Julian Cross: Julian heads to the Chantry after getting the Summons, having gotten a little dressed up for the meeting even.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: Like the others who have been summoned, Julian is directed through the Chantry of the Five Borooughs to the Regent's Office...it's located in the back of the Chantry, through winding corridors. He passes a couple acolytes as he moves along...Chantry ghouls, nothing more. They give him room as he walks by, and he makes his way to the Office. Simple door, with an arcane ward on it. No bodyguards outside.

Julian Cross: He gets to the door, knocking on the door frame when he gets there. He actually takes a bit of a breath as he glances back down the hall for a moment.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: As Julian knocks on the door, he hears a soft, feminine voice murmur a little. The ward glimmers a moment, then goes dull and grey, the arcane protection it provides suspended. "Enter."

Julian Cross: He half smiles some before opening the door and walking in. Julian takes a quick look around the office before he focuses his attention on Aisling and gives her a single nod upon his approach. His expression is certainly reserved and collected while he walks along.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: The interior of the office is, perhaps, not what one might expect from one of the oldest Chantries in North America. The place is built more like an FBI investigative office then a wizard's workroom. There's Arcane materials, sure, but they're in shelves, neatly catagorized and labeled in some ancient language or another. Standing in front of one of the cabinets, a manila folder in her hand, is the Lady herself. She's wearing a buisiness suit, her hair pulled back into a bun and her glasses perched delicately on her face. She looks up from the file and nods briefly to Julian. "Apprentice Cross. Welcome. Please, have a seat." She moves to her side of the contemporary oak desk and settles down, placing the manila folder on the surface in front of her.

Julian Cross: He takes a seat before the desk. "Thank you." he says simply to her. The young man continues to watch her carefully as he gets comfortable.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: She leans forward a in her seat, elbows resting on the desktop and hands folding. A pleasant-enough smile finds its way to her face as she regards him. "So, then. Julian." She tilts her head forward slightly, acknowledging him. "How long have tou have been in New York?"

Julian Cross: "Five to Six months now I believe." he says iwth a bit of a nod while he continues to watch her.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: She nods. "So you are a relative newcomer. And before that, Chicago. What brought you from there to here?"

Julian Cross: "Opportunities." he says with a bit of a smile. "I do not wish to live under the shadow of my Sire." he says with a bit of a nod. "And yes, I would be rather new here."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: "Opportunities." She smiles at that. "Excellent. We all wish to find our own recognition within the Clan. As well as serve it." She leans back and pushes the manila folder aside, watching him. "You own a nightclub here in New York. Tell me a little about your plans regarding it."

Julian Cross: "We need a place to gather and feel comfortable, as well as to hopefully feed easily. A service to the rest of the other Clans. Not to mention it helps the pocket book." he adds the last part with a small shrug. "Of course, should the Clan have a different need..."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: Her smile quirks a little bit, becoming a touch more amused. "Of course not. Your vision is an excellent one in terms of the establishment. Seraphim's Tears is...servicable as a place to feed and congregate. But certainly, one cannot argue that providing an alternative venue for those who are not comfortable at Golden's old establishment is bad idea." She shrugs. "The Tear's star is falling. Perhaps your club can rise in the meantime."

Julian Cross: He nods slightly while he continues to watch Aisling. "Yes, very true." he says with a touch of a smile.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: "Speaking of the other clans," she continues, seguewaying on. "Have you made much contact with those outside of our own?"

Julian Cross: "I have met on more then one occassion against with one of the Toreador, we get along well enough."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: She nods approvingly. "Excellent. Contact with the other clans is paramount to us. And the Toreador are a good clan to get to know. They have an odd habit of bouncing back after every loss they suffer here in the city. Tell me about her."

Julian Cross: "She is a crafter, with a keen ability to observe those around her." he says with a bit of a nod. "I do need to get out a little more and find a more diverse set of associates."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: "It would certainly help the Clan," she says with a smile. "We need enterprising individuals, Julian. People who can make alliances that would be useful to us, when the time comes. The Tremere have done much in this city, much of it under my own eye. I do not intend to allow us to get pushed aside again and again. But to break this pattern, we must break the perceptions of us. And to do that, we need friends to do so for us."

Julian Cross: He nods slightly about that. "Agreed, and I shall do my best to do what I can."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: "Good." A short, business-like nod. "What of your other skills?"

Julian Cross: "I solve problems." he says with a bit of a nod. "I have not developed any Thaumaturgical skills but I do have am still researching occult lore. I also have a degree in Buisness Management."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: "Good," she says...perhaps surprisingly. "Thamaturgy is not the only answer to our problems these days. What kinds of problems are you best-suited to solving?"

Julian Cross: "Witnesses, territorial disputes, securing favors, getting rid of evidence, undermining powerbases." he starts to rattle on then stops with a bit of a smile. "Lets just say I am resourceful."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: She chuckles a little bit. "So it would appear. You'll have excellent use to utilize those skills here, I think." She falls silent a brief moment, considering this. "There is something I think, perhaps, you can do for us...and the Camarilla, of course. How much experience have you with the Giovanni?"

Julian Cross: "Less then I would like, but I am abreast of the threat they pose. Creatures after my own heart." he says with a touch of a grin.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: "It's good that you say that," she says with a hint of her own grin. "The Rosselinnis, the branch of the Giovanni here in New York, are located Brooklyn. There has been a recent vacuum of power created in the borough, leaving them as the only real power there. Obviously, it's an area the Sabbat would like to move into. And equally obviously, we are looking to avoid that. The Rosselinnis, however, have made no overtures toward us regarding help."

Julian Cross: He nods thoughtfully, "Do you think it is possible they are working together?" he asks and then shakes off the question. "It is a challenge though that I think I would enjoy focusing my attention on."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: "I would hope not," she says with a shake of her head. "That would be a violation of their agreement with the Camarilla not to participate in the Jyhad. One that the Justicars would not take kindly to, New York being as significant of a field as it is. I doubt it, however, as they seem to have been avoiding the Sabbat since the Week of Nightmares." She nods to his second sentance. "Excellent." The manila folder is passed over to him. "This is our contact within the Giovanni. A ghoul, by the name of Enzo Rosselinni. Arrogant man. But skilled. That would be your best place to start."

Julian Cross: He takes the folder and glances through it for a moment before closing it again. "Thank you, I shall do my best to assist in this matter."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: The folder contains a photograph of Enzo...a young man, mid-20's. Cocky look, even in the picture. There's also contact information...cell phone, plus the phone number and address of a bar in Brooklyn named Rudy's where he works out of. "I'm sure you will." She gives Julian a smile and nods. "Let me know how it goes."

Julian Cross: He nods about that. "Is there anything else you wish to discuss?" he asks.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: "Have you had opportunity to meet with our Primgoen yet?"

Julian Cross: He nods about that. "Yes, she ... is rather unique." he says with a bit of a smile. "Though I have not seen her for some time now."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: She nods. "Unique is an excellent choice of words. Should you have opportunity to encounter her again, please inform her to make contact with me at her earliest conveniance."

Julian Cross: "I shall." he says with firm nod.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: She nods a little bit to Julian, and smiles. "Unless there is anything you feel the need to bring up, Julian, that will be all. I look forward to hearing from you soon on your progress."

Julian Cross: "Of course." and he stands up. "It was good to meet you and I shall report in as soon as I have something." and then he nods some before moving towards the door.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry]: She smiles and nods to Julian, letting him leave. The door closes after him of it's own accord.

Julian Cross: He takes one look back to the door, still holding the folder before making his way out. His mind already going over the new information.

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