Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Not losin' my boys. Who'd be down there t'keep Odin company?

Kaitlyn Kelly: She starts to laugh at the image that just conjured for her. "Hello," she manages finally to Ri.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She winces when she hears Jeff yelling behind her and stops again. She leans against the wall for a moment, then just slides down and wraps her arms around her legs and buries her face into her knees.*

Ri: *giggles* i thought his name was Thundarr the Magnificent!

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Hes about halfway up the fire escape when he catches her leaving the bar, just briefly, but enough to recognize her. At that he pauses and thinks to himself...and then begins decending the stairs at a dangerous rate.*

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Dex+Ath: 8,7,8,8,8,2,4,6,

Ri: *beams at Kae* hi! i'm Ilse VonGottershrieg. callme Ri. *a wide smile. offers a very small hand dusted with salt and crumbs*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He scowls, and looks to the door.* Well. If she's gonna chase off after all the assholes, that's her prob, yeah?

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Nice to meet you, Ri." she shakes the offered hand, not minding the salt and crumbs. "I'm Kaitlyn. Good friend of Jeff's."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Its not so much that he decends the stairs...its more like he flips off the fire escape and catches each level just enough to slow his decent in such a way that it doesnt hurt him. He lands with a thud and then moves back towards Stevie, this time watching for traffic.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Don't say that too loud, Kait, people might think less of yeh.

Ri: *ponders a moment* i wonder, though, are your other bits named Huginn and Muninn? *blinks happily up at him* females get very wierd over men, i've noticed. just as wierd as mal;es do over females. i believe in the power of cooties--there surely can't be a better explanation!

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: ((Twelve Ri's? The terror abounds! Purge the clones!))

Ri: *grins widely at Kae* i like him, too. he's funny. *she pouts* but he won't take me to a rave, and he promised. *gives Jeff a soulful look. her eyes are twinkling*

Ri: ((*cackles* we're taking over!!!!!))

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She cries quietly into her knees for a moment then sniffs. Apparently something goes wrong with the sniff because it's quickly followed by a bit of coughing. She lifts her head to catch her breath afterward. Not looking up, just breathing for a moment then lays her cheek back down on her knees.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: She smirks a little at Jeff's comment. "Okay, I hate your guts. That better?" Then a few nods to Ri. "Males and males get wierd over each other as much as men and women and women and women."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Making his way back across the street, Sims moves up to Stevie and just as before squats down next to her, his back against the wall.* "Girl?"

Ri: *she laughs* it's fun to watch them sometimes, though. except when they get into the screaming and throwing things phase JUST when you've almost fallen asleep. although i never sleep, really. i just read!

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He shrugs.* Can't help it. When y'want, y'want bad. Passion hits yeh, an' y'want NOW. *He grins.* The nice thing about bein' sexually flexible. Y'don't HAVE to get weird, y'already are.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She looks up at him then closes her eyes again with a pained look and lets out a small whimpery sound.*

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): d10: Hear Jeff?: 5,7,9,

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims sighs and closes his eyes for a few moments, trying to count backwards it would seem. He then slowly puts an arm around her.*

Ri: *a bright look of interest* is sexual flexibility the same thing as being a gymnast or something?

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She winces again and moves her hands to cover her ears whimpering again*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He seems to ponder that.* Well... I AM bendy.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "It can be helpful," she just grins a bit. "Or so my girlfriend seems to like."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He looks confused at the moment.* " wanna get outta here or somethin?"

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She doesn't really react to Sims arm around her, just seems to be trying to block everything out.*

Ri: really? *she reaches for one of Jeff's arms, bright eyes intent. and suddenly stops, eyes sharpening* ooooo! the interesting man! he knows stuff!! *her gaze takes on a predatory sort of gleam as the hapless fellow who fled to the john to escape her tries to slink out* you be nice to Katy-lin, Jeffums, or i'll have to beat you up. because i'm so buff. *she says this so seriously. this midget who looks like a hard sneeze from across a room would knock her over*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: I'm always nice to her, *he says with wide eyes.* I keep hopin' she's gonna slip over to the dark side of the orgy.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He simply gives her a hug with that arm and moves slightly closer to her.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: She laughs more when he says that, not saying a word, just grinning widely.

