Keisha Ballard: The young woman has just entered the park and is strolling around, her staff in her right hand tapping against the ground as she observes. She's walking away from the area around Bethesda fountain where the tourists tend to be, moving more toward the somewhat less populated paths. The further she goes, the more solitary she will end up; right now though, she's not completely lost along the side paths.

Samantha: The Fury is... lost. She's moving along a path in the vast park, only half paying attention to where she's going.

Laidan: She's lost her sandals, though this shouldn't be surprising to anyone that knows her. The older woman is simply walking, hands touching trees now and then, head cocked like she's listening to something no one else can.

Laidan: d10: do i hit a tree?: 3,4,5,5,2,7,6,6,

Keisha Ballard: One is barely paying attention, the other cannot see. It's the Child of Gaia who notices them both. She first notes Laidan, smiling when she sees her and remembering her from the other day in Battery Park. She starts to walk over in her direction. "Hey...can I help you get somewhere?"

And then she sees Sam. She stops near Laidan, blinking and squinting as if her own eyes have failed her. "Samantha?" She sounds surprised, to say the least.

Samantha: Her name draws her attention, and she looks the strange woman over quickly before her gaze turns to Keisha with widening eyes. "Keisha?"

Laidan: It's not her best night, but she's not running face first into trees tonight. A tilt of her head as she realizes Keisha is speaking to her. "... no, I'm fine. Why?"

Her head tilts slightly as she hears Sam, curious.

Samantha: She nods at the other woman, then looks Keisha over. "What are you doing here?"

Keisha Ballard: "Holy Goddess." She smiles and waves Sam over. "Wow. Small freaking world."

She looks over to Laidan, giving an apologetic smile. Even knowing that someone is blind, it's hard not to give visual cues such as thus. "Sorry...hi, I'm Keisha. We met in Batter Park the other day."

Laidan: "I remember," she answers, as if pondering this, before she smiles to the other woman. "... it is nice to meet you. I'm Laidan."

Samantha: Sam has never been the sharpest knife in the box, so she gives Laidan a bright smile. "Hi."

Laidan: The woman doesn't... seem to look at Samantha. Its like she's looking past her, while still looking at her. Her smile is vaguely spacey, but she does smile to Samantha. "Hello."

Samantha: Her gaze flickers between the two women. "So..."

Keisha Ballard: "Laidan, this is Samantha. Samantha...Laidan." Sure, she just met the one, but she's the kind who still takes it upon her to do introduction. "Samantha and I come from the same city." Her attention turns to Sam then, for the moment. "It's good to see you! What are you doing here?"

Samantha: "We moved here. What are you doing here?"

Keisha Ballard: She smiles and shrugs. "The same. Damn. You know, they say there's no such thing as coincidence."

Samantha: "Where are you living?" She keeps glancing between the two, finally managing to figure out that Laiden can't see her.

Laidan: Definitely can't see, a hand on a tree trunk. Her voice, when she speaks again, is curious. "What city did you come from?"

Keisha Ballard: "East Village. My dad retired and gave me some money to start up my own version of his new age shop here. I live above the shop."

Samantha: "On wow. Nice." She nods to Keisha, then looks to Laidan again. "Pittsburgh."

Laidan: She mouths the word, and then frowns ever so slightly. "Where's that?"

Keisha Ballard: "It's west of here, in Pennsylvania."

Laidan: She, again, seems to ponder this with that slight frown. "... I don't know that place."

Keisha Ballard: "It's...about three hundred and fifty miles or so? To the west." A little smile. "About seven hours by bus or car. Big city, though not as big as New York."

Samantha: "Not nearly as big, no. I don't know if I'll ever find my way around here."

Laidan: The woman hums and nods, filing away this new information. "You learn. You just have to walk. Everywhere."

Keisha Ballard: She grins at Samantha. "Just wait till you take the subway to downtown, miss your stop and end up in Staten Island."

Samantha: "Two kids makes walking everywhere impractical." She laughs at Keisha. "So I should stay out off the subway, too?"

Selene: "It's not that bad. You find the most interesting things that way." The older woman seems comfortable butting into the conversation as she approaches the small group. She's pretty, probably in her early to mid forties, dark hair, blue eyes. She moves with an easy confidence of someone utterly comfortable in her own skin.

Laidan: That makes her brighten a little, unable to help it. "Two children?"

Keisha Ballard: She smiles and shakes her head. "No, just be prepared to learn it by trial and error. How are your children?"

Keisha Ballard: She looks over at Selene as she approaches, smiling warmly. She gives the woman a respectful but friendly nod. "Hello, Selene. Nice to see you here too. How are you?"

Laidan: Another person. Keisha seems to know a lot of people. She cocks her head, ear tilted towards this new person, curious.

Samantha: She waves at Selene and absolutely beams. Though Laidan can't see it, she can certainly hear it. "They're good. I've got a boy and a girl, eight and fourteen months. Hey Ma."

Selene: "As well as can be expected. Hello, Samantha darling. Keisha."

Laidan: "They must be very sweet." She says to Samantha, softly.

Keisha Ballard: "Selene, this is Laidan. Laidan, Samantha's mother Selene."

Samantha: "They're great."

Selene: "Hello, Laidan. Nice to meet you."

Laidan: "It's nice to meet you too." She answers softly, leaning against the tree now.

Samantha: "Laidan can't see." It's at least a whisper, as if Selene couldn't figure that out.

Selene: "I...Figured. Thank you, Sam."

