Elias: *What a beautiful, clear day. The sky is a perfect blue. It's clearly a sign from above. That the door to the decrepit shack will be closed. No mortals dare approach it. Not just because it is a Sunday, and therefore, a day of rest. But because it is bright. And sunny.* 
Sean Finnegan:
*The tall irishman squints up at the sky briefly.. he takes a moment to rub his chin thoughtfully before approaching the door.. he blundered through the rules last time.. apparently he doesn't intend to make the same mistake again. With a brief nod, he walks toward the innocuous seeming door.. recalling scents and sounds from last time.* 
Sean Finnegan:
*He skates a glance around the little shack for a moment.. choosing to see it the right way.. theeeere we go. He knocks quietly, nine times.* 
Elias: *The ivy has started to grow, creeping along the sides of the small building, almost suffocating it. The door is still clear. At least it has been used. A small... thing. Peeks out of the side, underneath one of the ivy leaves. One eye slides out, a slithering motion from the green and yellow slug.*  
Sean Finnegan: d10: per/alert: 3,2,4,4,6,5, 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
She's making her way toward the place, regretting being out. Evil sun. She squints, sunglasses covering her eyes as she slips through what few shadows she can find, toward the shack. 
Sean Finnegan:
*It takes a double take before Sean sees the eye.. with something almost like solemnity the forbidding savage takes a step to the side, providing the eye with shade from the sun. It seems as natural as breathing to do so.* Hello, Slug. *Filed teeth flash white for a moment.*  
Elias: *The eye blinks. And another pushes out.* Greetings. Ashur. *Soft voice. So very, very soft.* It is... warm... down... here. Water? 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
She looks up, noting Sean and tilting her head curiously to the side. Slowly, she creeps forward, watching the sidhe. 
Sean Finnegan:
((Swap Slug with Khorul)) 
Elias: *His eye swivels, again, and looks back over.* And greetings... Lady. *Can a slug bow? It seems he is trying.* 
Sean Finnegan:
For now I will have to pass.. I'm more heat-basted at the moment than thirsty. *He cocks an eye at the door.. thinking he is alone at the moment- it is unlikely the quiet steps of the sluagh nearby reach his ears. For that matter, his own are strikingly hushed, for all his size and loud appearance.* 
Sean Finnegan:
*He blinks, and turns a bit.. sweeping one eye about the path behind him.* 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
She turns the corners of her mouth ever-so-slightly up, nodding. "Greetings to you..." And then a dip of her head to Sean. "And to you."

Sean Finnegan: *His eyes widen a bit... holy- cocky Sean.. very cocky.. he looks back to the slug as though seeing him again for the first time. He reaches under the died animal skin that wraps his legs to the knee, digs for a moment, and comes out with.. a bottle of aqua fina? He gets down on one knee next to the eye while greeting Adele.* Hello again, miss. *He nods to her respectfully as he screws off the cap, and tilts it close to Khorul's body, careful not to expose him to the sun.* 
Sean Finnegan:
Manners haven't grown back yet. Not sure I had any in the first place though.. it would ruin my charm. *He speaks to the eye stalk as he pours, voice low.* 
Elias: *He pulls both of his eyes back into his body, waiting for the water.* 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
"An unexpected pleasure," she murmurs, drawing close to the shack, for the shade. 
Sean Finnegan:
*Uncommonly serious, Sean's eyes dart to Adele. His sincerity is much like his form- rough edged and intense.* Thank you for coming. 
Elias: *And his eyes poke back out.* I ... know... Ashur... was... expected... and... Miss, you... are... always... welcome. 
Sean Finnegan:
*Bottle emptied, Sean extracts his hand from the ivy and screws the cap back on. It goes back into a pocket of his cargo pants, or, disappears back under the animal skin about his loins. Depending on your eyes, and your luck.* 
Sean Finnegan:
May we go in then? *His manner restrained, but restraint seems a leash Sean wears no better than a dog freshly introduced to the idea.* 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
"Thank you," she whispers to the slug, most respectfully. 
Elias: You... did... knock, *he offers to Sean.* The... door... however, will... open... for... your... fingers. *To Adele.* 
Sean Finnegan:
*His eyes narrow thoughtfully for a moment.. hmm.. well, at least he remembered to keep his voice low.. rules... fucking rules..* 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
She nods a little bit, and moves to earn them entry to the place.

