Wes Makrelen: Well, close enough. I was going to stop over at the occult store a block down. I don't mind changing my itinerary for the night.

Cameo O'Brocki: She pushes a bit of wild hair out of her face, looking over to Wes. "I.. don't really have any plans. Stopped in here looking for a cheap copy of Les Épaves to get a head start on next semester's reading list."

Casey Iver: *He stops and gazes into the bookstore window for a moment, possibly examining some of the books casually*

Wes Makrelen: And were you victorious in your search? *He holds the door.*

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods, stepping out of the doorway. Onto the sidewalk. "I was. You'd think that Baudelaire would be easier to come by at a decent price. But if you venture into any of the major chains and ask for any of his obscure works.. forget it."

Wes Makrelen: Well, it IS a used bookstore. You find a random treasure once in a blue moon. But it's SUCH a find that you can't question it. Unless you travel to Oregon.

Casey Iver: d10: P/A: 9,8,5,3,8,

Cameo O'Brocki: "I've not been to Oregon." She states simply. Looking down the sidewalk. Hugging her light jacket a bit tighter around her skinny chest with a subtle shiver.

Wes Makrelen: *He nods, and starts to walk.* Country's largest used bookstore. They have a website.

Cameo O'Brocki: "Are you from Oregon? Or just an avid used book junkie?" She asks casually. Idly following Wes along.

Wes Makrelen: The latter, actually. New York born and raised. *He walks along the sidewalk.*

Casey Iver: *Casey finally seems to notice them as he looks back towards them as they walk, thinking to himself.*

Cameo O'Brocki: "I see.." She says quietly. Running a hand awkwardly up her arm for warmth.

Wes Makrelen: Not around HERE, mind you. Not the safest area to live in. Rochester. But I'm considering moving to Manhattan. More business.

Casey Iver: *Casey simply shrugs and moves off, his coffee his company it would seem* ((Couldnt think of anyway to slide into that:P oh well))

Cameo O'Brocki: "I.. haven't traveled around much. Raised out in Jersey myself. Little town called Turnersville.."

Wes Makrelen: ((Sorry... *wince* And I couldn't think of an easy way to get them to talk, unless Casey goes into the Occult shop.))

Cameo O'Brocki: (gah.. one of these days.. i'm going to create an extrovert that DOESN'T stab people)

Casey Iver: ((hmmm nope...not usually))

Casey Iver: ((LOL no worries guys. ))

Wes Makrelen: ((Hey, I was ACTUALLY considering bringing Jeff out. THEN you woulda been in trouble, DR.))

Wes Makrelen: Mmmh. Never been there. Really... spent most of my time in New York, though I did a little bit of travelling. Funny, how so many people won't visit what's right around them. *He pushes open the door to the occult shop.*

Cameo O'Brocki: She wanders into the shop, looking around. "I.. don't usually go to places like this.."

Cameo O'Brocki: (could always bring jason out *EG*)

Wes Makrelen: Well, you know Occult Shops aren't JUST for sixteen year old goth kids with attitude problems any more, you know.

Wes Makrelen: ((remove the first 'you know' for redundency.))

Cameo O'Brocki: "Of course not.. You also have the emo preteens who want to make their parents have a heart attack when they find a crude crowley text under their bed atop a slain rabbit."

Wes Makrelen: Let us not forget the people whose only information about Wicca comes from an episode of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. *He nods sincerely.*

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods. "A proven source for reliable information, I'd say." She looks around. "Do they at least have inscence? Certainly they can't mess ~that~ up.." She moves to check.

Wes Makrelen: *Of course they do. However, his focus goes to the tarot decks and runes. His eyes widen like a child in a candy store.*

Cameo O'Brocki: She paws through oils and inscence. Sniffing casually. Minding her own business. Letting him do his.. thing.. without question.

Wes Makrelen: Ohh! Those! *He nods, as he sees the ones he likes. It really doesn't take long, before the runes are bagged up, along with a copy of a dogeared book.*

Wes Makrelen: *But he DOES pause. He looks over.* did you want anything? I'll buy. Owe you a gift for indulging me.

