Sean Finnegan: *The long limbed, muscled irishman sits a short ways down the street from Dawson's, chewing savagely at a piece of pizza from the box balanced in his lap. Perched on a crumbling bit of wall in front of an equally crumbling but not unpleasant house, he seems a bit more thoughtful than usual. Chewing on his options as he chews on the food.*

Sean Finnegan: *Wandering grey eyes eventually focus on the here and now. Specifically, a chunk of wood origionally part of the bracing of the wall draws his attention. His chewing slows, and Sean puts aside the box of pizza carefully before wiping his fingers unceremoniously on his windbreaker and standing up from the short bit of wall he was sitting on to pick it up.*

Sean Finnegan: *His eyes remain riveted against the chunk of wood in his hand.. almost as long as his arm, not a bad weight.. hrumph. He puts aside his troubles in favor of a simple wrist exercise Dame Silverhand had taught him. Slowly he sinks back onto the small chunk of wall, watching the stick and his wrist, but focused on the sidewalk beyond. Up.. down.. brief flick left.. an elementary, almost childishly simple exercise most of the Folk learned as a ten year old- but he moves through with the slow concentration of a beginner who may have a bit of potential.*

Sean Finnegan: *As he continues with the exercise.. up, down, brief flick left, riposte.. over and over again his eyes begin to fog.. shoulders relax as he remembers the voice that origionally taught him. Most ignore the twenty-something playing with a piece of wood, but Sean listens to the tales Dame Silverhand would spin as he practiced.. imagines the culumnation of simple exercises like these, and what they will eventually become.*

Sean Finnegan: *What would be a crisp and perfect motion in the case of someone concentrating a bit more, Sean's imaginings seem to slowly exert control over.. it becomes a bit different.. too much of a hitch in the wrist flick, too slow in the rudiments of an upper guard.. he seems not to notice. Instead following his imagination as he meditates also on his recent trouble. The motion becomes less artful. More a matter of grace in simplicity- and though he does not seem to know it, a motion much more suited to a far heavier weapon.*

Stevie: ((Looking for company?))

Sean Finnegan: *Now and then he shakes himself- becomes aware that he's deviated from the exercise he set out to do.. a glance around with slightly rueful eyes is more habit than true wariness- he half expects to see the blazing eyes of his Dame. She's never there though, so he adjusts his seating and stills his face into the sharp concentration his house is more known for and begins again. Each time it starts crisp, almost good but not quite- and eventually deviates all over again as he imagines things in shockingly intimate detail.. its not done that way.. its done this way, with both hands, and the shoulders follow through.*

Sean Finnegan: ((Sure. Still working on the description though, so don't be disappointed.*S*))

Stevie: ((No problem :D))

Stevie: *She was on her way to Dawson's, from where who knew. But the sounds and sights of the man fighting against the air drew her attention and her curiosity. She slowed to watch him, amazingly quiet as she does so.*

Stevie: The first thing most people notice about this girl is her wild hair. Bright red and orange mingles with the soft brown that seems to be her natural color. The next thing most notice is the innocence and eternal sunshine personality she seems to exude like that of a young child. Bright hazel eyes always seem to be reflecting some sort of inner joy or mischief. Her complexion is a lovely cream color with a touch of rose to her cheeks. She has a long slender figure with long, lanky limbs that proves her to be an older woman that her attitude would seem. For all the length of her limbs, the girl herself is rather small. Her movements are quick, slightly jerky, birdlike. The overall effect is cute more than pretty or sexy. In her Fae Mien, her hair is replaced by lovely feathers. The patches of bright red and orange surrounded by a softer brown which also seems to have dyed on down her neck and into her clothes. Her nose has become sharper and more beak-like, darkening to a greyish black. The rest of her face has taken on a more reddish tone, similar to the feathers that were her hair. The brown seems to carry all the way down from her neck to her hands before going creamy again just at the fingers, feathers lining between them. A red-faced warbler look. ( )

Sean Finnegan: *Late twenties, with the faint lines and marks of a life that's been rough around the edges, Sean is seated on a short bit of wall down the street a bit from Dawson's. Apparently he's playing with a short stick, but doing so with bright grey eyes focused and intent on whatever it is he's doing. Broad shouldered, a hard physique, but overall rather plain really. He has sandy blond hair and a few shady looking tattoos wrap thick arms.*

