Gunther Kasimir Berg: He chuckles. "She ain'ta fan a his. Bad blood over some stupid shit." He stuffs his hands in his pockets. "I'll let er know yer shop's open. Sounds like tha kinda shit she'd be inta."

Nixie Duval: ((nixie;s is more on gunther blind :) ))

Gunther Kasimir Berg: (if you're trying to read his expression it would be per+emp)

Blind: ((slaps forehead, ok my bad, wasn't blood buffing, awareness counts *goes back to corner* I'll but out now ;)))

Chinalurk: ((Speak and she might appear.... if das scene is open.))

Gunther Kasimir Berg: (Umm.. I got through the cracks. Think it is.)

Nixie Duval: "I'm a tattoo artist, and always looking for new clients" she grins.

Spitfire: Suddenly incedary devieces go off around the building, lucky the dafety trams have kept the distance even for kindred safe, all look on as the building burns in flames and Fel heres the call “Shoot.” Spitfire looks on with a serious face an almost terrified face.

Spitfire: ((Should be))Suddenly incendiary devices go off around the building, lucky the safety trams have kept the distance even for kindred safe, all look on as the building burns in flames and Fel hears' the call “Shoot.” Spitfire looks on with a serious face an almost terrified face

Gunther Kasimir Berg: Gunther chuckles, watching the show. "Stupid fucker. I wouldn't piss on em if he was burnin."

Casey Iver: *Casey's eyes widen as he watches this moment in time* "oh my"

Nixie Duval: she watches the building.

Sady: ~Tromp.... tromp........ tromp....~

Casey Iver: d10: PER + ALT : 7,7,2,5,9,

Gunther Kasimir Berg: Gunther keeps his eyes on the stage. Afterall.. if something does happen.. There are people he knows that'd want a full report.

Sady: ~Kind of hard to miss the stunt set up. She stops, quirking an eyebrow to watch~ ((Slap me if you need a DD))

Nixie Duval: ((i might poof cause of storm((

Felisa Espinosa: ((Just in time!))

Felisa Espinosa: She smiled. Cackled actually, like a real madwoman. Pull they said, so she gave that lever a good hard yoink. "Godspeed!" She yelled, delighted at the moment.

Casey Iver: *Casey cocks his head as if slightly perplexed.* "I wonder how they did that."

Spitfire: What they see is a bungee let loose on a car with no engine a building set on fire but not as the devices make the flames grow larger it nearly burns Spitfire And his wreck pass through the flames,. The roaring fire left burning, no sound no noise just the baking of the flames. The crowd hush...

Sady: ~She starts tromping forward again, smirking with that.... "Choke. Go ahead. I dare you. Just choke." Look on her face~

Gunther Kasimir Berg: Gunther remains alert. Eyes peeled on the burning car and the wreckless punk.

Felisa Espinosa: It was worth it just to see the look on his face in those brief moments, that wide-eyed fearful blip of time. Felisa sat down, pulled out a pack of smokes, lifted the goggles up and lit up.
"I wonder if he made it," she mused to herself.

Ravyn: ((Ummm...guys? I think Rotschreck rolls are in order here.))

Nixie Duval: She watches slightly awed but continues to watch for the result.

Felisa Espinosa: ((Okay, I have to check and see where exactly she is in relation to the fire. Rolling))

Felisa Espinosa: d10: courage: 2,5,3,6,

Felisa Espinosa: ((Nope, she wigs))

Casey Iver: *Casey look around at everyones stunned and silent look.* "He's fine i wouldnt worrry about it."

Felisa Espinosa: ((Unless I can do the wp thing))

Gunther Kasimir Berg: Gunther snorts at Casey's comment. "Shuddup.. ass. Ya ain't know whatcher fuckin talkin bout.."

Nixie Duval: ((courage right?)

Spitfire: The crowd wait, a few walk forward a dreaded silence in the air.

Sady: d10: marshmallows: 4,6,4,7,5,

Spitfire -> Ravyn: ((Sorry my bad I did the illusion things on the flames, I should have said.))

