she was a clerk or something.
A small cough. "Er... you work here dude? I was sort of in the market for something..."

Stacia Flores: She stops her small hunt for whatever it was she was searching for and turns back to Moody. "Huh? Dude?" looks down her front for a moment, not like she's that filled out but enough, she gives a bit of a shrug. "I help out the owner here when he needs it. What are you looking for?"

Moody Bleak: She looked thoughtful for a moment. "I need a book on spirits? Something like... I dunno, old and informative, like old school shit."
She rubbed at her temples, thinking that she was sounding entirely stupid.

Stacia Flores: "Spirits? Are you being haunted?" she asks curiously.

Moody Bleak: "No. Not at all. I um... well dude, it's like this. I wanted to do some research on these high spirits, right? Sort of a high ranking bunch or something," she said, frowning. "I totally can't find anything about them at all. Sucks."

Stacia Flores: "I'm not a dude," she says as politely as possible. "High spirits you say? That sounds like something not quite so ....wiccan and pagan. At least the things I've been studying."

Moody Bleak: "Dude. I know you're like, totally a chick and shit. Just a west coast thing, I call everybody dude. Saying Miss just... nevermind. But ah, yeah. Not so wiccan and pagan I guess."
She looked despondent. Nothing in Haven, can't go to Ling's, and so far the bookstore crawl wasn't working worth a damn.

Stacia Flores: Giving a shrug she motions toward where the book section is. "Feel free to look through the books. I don't claim to be an expert on those things by any means."

Stacia Flores: d10: telep/intel/emp/wp: 8,2,4,8,7,6,4,

Moody Bleak: "Thanks. And ah, didn't like, mean to offend or anything."
She sighed, turned, and went back to looking around. Seemed that the woman was an athelte with at least half a brain; there looked to be a pattern in which she went through in regards to searching for whatever it was that she wanted.

Moody Bleak: ((I have no idea of what any of that means))

Moody Bleak: ((well, the emp and wp. But explain the rest))

Stacia Flores: ((It means she can read her surface thoughts.))

Moody Bleak: ((No awareness, right?))

Stacia Flores: ((That's right. No awareness.))

Moody Bleak: ((sigh... one moment))

Stacia Flores: She moves behind the counter, looking over toward where the 'dude' lady went.

Moody Bleak: She kept looking. Pulling out one book, grimace, putting the book back, pulling out another book, flipping through the contents, frown, put it back. There was a sigh as she worked and a certain weary determination to her face as she kept going, searching in vain.

Stacia Flores: She calls out to her. "Any luck?"

Moody Bleak: "No, none. Thank you for like, giving a fuck though. It's kind of you."
A small smile. Ordinarily she'd chat but this was important. She had to keep looking for information.

Stacia Flores: "Ummm...yeah....shuuuuuurrrrre duuuuuuude," she smirks.

Moody Bleak: Moody let out an amused snort and went to the next aisle. The woman was meticulous when she had to be, give her that much.

Stacia Flores: She pulls out the small portable CD player from her bag and sets it out on the counter. Clicking the play button, it starts playing some Evanescence....the song Haunted. It doesn't play too loud, but it's relatively quiet in the store so can be heard.

Moody Bleak: Haunted huh? No, not quite.
If the woman only knew what was at stake.
She kept looking, and looking. Pulling out books, searching through them, sighing, repeat. This was going nowhere fast.

Stacia Flores: "You know....sounds like the stuff you're looking for is like.....looking for a needle in a haystack. Or is it dark magic stuff?"

Moody Bleak: "Dark? No... no dude. Not dark magic at all," she said, picking through books as she talked. "Dig it. I want to know about a certain type of high spirit, you feel me? There are dark versions of that type of spirit, but I'm sure as fuck not poking into that. People are crazy if they do."

Stacia Flores: "You know....if you leave me your name and a number to reach you, I could ask my....ummmm....the owner about it. His store and all."

Moody Bleak: "What? He's got the knowledge and shit?"
She looked around the room, standing up. There was a moment of thought as she eyeballed the woman in the store. After a moment of time she sighed.
"Moody. Name's Moody. I could just come by or something if that's cool," she said, palms patting her pockets. Seems that she was looking for a pen.

Stacia Flores: "I'm just saying he knows more about occult things than I do. I can pass it along to him. Not promising anything." She pulls out a pen and paper from behind the counter, offering it.

Moody Bleak: She reached out to take it, then hesitated, thinking...
She slapped her hand to her forehead. "Dude! I use disposables, I hafta buy another one. Er, can't I just like... I dunno, come back or something?"

Stacia Flores: "You're the one acting desparate for the information. Sure. Whatever you want to do."

Moody Bleak: Moody ignored that little bit of whatever and nodded. "When's he usually around? I've got flexible hours, I can like, check in whenever."

Stacia Flores: "Check back in a few days."

Moody Bleak: "Cool. Thanks."
She then nodded, turned and left, one hand in her pocket while the other one gently touched the door. Maybe, just maybe.

Stacia Flores: She waits for Moody to leave and a moment or three after, locks the door and turning the sign in the window to show being closed.

Moody Bleak: ((Fanks!))

Stacia Flores: ((Welcome!))

Moody Bleak: ((No idea on who runs the place though, so I just wait?))

Moody Bleak: ((Well, not wait... but who do I go to?))

Stacia Flores: ((That's Magey ST goodness *grin* Ravyn's NPC character. But since Moody decided to come back, guess she'll have to figure out later who she's actually looking for if that's what you meant on who runs the store?))

Moody Bleak: ((Won't be too bad. Depends on how things go with the SL and if the store has anything that fits into what the SL needs. But yeah. I'll send a letter or something. *nods* Again, thanks.))

Stacia Flores: ((Welcome.))

Stacia Flores: Once she's secured things, she heads upstairs, for now forgetting that bag.