Elias: *And the door slowly opens.* Hurry, *A voice urges. Soft, raspy. From within.* 
Sean Finnegan:
*Sean watches Adele ~carefully~. There's got to be more to it than being a friend.. he'd never heard of sluagh having friends...* 
Sean Finnegan:
*Hurry he does.. though with care not to lummox things up this time. And of course letting Adele go in first. Perhaps he's not completely a pig.* 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
She slips into the place, moving for the chest to open that will carry them down the stairs. "I would suggest you follow me, Sir, and not deviate much." 
Sean Finnegan:
As you say Miss. *He nods toward her back.. suprised that only his jaw twitches at that... incredible.. smell. Does it get worse every time? Sean follows, even the terrible silence of his steps seem loud, if only to his own ears.* 
Elias: *The trunk. Opens. And quickly. The skittering of rats, it sounds like.* 
Sean Finnegan:
*Oh shit... he has about half a second of warning- between the smell and having given his water for Khorul's comfort, Sean's unable to stop his coughing. He wrenches the leather of his animal skin around one fist, and doubles over- doing his best to jam it into his mouth to muffle the hacking sound. The spell passes and he is able to follow Adele down the stairs readily enough.* 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
She manages to avoid not smiling at the coughing, and makes her way down. ((Be RIGHT back)) 
Sean Finnegan:
*Rats, at least that's a good sign. Dealing with detritus and the corpses of the fallen- Sean shakes his head as he descends the stairs.. where the hell would that thought come from..* 
Elias: *The lights are dim. But luckily, the staircase gives him a chance to adjust to the light.* 
Elias: *At the base of the staircase, at the large wooden table, Elias sits. For once, there is no tea. No biscuits, no welcome, indeed. He looks... severe.* 
Sean Finnegan:
*Without detracting too much from his attention on the trecherous stairs, Ashur takes in as much as the room that opens below them allows. He expects the table, perhaps even the candle.. and speculates about what may lie in the black corners of the room.* 
Sean Finnegan:
*Sean eyes sweep evenly from the bare table to Elias. He remains quiet, to what extent his voice allows.* Thank you for having us, Elias. *He doesn't let his own thoughts on the matter show in his face. This is neither the time or the place- and besides.. the dark little creature has shown more gumption than the rest of the fae he's seen.* 
Elias: Thank you for coming, *he whispers. His hand swats an insect on the table. Idly. Perhaps Sean's eyes are sharp enough to see more of the crawlers along the walls.*  
Sean Finnegan: d10: per/alert: 5,2,9,9,10,8, 
Elias: ((And I hate to do this, but can I have a half hour? I will be back after that.)) 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
She nods a little to Elias, head and eyes inclining respectfully to the other sluagh. "Indeed...I am humbled as ever by your hospitality." 
Sean Finnegan:
*Sean's bright iron gaze first follows Elias' hand to the table- then flicks to the walls.. darting at one of the insects with the efficiency of a pistolier. This is new, and strange.. Elias seems the pro-bugs sort really.. he recalls something about spiders though, and mentions such as he approaches the table.* Someone else's friends, I take it... *He moves to pull out a chair for Adele, assuming as she's welcome, she can sit where she likes.* 
Sean Finnegan:
((Sure thing. Pausing here!*G*)) 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:

Elias: I shall... get to the point. Miss Adele. You will have an envelope when you get home today. Please. Read it very carefully.  
Sean Finnegan:
*As he holds the chair for Adele, Sean tries, in ernest, to discern whether or not there is some sign of sickness in the two sluagh.. sickness like his own, anyway. like plague. A few moments of watching later... yep. They have every concievable symptom of being sick. Damnit. Including looking like they're dead.* 
Elias: *He watches Sean.* Are you... quite all right? 
Adele Elizabeth Hamilton:
She nods a little, calmly. "Of course. I will give it my fullest attention." 
Sean Finnegan: d10: per/sub: 5,5,1,8,8, 
Sean Finnegan:
*He shakes his head once, briefly.* Sick as a dog. Along with the only other Sidhe I've met. If I add that to the rumors I've heard, I appear to be doomed. *He shrugs slightly. Not unconcerned, but apparently considering the situation not quite alien to him.* 
Elias: *He looks... concerned. His eyebrows furrow. What little there are of them.*

