Marcus Cantrell: When the call is made to make contact with the Tyrant, Brian and Crystal are each transferred to Amanda, the woman they spoke to before. Amanda (who speaks with them, it seems, from some random spot on the street by the sounds of the cars driving by and the construction) sets up appointments with them to meet with "Mr. Cantrell," all held under the guise of a regular business meeting. They are referred to an address in a commercial zone of SoHo for an evening meeeting.

As they arrive at the place, it quickly becomes evident that this is not some highrise skyscraper or high-powered business office. The Wings of Light Outreach Offices are positioned above a trendy cafe in the equally-trendy neighborhood in Downtown Manhattan. The offices are not ostentatiously labeled; it does not attempt to outshine the shops and galleries amongst which it sits. Access is gained by way of a staircase on the side of the building, granting an autonomous entrance from the cafe.

Brian Dunlough: He knows the location and the cafe, so has no trouble finding the place. He's pretty casual, brown tee with a outline pic of Marley on it with some black cargo pant, a pack of cigs rolled into his sleeve. He's only moderately ripe today, definitely not as bad as it could be.

He's quiet approaching, just kinda taking the area in.

Crystal Rain: Crystal knows of the area, so she knew the way there. She was looking around for the entrance of the building, at first unsure of where it was. "Hey there!" She says to Brian on her way over.

Brian Dunlough: He nods to her as she waves, nodding for her to follow up the stairs, "This way." Knocking if it seems appropriate, or walking in if it seems the way.

Crystal Rain: She follows him towards the stairs. "Thamk you for leading the way." And smiles at him.

Marcus Cantrell: The door to the offices is a double-paned glass door with blinds covering it. The door has a closed sign up in the window, but the door is also partially open so that Brian can push it open.

The two Fallen walk into what looks like may have been the waiting room of a dentist's office at one point. It has a reception desk, chairs, low tables...even the magazines. Even a charity needs to have a place for people to wait. It is in remarkably good condition, spotless and classy without seeming lavish. Some quirky yet tasteful artwork hangs on the wall.

At the reception desk sits a man who appears to be in his early 30's. Standing at just a shade over six feet, he adorns his fit frame in clothes that are the height of business fashion. The halls of power radiate from him, from his short-cut hair to the crisply-ironed dress shirt, sleeves rolled up. This is a man who could easily be imagined as a senator if he chose that route, or a high-class businessman. And he has the genial smile to go with it. he stands as they enter, nodding.

"Good evening. Brian Dunlough and Crystal Rain, I assume?"

Brian Dunlough: He shrugs back to Crystal excusing the thanks, stepping in and out of the way so she has near instant access to the room. He meets the question with a slight nod, "Correct, and you must be Marcus?"

Crystal Rain: "Yes, I am Crystal. Nice to meet you." She looks to him with a look of question on her face.

Marcus Cantrell: "I am indeed Marcus Cantrell." He comes out from around the desk, moving and extending his hands to Brian first, and then Crystal. "My apologies for the rather modest meeting place. Our kind are often very different sorts of people, and my outreach offices are the most neutral location where no one seems particularly out of place."

Brian Dunlough: He looks at the outstretched hand with a slight frown, before shaking it. There's 'personality and character' in his grip as some say, but it's quickly released and casually wiped off on the way to the pocket. A shrug comes with the apology, "No need for apologies, and the modesty of a place does little to detract from the meaning to it." Looking the room over a little with a casual glance before back.

Brian Dunlough: (no and the modesty, just the modesty)

Crystal Rain: She looks at him with a quick smile. Then takes his hand with a firm, but polite handshake. "I agree on the establishment, as well."

Marcus Cantrell: He smiles at that. "This is true. We better than anyone else know that appearances can be deceiving. Please, by all means..." He gestures for them to sit as he steps back to stand against the front face of the desk. He looks from Crystal to Brian, eyes scanning over their features one at a time for a second or two.

"So, where would you like to begin? I could take the initiative and guide the conversation, but in first impressions I tend to find it more valuable to me to know where you would like to take it."

Brian Dunlough: He shrugs, "Where ever is fine by me." Looking to Crystal and back.

Crystal Rain: She takes a seat when it is offered. Looks to Brian, and then to Marcus with a polite smile. "I think that it would be the best if you start the conversation, personally. I wouldn't know where to start."

Marcus Cantrell: His brow quirks up just a little when he hears their responses, and then he nods. "Very well. Then, let us get our more significant introductions out of the way. I am Zerachiel, formerly God's Command of the First House and proud member of the Crimson Legion."

