Ri: so...*a pause to smack loudly, trying to get soemthign sticky out of her teeth* why are we doing whatever we're doing?

Random: *sighs, almost disgusted with herself* "Because it's the right thing to do..."

Fangwulf: *The hordes of tiny gothlings surround the stage. It is clear, adoration shines in their eyes. And who could blame them? She's gorgeous, her voice is amazing...*

Ri: *blinks* like washing your socks when they're so crusty with foot goo they stand up instead of falling over?

Random: "Something like that."

Ri: ok. *grins widely* who are we stopping?

Random: "The singer." *she's still trying to make her way to the stage through the crowd*

Ri: what's she doing besides singing? *grabs hold of Jen's coat to help keep track of her. very short people and crowds aren't a good combination for keeping with your partner in crime. or crime stopping? she's still quite puzzled*

Fangwulf: ((Per+Kenning.))

Random: ((No Kenning))

Ri: d10: : 3,8,7,

Ri: oooo! *eyes widen. she grins happily*

Random: "What's got you so happy?"

Ri: *grins, beginnign to weave along with the music. her wee face fixed on the direction of the stage. which, likely, she can't actually SEE yet*

Random: *sighs, just great...ferret-girl's lost it. oh well. She continues her attempt to reach the stage, pushing the delicate Goths out of her way to get there*

Ri: *of course she keeps up with Jen. she's going closer to the source of the pretty music!*

Random: *just going to keep trying to get to the stage*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slips into the club, looking around quietly as she does so. She's dressed tonight in something with a bit more slink then usual...a black, viscous velvet top with a square neckline that shows a touch more of her pallid skin then usual and clings to her painfully thin body. A silver-coloured Indian belt circles her waist, with a barely transparant skirt finishing it off. A small velvet choker rests around her neck, and a purse over one shoulder.

Ri: maybe they can hire her for Dawson's! *it's clearly a delightful idea!*

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Roll me per+awareness, per+alertness, and welcome!))

Random: "That's the worst idea I've ever heard." *shakes her head at the ferret-brained idea and continues*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((Per+Awareness? Do you mean Kenning, or actual Awareness?))

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*smacks forehead* Kenning.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alt(Sluagh diff): 9,7,4,6,10,7,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Kenning: 3,4,8,3,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *The hordes of gothlings are swarmed around the stage, almost like idol-worshippers. She sees Eternity in all of her glory, but she looks exhausted, like she is forcing out this performance. Dark circles under her eyes, and the song, while absolutely beautiful, is still punctuated as if her throat is sore.*

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *and as for the oddity? It's starting to feel like a surge of Glamour.*

Ri: but, why? she sings as good as Jeffie dances. *nods earnestly, giving Jen a wide grin*

Ri: *and then grimaces faintly, rubbing her tummy* maybe i sholdn't've eaten that.....?

Random: *shakes her head, and keeps moving...she making any progress at all towards the stage?*

Fangwulf: *She seems to be making some, but penetrating the crowd seems difficult. It's as packed as San Francisco on Halloween.*

Random: *she looks to see if there's any better way to get to the stage*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She raises an eyebrow, looking over the scene, and starts to slip to the edge of the crowd. Rather then go through, she relies on her thin frame and ability to get through tight spots to go around, dark eyes locked on Eternity.

Ri: Random? *small voice* i don't feel so good.......*woebegone* my head hurts and my tummy doesn't like me any more....

Fangwulf: ((Wits+Alertness, Jenn))

Fangwulf: ((And Dex+Ath, Adele.))

Random: d10: Wits+Alert: 2,1,3,8,6,

Fangwulf: d10: Per+Alert: 1,2,7,2,9,8,

Random: "That's because of the singing. Tune her out, or cover your ears, or something..."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Athletics: 2,4,9,3,

Ri: *she nods. and stuffs a handful of Jen's coat into her mouth. and stuffs her fingers back in her ears. ferrets really shouldn't turn green*

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *She gets about halfway through the crowd before it becomes VERY clear that it is near impossible to just push or squirm through.*

Random: *she backtracks, going through the crowd isn't working...but she's going to try to find an entrance to the backstage area**

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She pauses about halfway in and frowns, looking around once more. Her eyes light on Jenn and Ri, and she purses her lips, debating whether to signal them for the moment. Discretion wins out over distaste, though, and she raises a hand to try and draw their attention.

