Crystal Rain: She is out for a run late in the evening. Looking around the park and keeping up a good pace. As she suddenly stops at a bench, put her foot up and leaning there.

Brian Dunlough: He's sitting on the top of a picnic table, a sandwich slowly being unwrapped with a deep sigh, obviously a long day. His eyes look hungry as they line up the sandwich, hand shaking slightly to get the paper out of the way. It takes him a moment to look up from the sandwich and see her, almost about to take a bite before a smile, nibble, and a half hearted wave, "Sup?" Mouth full.

Crystal Rain: She looks in his general direction. Ties her shoe and walks over to him. "Hi there" she says with a smile.

Brian Dunlough: He slides to the side of the table, leaving her some room as he swallows, "How goes it?" A nod to offer her a seat through another bite.

Crystal Rain: She sits by him with a look around the area. "I guess I can't buy you a meal this time, eh? Glad to see that you have something though."

Brian Dunlough: He shakes his head and nods a little swallowing, "Yeah, I try to get at least a little something a day." Shrugging with another bite.

Crystal Rain: "I would hope so!" She gives a little smile in his direction, but it is obvious that she is concerned about him for some reason. "So what brings you to this bench in the middle of the night?"

Brian Dunlough: He raises a brow to that and shrugs, "Not really much else to do when you ain't got a home..." Looking out over the water at the Statue of Liberty, "Figured would take a sammich with a view." Looking back and shrugging again before another bite.

Crystal Rain: d10: Per + no Emp: 4,2,1,

Brian Dunlough: d10: man+perf diff four: 9,7,2,4,9,

Crystal Rain: She looks at him with a look of sadness in her eyes, "Yeah it is a nice view, huh?", and then stands up. "Have a good night then and enjoy the view, I don't wanna be a bother."

Brian Dunlough: d10: per+emp: 10,5,10,9,10,

Brian Dunlough: He raises a brow, "Do I stink?" Frowning and smelling himself under his pits and looking back to her, "And I would never see you as a bother." Brow raised slightly, "You're far too interesting for that."

Crystal Rain: "Oh, well I just thought that you didn't really like me for some reason. I don't know, guess you wouldn't have said hello if you didn't..." She sits back down and smiles at him. "And either you don't stink or I can't smell." She laughs and looks over at him with a grin.

Brian Dunlough: He nods, "The glory of deodorant Vizla." Another bite off the sandwich before he wraps it up and stuffs it in a cargo pocket before brushing himself off and pulling out the smokes, "So, what's with the late night jogs? Sleepin' problems?" Lighting one and offering her the pack and lighter.

Gwendolyn Ford: The colorful hair seems at odds with the pasty green hospital like scrubs. The young woman is walking by herself through the park, looking to be lost in her own thoughts and not paying nearly enough attention to her surroundings.

Crystal Rain: She frowns and says "Yeah I can't sleep often I guess, no one ever mentioned it to me before. Guess I just have some issues, the occasional nightmare if you will... about things that have happened." She sighs and just sits there thinking.

Brian Dunlough: He nods and leans back to rest on his palms through a drag, "Shit sucks..." Nodding before looking away, "There's a lot of pain that's happened in this world, surely it's bound to have some kind of effect..." Shrugging and looking back, "Maybe you just need something to ward off bad energy?"

Crystal Rain: "No, I will be fine. I do get plenty of sleep, just not at normal hours. I start my day a little later at times." She shrugs. "I will take a smoke if the offer still stands."

Brian Dunlough: He slides them toward her and ashes his off the side of the table looking around and back, "So, how's work been?" A quick glance over, "Looking like you've been at least mostly safe?"

Crystal Rain: "Yeah, I have been in good fortune. Had a goon give me some trouble the other day, but all in all it has been good." She looks at him. "Would you like to join me for some whiskey?"

Brian Dunlough: He grins, "A step ahead Vizla, a step ahead." Pulling a pint of Jack out of his pocket and handing it to her, "Figured with such refined company lately I should step it up on my selection." A small grin to her.

Gwendolyn Ford: Sleep looks like something the approaching girl needs. She tromps toward them, apparently near the end of a very long night. Blue eyes behind dark frames look each of them over quickly.

Brian Dunlough: (DD: Brian's something of a sight, soft features that add a hint of curiosity and a darkness that cause most people to look him over. He isn't tall or short, but just average, same with his build. His hair is shaggy and a dark brown almost black, and his eyes the same color under sharply angled brows. His clothing is usually of the dark variety, black cargo pants with a black tee.)

Crystal Rain: "Well, I wouldn't say that I am a step up. Thanks for the upgrade though, it does improve the taste." She takes a good pull, and hands the bottle back to him. "I was going to say that I had some at my place, but this works too."

Brian Dunlough: He looks at the girl walking up and back with a brow raised, hand out for the bottle with eyes on her, "You don't have a death wish do you Crystal?" Glancing back to the other girl and back to Crystal.