Cameo O'Brocki: She blinks over her shoulder. "You.. don't need to buy me anything." She says, moving away from the rack and toward him when it looks like he's ready to check out. "I'm good."

Ravyn: ((Open? *EG*))

Cameo O'Brocki: (far as I know. *G* be gentle..)

Wes Makrelen: ((Yeap! Though no taking my food... I mean, friend.))

Wes Makrelen: Well, you'd never been in here, and you went in with anyway. I appreciate it. Consider it a date, since... well.. .every time we meet I've just eaten and can hardly take you out to dinner.

Cameo O'Brocki: She blinks. "This.. isn't a date. It's a store. I.. I don't mind. Really." She stammers a bit and moves toward the exit. "I'll.. wait outside for you then. If.. that's alright."

Wes Makrelen: *He pauses. And swallows.* Sorry, *he says, perhaps a bit sheepishly.* Sure.

Cameo O'Brocki: She moves out of the door quickly. Stepping back out onto the sidewalk to wait for him.

Wes Makrelen: *He pays for his runes. And he clears his throat. Now, it's his turn to be awkward.* Sorry.

Aisling Sturbridge: The door jingles as it opens to let her in. The woman has medium-to-dark brown shoulder-length hair, always pulled away from her face, and her deep-set eyes are a startling storm-gray hue. She takes pains to hide her more feminine aspects, and is dressed a bit toward a more Agent Scully-ish look. Round, antique glasses perch on her young face. Her hands are nearly always gloved, and on her left ring finger, she wears an antique gold band engraved with the word "Faith." She looks around the place as she moves calmly in.

Cameo O'Brocki: She runs a bare hand up her arm for warmth. Leaning back against the front of the store. Waiting, and thinking to herself.

Aisling Sturbridge: She looks over at Cameo as she leaves, briefly, though her eyes quickly focus more on the man buying the runes. She smiles a touch and passes by him, moving to examine the crystals with some bemusement.

Wes Makrelen: *Though he does pause to hold the door. He is nothing if not polite.*

Cameo O'Brocki: Cameo keeps her eyes down. Still with an inherent distrust of the natives she hasn't met yet. Quiet.

Wes Makrelen: *He smiles back to her, and nods slightly, almost respectfully.* Might I suggest one of the amethysts? Help to clarify your dreams, *he says cheerily, before looking back to Cameo outside.*

Jason Tigh: ((Care if i come back in? No longer distracted))

Cameo O'Brocki: (you have my blessing)

Wes Makrelen: ((Go forth, my son, and RP.))

Aisling Sturbridge: She looks back at Wes. "I was actually thinking more considering a good Lapis Lazuli. I understand it is excellent for communicating with spirit guides." Her lips quirk slightly.

Aisling Sturbridge: ((C'mon in. *Whistles innocently*))

Jason Tigh: *Jason comes clomping down the streets, his boots clicking off the sidewalk as he does. A pen and pad in hand he looks around inquisitively*

Jason Tigh: d10: P/A: 6,1,4,3,7,

Cameo O'Brocki: She slowly rotates her eyes up toward Wes and the girl in the doorway. Quietly listening.

Wes Makrelen: *He arches an eyebrow.* Mmmh. *He looks back out, and nods to Cameo.* In a second, *he mouths, and then slides back in. He pauses, leaning over the stones.* There's a better place, *he says quietly.* Downtown. I think... there would be a better fitting stone for you? Maybe we can meet there tomorrow?

Jason Tigh: *Jason is obviously distracted by something, but he still manages to notice Cameo as he approaches and blinks in surprise.* "You know id swear its you following me." *He calls out to her*

Cameo O'Brocki: She watches him move back in with the girl. Her shoulders slump subtly and she looks back down to the concrete. Muttering something under her breath in quiet french.

Cameo O'Brocki: She blinks up to Jason. "I must be wearing my rocky magnet.. Remind me to have that thing surgecally removed. What're you doing out here?"

Aisling Sturbridge: "Downtown would work wonderfully," she says with a nod. "Perhaps St. Charlotte's?"