Ri: *a giggle* i knew i should've defined nice. bye! *and off she goes--after simply dumping the rest of the munchies into her briefcase. bolting after the poor man* hey! hey, guy! wait, i want to talk to you!!!!

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Hey. I AM nice. Aren't I? I dance an' everything.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She just cries quietly for a while. Then coughs softly again.*

Ri: *the hapless man looks hunted. and turns right to try and use his much longer legs to escape the tiny, screechy person scampering almost at his heels*

Ri: ((*G* thanks, folks! see ya'll soon, i hope!))

Ri: ((*G* thanks, folks! see ya'll soon, i hope!))

Kaitlyn Kelly: "I know you are," she says in a conspiratorial whisper to him. Brown eyes watching Ri. "Unique that one."

Ri: ((argh, oops! *laughs and skedaddles*))

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: She's a good kid. She's my kind. Lemme buy you a drink. For not callin', eh?

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Fuckin' busy holiday season. I shoulda gotten you a present.

Kaitlyn Kelly: She nods some, her eye showing she understands what he means and that's as far as it'll go. "Sure. What are you having?"

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He rubs her back.* "Come on girl...lets go get some coffee or somethin....we can just sit or some shit, maybe talk if you wanna."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Oh you know...I have something for you actually. Been carrying it around in case I bumped into you."

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: I was thinkin' somethin' heavy. Couple car bombs?

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Car bombs? Is that a new American drink?"

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Y'shouldn't, seriously. I celebrated the holidays in traditional fashion. Was enough of a present.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She pulls her hands down a little when Sims starts talking so she can actually hear what he says. Missing the first little bit. She says softly* I don' wanna hurt no more...I wanna's easier when I ferget....

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: It's a beer and a shot. Y'drink it fast. *He grins.* Y'MAY get drunk, though, *he says, sincerely, wide-eyed.*

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He looks kind of sad at that.* "You wanna forget me girl?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: "I love the holidays and to shop for people." She pulls her hand out of her pocket, her hand holding carefully around whatever it is; it's small enough to fit in it.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "And if I get drunk what would happen next?" she asks seriously, holding out her hand to him.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He loks curiously down. At the very least, he doesn't seem to be protesting any more.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: I'd take y'home to your girl. I wouldn't take advantage of yeh. Know y'too well, an' it's later in Winter. Startin' t'grow a conscience.

Kaitlyn Kelly: She takes his hand with her free one and opens it for him to put the object in it. "Didn't have it wrapped. But had this made. Just thought it would be something you'd like."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She whimpers and shakes her head, then holds it and starts rocking a little.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He closes his hand, and then draws it closer. Slowly, his hand opens again, as he looks down.*

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He blinks and wraps his arms around her.* "Come on girl...i wanna take you you somethin you aint ever seen alright?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Yeah...I know as much as you want wouldn't. That's why I couldn't give you up as a friend," she says quietly.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She looks up, still sniffling softly but he's got her attention at least.* Show me what?

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He tilts his head down towards her.* "It'll be somethin that'll make you feel better alrigh?"

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: If it makes y'feel better, I WOULD jerk off later thinkin' about you, *he says sincerely. As if it is a serious comment.*

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She nods a little* Kay...

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *Then sniffs again and rubs her nose*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He smiles.* Y'shouldn't have.

Kaitlyn Kelly: She grins more when he says that, laying the object into his hand. "Yes, it would actually."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Open?))

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): ((Sure)) Stevie and Sims outside the bar, Stevie currently curled up tightly, tear streaked sitting on the sidewalk, Sims arm around her and looking like he's just convinced her to move. Kait and Jeff inside the bar talking

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He nods and then guides her to her feet.* "Come on...i was headed to that rooftop over there....should be able to show you there aight?" *He points to the fire escape he had been climbing previously*

Kaitlyn Kelly: ((Sure. I think Sims and Stevie are off somewhere on the street. Jeff and Kait at the bar inside.))

