Apollo Brakham & Co: *Apollo sits in one of the larger booths surrounded by several people. Two are women both dressed in the appropriate dress and pulling it off rather well, The other is a young man, likely just barely over the drinking age and he looks somewhat appropriately attired but not extensively. Apollo himself is a different matter all together. Dressed in shimmering black and silver fabrics Apollo pulls a normally gaudy look off quite well. His physic is thin but not necessarily emaciated. He sports a short black hair and a goatee, the center of the goatee is died a deep red which contrasts the rest of attire nicely. He sits cavoriting and laughing with his fellows as the night passes on.*

Erica Delmater: *simply dressed in a short black skirt and fleece shrug over the top shes wearing ( http://www.dracinabox.com/fleece.jpg )with heels, she keeps looking about, snapping the pictures, idly wandering and every once in a while brushing the purple and green hair back behind her ears, coffin shaped backpack over her shoulders and wearing contacts tonight*

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Whos out there: 5,8,6,

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Awareness ((St app)): 2,3,7,

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Somehow through the booze the drugs and the conversation Apollo notices the young Erica and her camera.* "Excuse me all, i have an itch to scratch and i will be right back." *Seperating himself from the group he proceeds across the dance floor towards the young woman.*

Erica Delmater: *a particular young couple dressed up nicely and near matching is her latest subject of curiosity, taking pictures from a safe distance of them*

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Hes got a debonair grin with just a hint of ferocity to it as he saunters up to the young woman.* "Good evening my fine young lady. Enjoying the show?" *He says as he taps her on the shoulder from behind.*

Erica Delmater: *she almost literally jumps and gasps when she gets tapped on teh shoulder, the camera accidentally going off taking a picture of a dark part of the ceiling before she gathers herself enough to look to the tapper, blinking at apollo as the blush starts to dissappate* um......show? you mean....all the dancers?

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He nods still smiling* "No my dear i mean the ceiling you just took a picture of." *Sarcasm drips from his tongue like it flows constantly.* "May i ask why you are taking pictures of all these....people?"

Erica Delmater: oh..Im sorry I..*blushing about the ceiling, she listens to his question and shrugs* um....for...inspiration.....studies to go by on later drawings and pictures Ill do...

Apollo Brakham & Co: "I see, and you hope to find it amoung the masses do you?" *His eyebrow shoots up, there is certainly a bit of arrogance about him as he looks around the club.* "How can you find inspiration...in such..a place?"

China: ((Room for another?))

Erica Delmater: inspiration is everywhere....its...not what you look at....but how you look at it.....

Erica Delmater: (I don' mind*G*)

Apollo Brakham & Co: ((sure)) "Really? im afraid i dont really agree with you. But....i can overlook that." *He grins wryly at her.* "Care to join me?"

Erica Delmater: *blinking about the overlooking part, chewing the inside of her lip again briefly, she looks about, confused as to why he'd ask her, then blushes slightly and shrugs* I...I dont know....

Sady: ~The door leading to the stairs and up into the office swings open, and the blond with a perma-sneer comes tromping on out. Good thing those bouncers pay more than attention enough not to get smacked with that door~

Apollo Brakham & Co: "I wont take no for an answer...i never do. And if you must know i love a woman with a camera." *He smiles wickedly*

Erica Delmater: Ill bet....*quietly replying seeing that wicked grin after his answer, the camera held carefully in her hands*

Sady: ~She moves right over to the bar and climbs up. Moving her ass from stool to bartop, her eyes settling on Apollo and Erica. Quite blatantly. No efforts by any stretch of the means to appear polite about it.~ ((oh yeah... slap me for that dd thing.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: *The smile fades quickly back into a more, genial smile.* "You dont trust me do you? Would it help if you knew my name?" *He looks to her for a moment* "Regardless, my name is Apollo, Apollo Brakham."

Erica Delmater: I...guess...*shaking her head and shrugging, she looks slightly apologetic* sorry....

Sady: ~She lets her legs dangle over the side of the bar, just staring at the two~

Apollo Brakham & Co: "My dear, appologies are not necessary, but appreciated. You do not know me and i do not know you. But i want to know you. Is that so wrong?" *The smile does not deminish as he watches her his gaze unflinching, very sure of himself.*

Erica Delmater: oh...um.*blushing a touch forgetting her manners* Erica....nice.....nice to meet you...apollo

Erica Delmater: d10: per/alert: 8,8,9,9,7,1,9,

Sady: ~Her boots start swinging listlessly, leaning back on her hands. Staring. Kind of creepy, really~

Erica Delmater: (*blinks*....wow...)
*almost as if she sensed it, her eyes slowly slide towards where sady is at the bar watching them*

Sady: ~And with that perception roll... Sady's underwear are pink. With Hello Kitty on them. Silk. Ruffled thong. Size 1.~

Erica Delmater: (*snickers* geeee thanks for THAT tmfi moment LOL)

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He grins, you cant tell if its good or bad.* "Excellent, Erica. It is a pleasure i assure you. So, will you join me?" *He holds a hand out to her if she looks at it she sees a very odd looking tattoo peaking out from under the shirt*

Apollo Brakham & Co: ((LOL!!!))

Sady: ((~L~ Hey I had to throw something out there to amuse everyone))

Sady: ~Her eyes narrow at Apollo, though still she's simply staring at the moment. Leaning forward, and putting her elbows on her thighs~

Erica Delmater: *she looks slooowly from sady back to him, notices the tattoo with a slight grin, then shrugs and nods* I guess it wont hurt just sitting and talking, right?