Jason Tigh: *He holds up the pad and pen.* "Out for a stroll to see what makes me jump" *He says as he closes the pad and puts the pen behind his ear.* "Surgically removed huh? you want me gone that bad i can get the hell outta dodge real fast" *He says with a grin*

Wes Makrelen: *He nods. And smiles.* Yes. I'll look for a piece of azurite myself. Thank you. I know... I should have. Earlier.

Cameo O'Brocki: "I don't mind nearly as much as I let on. Sorry." She says quietly.

Aisling Sturbridge: She shrugs slightly. "I don't want to distract you from your...persuit of the night. Have a good evening."

Wes Makrelen: You as well, ma'am, *he says politely, and then he slips back out.*

Jason Tigh: *He shrugs* "I was joking but its nice to know you were too" *He says as he walks up to her and pauses there looking up at the store* "This your sorta thing too?"

Cameo O'Brocki: She shakes her head no. "Not really. I.. followed someone here. Kinda of. But.. not in a creepy way."

Jason Tigh: "Of course" *A wry smile spreading across his lips as he turns to see Wes coming out of the shop*

Cameo O'Brocki: She looks back up to Wes. "If.. you're busy.. I can head back to campus.."

Wes Makrelen: *His eyes widen slightly, and one eyebrow arches. But his smile is friendly, if nothing else.*

Wes Makrelen: No. No, not at all, *he says, with a slight frown.* At least, not yet. I finished all of my work for tomorrow. I was just trying to find a book and get some new runes.

Aisling Sturbridge: She continues on inside the shop, moving from spot to spot, looking over items with a critical eye and a bemused smile. Not truly expecting to find anything...but you never know.

Jason Tigh: *He looks between the two of them for a second with a slightly raised eyebrow* "If im interrupting something i can march on..." *He says to the both of them*

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods to Wes, squinting at the man with the same blank look. "Is something wrong?"

Wes Makrelen: No. If anything, the world makes a little more sense now. *He grins.* Not interrupting anything. She was nice enough to actually come into the shop with me.

Cameo O'Brocki: She blinks. "Since when does the world make sense? I must have missed the memo.."

Cameo O'Brocki: d10: per+emp wes: 7,6,2,7,5,

Cameo O'Brocki: She looks over Wes for a second. Evaluating before stating simply. "I'll let you buy me a cup of coffee. If you want." Hey.. it worked for Moira.

Jason Tigh: *He nods to Wes then looks back to Cameo, another curious smiles* "Howd the rest of that night go anyways?"

Wes Makrelen: Gee, can I? *he says, with a BIT of teasing sarcasm.* You're so kind to me.

Cameo O'Brocki: "The poetry reading? Nothing interesting.. I bombed.. Moira bought me a drink.. then I left. Needed to get back to work on my midterm."

Aisling Sturbridge: Finally, the door opens with a jingle, and she steps out. She looks over to the trio, watching them for a moment.

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods to Wes. "Coffee tastes much better than occult goodies, I'd imagine. Depends on how much sugar you use.."

Jason Tigh: "Hey least the words worked...a couple of them before you didnt even have that."

Wes Makrelen: Sadly enough, I don't drink coffee. Don't really like it, actually. *He makes a face.* Tastes like dirt.

Cameo O'Brocki: She looks to Jason and simply says ".. what?"

Wes Makrelen: *He looks up, as the door bell jingles, and he nods to the woman.*

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods to Wes. "That means you're not adding enough sugar."

Wes Makrelen: So why doesn't one just drink a sugary drink? Like kool-aid. EVERYONE loves kool-aid.

Jason Tigh: "Im just saying that the poetry was good even if the presentation wasnt the hottest thing on the planet. Alot of the people before you didnt even have decent poetry" *He says with a shrug his eyes wandering to the woman who just exited the shop*

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods. "Fine then. You find me a place where they serve kool-aid at this hour.. and I'll buy ~your~ drink." She shakes her head subtly. "I've ~got~ to stop hanging out with minors.."