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Or mebbe you makin' out with another chick, but I could never keep that straight. ((Ayep!))

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She gives a small nod as he pulls her to her feet. She rubs her eyes and again and sniffles*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Then I'd better not get your going talking about a menage a tois then."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He keeps an arm around her and begins guiding her across the street.* "I just want you to start clearin your mind aight girl?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The girl makes her way toward the bar, a hand pulling curled around the strap of the small black purse that rests over her shoulder. She glances over at Stevie and Sims, her expression indicating absolutely nothing remotely resembling sympathy for Stevie's distraught state. She gives Sims a cursory glance, instantly dismissive, and moves to make her way inside.

The best thing to describe Adele would be “quiet academic.” The girl is tall and thin, almost to the point of being willowy, with long limbs and elegant curves. Dark haired, pale, she is a shocking sort of quiet, like something that prefers to hide in the dark corners of the library, reading Edgar Allen Poe or Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her hair is shoulder length, left to flow free over her shoulders in an ebony wave, complementing dark eyes in a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always strangely calm and confident, if bookish, expression. Her choice of clothes tonight is a steel-boned black satin corset with lace trim that gives her an Edwardian-style sillhouette, with a matching-color suit jacket over her shoulders. A fairy style organza skirt with a multitude of shimmering ruffles completes the outfit, along with spike-heeled Doc Martins that disappear into the skirt. A small leather collar rests around her pale neck.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): d10: per alert: 5,10,7,

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She starts to go with Sims, then she sees Adele going into the bar. She freezes and blinks a few times. It's immediately obvious she's been utterly distracted. She looks at Sims.* Uh...I'll be right back. *And she darts right back into the bar after Adele, looking between her and Jeff when she gets inside, as if trying to make sure the latter will be okay*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He groans.* An' now y'tease me. Oi! Two Car Bombs, stat!

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He blinks and looks after Adele and Stevie, moving to follow her slowly, see whats up*

Kaitlyn Kelly: She laughs a bit more, watching Jeff.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over her shoulder at Stevie following her, and her eyes narrow subtly. "Pardon me, Miss Stevie," she murmurs in a quiet tone. "I do not need an escort...thank you for the offer, though. You may continue commiserating with your flavor of the week." She lets her eyes drift to Sims, then back to the redhead, putting on a cool smile.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He taps on the bar, as the pints are passed over.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "I was merely stating fact, Jeff. I have certainly opened my horizons a bit in the last few months."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims looks to Stevie and then narrows his eyes at the woman but says nothing.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: And I didn't help? Man. I chose the WRONG time to mope. *He pauses, and inhales. His eyes soften suddenly, and his head swivels. And he looks... disappointed.*

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She frowns and narrows her eyes at Adele.* It wasn't an offer.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Aw. It will be fine Jeff," she gives him a soft kiss on the cheek, much the same way she had with his chin; as a close friend would who cares. "I am still very touched about how you cared that night it all changed. You could have just ignored me then."

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He smirks.* Don't let it spread around, yeah? People might think I'm nice. An' start expecting it regularly.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmm. Well, then, allow me to clarify the misconception, as you seem unwilling to accept my hint graciously." She nods. "Your presence in my company is entirely unnecessary, and to prevent further hostilities--verbal, emotional, or otherwise--I believe it would be appropriate for you and your...friend, or whatever you call vacate said company. You were outside. It appears to like you more then inside does. Good evening." She turns and makes her way toward the bar, looking Jeff and Kaitlyn over briefly as she approaches it.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "I won't," she says more quietly. "Some things are mum."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): I don't take orders from you, bitch. *She growls and seems intent to stay in the bar now.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Good. *He grins.* You ready for this?

Kaitlyn Kelly: Kaitlyn's in her blue bustier and blue leather pants outfit tonight, with the blue streaks in her hair.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims gets an odd look on his face having never seen Stevie like this, he moves up behind her and leans in close.* "The hell goin on here girl?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Sure."