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He smiles* "Never, you never know what you might find, if you just have an open mind." *He puts a hand on her shoulder and begins leading her back towards the the booth he had occupied.* "So Erica tell me. What do you do?"

Sady: ~She hops down off the bar, and starts tromping right along after. Keeping an all too blatant eye on where they're going.~

Erica Delmater: Im..well...an artist....lots of different mediums...but, work in a custom doll shop, and a tattoo parlor as an apprentice, learning the ropes I guess you could say...

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He nods looking at her.* "I see...how delightful. So photography is not your passion?" *He leads her surely across the dance floor back to the booth*

Sady: ~She flops into a nearby booth. And continues to stare.~

Erica Delmater: well...I like taking pictures, but of artwork no its not my passion

Erica Delmater: (guys Im sorry, Im startin to die here sadly*hugs* barely keepin my eyes open*pouts*)

Apollo Brakham & Co: ((awww *Pets* thats cool))

Sady: ((~G~ IS okies. Sady can give you an out real quick like))

Erica Delmater: (oookay*chuckles*)

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He frowns slightly at this but it doesnt faze him reall* "I see, well. You see i am having a little...party soon. To commemorate the aquisition of my new headquarters here in New York, it will be quite the event...care to show with that camera of yours?"

Sady: ~Magic words. She hops up out of the booth again, taking the whole lot of two steps and turning to face them. Glare settling on Apollo~ Get outta tha booth, girl.

Erica Delmater: *blinking, alot...quite confused as sady pops up at the table ordering her out of the booth*..Im...sorry, huh?*sounding confused and cautious and maybe a bit jumpy*

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Apollo eyes the newcomer suspiciously* "Erica and I were simply having a conversation. Is your reaction really that necessary?"

Sady: I said... get tha fuck outta tha booth girl. I ain't gonna say it 'gain, 'er I'mma pick ya up an take ya up ta tha ladies office an have 'er make a phone call. ~Her eyes still on Apollo~ Fer tha likesa yer ass? Yeah. It is. She's off limits.

Erica Delmater: *blinking, alot....when she says ladies office she hits recognition of something(since shed never met sady before), pales a touch, then excuses herself and gets out of the booth right quick*

Apollo Brakham & Co: "My...kind?" *His voice takes on an edge to it.* "Your...presumption is very...unwise." *He meets her gaze.* "I am simply having a conversation, and inviting her to my companies opening cerimony with her camera...is that really so bad?"

Sady: I didn' say nuthin' bout yer kind. Dunno 'xactly what kind it is, jus know it ain't onea ours. So yeah. It is. Stay tha fuck 'way from what ain't yers ta fuck with. ~She looks over to Erica, nodding onces~ Ya can go.

Erica Delmater: *she murmurs a soft yes ma'am and dashes off for the door*(thank you*hugs ya both* sorry bout the havin to go early, thanks for the rp though)

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He looks over to Erica ignoring sady for a moment.* "I'm sorry our conversation was cut short Erica, Do have a good night wont you?" *He says with a smile*

Sady: ((~Giggles N LIX a GG~ Sweet dreams hunny!))

Sady: ~Once Erica's gone, she turns again, and moves back over to the bar. Reclaiming the bartop for her ass~

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He watches the woman walk off and frowns deeply not letting his companions see it though. He then walks over to Sady.* "I wish to bother you for a moment, hope you wont mind."

Sady: ~She blinks at him. Once. Staring.~ Yeah?

Apollo Brakham & Co: "I assume that you have some sway here if you are to be commanding people as such as well as sitting so..forcefully upon the bar?"

Sady: Maybe. ~She tilts her head some, still watching him with that suspicious glare~

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He grins* "Excellent, you see despite your, first impression i am willing to be friends with you. I am going to make the assumption that you know the person who owns this place. And i would like for you to pass on my card to him or her if possible as i may have future dealings with this establishment."

Sady: ~She gives him a look like he's got four heads and a beak for a nose just sprouted like a pimple the night before prom~

Apollo Brakham & Co: ((LOL)) "I take it by your....visage your not willing to co-operate?"

Sady: ~She blinks a few times~ Man..... C'mon. ~She hops back down off the bar, and starts towards one of the semi-private booths. One the proprietor would typically occupy~

Sady: ((~BG~ I love Sady))

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He gives an odd look to her and then gazes over to his table for a moment before following the woman to the booth*

Sady: ~She slides into one side of the booth, scooting towards the inside, and slouches in the seat. With her... lack... of height, and her oh so lady like sitting, it might be a comical look with just being visible from the shoulders up if not for the perma sneer~

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He just manages to stifle a chuckle as he slides into the booth and then gives her a cool and confident look...like a buisnessman..a very good buisnessman" "So, what would like to discuss?"

Sady: Fer starters..... ~Her shoulders rolling a bit, chin lifting, and a clearing of her throat~ Tha fuck ya think yer doin walkin in here messin in tha wrong parta town? Wantin ta do bidness... all well an good.. sure... but steppin on someone's toes ain't tha besta starts.

Apollo Brakham & Co: *He steeples his fingers infront of him, a smile across his face.* "You presume i was up to no good, Perhaps you are right...perhaps you are wrong. Irregardless i was here to have a good time and be social...at least as social as i can be in such a place. And you have no proof i was here to do ill."