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods subtly to jason's comment. "I'm.. sorry. If I wasn't hot enough for you. I warned you. Both of you."

Jason Tigh: *He scratches his head and laughs lightly his attention pulled from the woman* "It was good enough for me."

Aisling Sturbridge: She nods to Wes, and looks over Jason a moment. There's a curious expression to her, and she pauses there, glancing around idly, though her attention is subtlely kept more on the trio.

Cameo O'Brocki: She looks from Aisling to Wes, then back down to the concrete. Shifting her weight a bit.

Wes Makrelen: *He looks back to Jason, then, and frowns slightly. Thoughtfully.*

Wes Makrelen: d10: Aura Per: 2,2,4,9,9,4,8,9,

Julian Cross: Julian comes walking down the street, tonight dressed in a very dark black pair of slacks and dress shoes. He's also got on a light black leather jacket that is zipped up. The young and handsome man spots Aisling and gives her a little nod as he walks along.

Cameo O'Brocki: After a long, somewhat awkward silence she starts to walk off down the sidewalk.

Catriona Mendoza: Catriona walks along with Julian, close to him, in a shiny matching leather vest and mini skirt with black boots that come over the knees. Brunette hair is worn lose, parted to the side. Teal eyes scan the area around them.

Aisling Sturbridge: She looks over at Julian, lips twitching into a slight smile when she sees him. She takes her attention off the other three for the moment, nodding to him and glancing at Catriona. "Well, well. Good evening." It's said to Julian, of course.

Wes Makrelen: *He blinks at that, and then looks back to Cameo. He frowns.* I ... *He hisses slightly.* Shit. I'm sorry.

Jason Tigh: *Jason looks to Cameo as she starts walking* "Hey where you going?"

Cameo O'Brocki: She shrugs, looking over her shoulder to Wes. "It's.. fine. You have things to do.. or something. I have a hot date with Baudelaire, anyway.."

Wes Makrelen: Mmh. *He arches an eyebrow.* I hear he puts out. *He smiles.* I'll see you later.

Julian Cross: Julian smiles a little more as he draws closer to Aisling and comes to a stop with a glance to Catriona. "Seems it was a good night to run errands." he says to the attractive woman at his side before looking back to Aisling. "Same to you, though I must say I am suprised to bump into you."

Catriona Mendoza: She smiles back to Julian, nodding.

Jason Tigh: *Jason just scratches his head at all this and then looks over to the other two who have walked up*

Cameo O'Brocki: She shrugs blandly at Jason's question. "Nowhere.. really. Probably my apartment.. if I didn't manage to lose it again." She blinks, taken back by Wes' comment. Pausing.

Wes Makrelen: It was a joke, *he says calmly.*

Aisling Sturbridge: She smiles a bit. "I had some shopping to do. What brings you out?"

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods slowly to Wes. "Call me.. later. If you're not busy. I'll be around."

Wes Makrelen: *He smiles.* All right. Do you need me to walk you home?

Cameo O'Brocki: "I.. wouldn't oppose." She says quietly.

Julian Cross: "The same actually, was thinking of some reading material mostly. This is Catriona, a very good friend of mine." he says with a little grin to his companion and then back to Aisling.

Wes Makrelen: *He nods to the two strangers, and to Jason as well. He turns to Aisling.* Good evening. I will see you tomorrow, ma'am. *He turns slowly from the group, as if... asking for permission, perhaps.*

Catriona Mendoza: "Nice to meet you, ma'am."

Cameo O'Brocki: Cameo waits, keeping her eyes down. Running a bare hand up the arm of her thin jacket for warmth.

Aisling Sturbridge: "Oh?" She turns her attention to Catriona now, giving her a second look and a bit of a smile. "Nice to meet you. I'm Aisling Sturbridge."

Jason Tigh: *Jason shrugs and nods to Wes and throws a sort of salute to Cameo* "See you around." *He then drops to one knee and begins searching the pockets of his pants for something*

Cameo O'Brocki: She nods when she hears Jason. "Seeya, rocky."