Brian Dunlough: d10: int+legacy: 4,9,9,7,8,5,

Crystal Rain: d10: int + legacy: 6,6,1,8,

Marcus Cantrell -> Brian Dunlough: Everything he said strikes true. Zerachiel was a member of the first house and was, before the Fall, one of the Angels who conveyed the directions of the Creator to the rest of the Host. When he Fell alongside the rest of the rebels, he joined the Crimson Legion without hesitation. He held a high rank within the legion and fought valiantly; if he committed particular atrocities before Hell, Eliu has no memories of them.

Marcus Cantrell -> Crystal Rain: Everything he said strikes true. Zerachiel was a member of the First House. When he Fell alongside the rest of the rebels, he joined the Crimson Legion without hesitation. If he committed particular atrocities before Hell, Pathiel has no memories of them.

Brian Dunlough: He seems to conciter the man with unreadable eyes before nodding, "Well met Zerachiel, Eliu." Watching Marcus' face.

Marcus Cantrell: d10: Int+Legacy: 4,1,9,5,9,6,

Crystal Rain: "I am Pathiel." She says looking over to Marcus.

Marcus Cantrell: d10: Int+Legacy: 2,4,5,1,3,7,

Marcus Cantrell: [[ strikes the Devils too soon... *Tsk Tsk*]]

Brian Dunlough: (Yeah, gonna have to work on hiding that if he's gonna keep position :P)

Marcus Cantrell: He smiles congenially at Brian's introduction. "A pleasure to welcome another of the Legion into the city." He then looks at Crystal, his brow furrowing slightly as he tries to recall. "I apologize, Pathiel. I do not believe I have had the pleasure, or at least I do not remember doing so."

Crystal Rain: "It is understandable that you don't remember me, it was long ago. I can vaguely remember a past meeting or two, they always ended well." She gives a smile to him, seemly carefree and unconcerned.

Brian Dunlough: He looks from Marcus to Crystal, shrugging slightly to himself before nodding, "Yes, it is good to see those from the past who can be held in... esteem." A small smile and tilt of the head to the other as he crosses a leg over the other.

Marcus Cantrell: He chuckles a touch. "Well, that is good to know. So, then...tell me a bit about how you came to arrive in the city, and what you hope to do now that you are here."

Brian Dunlough: He runs a hand through the hair on the side of his head with a shrug, "Was in Texas, wasn't really a fan of the situation so bounced out when a old friend of mine responded here. Got here and now he's no where to be found..." Pondering something and shrugging again after a glance to both and a hand pulling a pint from his cargo pocket, "What can ya do right?"

Crystal Rain: "Well I was overseas fighting in the war, and there was an aexplosion. I was honorably discharged from the Marines and came back here. This is the last place Crystal lived with her family." She shrugs her shoulders, "That is pretty much it, I guess."

Marcus Cantrell: "Hmm...I see." He nods to each of them, and looks at Brian. "Who is your friend? It is possible we may be able to help you locate him."

Brian Dunlough: He scans the desk quick and back to the man, "You have a pencil and paper?" Looking to Crystal and back, "I can only imagine the reasons for his not responding, so would rather not say it out loud." A 'what can you do look' on his face.

Marcus Cantrell: "Of course." He gives an understanding nod and reaches over the desk, coming back with a pen and paper that he steps over to hand to the other man.

Brian Dunlough: He takes it, writing the name out and letting Crystal see if she looks at all, before handing it to Marcus... 'Saluana' the word on the paper.

Crystal Rain: She glaces over to see the name, only because Brian does not try to hide it.

Crystal Rain: d10: int + legacy: 5,2,6,5,

Marcus Cantrell: d10: Int+Legacy: 2,6,3,9,3,9,

Marcus Cantrell: He takes the paper and looks it over, brow raising. "Ahh, of course. I do not personally know of his presence in the city, but it is possible that one of my Ministers do. I will pass the information along to them and see if we can procure any results for you."

Brian Dunlough: He nods, "Appreciated."

Crystal Rain: Crystal is just looking around the office and taking in everything around her, while they talk.

Brian Dunlough: He sits back after returning the pencil to the man and raises a brow, "So, Marcus... Why don't you tell us a little about your personal mission statement, not the business line. What kind of rule you're going for, role of the fallen in the area, that kinda shit?" Crossing the leg again, "You know, the things you need to know to know if you mesh with each other." A polite smile.

Marcus Cantrell: "So." He presses his hands together, looking between the two. "You both told me what brought you here. But you did not say what you hope to do now that you are."

Brian Dunlough: (DLP)

Crystal Rain: "My goal was to take a place in society to make this world a better place." She smiles to the idea. "Seems like bounty hunting works, since I can keep an eye on things that way. Overall, I am just trying to do well by the people and keep myself as safe as possible."