Sady: ~She smirks, leaning forward so her collarbone rests against the table~ Ya came in here, tryin ta get onea our girls ta meet ya somewhere. I don' care how fuckin slick ya think ya are. Ain't trust no one tha thinks their rico fuckin suave inna bad suit.

Apollo Brakham & Co: "Indeed i did, its what you do at a club isnt it? Make friends? Meet new people?" *He leans back the smile growing edgier as she insults him.* "I had no idea she was one of "yours" an even if i was aware. i was simply looking for a freelance photographer."

Sady: ~She gives him a cold smile~ Wow... ya jus.... amazin. So is this a natural talenta yers?

Apollo Brakham & Co: "My talents are many. It just depends how interested i am in flexing them." *He returns the smile with little warmth*

Sady: And do ya..... flex.... alot? ~Watching him, head tilting a bit~

Apollo Brakham & Co: "Well i think that is a little personal for the first date wouldnt you say?"

Sady: ~Her eyebrow twitches. She blinks at him. Once. Unamused.~

Apollo Brakham & Co: *His grin holds as he examines her features noticing her unamused look easily.* "What...exactly is going to be necessary for a mutual agreement to be reached?" *He says switching gears*

Sady: d10: thhhhhhhhht.Silencer: 8,6,1,1,2,4,10,6,3,5,

Sady: Fer ya ta shut tha fuck up an get bent. We don' wan' yer kind here. ~Her tone going even more cold than before, letting off one shot under the table~

Sady: ((~Services roller~))

Sady: d10: damage: 7,9,1,3,9,4,1,

Sady: ((~Blinks~ wow ~LMFAO~))

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Soak: 5,9,

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Apollo doubles over on the table and looks at the woman with venom in his eyes as he grits his teeth. Slowly he pulls himself from the table keeping his gaze squarely on her he begins to limp away."

Sady: ~As soon as he gives her the look of venom, she fires another shot~

Sady: d10: loveyouroller: 7,2,5,5,2,6,9,1,6,7,

Sady: d10: holyshit: 5,7,6,8,9,4,8,8,9,2,

Sady: ((~JAW DROPS~))

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Dodge (WP): 9,4,3,

Sady: d10: damage: 8,3,5,2,10,4,3,5,

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Not able to help but scream, Apollo breaks from the table.*

Sady: d10: plus ten: 3,

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: plus five: 9,

Ravyn: ((Okay, folks. Situation as it stands is that Sady just shot Apollo, who has screamed and just started to get up. He's not fully standing yet, as his action was posted after initative. Declaring and rolling in reverse order, as per usual Streamlined Combat Rules. So Declare Order is the same, as Apollo is at Hurt, and has a -1 to all rolls, including initiative. By tiebreaker per Combat rules, highest base wins a tie, so declare order is Apollo, then Sady.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Apollo will simply be running away. He's not ready for this...not yet anyways.*

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Get away: 2,7,

Sady: ~Ohhh.... running target~

Sady: d10: bangbang: 5,4,6,9,8,3,7,7,3,4,

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Reroll on that...: 10,

Sady: d10: damage: 2,3,4,8,1,9,2,

Sady: d10: Rerolling: 2,9,2,4,2,1,5,1,7,

Ravyn: The bullet somehow manages to lodge in the folds of Apollo's clothing and not harm him, and he gets up to run. People are just now beginning to take notice in the dim light of the club and the pounding music. ((New Turn, same inits))

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Run away (WP): 3,

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Apollo will continue to run, using any humans nearby as shields as he makes his way away from the crazy bitch*

Sady: d10: bangbang (wp): 9,1,9,2,3,8,8,6,10,6,

Sady: ~She follows him with the gun. Fires again.~ Fucking pain in tha ass... jus die already.

Sady: ((~Boggles at that.... knows Post was hit before roll~))

Ravyn: ((...wow.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: ((had same problem.))

Sady: d10: wow: 4,7,8,7,6,1,6,6,4,

Sady: ((~blinks~ demmit. One more die in there))

Sady: d10: : 4,

Ravyn: This time, the aim is perfect, and it passes right through Apollo's head, exploding it like a ripe melon. ((5 Lethal turns it into 8 lethal total. Dead-ass Host.))

Ravyn: Apollo's Celestial Form emerges, misty and indistinct, out of the bloody corpse of the Host. Humans in the vicinity start to run, stare in shock and terror at the Tormented form, or wet themselves and faint.

Ravyn: ((And go ahead and post your Celestial Form DD, Apollo. *S*))

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Hazy and indistinct the form rises is loathsome to behold. Bestial in almost everyway the skin is uneven and rotting, bile foams from what could be taken as a mouth as it mouths a roar. Eyes, many eyes peer balefully in the direction of Sady fixed on her, buring her image into its brain."

Ravyn: ((And also roll me a WP to keep from getting sucked back into Hell.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Not going anywhere: 9,6,5,9,3,3,

Ravyn: ((We're...fairly out of combat here. *S*))

Sady: Fuck me.... 'at shits uglier than a Nos after a fuckin acid bath. ~The words a low, disbelieving whisper, still sitting in the booth for a moment, the shock. Must be the shock~ Note ta self. Kiss Claudius an tell 'im he's prince fuckin charmin.