Julian Cross: Julian looks to Wes, raising an eyebrow ever so slightly about something before looking back to Aisling.

Aisling Sturbridge: She looks back to Wesley and nods to him. "Tomorrow. I look forward to it."

Wes Makrelen: *He nods, and then moves to catch up to Cameo, to walk her home.*

Catriona Mendoza: "A pleasure, Ms. Sturbridge," eyes darting for only a moment away from Aisling over toward Julian glances and quickly back to the woman.

Cameo O'Brocki: She moves along once he catches up. Mumbling. "You.. don't have to. It's probably out of your way. I leave near the NYU campus.."

Wes Makrelen: It's okay, *he says with a shrug.* I wouldn't want you getting beaten up by any muggers. *He pauses.* Well... beaten up alone.

Jason Tigh: *Jason ends up pulling out several pens and markers and laying them carefully on the sidewalk before finding what he was looking for a box of charcoal, from which he takes a stick and then closes the tin and places it and the pens back in the pocket before searching another one*

Julian Cross: "I hope I didn't scare him away." he says with a little chuckle.

Aisling Sturbridge: She nods to Catriona, and then looks back to Julian. "Perhaps, Julian, we might be able to go somewhere and speak? I think I have some things that would be good for you to be aware of...and perhaps we can touch bases on a few items of importance."

Cameo O'Brocki: "I don't have to outrun them.. I just have to outrun you.. I see." She says in a dry tone. "Thanks."

Wes Makrelen: Nothing like being a distraction for angry muggers. *He smiles smugly.* ((And I'm fading out to crash...))

Cameo O'Brocki: (will do. *G* thanks guys)

Catriona Mendoza: "That sounds good," she smiles. "I'll see you at the club later then, Julian."

Julian Cross: "Of course." he says to Aisling with a little nod. "I am at your disposal." and then looks back to Catriona. "I'll meet you then at home."

Jason Tigh: *Now pulling out a small folding knife Jason quickly and adeptly slices a chunk of the charcoal from the main stick leaving a finer edge up one side. Folding the knife again and placing it in his pocket he pulls out his pad of paper again and begins drawing once more as he stands and begins to wander past Aisling and the others*

Julian Cross: "Or the club works as well. So I'll see you there then."

Aisling Sturbridge: She looks over at Jason when he cuts the charcoal and then approaches drawing, a brow raising slightly. She looks back to Julian and nods to him. "Excellent. Shall we, then?"

Catriona Mendoza: She leans in and kisses Julian's cheek lightly before taking off.

Jason Tigh: *Jason seems largely un concerned with Aisling or Julian though he does look up a the woman once more as he passes, curiousity in his eyes before wandering past*

Aisling Sturbridge: "Good evening, Catriona," she makes a point of saying, before she leaves. "We'll have to have a longer chance to get to know each other at some point."

Julian Cross: He gives a little hug and return kiss to Catriona's cheek. "See you later." he says to her before looking back to Aisling and draws closer to her. "Yes, lets."

Aisling Sturbridge: She watches Jason walk past, and then looks away from him, to Julian. "My car isn't far from here. Come." She turns and starts heading down the street, toward the (possibly) surprisingly modest vehicle.

Julian Cross: He looks towards Jason as well before he walks with Aisling. He does give a final nod and smile to Catriona before he departs with the other woman.

Aisling Sturbridge: She opens the driver's side door and gets in, waiting for him to follow suit before heading off for Midtown Manhattan. ((And off to Columbia U Room?))

Julian Cross: He gets in, not commenting on the car or anything once he is inside. ((Sure))



Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry of the Five Bouroughs]: Aisling is quiet until they get into the Chantry itself, keeping a calm air about her. When they get inside, she heads straight through, toward the office that was the Regent's...but when the Lord lives there, you really don't need a Regent, now, do you?

Julian Cross : He walks along with her, and continues to move with a calm demanor still. Letting her speak first since she was the one that requested the meeting.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry of the Five Bouroughs]: When they get into the office, she moves to her desk. "Shut the door behind you, Julian, and have a seat." She takes a seat and opens a desk drawer, reaching in and pulling out a folder.

