Morgan Connor: What she wanted, what she really wanted, was a better sandwich. Morgan Connor decided to take her lunch in the park and the courier had decided that it was best she just take the time and eat her dang peanut butter and jelly. She was sitting on a bench as people in the park headed through and ran and did whatever it was that New Yorkers did in a park. Morgan? Well, Morgan just wanted to eat lunch. And this is where we open our scene: in a park with a rather solid, but slightly heavyset Fianna eating her lunch.

Keisha Ballard: The young woman, maybe 25 or so, is clearly making her first trip to Battery Park. It's clear because she's doing that thing that first-timers do when they enter the park...which is, stop and admire the size and majesty of the place. Even as overly-maintained as the flora is, it's an impressive area, and Keisha takes a moment to appreciate it.

She's dressed in an olive tank-top that is a bit darker than her mocha skin, with a pair of barge pants to boot. She's carrying a staff, one that extends to her full height, and while that may seem odd, she's thinking nothing of it. Hair goes to her shoulder in tiny dreadlocks, and she smiles a bit as she looks around, taking it in.

Laidan: This is a bit far for her- she's kept mostly to Central Park lately. But she can't stay hidden forever and she finds herself moving down a path carefully. Battery Park is, perhaps, a bit far from Central Park but that's where her wandering has brought her. She's a taller woman, somewhere about 5'9", but looking a touch on the thin side. Paler, with freckles and long, curly red hair that hangs freely. She's dressed in a loose sundress, one that's obviously been worn for some time, to the point that it will probably have holes soon. Someone has gotten sandals on her, at the very least, flip flops that are a little too big, and she doesn't seem to much like wearing. Still... she seems happy if a little off, a little spacey. The most striking thing though are her eyes, a bright, stunning blue that never seem to focus on anything... [Fianna PB3!]

Morgan Connor: Man, she thinks, peanut butter and jelly is freaking awesome. bite, chew, swallow. She has a bicycle somewhere, but she isn't really sure if it's going to be there when she gets back. She looks down at her boobs, and brushes bread crumbs off her rack. She brushed it off. The female heads on down the way, and ends up passing-

"Holy crap-" she says. The Fianna, the one who isn't well bred. She looks at the woman with the staff, "-that is huge."

Scott Ahlberg: Scott's sitting with Morgan. Don't ask his player why; something to do with avoiding serendipitous convergence of Kinfolk upon a fixed location in the middle of a city of several million people.

The man has the funds and the means to purchase fresh clothing when he happens to dirty a suit putting down a clawed monster in a filthy subway car. Perhaps if he had known that would be part of the plan yesterday he would have brought some with him, but that gives him something to do with his morning.

So, the weather being what it is, the tall, solidly-built but not heavyset male sitting next to Morgan on the bench is still dressed well, but not as though he's about to head off to a board meeting. Next to him are a briefcase and a folded dry cleaning bag.

Holy crap-- Morgan says, and he looks off in the direction she's indicating.

"Uh..." he says.

To those who are aware of such things, there is more to his bone structure and his blue eyes and dark blond hair than the rest of humanity is capable of understanding. [PB 2: Get of Fenris.]

Keisha Ballard: [[Oh right, CoG PB 2]]

She looks over in the direction of Morgan's exclamation and smiles. "All-purpose tool. Lever, hiking aid, self-defense and fashion accessory." She extends a hand. "Hi...I'm Keisha."

She's offering a handshake and greeeting to someone she just ran into on the street. If the lack of the New York accent didn't make it clear she's not a native, that did.

Scott Ahlberg -> Keisha Ballard: [Homeboy's rocking Recognize Garou. What's Keisha's Rage?]

Keisha Ballard -> Scott Ahlberg: [[An almighty 3!]]

Laidan: A tilt of her head, a slowing as she realizes there are people around and she could very well run into them. Her steps become more careful and her head cocks as she listens, sniffing curiously for a moment.

And then she stops to just listen. Which is probably a little odd.