Sean Finnegan: *Apparently muttering a bit to himself, he continues to perform the same simple three part motion with his right hand. Up, down, flick to the left, riposte. Growing a bit frustrated he eventually just tosses the stick aside- and starts a bit at the newcomer.*

Stevie: *She looks up as a rain drop splashes her nose right between her eyes, grimacing* Ya know...yer sword'll work a lot better if it doesn't get all bendy...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Room for another? *Whistles innocently*))

Sean Finnegan: *Bright slate eyes flick up to the sky as rain begins to intrude, then back to the...girl? woman? He leans back a bit, chuckling ruefully before he speaks. His voice seems made to be loud, though is quiet at the moment. The hint of an irish brogue colors the sound.* Heh. Maybe I'll jest carry an armful o' firewood where'er I go fer stayin' power in th' fight. *He smiles, then stands up and dusts himself off a bit, approaching Stevie to give a proper introduction.*

Stevie: ((Oh dear...*LOL* Sure))

Sean Finnegan: ((absolutely.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((WHOO!))

Stevie: *She smirks* So ya c'n light 'em up 'r just bash 'em on the head?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The little wisp of darkness slips her way along the street, keeping to the shadows as she tends to do. Hearing voices ahead, she turns around the corner, dark eyes taking in the scene. ((Only posting Mein, for obvious reasons))

Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.

Sean Finnegan: *He waves a hand dismissively as he walks down the street toward her.. a swagger in his step he doesn't seem conscious of. The smile on his mortal face is nice enough, if a bit uncultured- but to Fae eyes reveals ritually sharpened teeth for a moment.* Bah. I'll throw the mess o' it at 'em an' call me mates, aye? *His face calms to something like sincerity as he looks her in the eye and makes to introduce himself in a voice a bit too quiet to carry.* I'm Sean miss. Named Ashur-Omaugh ap Scathatch by fate, an' mebbe a bastard by other folks, eh? *He holds out a hand.*

Stevie: *She wrinkles her nose at the formal introduction but takes his hand to shake it.* Call me Stevie appy Fun. Or Wonder Girl...that works good too. *She grins, not seeming phased by the teeth in the slightest.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She raises an eyebrow, hearing Stevie give that introduction to a sidhe. She shakes her head, letting out a silent sigh, and drifts closer, making herself more obvious. She ignores Stevie, giving Sean a slight bow of her head in greeting. "Good evening."

Stevie: *The grin, however, does fade into a scowl accompanied by a narrowing of the eyes as she hears, and turns to see Adele.*

Sean Finnegan -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Fae Mein is in the planning stage so I'll give you the important bits. He's definitely Sidhe, but where other nobles are beautiful or awe inspiring, Sean seems rather fierce and scary. Aside from a carefully dyed fur that wraps his waist and legs he's only wearing a wide array of brutal piercings and complex woad tattoos. Hair is very long blue spikes. A Pictish idea of what a noble looks like. War Chief as done by van morrison with an acid chaser. Cha-4 fierce, str-4 impressive, app4 (now) fierce))

Sean Finnegan -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Fae Mein is in the planning stage so I'll give you the important bits. He's definitely Sidhe, but where other nobles are beautiful or awe inspiring, Sean seems rather fierce and scary. Aside from a carefully dyed fur that wraps his waist and legs he's only wearing a wide array of brutal piercings and complex woad tattoos. Hair is very long blue spikes. A Pictish idea of what a noble looks like. War Chief as done by van morrison with an acid chaser. Cha-4 fierce, str-4 impressive, app4 (now) fierce))

Sean Finnegan: *He blinks rapidly at Stevie's response, but doesn't seem prudish enough to take any offense. Bright eyes sweep to Adele- and she gets the blink of one not altogether used of those.. just yet. The tall irishman nods his head solemnly and bows just a tad from the waist.* Good evenin' miss- my name is Ashur-Omaugh ap Scathatch... *he cocks his head.* But I think we've met before.. *He offers Adele a hand as well.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: He nods a bit. "I believe we have, Sir. Please, if you would excuse Miss Stevie. She lacks in propriety, grace, beauty and intellect, but she makes up for it with impressive emotional outbursts that are at least amusing to observe. Everyone must have a purpose, and hers is local entertainment...particularly for the men."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((SHE))