Ravyn -> Apollo Brakham & Co: ((Where's our lovely little Demon-boy going for a new Host? *S*))

Apollo Brakham & Co -> Ravyn: ((Heh his thrall. who just happens to be in the club, celebrating the move to new york))

Sady: ~She blinks a few times, and shakes her head quickly, frowning and pulls out her phone. Speed dial is great, especially when you make a mess. A look to the bouncers for some crowd control action to start real quick like~

Ravyn: The misty form dashes, straight into the body of the woman over where Apollo's associates were. ((Per possession, Thrall is rather...er...non-functional as the possession takes place. Which will be a turn's worth.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: *As soon as possible the woman will flee the club as fast as possible.*

Sady: ~When the form dashes, she's on her feet with the phone in one hand, gun up~ Mother FUCKER! OH HELL NO! ~Following it until is stops, not really sure if she can shoot the thing as it is, but not willing to have the bullet pass straight into an innocent bystandard.~

Ravyn: ((Sorry, guys. Conferring with Demon Staff at the moment. Gimme juust a sec.))

Sady: ((no problem. ~S~ Need to light a magic stick and tuck boychild into my bed))

Ravyn: ((Apollo, per conferring, roll WP vs. 8. You need to get as many successes as your Legacy, i.e. 3, to be coherant after possession, as the infernal memories flush into Kiera's mind.))

Ravyn: ((WP used will be Apollo's base WP.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: taking hold: 3,5,9,6,6,4,

Ravyn: Kiera's mortal mind is still in the rather traumatic process of trying to process thousands of years of information, not to mention Hell, as Sady approaches.

Sady: Fuckin spawn... go back ta hell. ~She pulls the trigger~

Sady: d10: bangbang: 4,5,6,4,2,8,2,4,9,8,

Sady: d10: damage: 3,2,7,2,4,4,4,8,10,2,8,

Sady: ((Demmit. Crashing. BRB))

Ravyn: What few people are left around the tables that weren't frightened off by the Celestial Form start to scream and scatter as Sady pumps a bullet into Kiera. The music is still playing, but the DJ is out of the booth, gone to help the bouncers do crowd control. ((4 Lethal; gimme another WP roll, Apollo. 2 more succ needed to be able to act.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: Will: 8,5,9,8,6,8,

Sady: ((Now why couldn't you get that on the first roll? ~L~))

Ravyn: ((Okay, cool. We are going to use, for refrence because we have nothing else to go off of, Apollo's stats. It is now Initiative Time.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: plus : 9,

Sady: d10: plus ten: 3,

Apollo Brakham & Co: ((sorry 5))

Ravyn: ((Due to -2 due to wound penalties, Initiative Order in terms of Declaration is Apollo/Kiera, then Sady.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: *Running using human shields* ((nothing i can roll though))

Ravyn -> Apollo Brakham & Co: ((Psst, psst. WP for auto-success))

Apollo Brakham & Co: (( sorry lets use a Willpower for a Running success))

Sady: ~She growls, opening fire again~

Sady: d10: bangbang: 8,6,9,2,10,10,5,9,6,5,

Sady: d10: damage: 8,5,10,5,6,10,7,8,5,

Ravyn: RECAP: Keira starts to limp away, and Sady draws a bead on her head, blowing it to pieces. And once again, the same Celestial Form coalesces out of the corpse's body. ((WP for the upcoming turn to avoid being sucked into hell.))

Apollo Brakham & Co: d10: stay here: 5,3,2,4,9,

Sady: ~She sneers at the form, pointing the gun~ Motherfucker... go 'head. Jump in 'nuther one.

Ravyn -> Apollo Brakham & Co: ((So takle 2...where's he headed for a new host?))

Sady: ~She looks at the phone to see if the call is still connected, then puts it to her ear~ Uh... boss?

Ravyn -> Sady: "Sady?" It's Marcel's voice. "What the FUCK is goin' on in there??"

Ravyn: The demon's body zooms with breakneck speed out of the club, leaving a whole host of mortals fainted, hovered in the corner, or otherwise freaking out.

Ravyn: ((Or...not body. Form. Yeah. You know.))

Sady: Yeah we gotta problem at tha Tears. Big one. Fuckin hell spawn keeps jumpin in people, got some nightmare fer crowd control goin an' two faceless fuckin bodies.

Apollo Brakham & Co: ((Thanks for the scene guys...not what i was hoping for but still entertaining.))

Sady: ((~big hugs~ RAWR! Well..... glad you had.. um.... fun?))

Ravyn: ((Any time. Thank you for patronizing Seraphim's Tears, come back again! ;) ))

Ravyn -> Sady: "Ahh, shit. Get those fuckin' bouncers doin' there job and some GOD damn crowd control. I'll be there ASA-fuckin'-P."

Sady: Already on it. ~She hangs up the phone, keeping an eye on the door as she puts the gun away, and starts setting to work giving the bouncers a hand~

Sady: ((~Slaps dat pause button~))

Ravyn: ((And pause for now.))

Sady: ((I see you! ~Plays peek a boo~))

Celest Aston: ((Yep. *S* I see you too, just waiting for everyone else. Maybe one of us should put up that this is to take place last night.))

Sady: ((ooooo yeah good idea. ~Fixes tag~))

Celest Aston: ((Wee gang is all here))

Marcel Rolando Romer: The bouncers and Sady have a hell of a time getting the crowd cleared, but they manage it, the Bouncers suggesting that they close down for the night, as usual for when something off-the-hook happens in the club. Wouldn't be the first time. When the last of the people are filtering out, leaving just the mess of the dead people (and a few people who got trampled on the dance floor during the whole mess), the tell-tale sounds of a Harley comes up to the front of the club.