Julian Cross : He closes the door behind him, then moves to take a seat as instructed.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry of the Five Bouroughs]: "As you can imagine, the Prince is hoping that the recent attack on the Rack gets the proper attention. He's asked us to help look into the matter." She places the manila folder on the desk in front of her. "I trust you're aware of the matter?"

Julian Cross : "Yes, I spoke with Celeste briefly on it and she seemed to be under the impression that the Toreador would be taking care of it." and he glances to the folder for a moment. "Though I can understand why that might not be the best course to solving it."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry of the Five Bouroughs]: She gives a wry smile. "Yes, I imagine the Toreador would do a lovely job of looking into things. They'd search the parties high and low...though Celest is a bit of an interesting enigma. There's more to her then meets the eye." She shrugs. "At any rate, we'll be getting involved in the investigation. As always, we're here when someone needs to be relied on. I imagine that we'll be working with Celest...and Prince Marcel's ghoul too, as I understand it."

Julian Cross : "I do not believe I have met the Ghoul, but I met with Celeste already on another investigation that I am assisting with. I will of course, endevour to do all that I can to help in this matter."

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry of the Five Bouroughs]: "Excellent." She nods and picks up the folder, handing it over. "This has the contact information and a dossier on the ghoul, Nikos Ellingsworth. It also has all the information on the attack that we've gathered based on witness accounts. I suspect it will be quite useful to you in the investigation."

Julian Cross : "Thank you." he says while accepting the folder. He takes a moment to glance through it incase there is something that he might need to ask further about, and if not finding anything then will close it and leave it on his lap.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry of the Five Bouroughs]: She smiles and leans back in her chair, watching Julian. "So...Catriona. Normal friend, tool, herd, ghoul, Kindred, or something else entirely?"

Julian Cross : He pauses over the file at one place or two then closes it before he looks back to Aisling. "Loyal Ghoul and companion that assists me from time to time and keeps an eye on the Club for me." he says with a litle smile.

Aisling Sturbridge [Chantry of the Five Bouroughs]: "Ahh." She nods a bit. "Excellent. It's wise to keep such resources, especially when they show loyalty. Do you expect she will eventually show potential for candidacy into the Clan?"

Julian Cross : "Perhaps, I myself started as a loyal Ghoul to my Sire and Catriona was a loyal employee to Jonathon as well. She has a bit of a dark past but I do think one day she could prove an asset to the House and Clan."

Aisling Sturbridge: "A dark past? In a mortal context, or among our world?"

Julian Cross : "Mortal mostly, she became a bit involved in the seedier side of life to get herself through college. My sire found her and offered to help get her back on track. Assisted in getting her work after school in certain police departments and even get accepted to the FBI Academy. He failed to completely clean up her history, and the FBI dropped her from the Academy. It devistated. I found her and picked her back up once more and helped her to get her life back on track. Too much damage though was done to her professional career to return to the Department but the loyatly she has goes further then even the Bond."

Aisling Sturbridge: "Ahh." She nods, and shrugs. "Not a concern. The dark past of a mortal world is a minor hindrance at best, as long as her temptations are shored up. I would hardly consider it something to worry about in hindering her chances for entrance into the Clan, should that come up." She looks at Julian curiously, as if considering something. "Tell me, Apprentice...when we last spoke, you had mentioned you'd gotten along well with others, outside of the clan. And it seems you're on Celest's contact tree, so to speak. How well, traditionally, have you gotten on with the others within the Camarilla?"

Julian Cross : "Well enough I would say, I do my best to keep relations open. Just recently I began speaking with the Nosferatu as well through Twitch."

Aisling Sturbridge: "Good." She nods to that. "Perform well on this, Julian, and I see serious opportunity for advancement within the clan and the Camarilla."

Julian Cross: He smiles a bit more about that, "Thank you. I will not let you down."

Aisling Sturbridge: "I don't imagine you will." She nods and smiles. "Good evening, Julian."

Julian Cross: He stands up, making a small nod to her before he turns with the folder and slips out.