Stevie: Least, I don't got a stick so far up my ass leaves are comin' out my mouth. *The growled response*

Stevie: ((*LOL*))

Sean Finnegan: *The young noble's lips twist a bit, eyebrows rising a touch on his head as respect and waryness gleam in his eyes for a moment. His attention passes back to both women.. either smooth, or raised by women he doesn't miss a beat.* I've been ta places where that's next ta godliness.. rather than wha' th' church woul' have ya believe. *He chuckles a bit, and glances to the sky again as rain continues.*

Stevie: *The grin she gets at Sean's response is absolutely radiant. So There! It says to the other woman.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Language, Miss Stevie. Have some respect." She nods to Sean. "Indeed. But those places, the woman have a sense of propriety and respect, and are not so...common. But enough of unseemly things. How have you been faring?"

Stevie: I do. Yers just wore out a long time ago.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I meant for him, dullard. You dropped a feather."

Sean Finnegan: *He continues to watch Adele as he speaks, the odd glimmer in his eye remains somewhere between respect and calculation before blunting into humor.* ABout as I should, Miss Hamilton.. all the stories start with the newcomers tae th' high table bein' kicked around under it a while by th' feet of their betters, right? *He watches her for a moment waiting for understanding.* Righ... I'm farein' abou' like that.

Sean Finnegan: *His eyes narrow a touch as he looks between the two of them.. neither of them seem bothered by the rain. Refreshing. Leave the Isle and everyone suddenly thinks they melt when wet.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She turns the corners of her lips slightly upward and nods to Sean. "Understandable. It is a perilous climb, the social one. I wish you the best in this."

Sean Finnegan: *Feath...oooooh... A touch of understanding passes under ruddy features as he watches Stevie for a moment.*

Stevie: Least I spend my days doin' stuff, not prancin' about makin' myself all self-important.

Sean Finnegan: *He grunts a bit and grins in good nature. Apparently at ease and expecting his first steps to be stumbling. He glances between the two of them, then to the door.* I don' suppose I'd be able ta convince th' tew uh ya ta come join me fer a pint? Talk abou' th' world a while?*The offer seems offhand enough, but with rather more serious undertones.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks at Stevie. And the corners of her mouth curl upward, much as she seems to be trying to avoid it. Her shoulders start to shake, and...that one's ever seen it, but yes indeed, Adele Elizabeth Hamilton is actually laughing.

Sean Finnegan: *A few moments pass as the tall warlord does a double take to identify the sound coming out of Adele... then his eyes slide to Stevie slowly.. this.. this may not be pretty.*

Stevie: *You'd think she'd take it as an insult. You really would. Instead she smirks devilishly, as if somehow she just scored a victory. She is strange, this one. She simply turns on a heel and heads into Dawson's merrily.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "That, Miss...that is..." She doubles over, quiet but full-on laughter shaking her body. If she were anything but a sluagh, it would likely be heard a block away or more. "Ironic...extreme..."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She reaches out to stabilize herself against a lamp pole, and shakes her head to Sean. Fighting her rolling peals of hushed laughter enough to respond. "Forgive me, Sir...but Dawson's is not a place that is welcome for me. Enjoy your evening. Perhaps we will speak again..." She then busts back into the laughter.

Sean Finnegan: *His quick gaze follows stevie as she crosses the street before passing back to Adele.* An old malice, that..

Sean Finnegan: ((dlp))

Sean Finnegan: *Lines crease the corners of his mouth. Info from a liar is less than info from one who simply does not give it. Sean seems dismayed for a moment, but his eyes narrow and pass back to Adele. Why would she not be welcome? There seems a wealth of curiosity in his manner, but he nods politely and extends one hand as though he would touch her forehead- a ritualized motion he doesn't seem aware of, and the contact is never made.* Good evening, Miss Hamilton. I look foreward to a catching up at your leisure.

Sean Finnegan: *He nods and turns to cross the street.. the irishman may be new, but his feet move like one who better remembers grace that he should have. His steps are silent and swift.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little, the laughter finally cooling off to a mere chuckle, and she bows her head to him. "Good evening." And with that, she slips away, back into the shadows.

Sean Finnegan: *He trots to catch up with Stevie.* Wondergirl-

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Thanks for the scene. *S*))