Crystal Rain: "I can for the most part take care of myself, but thank you for the advice. My day job isn't exactly a walk in the park." She smiles and nods at Brian. "That is why I like you!"

Amanda Lancaster: The click of heels sounds on the pavement of the paths as the woman makes her way into the park, heading in the trio's general direction. She cuts an attractive figure, slim and lithe underneath her fairly high-end clothes--specifically, a light-colors dress and a dark green tailored stretch-wool jacket. Her hair is a deep, dark red...the coloring almost looks unnatural, though if it is than it's the best dye job anyone's ever seen. Her eyes, a soft brown, sparkle with a touch of playfulness and it's easy to imagine that even when she's angry, they sparkle still. She has a certain bearing to her posture...mannered, though not stuffy. She simply carries herself well and it adds to her allure.

Gwendolyn Ford: "You could be killed." Was that a slip of a hint of glee? Maybe it's just the faint, vague scent of death clinging to her that makes everything about the woman seem a little off.

Brian Dunlough: He grins, "I hear the snarky remarks make me sexy." Preening mockingly to Crystal before glancing over to Amanda at the sound of the heels and back to the other two girls, You're safe now." A soft chuckle to himself.

Crystal Rain: "Okay, good to hear that I am safe for now at least." She says with a smile.

Brian Dunlough: His eyes going to Gwendolyn with a hint of curiosity before looking to Crystal, "At least as long as someone else has ten grand more in cloths on then you." Nodding, words said under his breath, and looking back to the approaching woman.

Amanda Lancaster: She glances around as she walks through the park. Even in a city as densely populated as New York, there are only so many people who are out in Battery Park this late. She smiles a little as she notices the three, observing them a moment before she comes up closer.

"You know, one grenade would get you all." It's said with a good-humored tone. It's not teasing or flirtatious, just a touch of humor to make it clear that it's a joke, not any threatening implication.

Crystal Rain: "Well that is a good point, a little shrapnel goes a long way." She grimices a little at the thought.

Brian Dunlough: "A thought to drink to if you ask me." Glancing at Crystal and the liquor in her hand and back with a soft grin, eyes inspecting the new red head on the scene.

Crystal Rain: "It sure is." Takes a drink and hands the bottle back to Brian.

Gwendolyn Ford: Gwendolyn takes it as a threat anyway, apparently. She eyes the new woman, then the other two, backing away slowly at first, then more quickly when she's out of arm's reach. (Sorry guys, can't focus tonight. Some other time!)

Amanda Lancaster: She smiles a little to Crystal, nodding. She seems to have an empathic nature to her, or at least she fakes it well. "Sadly, it does go a long way. But hey, I'll take the risk if you guys will." She extends a hand to all three in order from left to right. "Sorry, how rude of me. I'm Amanda."

Brian Dunlough: He takes the bottle and looks from the red head, to the new red head, to the fleeing girl and back to new red head before chuckling to himself and shaking his head, "Wow... you are apparently more smelly then I am." A grin to her before a swig and reaching out for the hand if it's still extended... a sincere grin on his face either way, "Brian." A nod to her and offering her the pint of Jack that's about half gone.

Crystal Rain: "Nice to meet you Amanda, my name is Crystal." She extends her hand to Amanda as well with a smile.

Amanda Lancaster: She shrugs as Gwendolyn heads off, taking no offense. Brian's joke makes her smile, and she takes the offered pint as well as shaking both of the two's hands. "A pleasure, both of you." She flicks her eyes between the two, head cocking curiously. "So what brings you two to this particular moment in space and time?"

Brian Dunlough: He shrugs taking a final drag off the cig and tossing it to the side, "Depends on which religion you follow I guess."

Crystal Rain: Crystal looks to Brian and says "That is a true statement." She smiles and then looks to Amanda and says "I always go for a run when I can't sleep."

Amanda Lancaster: Her brow cocks slightly at the religion comment, though it comes with a smile. "Interesting choice of words."

Brian Dunlough: He nods, "I'm an interesting guy." A grin into a hand reaching for the sandwich in his pocket and pulling it out eyes on the new comer, "So, what brings you out here all late Amanda?" Taking a bite.

Crystal Rain: Crystal does a quick scan of the park and then looks to Amanda.

Amanda Lancaster: Her shoulders lift and fall in a light shrug. "A friend told me this might be the right time and the right place for something good to happen and that I wouldn't want to miss out." She looks to Brian, then to Crystal. "Turns out they might have been quite right."

Brian Dunlough: d10: per+empathy+wp : 6,9,5,2,4,

Crystal Rain: "I am not sure why the two of us sitting here is something that you wouldn't want to miss." She looks to Brian to see what his reaction to the statement is.

Brian Dunlough: He looks at the woman and raises a brow, eyes to Crystal and back, "Yeah, honestly, can't think of a single reason..." Shrugging.

Amanda Lancaster -> Brian Dunlough: She's testing them, throwing a little double-entendre into her words. There's clearly more than one level to what she's saying, and she's trying to make sure they are whatever she suspects them to be.

