Elias: *It is a nice enough night. Cool, crisp. He sits on a cinder block by a cab, a hat pulled over his eyes to, perhaps, hide the expression. It seems, maybe, he's waiting for someone.*

Ri: *small and bouncy, she skips along the sidewalk, chattering at high speed to the big black and white Great Dane dwarfing her. the dog doesn't seem bothered in the slightest by the babbling*

Elias: *He looks up from his spot, and an almost inaudible sigh escapes his lips. He watches the dog, however, more often than the girl.*

Ri: *the dog notes him and its eyes widen, tail slapping between his legs as he tries to disappear behind his mistress* Fluffitiget, what's wrong? silly boy! oh! Elias! *she beams and scampers over to him, traling a very reluctant pooch*

Elias: *He arches an eyebrow, and he looks back up.* Good evening, *he whispers. His wounds have healed up nicely, though there seem to be a few scars still remaining.*

Ri: *she peers at him, tilting her head this way and that* you don't look so bad! 8grins widely* why are you hanging out here? are you going to run away and make your fortune selling silver spoons to rich people for thier babies' mouths?

Elias: I've been driving a cab, *he whispers.* Extra money. And I learn so much.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slips out from an alleyway, drawing her shawl over her shoulders. Dark, shadowed eyes look around the street and sidewalk briefly, taking everything in.

Ri: you do? *bright eyes gleam* i want to drive a cab!! can i drive yours? or maybe just hide in it and listen to people, too? *the dog is mournful. and still trying to hide behind Ri. it looks...more than normally silly*

Elias: *He looks back up.* No, *he murmurs.* I am on break. *He looks... nervous, perhaps?*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her brow quirks when her eyes come to rest on Ri and Elias, and she slips over in that direction, offering both slight nods in greeting.

Elias: *Up to Adele then, and he nods. Respectfully, tucking the hat down.* Good evening.

Ri: aww...well, when you come off break can i ride with you in your cab? *the Great Dane behind Ri. peers up soulfully at Adele for a moment. while she beams* hi! why are you wearing a shawl? i have some shawls, but i never wear them. or not often, anyway. because Groyo here likes them too much. he gets jealous if i wear his pretty things.

Elias: She is all right, *he murmurs to Adele.* She has books. There is... *He looks back over his shoulder.* I am not insane when I say this, but the voices have become more common, of the dead.

Ri: oooo! sixth sense! *she looks around, clearly hoping to see dead people, too*

Elias: *He sighs, and he gets up, to move to his cab. He reaches in through the open window, to a package. A rectangular one. And he hands it over to Ri.* Do not open this until you get home.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She raises an eyebrow at Ri, and then nods to Elias. "Good evening...and I see. Most curious..."

Ri: *she squeals wqith delight and hugs the package to her. it's a very high-pitched sound* not even a tiny peek? *the dog doesn't even twitch an ear at her squeal*

Elias: *He winces at her squeak, though.* No. Nothing. Please do not do that again.

Ri: do what? *gives him a look of wide-eyed innocence*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She winces as well, holding a hand to her temple. "Make that noise," she murmurs.

Ri: oooohhhh! *dawning comprehension spreads across her face. and an ill-hidden gleam of pure devilment in her eyes*

Elias: *He hisses slightly.* If you like, you can keep it up. But I make an excellent ferret stew.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "And I have little difficulty being picketed by the ASPCA."

Ri: *she giggles* but then you'd be deprived of someone else who can appreciate a good book and find all sorts of interesting things. oooo, like that interesting thing. *whatever it is, she judges it edible. although she does offer half to the dog, who inhales it*

Elias: *He sniffs at that, and looks up, curious at what meal he could have possibly missed.* I believe... there is some sort of sink in this city. It is not we that are vanishing.

Ri: *chortles happily, looking very leased with herself for some reason*

Ri: *in its former life, it was probably a grilled chicken sandwich, or most of one. stepped on a few times* a sink? *tilts her head* not a sink with water.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She cocks her head to the side, brow furrowing some as the corners of her lisp tug slightly downward.

Elias: No, *he murmurs.* Not a sink with water.

Ri: sink....like that house? *tilts her head at Elias* sort of?

Elias: Sort of, *he murmurs.* Keep that package safe and hidden. If the Butcher Bird finds it, there will be far, far worse happening.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Like a sinkhole, Madame," she whispers. "A collapse and depression of the foundation. Although, obviously, not one of a physical nature."

Elias: Yes, *he whispers, a hiss, in agreement with Adele.* I have been looking up as much as I may.

Ri: *nods happily and grins* i know a good place. *pats the package lovingly. then sighs to Adele* what is it taking in precisely?