Sady [last night]: ~She turns to the bartender once things are quieting down~ Get Celest.

Celest Aston: Celest, looking as per normal beautiful as ever, comes out of the door that leads up to the offices. Taking in the places as she marches into the main part of the club.

Marcel Rolando Romer: The bartender looks up to the offices. "Looks like she beat me to the punch," he tells Sady, pointing.

Sady [last night]: ~She looks over her shoulder, moving some of the injured people from the trampling over to booth seats to lay them down for cleanup~ Uh.... Romer's here. Called 'im already.

Marcel Rolando Romer: Outside, Marcel waits just long enough for Nikos to get off, and then dismounts from the bike himself. To call him in a good mood would be grossly inaccurate. He's got a much deeper scowl then usual, and pushes the leaving club-goers out of the way as he gets to the front door. Once he gets in, he looks over to Nikos. "Welcome to clean-up detail," he says to Nikos as he surveys the mess. "And I ain't necessarily talkin' about mop an' bucket duty."

Celest Aston: She crosses one hand over her chest and the other flys to her temple rubbing there as if she suddenly has the worst headache in the world. She glances over to Marcel as he comes inside. "Gang's all here." she mutters looking around and shaking her head.

Sady [last night]: ~She looks over towards the doors, then to Celest with a shrug~ Y'said deal with it, an I did. Fucker was tryina sweet talk that ghoul outta here, then was stupid nuff ta stick 'round after I gave 'im tha chance ta leave.

Nikos Ellingsworth: Nikos glances over the mess, going just slightly pale and very still. "...right."

Celest Aston: And she winces when Sady speaks of ghouls with people who could be NOT in their world.

Sady [last night]: ((THought those ones were cleared out ~blinks~))

Marcel Rolando Romer: ((They have been.))

Sady [last night]: ((Ok ~whew~ She's not the brightest crayon in the box, but she's not THAT stupid ~LOL~))

Celest Aston: ((Okay sorry I thought by trampled some of them were still alive.....not that they were dead. MY bad. DLP))

Marcel Rolando Romer: "You'll be fine," he says to Nikos. "Just follow and watch, and try not to slip on any of the blood. Nothin' more embarassin' then falling face-first into brains." He starts to head toward Celest and Sady.

Celest Aston: Celest looks to Sady. "Watch him, keep an eye on things. Damn it. We have dead peoiple all over the place, and you pulled a gun in the club. This is going to be a whole lot more than just basic clean up. This is a disaster."

Nikos Ellingsworth: "Yeah," he says, obediently following Marcel across the room. "I'll keep that in mind."

Sady [last night]: ~She looks over at the approaching Marcel and Nikos, then over to Celest~ So I was s'posed ta jus let 'im walk outta here with 'er? Or better yet, let 'im keep talkin smack at me like 'e was king fuckin shit AFTER I fuckin told 'im he was bein watched. I gave 'im tha fuckin chance ta leave, Celest. Instead he wanted ta flop his dick out an wave it at me.

Celest Aston: She looks at the front doors of the club where Marcel was heading in from. "How are we supposed to get all of those people back to erase what they saw?" She looks back to Sady. "Last I saw you got Erica out of his grasp. Maybe telling him flat out he and his were no longer welcome period in this club from that moment on. Or called me in or the bouncers to escort him out?"

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Fuck that shit, Celest." He shakes his head. "Fuckin' Demon in here, he should know fuckin' better. Treaty shoulda kept his ass out...I'm sick of this shit."

Celest Aston: "Yes well it doesn't and it didn't and now we have them to deal with along with the cops among other things." She crosses her arms.

Sady [last night]: I did fuckin tell 'im 'e wasn' welcome. Cept I said it in my own colorful fuckin way. He said he liked "flexin 'is skills". Sounded ta me like he was gonna try an use some hell bound bullshit ta start pullin shit. So call it DOIN MY FUCKIN JOB. ~She drops another body in the booth with a growl~ And I didn' do a fuckin thing but shoot 'is ass. ~She looks to Marcel, pointing to the male body without it's head~ That was 'im. Fuckin room fulla people, an he turns 'round an jumps in that one o'er there. ~Pointing to the headless female~

Celest Aston: And she blinks at Sady. "Body jumping?"

Marcel Rolando Romer: He snorts. "Don't worry about the fuckin' cops. Got that covered. They're got a tip about a drug deal goin' down in Battery. Bet they'll be disappointed."

Sady [last night]: ~She looks over at Nikos again, then back to Celest and nods~ Weirdes fuckin shit I ever saw. Blew his head off, then this fuckin misty thing that makes Claudius look like miss america floats outta it an jumps inta tha bitch he was with. She starts goin all seisure fits on me so I shot 'er too.

Nikos Ellingsworth: He moves closer to Marcel slowly as they talk, still taking in the whole scene. But he's definitely paying attention to mention of body swapping.

Celest Aston: She is back to rubing her temples with her hands. "So now, how many bodies do we have to get rid of? And someone grab the mops and buckets, and some bleech, to start to clean up the blood." the last is sort of shouted to the bouncers/workers of the club.

Sady [last night]: ~She points to the ones that were trampled, then the two headless~ Maybe half dozen all tagether. ~A smirk at that~

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Looks like...two headless and four flattened. Six." He shrugs. "'at's not too bad." He's frowning at the topic of body swapping. "But that's some straight-up bullshit right there. Ain't no fucking Hell-things gonna be comin' in here, jumpin' into bodies."