Brian Dunlough: He returns the pencil, sitting back and crossing his legs, listening to Crystal talk looking between them a little after and shrugging, "Not sure, myself honestly. Just kinda playing it by ear at the moment... Mainly a more personal kinda thing like you... Looking out for those who can't look out for themselves." A shrug finally taking a pull off the bottle, "For now at least, we'll see about the future when it gets here." A grin.

Marcus Cantrell: He takes the pencil and sets it on the desk surface, and looks back to them. "I see. Are you looking to join the court in an official capacity?"

Brian Dunlough: He shrugs, "Depends, Ithink this is where we get your side of the why you here and what you doing now convo... Then we'll see about if we all mesh like jelly." A grin to the man, a glance to Crystal for her opinion.

Crystal Rain: She nods to Brian. "Seems like the best thing to me as well, I am not really into make rash decisions about such important matters." with a polite smile to the both of them.

Marcus Cantrell: He smiles at that. "Of course. As to myself personally, I hold true to the original mission. I still recognize the Morningstar as our leader, if in absentia. Obviously, there are those whom have lost the way, and while I certainly am understanding to a certain degree--we have had a long time in Hell to fall astray and be consumed with doubt, fear, hatred and worse--ultimately, I do not suffer rampant destruction or traitors. We all must deal with Hell in our own way, but we must never forget why we chose to fall out of His grace."

He pauses. "That being said, the Court is not there simply for me to force everyone into being Luciferians. I try to lead as I believe the Morningstar himself would have, and even He allowed the Ebon Legion to come to pass. We stand vigilant against our old Masters and others who have fallen down their road of insanity, and we offer safety and protection--not just for ourselves from the city, but for the city from those who would come in and destroy it and thus outselves. New York City, whether we like it or not, is the new Babel. It is the new Genhinnom. And it is here that our new stand is made."

Brian Dunlough: He nods, "Then I think we can find an understanding... Though let it be known that if you would have me, I come with the stipulation that it is known I will do whatever it takes to ensure what safety I can for the homeless of the city." A serious look to the man, "No matter the source of threat to them." No threat to his tone, just resolution.

Crystal Rain: "I can definately appreciate that, I would be more than happy to join your fight for the better of this city." She smiles to them both.

Marcus Cantrell: "Excellent." He nods. "And I understand your desire to protect the downtrodden of the city, Eliu. They need our help more than anyone. The only places where I must make clarification are, of course, if a threat to us rises from amongst the homeless...the snake in our grass...and to ensure that you do not attack every Fallen who might attempt to find a Thrall from amongst the homeless population."

Brian Dunlough: He shakes his head, "No, every threat to the crop should be culled as soon as possible, even if it comes from the crop itself. And I hold nothing against someone finding a thrall amongst them, it is logical that they will be targeted by at least some of our kind for it though I have found most lack the faith worth seeking a pact with. I mean using them for sport or worse... They have it hard enough without the threat of being a punching bag for out lashes from our kind."

Crystal Rain: Crystal nods, "I can agree with that, they should not be treated as cattle for amusement." She looks to Brian, "They deserve respect, and to be treated properly. I can also see that he wants that for them, whether they are tralls or not."

Marcus Cantrell: "Anyone destroying mortals of any stripe for the simple reason of amusement deserves to be punished, end of story. Homeless or billionaire." He nods. "Very good. I believe we are at an agreement."

Brian Dunlough: He nods to Crystal, then Marcus, sliding out of his seat and holding the hand out to the man, "It aint a deal until you shake on it, and feel free to offer my services to whichever of your ministers you think I would be best to assist, or give me time to meet them and I will offer myself where I seem to fit best." A shrug.

Crystal Rain: "Yes, I believe that we have an agreement then." Nodding to Brian in approval. Then reaching out to shake hands with Marcus, after Brian is done.

Marcus Cantrell: He smiles and takes Brian's offered hand, and then Crystal's. "I shall do that indeed. One, of course, you have already met. My Minister of Dust. She and the others will be in contact shortly."

Brian Dunlough: He nods, "Then, if you don't mind, I think I will let you get back to whatever it is you do around here." Glancing about, "But it was good to meet you, and I look forward to a long life to get to know you better." A grin to him as he turns slightly, another hit off the bottle before it goes back to the pocket.

Marcus Cantrell: "And you as well. Welcome to New York; I hope it will be a pleasant home for you both."

Crystal Rain: "I will look forward to speaking to with anyone of them, as I am needed. It was a nice to meet you, Marcus." She looks to him with a sweet smile, as she is standing to leave as well.

Brian Dunlough: He leads the way out, hands in his pockets, nonchalant as a person can be without trying.

Brian Dunlough: A simple bow of the head on the way out, "Tyrant."