Sean Finnegan: *He watches Elias' face a moment longer.. right.. best take that concern to the serpents in their den. Fine, fine.. he's read about good ol' Patrick.* Elias, I'll get to the point as well, if you're pressed for time. *Another sidelong glance to the bugs on the wall.* But if there's somethin' you need help with too.. 
Elias: Please, *he says, with a wave of his hand.* 
Sean Finnegan:
I'm admittedly new here again.. but I could do with some education if you'd be willin'. *He nods slightly, a motion that includes both of them.* About New Jersey, and if anythin' new's come up in regard to dear Amelia. 
Sean Finnegan:
((Sorry. House kinda.. exploded a little.))

Sean Finnegan: *Rather rustic where diplomacy is concerned, the strange pict tries another tact. He lays bare the desire to know what happened to Amelia, to inject a willingness to fix the world into his voice.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((And Adele just listens, as I go HOOOOME!))

Sean Finnegan: d10: charisma: 4,9,8,8,

Elias: Mh. *He pauses.* Amelia, I believe, is a lost cause. The Butcher Bird. *He blinks.* And what do you need to know of Jersey? *He trembles. Just once.*

Sean Finnegan: d10: int+greymare: 2,8,8,4,

Sean Finnegan: Butcher Bird? *He cocks his head slightly. Either ignoring the statement about her being a lost cause, or it never reached his ears.* As to Jersey.. it doesn't seem anything has been done. So, I need to know your opinion on what ought to be done now, and whether or not you think the Asylum can still be reached in something remotely like "safely" *Pointed teeth flash as he enunciates the word.*

Sean Finnegan: ((Change Butcher Bird from question to statement. Sean says it, nods, chews on something, and moves on to Jersey.))

Elias: Much has been done, *he growls. Offended.*

Sean Finnegan: As you say, Elias. *He touches his chest for a moment.. perhaps an offering of thanks. Sean doesn't seem to doubt him though.* Let me say it different. Is there anything ~you think~ I can do, to help contain the problem?

Sean Finnegan: ...Or anything I should be watching for. *Another thoughtful glance toward the spiders on the wall.. the quiet of the place seems to soak into him.*

Sean Finnegan: *Storm clouds rumble behind his face... it wasn't time for Amelia to sleep.. perhaps someone called for the candle to be blown out ahead of time..*

Elias: There is... not much we can do to save Jersey from the thrall of Banality. There is something there. Some... creature, draining it dry.

Sean Finnegan: Would there not be some path left? *His eyes cloud, darken.. perhaps speaking partly from experience.. his hawkish, blue painted face drawn into the look of one staring at ghosts.* Inmates dream.. even in an asylum. Or they dream until the dreams are ripped away. Even if they come back in drug- induced nightmares there is a tattered trail left.. right? *His bright gaze sweeps back to Elias, watching him closely for his answer.*

Sean Finnegan: We couldn't follow that to the monster?

Elias: There... was a kinain. Captured, seduced by them. I found her. You could ask her. Autumn.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She raises a calm eyebrow, listening.

Sean Finnegan: *His face glows in ruddy viciousness for a moment.. pleased with even the hint of a trail to follow.* I'll do this.. thank you Elias. *He watches the man for a moment longer, feet shifting slightly as he considers.* The Butcher Bird. When he comes, he's generally got a good idea what he's about- why Amelia? She didn't have to go to sleep. Can someone have called him?

Elias: I was driving. I saw her running away. Without dross, it is impossible to go into New Jersey. It is like the border is a mass of Banality.