Laidan: There is a quirked smile to her lips, more real at Samantha's whisper. Still, she doesn't call out the other woman, or seem terribly offended.

Keisha Ballard: She smiles and shakes her head, before looking to Laidan. "So where are you from? Forgive me for assuming, but you don't seem like a native."

Laidan: "I am from Vermont," she answers Keisha, in a way that indicates while she knows where she's from, she's got no idea where that actually is. "But I've been in New York for some time now."

Samantha: "How did you get here?"

Laidan: "Uhm..." the woman says, blinking slowly. "I walked?"

Samantha: She blinks back. "All the way from Vermont?"

Keisha Ballard: "Were you aiming for New York, or just found yourself coming here?" She leans on her staff as she asks, the tone in her voice curious as opposed to interrogative. The poor blind woman is being peppered with questions between the two of them, but Keisha at least wants to not make her feel like she's on the spot.

Selene: She laughs softly when she hears Sam, but doesn't interject.

Laidan: She doesn't seem to mind the questions at all, one foot absently brushing grass now and then. "Uh huh, all the way. Though it didn't seem very long. And I didn't mean to come here, but I just... sorta ended up here."

Samantha: She scowls at Selene "What? It's not like she could drive here."

Selene: "No, Sam. She couldn't."

Laidan: "I'm not allowed to drive." She adds in, helpfully, clearly not being sarcastic.

Keisha Ballard: She purses her lips at Samantha's response, shaking her head and smiling a touch before she looks back to Laidan. "Must have been quite a trip. Why did you start the journey?"

Laidan: A tiny shrug- how she picked up that motion, who knows. "It was time for me to leave where I was. So... so I left."

Selene: "There's something to be said for that."

Samantha: "Yeah, Ma used to do that."

Laidan: This piques her curiosity. "You did?"

Keisha Ballard: She nods, fully understanding. After all, she's not in Pittsburgh anymore because of the same reason. "I think everyone does, at some point." A quick look at Selena, then Sam and then back.

Selene: She frowns at Sam, then looks back at Laidan. "Yes. I used to travel a lot for...Work."

Laidan: The woman is quiet for several moments, fingers brushing bark and toes brushing grass, before she speaks... perhaps cautiously. "You must have had very... spirited work, for it to cause you to travel much."

Selene: "Very. I've been to every continent."

Keisha Ballard: She quietly listens to the two talk, leaning on her staff. They've found something to discuss and she's got nothing to interject at the moment; besides, she's find with listening and learning.

Laidan: There is another long pause from her, and then a brilliant smile, pleased, as she seems to figure something out. "That must be wonderful, then."

Selene: "It was. It gets old after a while."

Laidan: "I dunno." She answers to Selene... and then she just starts wandering off, belatedly remembering to say 'bye' to the other three women. Her steps are graceful and cautious as she slowly disappears down a path, humming softly.

Selene: She blinks. "Goodbye?"

Keisha Ballard: She watches Laidan go, her brow furrowing as she just...wanders away. "Good evening, Laidan." She looks to the two Furies.

Laidan: [G'night everyone! Thank you!]

Keisha Ballard: [[Nini hon!]]

Selene: "How odd."

Samantha: "She's.... kind of weird."

Keisha Ballard: "Everyone's kind of weird in their own way." She says it with a bit of a smile.

Selene: "Her just moreso than others. In New York. Which is kind of saying something."

Samantha: "So do you know anybody else that's living here now?"

Keisha Ballard: "Not yet, really. Not unless you count my neighbor, who's an fifty year-old burnout that likes to chatter my ear off while I'm getting my mail."

Samantha: "Have you been in to meet everybody yet?"

Keisha Ballard: "No, not yet. That's actually what I came here for tonight." A little smile. "But then I met some surprise faces from the not-so-distant past."

Samantha: "Everybody is pretty nice, from what I can tell."

Selene: "You should be just fine. Larissa is a character, but she's a good woman."

Samantha: "She has a shopping cart that she took from somebody."

Keisha Ballard: "Cool." She smiles. "Nothing wrong with being a character. I'll be sure to get that taken care of."

Selene: "That's not even remotely what I told you, Sam."

Samantha: "That's what you said!"

Selene: "No, I said she had something else she took from somebody."

Samantha: She blinks, then blinks again. Suddenly her eyes get big. "Oooooh..."

Keisha Ballard: Her brow furrows, trying to follow the conversation.

Selene: "Yes. See?"

Samantha: "So....the shopping cart is hers."

Selene: "The other thing is too."

Keisha Ballard: "What did she take?"

Selene: "A weapon."

Samantha: (What the hell happened to my tag?)

Samantha: "Well, now yeah" She nods, looking to Keisha and mouthing Klaive

Selene: "Possession is nine tenths of the law."

Keisha Ballard: "Ahhh." Her eyes widen a bit and she nods. "Well, more power to her."

Selene: She yawns. "Sam, I think I'm going to head home. See you soon?"

Samantha: "I'll go too. You're staying with us, right? Since you haven't been there yet..."

Selene: "I am. Let's go." She smiles at Keisha. "Nice to see you again, Keisha. Good night." Off she goes. ((bedtime))

Keisha Ballard: She smiles a little bit. "Nice to see you guys again. And good to know there's a few friendly faces in New York. If you need anything or wanna hang out, give me a call. My cell number hasn't changed yet."

Samantha: "Okay, cool. It's nice, knowing somebody already. I'll call you, okay?" She waves, heading off with Selene.

Keisha Ballard: She watches them go, then heads off into the Park. [[Thanks for the scene!]]