Sady [last night]: ~She nods to Marcel, scowling again~ An it ain't like I was fuckin loud 'bout it. I used tha silencer. Hell, no one knew nuthin till he screamed likea bitch an started runnin after I shot 'im in tha junk.

Celest Aston: She moves over to the Hedless male body and startsa to search through pockets. "Sady gimme your gun. I will buy you a new one or get you a new one......as long as that one isn't registered." she is muttering as she goes looking through the pockets. "I can see about getting this guy and the female to a hotel or back to her place, and make it look like a murder suicide. I am good at those."

Sady [last night]: ~She winces, shaking her head~ Can't do 'at. Mine'r both licensed.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Sounds good," he says to Celest, then grunts, looking around the club. "Unbelieveable. The fuckin' Treaty's busted as shit, and we just gotta deal with it? Fuck that. Things are gonna change 'round here." He looks back to Nikos. "Remind me. I gotta talk to the Tremere, an' soon."

Celest Aston: "Well if there is no bullets, in these guys." she eyes the male. "Then I might be able to pull something off." she looks over and smiles to Marcel. "I thought you might like that." Once she has a wallet she will stand up and call Marcus, her ghoul, to come and help her out on this one.

Nikos Ellingsworth: He nods. "Okay."

Sady [last night]: ~She blinks slowly at Celest~ Uh... There might be one 'er two in 'is crotch.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Ahh, hell, I'll get the bullets outta his skull, if there's any there." He moves over and kneels next to Apollo's body, reaching into the mess of his head without preamble and digging for bullets.

Sady [last night]: Only shot 'im once in tha head. ~She moves over to the woman's body and starts looking it over, on a bullet search~

Celest Aston: "Don't worry about Sady. I will take care of it. The other's might be a problem." she nods to the trampled 4. "And you are right Marcel, we need to have the ability of some recource in our own places. It is bad enough the Anarch's still try and use this place."

Celest Aston: She watches the two of them go on bullet searches. A smirk, her first of the night, on her lips. "So what are our plans with the treaty?"

Marcel Rolando Romer: He digs the bullet out, hands now red and gory, and tosses it at a nearby bouncer. "Toss that." He looks back to Celest. "I'm gonna set down some new fuckin' ground rules, is what I'm gonna fuckin' do."

Sady [last night]: ~She pulls out the metal from the woman's corpse, nodding over to Celest, then blinks at the tossed bullet~ Hey no fuckin way, I wan't that fer a trophy. ~A snicker, standing and wiping her hands on her tank top, before falling quiet again to listen~

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Oh. Yeah. So, let's get official, here." He gestured a messy hand at Nikos, then to Celest, then Sady. "Nikos...Celest, Toreador Primogen. And Sady, the sheriff. She's one-a mine. Celest, Sady, this is my ghoul, Nikos."

Celest Aston: "Sounds good to me." she tells him. "You want me to figure something out for the other four as well?" she nods her head to the bodies. "Or you want to see how well your boy will do with that job?"

Celest Aston: A smilew to Nikos. "Nice to see you again and offically meet you."

Nikos Ellingsworth: "I've...met Celest." He nods. "Nice meeting you, Sady."

Sady [last night]: S'up? ~She nods to Nikos, then quirks an eyebrow over at Marcel as she tucks the bullets into her pocket~

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Naah, yer off-duty on that, Sady." He looks at Nikos. "Crew's on your orders. Figure out somethin' to do with those, and have 'em do it."

Celest Aston: She nods her head to what Marcel says. "ooooh your in charge tonight." She winks at Nikos. "Hey Marcel, maybe this way we can surpass the Treaty and just....not tell them about what happened tonight."

Nikos Ellingsworth: He opens his mouth then closes it and looks around. "Right. Hell of a crash course. What happened to follow me and pay attention?"

Sady [last night]: ~She nods at Marcel, then looks over at Celest~ No, fuck that shit. He fuckin brought it on 'imself. This shit's gotta fuckin stop.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Lesson One. Situations can change in the blink of an eye." He smirks to Nikos, then looks over to Celest. "Nuh-uh. We're takin' it straight to that little Chinese bitch. Things gotta change 'round here."

Celest Aston: She looks in between Marcel and Sady. "They might want the bodies then." She crosses her arms.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "We got video footage of what happened. They don't need no damn bodies." He shrugs. "However, it would be nice to drag the two headless ones into the Concerto and dump 'em right on her desk."

Sady [last night]: ~She smirks~ We can use my car. It's out back. Plennya trunk space.

Celest Aston: "Those were the two I was talking about." She rolls her eyes.

Nikos Ellingsworth: He looks around, considering. "Do we want to keep any of them, for anything? And what exactly happened? What am I covering for?"

Sady [last night]: ~She looks over to Nikos~ They got trampled in a paniced crowd.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Naah, they're just kine." He shakes his head. "They got trampled."

Nikos Ellingsworth: "Right. What panicked the crowd? Shooting? They'll remember that. And likely at least two of them came with friends. That gets more problematic than just bodies."

Celest Aston: "Yep." she tells Nikos as she smiles at him.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Maybe. So what do you say we do?" He's watching Nikos as they talk, a hint of a smile on his face.

Sady [last night]: ~She crosses her arms, looking back to Marcel~ Want me ta dump these two in my car an we can take carea 'at shit? I dunno if this fucker had any other friends 'er not.