Ri: *she simply tries to follow Jen, keeping her jaws clamped as best as possible on the girl's coat. fingers in her ears and rams tucked close to her sides*

Fangwulf: *Now, all three can feel it. It's a powerful surge. It's reaching some sort of... pique. The Glamour.*

Random: d10: Per+Alert: 2,6,5,2,8,

Random: *she spots Adele's hand, and changes course towards the Sluagh*

Ri: *Ri, consumed both by not feeling well and her usual vertical challenge, gives a muffled squeak when Jen changes direction again. wondering hopefully if they're going to go away and leave the icky music behind now. shuddering as the music surges like that*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The sensation of Glamour makes it hard for the dark wisp to concentrate, drawing her attention back to the stage. With effort, though, she looks back to Jenn, slipping her way through the crowd, toward her.

Fangwulf: *It does seem easier for them to find eachother.*

Random: *once she's reached Adele* "Hey there. You want to help put a stop to this?"

Ri: *leans over a bit and blinks woefully at Adele. a muffled noise that could be either a whine or a greeting*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Miss Random." She speaks up as loud as she can, so maybe Jenn can at least sort of hear. Maybe. "I believe that would be the most appropriate action, yes."

Random: "Any ideas? Mine seem like they're most likely to turn the Wrath of Goth against me."

Ri: *since they"re not moving, she spits out coat* my tummy hurts. *frowns*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Getting to Miss Sheyd would be advisable. From there, we do what we must."

Random: *nods* "Well, we want to find the backstage access, then..." *she's looking around, but her mind isn't 100% on this task, she looks like she's thinking...an odd expression for Jen*

Random: d10: Per+Alert: 3,1,2,7,4,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods and looks around...if she doesn't find anything quickly, she starts moving for the front door.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alt(Sluagh diff): 2,9,5,4,3,2,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *The only pathway seems to be cleared by gothlings trying to get up on stage. And being blocked by a security guard. Mortal, too.*

Ri: *looks at the other two looking and looks around herself. rather expecting to see little more than a sea of black-clad backsides*

Ri: d10: : 2,3,8,9,

Random: *she'll just follow Adele once Adele starts moving, she didn't see anything useful*

Ri: *tugs rather firmly on whichever of the pair is nearest and points with the other hand towards a small staircase packed with people and guarded by a tough-looking fellow. looking even more ill for having to take her hands from her ears*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns a little bit and starts moving through a cleared pathway. She leans up to whisper to Jenn on the way. "Security ahead. Mortal. Dealing with them is is not my area of expertise."

Random: *she nods, and waits until they get to the security guy*

Fangwulf: *As they are walking around the crowd, it does seem to be a bit easier.*

Ri: *a faint smile* i can try...i'm good with security people. *mumbles more than whispers*

Random: *turns to Ri* "Oh god no. I'll do this." *she starts preparing, gets the eyes watering, the pathetic-cute look on her face, the whole works as they approach*

Random: d10: Man+Emp: 6,7,7,4,3,10,3,

Random: d10: Con-Artist: 7,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods slightly and allows Jenn or Ri to take the initiative with the guard, while she fades back a bit to become more inobtrusive.

Ri: *pouts a bit at Jen, but it's a half-hearted effort. peers up at Adele* i think i want to puke. do you have more purses at home?

Fangwulf: ((*wince* Give me one sec, computer causing issues.))

Random: *sniffles a little, then more, she looks like she's about to break down in tears* "S-sir" *sniff* "Please let us through...we have passes, really..." *sniff, tear, pathetic look* "but you see, I got mugged...big guy, I was just re-really lucky that he j-just wanted all my st-stuff" *she stutters a bit from the crying* "My friends w-were counting on m-me to hold onto the passes." *sniffle some more* "Won't you puh-please let us back there, m-make an exception...j-just this once?" *the alluring young woman definitely gives off the air of a mugging victim, you've just GOT to feel sympathetic towards her plight*

Ri: *Ri moves up beside her, lower lip trembling. she takes Jen's hand and looks...about as pathetic as a girl ~barely~ old enough to get in ehre can possibly manage*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over at Ri, a brow raising. "Respectfully, madame, you will not be using my handbag as a receptacle for vomit. There is a perfectly good patch of floor next to you. On the side opposite to me."