Brian Dunlough: Tone... cool. Almost too casual, baiting her maybe?

Amanda Lancaster: She smiles a bit. "Well, I hope that's not the case. Otherwise I have someone with eagle eyes that I have to go complain to for getting her radar off and sending me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning."

Crystal Rain: She looks to Brian with a look of doubt, and then looks at Amanda and says "Sure, well they could be correct."

Brian Dunlough: That gets a brow raised, to both girls, a 'I should have known' look to Crystal and back to Amanda, "You should tell your friend it's a little... rude... spying on people and the like." Nodding before another bite, hand out motioning for the flask.

Amanda Lancaster: She smiles a bit. "No spying...not particularly." She takes another hit from the flask, then hands it back. "Just feeling out for some general signs of where to be."

Brian Dunlough: He nods, "Lets keep it that way, it's just damn creepy thinkin' of someone watchin' yer life like a damn sitcom..." Taking a sip and finishing the sandwich, "So, take it yer her recruitin?" Brow raised, words spoken around the ham and turkey sandwich in his mouth.

Crystal Rain: "I do have to say that being stalked is not a priority of mine." She laughs and looks to Amanda with a look of question. "So is this a recruitment?"

Amanda Lancaster: She laughs softly at that. "Oh, no. I'm not the boss, lord and ladies." She pulls out a cigarette and a flameless, heat-coil lighter. She clicks the lighter to life and takes a drag. I'm simply the welcome wagon. Keeping my eye out and saying hello, handling our dealings with the rest of the world. That sort of thing."

Crystal Rain: "I see, sounds like you have the fun job then, huh?" She said with a smile.

Amanda Lancaster: "Mmm." She nods to Crystal. "I like to think so. Let someone else have the big target on their chest. I'll keep my fingers moving from pie to pie so I can savor the different tastes up for trying."

Brian Dunlough: He nods and pulls a cig off the pack on the table top and lights it, "Fair enough." A grin as he takes a drag, "So... here I've been lookin for an old friend, and find two others before I even get a chance to hook up..." Shaking his head with a grin, "The odds..."

Crystal Rain: Crystal looks at Brian in a questioning manor, and then looks to Amanda. "Yeah that kind of job is nice. Well we are here and apparently are both what you think." She ends the statement with a smile.

Amanda Lancaster: "Is that really so surprising?" She smiles to Brian. "Since when have things ever work out quite the way we hoped, hmm?"

Brian Dunlough: He shrugs, "Not in a long, long, long long time." Grinning and taking a hit off the bottle looking between the girls, contemplating.

Crystal Rain: "Agreed, nothing ever seems to go as expected. I didn't expect to meet you." She looks towards Amanda.

Amanda Lancaster: "So it would seem. Good, I don't have to send Juliana a bill for my taxi ride just out of annoyance." She grins a touch. "How long have you two been out and about?"

Brian Dunlough: He shrugs, another sip and offering the bottle to Crystal, "I don't know, since..." Thinking, "Around December?" Shrugging, "Not long enough that's for sure." Grinning between them.

Crystal Rain: "I have been around since about mid January.' She takes the bottle from Brian and takes a sip.

Amanda Lancaster: "Ahh, a couple of fresh parolees. Cool." She smiles and reaches into her pocket, coming out with a couple cards. One is given to each of them. "That's my number. Give me a call if you ever need anything. On the flipside is the contact information for our fearless leader here in New York, Mister Marcus Cantrell. I'm sure that he'd love to hear from you."

Crystal Rain: "Thank you!" She reaches out and takes the card from Amanda. "I will definately keep that in mind, and try to visit him as soon as my schedule allows." She smiles at her, taking another pull of the whiskey and handing it back to Brian.

Brian Dunlough: He takes the whiskey and the card, looking at it through a pull and raises a brow to Amanda, "How about, you give me a name, and if I like what I remember I'll shoot 'em a call?" Waving the card between two fingers, "No offense, but you know how some of our closest friends temperaments can be..." Shrugging.

Brian Dunlough: (Your name, he wouldn't ask for the Tyrants, is bad form to ask another angels name ;P)

Amanda Lancaster: "Mm, not here and now, no." She shakes her head. "I don't like being so personal in public places. But give me a call sometime, we'll talk more openly, about the state of the city where we all stand and so on." She flicks her cigarette away. "Till then, welcome to the city. I, and Marcus too I'm sure, hope to hear from you guys soon." [[Starting to fade, but there's a little start to things, at least!]]

Brian Dunlough: He nods and pockets the card, "Sounds good..." A Polite smile to her.

Crystal Rain: Crystal looks in approval to both of them. "It has been a pleasant night. Very nice to have met you, Amanda."

Brian Dunlough: (And thanks for the scene Rav :D)

Crystal Rain: (Yes, thank you!)

Amanda Lancaster: She gives them a smile and a little wink, that sparkle in her eye gleaming for a second. "Have a wonderful weekend." She turns and heads off, heels clicking as she exits the park. [[Thank you too!]]