Sean Finnegan: ((Can=could))

Elias: It is... I do not know. I do not know enough about him, save from legendry. And from a note. A note I found, left from my previous life in this place.

Elias: *He stands up.* I shall go fetch it. Please, wait here.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She nods, folding her hands in her lap and looking Sean over as she waits on Elias.

Sean Finnegan: *For a moment Sean stares almost through Elias. The strange knee jerk reaction he would have if Elias had then gone on to say that he refused to allow Sean to see the note. It takes a second for Ashur to come back to himself.. to register Elias' words sensibly.* I would like to see this note. *Sean's jaws shut, and his teeth grind together.* Please.

Sean Finnegan: ((DLP))

Sean Finnegan: *For several moments after Elias leaves, Sean stares at his chair.. almost as though the slight man were still sitting there, and the strange savage would dearly like to set him on fire. He comes back to himself, realizing that Elias had left to get it, and breathes a belated.* Thank you... *before his eyes swivel to track Elias' back as far into the darkness as he can.*

Elias: *He goes further down the dark corridors. The left one. Almost like a mousehole, really, the way it's made. The rodents seem to be noisy today, scrabbling. He comes back. He holds it in his fingertips. Gently. An old piece of paper. It looks faded. Worn along the edges. He holds it as if it will fall apart with a breath.*

Sean Finnegan: *He looks to Adele..* Previous... life? What? *His voice remains low.*

Elias: *He lays it on the table, carefully.* Do not touch it, please. I do not... know how old it is.

Sean Finnegan: *His attention is drawn back to Elias as he returns.. an eyebrow cocked at the apparent fragile nature of the letter.. oooooh don't touch that..*

Sean Finnegan: No problem.. *He mutters, in tacit agreement. He approaches the note carefully, raising one hand in front of his face to prevent his breath from disturbing it. Only leaning over as far as is necessary, Sean does his best to restrain his coughing.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She merely shrugs to Sean at the words, as if Elias's words were the most normal thing in the world. She looks back at Elias after and of course, her eyes are drawn to the paper. She rises just a bit, so she can see it better.

Sean Finnegan: *Long swatches of blue-and-bone trinket sheathed hair click against each other as they settle against his shoulders.. his eyes move across the paper with something akin to reverence.. it isn't every day one is faced with really, really old things.. and he's been clapped about the ears more than once by Granddame for messing up under such circumstances.*

Elias: *The paper. It is difficult to read. At the top, the date is smeared, though a word. "Wisp, Recorder of the Enchanted Nightengale. I write what I fear may be my last words. The meeting has gone horridly wrong. Milord Jayrin ap Ailil has been slain. He moved so fast, and then it was over. I must be brief, for I can hear him breathing over me, and he has nearly found me. The eyes, like a reptile's. The Butcher Bird. He must be, for no one else would move like that. We invited him in, gave him hospitality. We had no idea. Even I had no idea."

Elias: "I pray that this will come to someone, that someone may ..." And there, it cuts off. The paper is flecked with brick-coloured spots.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: An eyebrow cocks, and she seats herself. "Oh, dear," she murmurs. "How...inconvenient."

Elias: Not enough. But we do not record anything... if it is not true.

Sean Finnegan: *Sean reads it twice, then backs two steps away so that Elias may retrieve it. A strange, almost gleeful light brims in his eyes, and a smile hitches briefly along the edges of his brutal face. The moment passes as a coughing fit finally does overtake him.. he still attempts to smother it, and his eyes never quite leave the letter, nor loose their rather unbecoming mania. Aaaaaaat laaaaast.* Well done. *His attention passes to Elias as he says it.* A good one to have around, our Elias.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smirks a little bit at Sean's words, seeming unperturbed by his coughing, though. It would be rude to acknowledge it by annoyance.

Sean Finnegan: So... *He says, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand.* Do we have any idea who Milord Jayrin was? *His eyes flick between the two of them.* Or the Enchanted Nightengale? My thought would be this place.. *He waves a hand briefly.* or a motley..

Elias: I believe it was a Freehold. I do not know who Jayrin is.