Fangwulf: *He blinks at that. The big, bad security guard. He looks into the eyes of the poor girl. And he sighs.* I... I'm REALLY not supposed to...

Random: *sniffle* "Puh-please? We won't t-tell anyone...we re-really did h-have passes..." *she looks like she's going to just completely break down right there...not that there's very far for her to go*

Ri: *she glances back at Adele looking even sadder and more forlorn. leans up against Jen slightly--like a younger sister seeking comfort from an older one. or perhaps offering it*

Ri: d10: : 7,4,4,8,6,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She seems rather uncaring to Ri's distress. Let her be the icy bitch friend. She can play that well. She turns her gaze onto the guard, giving him an expectant look.

Fangwulf: *He sighs. And his eyes close tightly.* Okay. All right. Just this once, okay?

Random: "Thank you so much!" *she'll even give the guard a grateful hug as he lets them through.*

Fangwulf: *He steps aside. And shoves one hapless gothling out of the way.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives a the faintest hint of a smile, and follows along behind Jenn and Ri.

Ri: *she gives the man a soft, trembling smile, eyes filled with utter gratitude*

Fangwulf: *And behind the stage they go. The swirl of Glamour is becoming more and more powerful, and the gothlings... it's amazing. It's like they're creating. But such INCREDIBLE creations. Poetry, music... and it's actually GOOD.*

Random: *and she'll head back too, wiping her eyes a little bit...it's a good thing she wears almost nothing in the way of makeup*

Ri: *another soft, grateful smile from the tiny thing, floowing Jen closely. she's obviously the shy sister or friend here*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She pauses as they make their way onward, looking around. A bit dizzy at the swelling of the Glamour around them, it seems. "Oh, my."

Random: *once they're past the guard, at least, if there's a door between them, Jen's so back to normal that it's as though she didn't do anything* "Ok, so the question is, how do we get her offstage without causing the Goths to kill us for it?" *she's definitely been pondering this question for a few minutes*

Fangwulf: *It's a small backstage. It's a goth club, after all. Just an extra git, it looks like. A few drumsticks. Different outfits for the band.*

Ri: *rubs her head, then her tummy. looking at the clothes* can bands play right if they don't have more costumes to wear?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Yes, they can," she says with a slight nod. "As I understand it, some need nothing more then a sock." She looks to Jenn. "We can bring the music to a halt, perhaps."

Ri: *blinks up to Adele* but is SHE doesn't have her fancy clothes, wouldn't that distract her some? *makes a face, rubbing her stomach*

Ri: *and then a sudden sharper blink* why a sock? what do they do with a sock?

Random: "If you guys can get them off the stage, I could probably distract the Goths with a spooky, romantic story of some sort..."

Ri: *ponders* i can puke on her? *offered almost meekly*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Do not ask me to elaborate," she says to Ri, before looking to Jenn. "Cut the power to the microphone. That will do it. I believe it may be best for her, anyway."

Random: *she looks around for the means to cut the power to the mic*

Ri: *blinks* but i want to know! *a frown. at least it's not a pout*

Random: d10: Per+Alert: 8,10,8,8,9,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alt(Sluagh diff): 5,6,9,4,2,8,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *She notes the cord leading into the amp. that will likely be the best bet, however, the plug has to go SOMEWhere.*

Random: "You guys, can you snag the cord at the surge protector back there..." *points it out* "and I'll go up and keep the audience busy?"

Ri: um? *blinks around for it, simply following their combined gazes* i could puke on that......isn't liquid bad for cords and stuff like that? *muses*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She nods a little bit, moving to the plug. "Think of it as a slipcover" she says to Ri as she follows the cord.

Fangwulf: ((Dex+Stealth, Adele.))

Random: *ok, once they're heading to the plug, Jen heads out onto the stage...last time that security guy trusts anyone...and she's a story-teller, quite capable of a loud voice when necessary, she's timing to get to center-stage when the mic cuts out, so that she can immediately break in*

Random: ((DLP))

Ri: a slipcover? *gives Adele a look that clearly states she thinks the female has gone from interesting into insanity* i don't understand--a sock is little and a couch is big, i thought? maybe miniature couches and really big socks for really fat feet.....? *she follows Adele* i want the pretty dress.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Stealth: 8,5,5,8,4,

Random: *Jen's ready to head out on stage as soon as the power cuts out, she's already going over which story to tell in her head, and how she'll segue into it*

Fangwulf: *The bodyguard seems too distracted with the annoyances of gothlings to note the slip of a girl heading for the plug.*

Ri: *Ri, however, doesn't quite tag that far along with Adele. purses her lips and looks about for other mischief to get into away from guardish eyes*

Ri: d10: : 6,6,7,3,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She drops to a crouch next to the plug, looking over to the stage and smiling a bit before yanking it out of the surge protector.