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He flops down. Nice leather pants, laced up the sides, and his shirt just has the band logo for the Black Crowes. He picks up the cup, and holds the shot above, demonstrating. He nods respectfully to Adele, though it seems drinkies come first.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmm. Base insults. How utterly...common." She shrugs and gives Stevie a dismissive wave, moving to take a seat at the bar. She orders a glass of whatever the highest-quality wine they have is, and looks over to Jeff and Kaitlyn again, watching them.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She shakes her head a little at Sims and walks over to Jeff and Kaitlyn and sits next to them. Sadly, she's unable to keep the pissy look perfectly as she starts coughing a little.*

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She mutters* Better ta be common than ta have a stick up yer ass.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims watches her move off to the bar and seeing her sit right down with Jeff and Kaitlyn he sighs...* "Guess it just aint gonna work." *And then he turns from the bar and moves back out the door.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: She raises an eyebrow over to the redhead and looks to Jeff, with a questioning look of, one of yours or just crazy?

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She glances over at Sims but as he's leaving already she just looks back at the people around her.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He shrugs, and nods. And then he drops the shot in, and chugs the alcohol.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She narrows her eyes a bit more to Stevie, an icy chill hitting her eyes. Someone's seriously drawing on the goth girl's nerves. "I'm not in your happy, cozy little hangout bar, whore. Now, do go away, before it pays the price for your wanton need for attention." She looks over to Sims meaningfully.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): Hey, c'n I have onna those?

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): "It" ain't got nothin' ta do with this. You leave him alone. *She narrows her eyes again at the woman.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Depends. What did y'do to piss off creepy, an' if you get drunk are you gonna get eviscerated.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims doesnt notice, her and doesnt hear her luckily as hes already beyond the door. He looks back throught the door one more time and then dissapears from sight.* ((Thanks guys))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Pretend I care."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): I didn't do nothin' ta her. She only cares about herself and doesn't give a shit what happens ta anyone around her.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Thanks, Dagon!))

Kaitlyn Kelly: She plays with her bottled water, listening quietly to the exchange for the moment.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He coughs slightly, and looks over to Kait's still full drink.* You gonna drink that, or d'you want me to?

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Seriously, Steves ... that guy gave YOU away. Not the other way around. He's a douche, forget about 'im.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smirks a little bit, no mirth to it, and sips at her wine. "Certainly, Mister Brolin, she must be right. Because certainly, it can't be all about her and her constant, pathetic and simpering need for attention."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "I....." she motions for Jeff to take the drink. "By all means. You can have it."

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He nods, and takes the second car bomb. The one he bought for Kaitlyn.*

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *There's a slight wince as Jeff reminds her. She sniffles a little and rubs her nose then just looks at the bartender to try and get "one of those" pointing at what Jeff's grabbing, ignoring Adele this time.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks to Kaitlyn and Jeff now, lips pursing slightly. "My apologies for fouling the air with this ugly discussion," she murmurs. "If you wish, I can remove the discussion to a more suitable place, away from your ears."

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He arches an eyebrow at Adele.* It's no problem. Music's matchin' it pretty well, so I don't mind.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "'am," she says politely, smiling to Adele. "I am Kaitlyn," offering a hand, but first wiping it some on her pant from the salty one she had earlier when shaking Ri's hand.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He looks back to Stevie.* Errr... y'think you can drink it all?

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She raises a brow at Jeff* Why couldn't I?

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Because a pint's a lot to down. an' if you don't drink it fast, it's nasty.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "A pleasure to meet you," she says quietly to Kaitlyn, taking the hand with her own slender one. "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "A pleasure," then offering her full name. "Kaitlyn Kelly."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She shrugs* So I'll drink it fast. *She sniffles a little again and waits to see if the bartender is getting her the drink or if she's going to have to prove being old enough.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *Of course he'll ask for some ID.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives a protocol smile and withdraws her hand, looking at Stevie with a slight shake of her head. She takes another sip of her wine, then looks to Kaitlyn. "We have met once before, have we not? Very briefly, in the Limelight Club."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She sighs and pulls out her ID and shows it to him, looking rather like she'll be annoyed if he accuses her of forging it, then again, that probably means people have.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "It's possible. I do go there from time to time to dance," she nods smiling.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *The review of it is brief, and then he provides both beer and shot, separate.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods. "You were there with Mister Brolin, I believe. Early October, perhaps."