Sean Finnegan: ...Song and dance place then maybe.. sounds about right for turn of the century. It was here? Or did you find it somewhere else? *He chews on a knuckle for a moment before dropping his hand to his side.*

Elias: I found it deep within my libraries.

Sean Finnegan: I was going to La Borde du Monde later anyway.. *His lips purse slightly.. not exactly relishing the prospect.* I'll ask, and let you know if they know who he was. *He nods to Elias and Adele.*

Elias: *He nods.* Lady Alsun, I am sure, will work with you.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Excellent." She nods slightly to Sean. "You have my sincerest gratitude, sir."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Apologies for slowness. Typical post-getting home Messenger Hell.))

Sean Finnegan: *He grunts slightly, nodding.* Anything I should be careful of?

Sean Finnegan: *Sean dips from the waist, just slightly. It is at least more sincere than an affected bow. He cants his head to her.* Likewise to be sure.

Elias: *He pauses.* do not say your House.

Sean Finnegan: *It seems his immediate reaction would be adamant refusal.. he closes his mouth though, and looks down to the left side of his chest.. the rampant unicorn squared off with the boar on the other side could be a problem.. he raises his head to Elias and cants an eyebrow.* I'll hope they're colorblind.

Elias: You could change, *he murmurs.* It might be safer. They are Ailil.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She raises an eyebrow at that, looking between the two curiously.

Sean Finnegan: *He taps his lip for a moment... unsettled by the idea- but he asked.. what, he wants Elias to ~not~ tell him such things? He meets the shorter man's eyes for a moment and nods, once. The air of a student agreeing not to mouth off to a teacher, perhaps. Baaah... Ailil..*

Elias: *He looks back to Adele.* He is of the House of commoners.

Sean Finnegan: I'll keep an ear out for anythin' havin' ta do with the Jersey business as well. *His eyes roil in the wake of Elias' recommendation.. what does one do rather than introduce oneself.. maybe Alexander would know.*

Sean Finnegan: *He looks back up to Elias.. brow cleared somewhat.* Aye, that'll come out straight.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahhh, I see." She nods slightly, understanding now.

Sean Finnegan: My thanks, again, for the meeting.. I am angered to hear of so many sleeping on the job. It is good to see that you certainly are not, Elias. If you'll excuse me, I've got a whole bag of stuff ta do. *He nods, clearing his throat a bit.*

Sean Finnegan: *Reminded of something he looks to the slight creature again.* Also, I'm one ta return favors. So, don' hesitate ta call, eh?

Elias: *He nods.* Indeed.

Sean Finnegan: *His fingers twitch toward Elias as he prepares to go.. almost as though he would touch his head at that distance. The motion is never completed, and seems something the tall pictish nightmare is unaware of.. a matter of a long forgotten custom.*

Elias: Be careful, *he murmurs.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods to Sean, politely. "Good evening, Sir."

Sean Finnegan: Good evening, Missus.. *He nods his head slightly, twitching a white smile at the woman too distracted to carry the blaze of his charm.. polite enough, though.*

Sean Finnegan: No kiddin.. *He murmurs, almost to himself as he begins to mount the stairs. He does look back to Elias as he moves up the steps though. A brief nod, to indicate he understood.*

Sean Finnegan: *He breathes in time to the steps, ruefully, and in a strange sort of humor. Something to clear his head, perhaps- or keep him mindful of who he's going to talk to.* Ring aroound the roosies, a pocket full of poooosies.. aaashes, aaashes..

Sean Finnegan: *Stepping out of the trunk and into the...foyer.. he completes the rhyme with his own little twist.* ...the Sidhe go to grooound...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She watches him go, shaking her head a little. "If you will excuse me, Elias...I think I shall depart myself. When I get the opportunity, however...there is an annoying difficulty I thought to discuss with you later."

Sean Finnegan: ((Thanks a lot for the scene. It was great fun.*G*))

Elias: *He looks back to Adele.* It is... time for me to rest.

Elias: *He nods.* Indeed. Be safe, Miss Adele.

Elias: ((NP! Yesh it was!))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods and departs. ((Thanks for the scene, guys!))