Elias: ((And feel free to roll your Remembrance, if you have it. Or Int+Gremayre.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Int+Gremayre: 8,9,9,3,7,2,4,

Elias -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *It is odd. It hits Adele, something she read once. Legendry. Clearly Elias is going mad, as the Butcher Bird was a thing to make children go to bed early. Of course, there WERE some letters from sluagh scribes, that ended prematurely, with blood. Regarding the graphic nature of Sidhe deaths, one including the entrails being strung across the mantle of a fireplace in a cozy Freehold. And another Ailil's rise to power due to his powerful cohorts. But really... legendry.*

Ri: d10: int: 6,2,7,5,

Elias -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *She can't recall a name, but these events were passed at least forty, fifty years ago.*

Ri: *she blinks down at the package. and hugs it more tightly*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She raises a brow, watching Elias for a long, long moment. There may be a look similar to concern on her face, but it's gone quickly, fleeting at best.

Elias: *He looks back down. Tired.* I have a favour to ask of you, Miss Adele.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, Mister Elias." She gives a cordial nod to the man. "What is it you need of me?"

Elias: I would ask you, if I do not answer the door in the next week, to go into the Other realm and find the Winter Encampment. I need you to pass on word, that I will be there soon, and will keep my promise.

Ri: *listens avidly, bright eyes flicking between the two curiously*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her brow furrows, eyes flicking to Ri for just a moment, lips tightening in frustration. She looks back to Elias. "I will do this thing you ask of me, of course."

Ri: *gives Adele a sunny smile and continues blatantly eavesdropping*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks back to Adele, eyes narrowing some. "Miss...I'm sorry, what is your accurate name? I have heard far to many conflicting names you have presented in order to be sure."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((to RI))

Fangwulf: Thank you, *he murmurs, and he leans back on the brick. Casually, watching an insect skitter past.*

Ri: *beams to Adele* Suvali Forthington. but just call me Ri! and this is Deitermanx. *nods toward her still-cowering dog*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns. "I do not use shortened versions of names, Madame. Especially when they have no corrolation within the name given. Regardless...it is quite discourteous to listen to conversations one is not included upon."

Fangwulf: The dog's name changes. I do not believe he knows what his real name is, *he clarifies for her.*

Ri: *chuckles at Adele* Ri is good enough. and i was here first, so if i want to listen and you aren't whispering to each other...well. *shrugs cheerfully* my ears can't help what sounds go into them, now can they? *wrinkles her nose at Elias* i do so! it's Rockford. *pats the dog* isn't that right, Puppernutter?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: In fact, Madame, we are whispering." They're sluagh, after all. "And I reiterate that I do not use shortened or, as the colloquial goes, 'pet' versions of names. It is improper."

Fangwulf: To ask a pook for the straight truth is quite difficult, *he murmurs.* I am satiated in the fact that THIS will be safe.

Ri: *she gives Adele a very wide, strangely satisfied sort of grin* Ri will do. and you were whispering too loudly, because i heard you quite well. i have a book on how to whisper, though, so that nobody hears you.

Ri: humph! i always tell the truth! *grins at Elias, eyes merry.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She reaches up, a pained look on her face, to straighten an eyebrow as she watches Ri. A slight nod is given to Elias's words before she addresses the other woman. "Perhaps I am not speaking clearly enough, Madame. My apologies. Ri will not be sufficient as a name, due to the impropriety of it. I do not know you well enough for such familiarity, and I do not imagine such a time shall come. Thus, I suppose Madame or Miss shall have to suffice. And thank you for the offer...however, I know how to whisper quite well."

Ri: *she laughs out loud, eyes dancing* silly! very silly in these times and this place. *reaches behind herself to scritch under her dog's chin. he drools a bit for the honor*

Fangwulf: Perfect for these times and place. It is a noble effort, to be polite.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She narrows her eyes at Ri, back stiffening in a sign of indignation. "Madame...there are many things that I have been called, and am used to. Silly...is not one I shall abide."

Ri: *grins* silly not to call someone by the name they have offered. *eyes twinkle* unless they want to be called soemthing like....Most High Exalted Empress and Mistress of the World. which would be even sillier. *tilts her head to Elias* but i am being polite! polite and formal together make my head hurt.

Fangwulf: It would be best if you were, Miss Ri.

Ri: *rolls her eyes at Elias*

Fangwulf: *He looks out underneath the brim of his hat.*

Fangwulf: I like you, *he whispers.* Try not to change that.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mister Elias." She looks to the man, nodding only slightly. "I believe it would be best that I depart, for propriety's sake. I will be sure to relay your message, should the prerequisite you mentioned be met."

Elias: *He nods.* Be careful, *he murmurs to Adele.* In whom you talk to, and what you say. Moreso than normal. It is out there. I know it is hard to believe. But it is out there.

Ri: *sighs and wrinkles her nose* c'mon, Yorge. they're too stuffy to know anything interesting tonight. *and simply heads off, dog quite happily behind her*

Elias: You be careful too. *He smirks.* Miss Dorian.

Ri: *she's actually too busy skittering off to take notice of his parting shot*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I will keep such in mind. Good evening." She moves to slip away, back into the alley.

Elias: *He gets up, and heads to his car, flicking on the light.*