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Mmmh. Don't go there much, c'ept to offend the goths. No offense, miss.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She takes them both and combines them then guzzles*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Oh yes," she smiles more. "He and I tend to bump into each other more places than any. I do apologize that I forgot your name."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *Some of the drink spills as she tries to get it down too fast. She makes a face as she slams the cup down, but starts coughing before she can do anything else and just thumps her forehead down on the bar and groans softly after.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He looks back to Stevie, and he nods.* Not bad, yeah?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Quite all right, Miss Kelly." She smiles faintly. "I take no offense."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She turns her head to look over at Jeff without lifting it and actually smiles a little* Yeah...

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Looks like you have your hands full tonight, Jeff," glancing to Stevie.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He grins.* Napkin. It's not easy t'do. Mebbe get yeh s'more water, Kait.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She looks around for a napkin as suggested and grabs it to whip stuff off, finally lifting her head*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She sighs inaubdibly at Stevie's antics and goes back to quietly sipping her wine.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "At least this time we have a chance for more than a moment, Adele. Or you prefer Miss Hamilton?"

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: Takin' care of everyone, *he agrees.* O'course, I'm thinkin' tequila shots. I'll get sick tho.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She rolls her eyes at Adele, then looks over at Jeff. Just listening quietly now.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Miss Hamilton, thank you," she says to Kaitlyn with an appreciative nod.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *But now, HE'S watching. And he almost gets a... well... possessive pose near Kaitlyn.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "You are welcome," she smiles to Adele. "It always is something or another with us, is it not Jeff? This is the first time in a long time I have not had to tie you down to talk to me more than a few minutes," she laughs softly.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He shrugs slightly.* I get... well... I've got the attention span of... not very long.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She glances at each of them. Starting with Jeff, ending with Adele, then looks down at the bar tracing the grain a little bit. She coughs softly and rubs at her nose again*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Except for when we dance. And when we dance...." she grins more. "Looks like it will have to be another time. I should probably head home."

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He blins at that.* Yeah. I prolly should too. If I'm doin' tequila I'm passin' out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She arches a brow slightly at Jeff, and then looks to Kaitlyn. "Ahh, well. Still, a pleasure to converse with you a bit more then previously. My apologies again for the unseemly display before."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She looks over at Jeff and Kaitlyn as they seem to be preparing to leave but doesn't say anything.*

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He looks back, and he shrugs.* It's early for the party, but late for the city.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She gets a little bit of a confused look at Jeff, trying to figure out what he's saying with that and not succeeding*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Indeed it is." She nods to Jeff. "Good evening, Mister Brolin."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "It is nothing to be too concerned with, Miss Hamilton. And yes, it was nice to talk to you more this time." She stands up and gives Adele a small little curtsey respectfully. Then a look to Stevie. "Life is too short to live in your sadness. Life is to live. Make the best of it. And should you ever decide that you have had enough of guys, try women. They can be quite a wonderful pleasure," then a sly grin to Jeff.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *He grins.* Then you can totally make out with chicks in front of me. It'll kick ass. *He salutes.* See you guys later.

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She winces at what both Jeff and Kait say to her and gets up as well, just slinking towards the door and off, not saying anything at all.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Good bye, Jeff," she says with a little more conviction, perhaps with some other meaning between the two.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She watches Stevie head off, smirking just a little bit, and then turns to sip at her wine.

Jeff Brolin [The Full Shilling]: *And he heads out. Maybe a BIT confused.*

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): *She turns back in the direction of the store again that started her venture outside.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: She watches Stevie and Jeff take off and smiles to Adele. "May you have a pleasant evening, miss."

Stevie (PM if Fae/Etc): ((Thanks for the scene))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "And you as well." She nods to Kaitlyn and returns to her own devices in the bar.