Morgan Connor: The Fianna looks at the Child of Gaia, and she blinks. There's a smile on Keisha's face, but Morgan? Well, Morgan doesn't seem so sure. She looks at the staff, and she looks at the hand, but she smiles anyway. Takes her hand and gives it a shake because, well, it was offered. because that's the polite thing to do and... There's a hitch with how Morgan takes her hand. It's delayed, wary. Maybe she is from these parts.

"Hey, I'm Morgan, it's nice to meet you.... so, you're a hiking fan?" She looks at Scott for a brief second, offers him part of her sandwich, but doesn't seem like she plans on changing her current position any time soon. Strength in numbers and all that.

Scott Ahlberg: Back home--whichever designation of 'home' one chooses to use for this young man--walking up to another person and introducing oneself was not a sign of hostility but hospitality. It was expected.

Either it's the fact that he can damn well tell what the staff-wielding woman is underneath her clothes and skin, or it's the fact that his own accent drawls just a bit as he speaks; either way, though he seems hesitant, even shy, as he speaks up, he does in fact return the greeting.

"Hi," he says, so as not to interrupt Morgan.

Keisha Ballard: "Little bit of one, yeah. I like getting out into the fresh air when I get the opportunity." She smiles, and looks over to Scott to offer him a similar smile accompanied with a wave. "Hello."

Morgan Connor: "There's a place up in Jersey that's really nice, you should go! It's got a really different feel to it. You've been to the Pine Barrens, right?"

Keisha Ballard: "I haven't, no." She shakes her head. "I'm still new to New York...just arrived earlier in the week. It sounds nice, though."

She gives a look around. Even here in the second-biggest park of the city, the skyscrapers loom oppresively easily within sight. The Statue of Liberty, if you were so inclined to look that way and had a shot through the maintained trees, would have a clear view. She looks at Laidan, realizing she can't see byt he unfocused look in her eyes. The woman gets a "Hello," before she turns her attention back to the two kin. "What's it like? The Pine Barrens, I mean."

Laidan: A smile is given to Keisha, a warm if slightly not quite there look, and a soft 'Hello' back. But then the woman is moving again, wandering down a different path, head tilted ever so faintly as if listening to something no one else can hear.

Laidan: [Migraine. Thanks guys, g'night]

Morgan Connor: [Good night! thanks for the play!]

Morgan Connor: "It's got potential, but really I think what makes it interesting is that there's so many stories to the place. It's really stark, and it's really dark, but it's got so many different types of plant life and animal life that you get over it," she says. She stops and thinks about it for a minute, "I'd be careful, though. not a lot of people come through the area, so you might be in something's hunting grounds. I know there's bobcats out there."

Keisha Ballard: "Sounds interesting." She smiles, nodding. "I'll be sure to be careful though, if I check it out. Don't want to end up pissing anything off."

Morgan Connor: "Well, basically if you just respect their space you won't have anything to worry about. But, yeah, I go camping out there sometimes and I'm fairly certain there are some places that I don't need to be. All things considered, New Jersey isn't as bad as that show makes it out to be." Her voice is reassuring. The female makes good contact, pays close attention to the woman in front of her before t seems to dawn on her that the man sitting with her has been pretty quiet. She casts him a look, but before she says anything she ends up stuffing the rest of her lunch in her mouth. She could have gone for a better lunch, but we digress. She wipes her hans off on her jeans again.

"So," she starts, and takes a second to swallow again. It has to get the peanut butter out, move it wherever it needed to be which, hopefully, wasn't the roof of her mouth, "what brought you to New York City?.. Both of you guys, actually."

Keisha Ballard: She smiles when Morgan talks about respecting their space. "That's pretty much what I was talking about, yeah."

She pauses as Morgan asks what brought here here, leaning against her staff as she runs a hand through her dreads. "Needed somewhere new. Somewhere to find my own way, get my own path set. I love home--Pittsburgh--but it was time to move on."

Morgan Connor: "Sometimes you just have to get up and go somewhere, I definitely understand," she replies. At about this time, the female looks at what's left of her trash from lunch and she sits up, "I hate to do this, but I have to get going. I hope everything works out for you here, Keisha. Maybe we'll run into each other camping?"

Morgan Connor -> Keisha Ballard: [sorry about this! i have to bail, I have to be up early :( )