Celest Aston: "I will help you take them out to your car. I will grab the girl." She tells Sady. "Then at least they are out of the way."

Nikos Ellingsworth: "You can stage a murder-suicide. What if we review the tapes, find out which two are most likely to be missed. We've got keys, ids...can we make it look like they ran away together? Took off for Mexico or something? Without bodies that might at least buy enough time for things to drop for them as far as attention. Four people gone with no explanation is bad. Two...might be easier to explain away."

Celest Aston: "We could, but they have been dead, so any bullet holes will show up as post mortum, meaning after death. And the fact that they had been trampled will be evident as well." a raise of an eyebrow.

Sady [last night]: ~She smirks over at Celest~ 'Sperimentin with dead bodies 'gain?

Nikos Ellingsworth: "I'm working on the where no one will find the bodies ideas, but I'm sadly lacking in covering up anything remotely like this experience. I'll take suggestions...."

Celest Aston: "Nope, just when you are good at your job." she says walking over to the girl who had her head blown off. "You get to know what you can and what you cannot make things look like."

Sady [last night]: ~She opens her mouth to say something, then stops and looks between Marcel and Celest~ Could always go with tha Smithy disposal system.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He's quiet, looking between the three and letting them sort things out with a discerning look on his face. It would be relatively serene-looking, if not for the blood and brain bits on his hands.

Celest Aston: "Car accident, Suicide pact, of having them drive off into the bay. Have a car blow up with them in it. Take any car's that are not needed to a dump or recycle place, that will get rid of the cars. I like the car blowing up, but that might be me."

Nikos Ellingsworth: "Okay, Celest, figure out what you can make as much of that look like as you can." He looks at Sady. "You know how to make bodies disappear?"

Sady [last night]: ~She makes a face at the blowing up cars idea~ Uh... bad idea. That'll prolly get tha police crawlin all o'er it after tha shit in tha Bronx las' week.

Nikos Ellingsworth: [Move that post up one? *sigh*]

Sady [last night]: ~She nods to Nikos~ Yup.

Nikos Ellingsworth: "So once we know how many we need to disappear, you can disappear them? Will you need anything to do that with? People? Money? Stuff?"

Sady [last night]: ~She tilts her head at Nikos and smirks~ Toxic waste disposal barrel, coupla trash bags, gas can, some matches, an' a hacksaw.

Nikos Ellingsworth: "I guess you got that all covered, pretty much?"

Celest Aston: "Well, as long as we can get rid of the cars, and maybe even go in and clean out their places, possibly. I mean hell people from New York dissapear all of the time."

Marcel Rolando Romer: ((Sorry, guys. Got distracted by cock jokes on Cable TV.))

Sady [last night]: Carry alla 'at shit in my trunk. 'Cept tha barrel. ~She nods to Nikos, crossing her arms and looking over to Marcel~

Celest Aston: She looks at Sady and Grins. "I knew there wasd a methood I hadn't tried yet." Between the two of them they could get rid of anyone.

Sady [last night]: ((Now where were those LAST night when Sady was shooting under the table? ~G~))

Sady [last night]: ~She snickers over at Celest~ S'what I did ta 'at crazy ass big titty bitch. Y'know.... it ain't easy cuttin through 'at fake titty stuff.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He nods a little. "Well, then. Sounds like we got ourselves a fuckin' plan."

Nikos Ellingsworth: "Right. That was the Mexico idea. No bodies found...Mexico. Pina coladas. Can we get one of these cars to Mexico? Or at least way out of here? Abandon it in some barn somewhere or something?"

Sady [last night]: ~She nods~ Yup, can do 'at too. Gotta kid 'ats really good fer runnin like 'is ass is on fire. ~She blinks a few times, then looks to Marcel again~ Reminds me though, gotta talk ta ya 'bout 'im.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "I got a chop shop. We can take it apart there."

Celest Aston: "I do not know anyone with a chop shop, but that would be a way to get rid of some. I will do the B and E on the ones down to Mexica, as well....." she laughs. "It shouldn't be too difficult to grab up things to make it look like they left." For the other two....." She shrugs. "I am sure we will find out something."

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Really?" He looks at Sady with a frown. "The fuck's he done now?"

Sady [last night]: Naw naw.... Not Gunther, tha new one. He uh.. ~She winces and scratches the back of her head for a moment~ He told me some shit 'at don add up right.

Nikos Ellingsworth: He nods. "Right. You don't know any of them, do you?" He glances at the bodies. He doesn't react to them so much now. "Or about them?"

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Ahh, him." He nods a little bit, frowning. "Don't add up? You ain't thinkin' he's a Jersey type, are ya?"

Celest Aston: "Nope." She tells Nikos, only half listening to the other two.

Sady [last night]: ~She shakes her head no, frowning~ Ain't like 'at. Jus... Some really weird shit I ain't never run inta b'fore. He can identify us. That whole "I see dead people" thing? Yeah. He can jus look at ya an know if yer dead. An I didn' hafta teach 'im how ta use what I give 'im. I think someone's been slippin 'im some shit... but ta keep it up an fer 'im ta be completely loyal ta me... 'at jus don' make no sense.

Nikos Ellingsworth: "Okay, then we'll have to go by what we find on them and anything on the tapes to figure out who they are and why they might vanish, I guess. Which one of you needs my help? At least right now. Or both, but I think I can only be in one place at once."