Fangwulf: *The amp cuts out the music, at the very least... but the sidhe's voice still carries. Clearly... not just trained in rock and roll. But she does pause.* Shit. Not fuckin' again.

Random: *aaaaand she's on! She heads out onto the stage, and using her voice, which is powerful for someone her size, but she's a story-teller, after all* "I'm sorry, folks, the concert needs to be cut short due to some technical difficulties...but don't go far, the night has only just begun..." *she gives the crowd a wicked grin, just the sort that they'll appreciate fully, and then begins to tell them a story...* "One upon a time, in a far off place..." *she'll build the atmosphere, creepiest far off place ever, the story is one of doomed lovers, cursed by the gods to never have peace together...*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Bother." She sighs and moves to slip a small pocketknife out of her purse, to cut the cord in two with. She'll at least have to work a capella. As soon as that's done, she tries to slip away.

Fangwulf: *Her eyes narrow, at the girl stealing her light. The flash is clear, the Glamour dies suddenly. And then her eyes widen, and she starts to cough, hard. Enough to fall to the stage.*

Random: d10: Cha+Scene: 5,5,8,9,8,

Random: d10: Cha+Exp: 7,6,1,2,3,6,

Fangwulf: *They're at least listening. Not too bright of a crowd.*

Random: *she's a bit off her game, her stories are usually better, but she goes with it, keeping them focused on her*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her attention turns to Eternity when she falls, and she pauses. A quick look around is given, before against her better judgment, she starts to move for the fallen woman.

Fangwulf: *The drummer, at the very least, seems to move to the singer's side as well. She has quite a bit of the crowd, although some are getting bored.*

Ri: *she blinks and scampers toward a darkish corner. only to emerge almsot at once. a small, long-bodied furry creature filled with cute and chirpy cheer. the ferret scampers onstage and chatters to the crowd before chasing its own tail. she tries for Teh Kyoot Ferret ploy, wondering if anyone's going to freak out about the "rat"*

Random: *she's trying her damnedest to keep control of the crowd with her story...if some wander off, that's ok, but best if she can enrapture them all*

Fangwulf: *Awwwh! Cute little weasel too! Apparently gothlings like little animals.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She carefully leans down, so as not to appear ungraceful, and offers a hand. "Miss...may I be of assistance?"

Fangwulf: *She breathes deeply, and coughs again. She shakes her head.* Don't touch me, *she growls, and the drummer yanks her to her feet, pulling her backstage, and quickly.*

Ri: *tilts her head at the crowd, and plays hide and seek. then "flirts". covering her nose with her tail before chirping adorably at a particularly lanky fellow with more metal than eyebrows. suddenly shifting gears to hop up onto the nearest thing or person on the side of the stage opposite Eternity*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course," she murmurs, though she does rise and move along with singer and drummer.

Fangwulf: *It does seem the distraction has worked ... for a time... and now, the crowd is starting to get antsy, noting the singer leaving the darkened stage.* ((Adele, per+alert please?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alt(Sluagh diff): 6,4,4,9,5,8,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *It's a strange thing - it seems in the last few moments a strand of grey has appeared in her hair.*

Ri: *the ferret does a flip of sorts and cheerfully insults the crowd, moving over to a person onstage and attempting to make him or her dance by crawling up a leg*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course," she murmurs, though she does rise and move along with singer and drummer.

Fangwulf: *It does seem the distraction has worked ... for a time... and now, the crowd is starting to get antsy, noting the singer leaving the darkened stage.* ((Adele, per+alert please?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alt(Sluagh diff): 6,4,4,9,5,8,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *It's a strange thing - it seems in the last few moments a strand of grey has appeared in her hair.*

Ri: *the ferret does a flip of sorts and cheerfully insults the crowd, moving over to a person onstage and attempting to make him or her dance by crawling up a leg*

Random: *Jen sits down, continuing the story, embellishing the horrors that the poor, doomed lovers have to overcome to be together, really playing it up for the goth crowd*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Oh," she murmurs, more to herself then anyone else. "Oh, dear indeed."