Felisa Espinosa: ((Isn't everybody doing this...))

Casey Iver: ((not i))

Ravyn: ((Pause for a moment while we get this sorted out, guys. The rolls should have happened upon the explosion. Yes, Felisa, you can spend WP. To remind everyon, it's Courage vs. (in this case, understanding it as I do) 7. You need to keep rolling until you get 5 success. Any time you fail, you must spend WP to get another chance to roll. Botch, and it's all bad.))

Spitfire -> Ravyn: ((I did the illusions with blind however as I let casey see through it as it was chimstrey, I toally forgot about fire and the undead))

Sady: ~Mmmm......... instinct. A few steps from just coming around the corner, is plenty close for her. Stupid shits. A shake of her head, and her arms cross, her brow knitting into a scowl~

Felisa Espinosa: ((Yay! WP!))

Ravyn -> Spitfire: ((Illusion or not, if they believe it, then it's still Rotschreck.))

Ravyn: ((And that WP doesn't count toward your 5 successes, for the record, Fel. :) ))

Spitfire -> Ravyn: ((But spits did make it look like the warehouse had been set on fire.))

Felisa Espinosa: And so she gets up...
Puts out the cigarette...
And starts trucking away. Far away.
Maintain it... you're better than this. Maintain it...

Casey Iver: *Casey glances over too Gunther.* "If you say so."

Spitfire -> Ravyn: ((Sorry I didn't tell you, my bad.))

Felisa Espinosa: ((Understood. Just let me know when I have to roll next))

Nixie Duval: d10: courage: 2,9,2,

Ravyn -> Spitfire: ((Is this the wherehouse they're in? Or are they outside the wherehouse?))

Spitfire -> Ravyn: There outside, but close, iuagine a jackass stunt but with a little imagination. A car bunged through a burning building.))

Ravyn: ((ACK. Hold on on that diff 7.))

Sady: d10: marshmallows again: 5,3,6,6,5,

Sady: ~Annnnnnd....... that was maybe a little closer than she was comfortable with. She backs up again to the corner, shuddering~

Felisa Espinosa: d10: Courage: (wp): 3,1,7,7,

Felisa Espinosa: ((Whoo...))

Sady: ((Tucks the WP into there somewhere to not run away like a lil' bitch))

Ravyn: Felisa has to hold onto her will to keep from freaking out...Nixie and Sady, upon first seeing, are able to keep from losing it through their bravery.

Ravyn: ((Just go ahead and post...make sure everyone gets a chance to. After each post, gimme another roll.))

Casey Iver: *Casey looks at Nixie with a look of concern.* "You alright there lass?"

Gunther Kasimir Berg: Gunther watches with a dark sneer. Hands in his pockets. Anyone close to the skinhead can hear a clicking about.

Felisa Espinosa: She keeps on trucking. This won't be worse than the illegal street race. This will NOT be worse.
That was a mess. She thought of the scar on her back and kept moving.
Don't even look at it. Keep moving...

Felisa Espinosa: d10: Courage (wp): 9,10,4,10,

Spitfire: The crowd wait, a few walk forward a dreaded silence in the air. Then it happens a smoking door gives way and there he is, a hand thrown to the air a massive cheer given out as everyone hears him from the microphone in front of him. “IF I WAS IN WORLD WAR TWO THEY’D CALL ME SPITFIRE!” A cheer goes up, screaming out all noise

Casey Iver: d10: PER + ALT: 2,9,8,1,9,

Nixie Duval: She nods her head "yeah cause me off guard..." she makes a face and then smiles.

Sady: ~She backs right up to the corner, rolling her eyes with a snort, and a shake of her head~ Stupid fucker... gonna light yer dumb ass on fire.

Sady: d10: toasty: 8,5,9,7,5,

Casey Iver: *Casey nods and turns back to the crowd.* "Say what happened to your friend?"

Sady: ((WOOT! Firedance anyone? oh shit.... wrong sect.))