Celest Aston: She gets a glimer of an idea. "Well Nikos, one of these..." she waves a hand to the bodies. "Is going to look like they were beaten in a Gang jump. Another is going to have their place burglarized......and they just happened to be there when it happened. That should work for the other two."

Marcel Rolando Romer: He scowls at Sady's response, still half-listening to Celest and Nikos. "Oh, fuckin' beautiful. Met a few of them before."

Nikos Ellingsworth: "Okay. So. We have a plan? People here know how to clean all this up? The floor? What about the gun? I guess we have to spin that somehow?"

Celest Aston: "Yeah the people who work here know how to clean thing us. No problem. And yes we have a plan. The two cars of the ones going to Mexico are going to the chop shop if they have them. Sady is getting rid of those bodies, if you want to help her out you can. I am going to take two of them and twist how they got beaten up. And I will do that with the help of one of my ghouls. Now all we have to do is pick which one for which."

Sady [last night]: ~She looks over to Nikos and grunts~ I'll be a'ight. Jus demp whatever in tha backa my car. Can take carea it after I drop off tha evidence ta tha club. ~Then a scowl over at Marcel~ Few a what?

Nikos Ellingsworth: "That might be good with tapes and bouncers as a place to start. Cell phones. See how many people are on them, maybe? If any have many of the same numbers?"

Sady [last night]: ((Shit. BRB, crashing))

Celest Aston: She will move over and start to checking the cell phone and number called and the like. See what she can come up with. "We should start moving the bodies out of here."

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Dhampirs, is what they're fuckin' called. When a fuckin' Thin Blood gets pregnant."

Nikos Ellingsworth: He nods and walks over to one of the bodies. And then looks at it. Handling dead people is new.

Sady [last night]: ~She looks at the others, then moves over to the male body near Marcel, scooping him up with another scowl~ Dhampirs? Fuck. Then.... he ain't mortal ta start with.... so ya think he's playin me?

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Well, they still make good ghouls. Just watch 'im a bit closer, you get me?" He turns his attention to Nikos, watching him as he pulls out a cigar and lights it.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Hell, most of 'em don't know what they are, 'till they stop agin'."

Celest Aston: She listens to Marcel and Sady eyes them a moment before attempting to figure out things with phones and ID's and keys and the like. Keeping things seperate.

Sady [last night]: Want me ta bring 'is mother in? He told me she was 'round somewhere. S'posed ta set up a meetin but he ain't been able ta find 'er. She mighta bolted if she found out he's workin fer me. ~She drags the body over to the bar, and asks for a trash bag~

Nikos Ellingsworth: After a minute of watching Celest, he starts mimicing her, taking things from his body and setting them down to look at. He hesitates on the wallet, but leaves it closed, laying it with everything else.

Marcel Rolando Romer: Celest finds that two of the people actually do seem to know each other and have their numbers in each other's phones.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Probably a good idea," he says with a nod to Sady. "Best find out what we can about 'er."

Celest Aston: She grins. "These two, might enjoy the trip to Mexica.....they know each other." she smiles. "The other two.....when my ghoul get's here we will take care of."

Sady [last night]: ~She nods, taking the trash bag and wrapping it around the upper portion of the body, and ties it off. Then a second bag, which his legs get stuffed into, and it gets secured up around his waist. The less blood smears in her trunk, the better~ A'ight. I'll see what I can do. He should be stoppin by t'morrow night.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Cool." He nods a little bit to Celest, and then to Sady as well. The Tears staff have set to cleaning up the messes on the floor.

Nikos Ellingsworth: [Sorry. Wireless = evil]

Sady [last night]: ((~Shudders~ My sympathies ~pets~))

Celest Aston: Once Celest's ghoul get's there with his car she will with his help take the two bodies on her "to do list" and help get them out to her car. Letting everyone else know she will let them know if she has any problem or not. And that she will see them later.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He nods and lets Celest go, then looks back to Nikos. The cigar is plucked from his lips and he exhales a cloud of smoke. "Not bad, Nik. Not bad at all."

Sady [last night]: ~She nods to Celest and gives her a smile~ Call me later, a'ight? ~She carries the first of the bodies out the back door to her car~

Celest Aston: ((*Hugs* thank you all for the scene *S* was fun and interesting for clean up duty))

Nikos Ellingsworth: He gives Marcel a tense smile. "Yeah. Thanks." But he does relax a little at that.

Nikos Ellingsworth: [Yes. It was fun. *hugs*]

Sady [last night]: ((~hugs n bounces~ Yar!))

Marcel Rolando Romer: "You didn't have all the right answers, but you asked the right fuckin' questions. That's what counts."

Nikos Ellingsworth: He nods. "Point taken."

Sady [last night]: ~She comes back in to bag up the second body, nodding over Nikos~ Gotta smart kid there, boss.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He smirks a bit to Sady. "Careful. Gonna give him a big head."

Sady [last night]: ~She grins~ Well then he'll fit right in, won'e? Ya wanna do this shit with Yu? If not I can just dump 'em off at 'er office an tell 'er ta call you.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Yeah go ahead an' do that," he says with a nod. "That'll give 'er an idea of how serious we're takin' things."

Sady [last night]: ~She nods~ A'ight. Gimme a call if ya need anything later. I'mma duck out an go pay someone a visit unnerground.

Nikos Ellingsworth: [Wrap?]

Marcel Rolando Romer: ((Yeah, this is a good fade point. Thanks for the scene, guys!))