Fangwulf: *The villagers are getting restless...*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Madame..." She continues along with the singer and drummer. "A moment, please, if you will?"

Random: *Dammit, I needed to learn more of this...she puts everything she has into recapturing the crowd with the dramatic climax of the story* ((Attempting to get a second Cha+Exp roll))

Fangwulf: *She looks back, and she looks... QUITE tired.* I asked you t'bloody go away.

Ri: *the ferret actually bows, and scampers offstage. toaward the guard, to curl around his ankles like a skinny cat*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I understand," she murmurs, nodding just a touch. "I apologize for delaying you. But...I thought that, perhaps, I could provide some aid. Or maybe understanding as to what is occurring?"

Fangwulf: It's simple, *she growls.* You screwed up what I need. Got it? Go... *She pauses, and coughs, hard, again.*

Ri: *the ferret goes to find a nice place to hide for a while. she still feels unwell*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Yes, I realize that now...and you have my sincere apologies." She shrugs. "Perhaps, if you clarified why the need seems to be greater then normal, I could help somehow."

Fangwulf: You can't help, *she laughs faintly.* None of you can. It's not something anyone understands.

Ri: ((*hugs* thanks, guys! *BG*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Thanks, Harper! *Hugs*)) "Anyone, including yourself?"

Random: *unable to draw it out any longer without ruining the story, which is unthinkable, she concludes* "The End. We at" *insert name of place here* "apologize for the early end to tonight's entertainment. Enjoy the rest of your evening." *she bows a little, and then scampers off stage, and looks for a place to hide for a bit until things have died down and she can make a real escape*

Random: d10: Cha+Exp+WP: 8,9,4,7,7,1,

Fangwulf: *She laughs faintly, which dissolves into a cough.* You're a strange one. But back off. Rich, take me home?

Fangwulf: *At the very least, the end seems to draw a ripple of applause... some must think it a part of the show.*

Random: *ahh, well, if they're appreciating her a bit, she'll attempt to just walk out of there, though preferably through the backstage exit, rather than having to go through the front room*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shrugs a bit and nods. "Of course. Again, my apologies...and good evening."

Fangwulf: *The backstage exit has the band moving through it.*

Random: *she'll head towards the backstage exit, though will stay back a bit until the band is thoroghly out before she exits herself*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She waits for Jenn to approach the exit, and nods to her when she does. "Well," she murmurs to the eshu. "That was...most peculiar."

Fangwulf: *And she is escorted quickly out. She does seem to momentarily control the coughing, but she moves.*

Random: "Let's get out of here...I don't know how long the crowd will be satisfied..." *shakes her head* "Off day." *she'll head out the exit*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She nods and begins to follow Jenn out.

Random: "So what happened? I was busy, so I didn't pay much attention after she fell down and the drummer guy went to her." *as they head out*

Fangwulf: ((And I'm going to merely lurk from here. If you need anything, ping me.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "The entire incident, or rather the failure of said incident to occur as she desired, seemed to quite distress the lady. She seemed to grow just a bit more mature."

Random: *shrugs* "She seemed like the type who would be upset if she didn't get what she wanted. Though what do you mean that she seemed to grow more mature?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Gaah. Spaced, sorry)) "I mean, madame, simply what I stated. She grew more mature. In a literal fashion."

Random: "Hmm, that's interesting. You know anything about her House?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shrugs. "I know certain things about certain Houses. If I were to know what her House was, I may be able to provide a better answer."

Random: "Ahh, oh well. I don't know the name, but I vaguely remember that they feed on the energy of the masses." *shrugs, and mutters* "parasites."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmm. How lovely." She looks around as they walk, and sighs. "She did not seem willing to accept aid. Understandable, considering the circumstances."

Random: "Well, we did just deny her her meal." *shrugs slightly*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "My thoughts exactly."

Random: *nods* "I'm sure she'll turn up again."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Indubitably. They always do." She nods. "Well...on that note, I shall take my leave. Good evening to you."

Random: *she nods* "Keep safe." *she pulls her scarf around her face again, and pulls her hat back on, and starts looking for a place that's warm and not Sidhe-infested*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I always do." She gives a ghost of a smile, pure protocol, and slips off into the night. ((Thanks for the scene!))