Micah Ryder: The kinfolk is in a pleasant mood as he makes is way along the street with his mate. He's only been in New York City for a short time and is still getting used to the amount of people. Even for someone from Cleveland and Pittsburgh, this is a lot. But for now he seems content, dressed in a light widnbreaker over a V-neck T-Shirt and jeans.

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: Selene is watching the children, giving the Fury and her mate a chance to get out and explore the borough that they've made their new home.

She's taken his hand once they were out on the sidewalk, tilting her head back a little to get the sun on her face.

Micah Ryder: "We're going to get lost today, aren't we?" He doesn't seem hugely concerned about it by the little smile on his face as he walks hand-in-hand with her.

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "I can't entirely rule it out if we go beyond about four blocks. That's as far as I can get Dimi to go so far." She keeps an eye on things going on a block or so ahead of them, as has become her habit since moving here.

Micah Ryder: "Well, if we get lost, then that just means we get to explore our way back. No biggie."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "How late do you think we can be out before Mom kills us when we get back?" She grins at him, squeezing his hand.

Micah Ryder: He chuckles. "I imagine it won't be killing as much as one of her infamous stern talking to's."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "She's a little too fond of the stern talking to." Her nose wrinkles and her head rests on his arm as they wait for the light to change. "Dimi hates it here. Has he started telling you that yet?"

Micah Ryder: "He mentioned something about it. Didn't say why though. Has he told you why?"

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "It's too big, it's too loud, the sky is the wrong color, it smells funny. Pick something." Her head shakes. "He'll adjust. It's just frustrating."

Micah Ryder: He shrugs. "Well, he's never been somewhere like this and he had been getting comfortable in Pittsburgh." He leans into her a little. "He'll be okay. He'll just need a little time."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "The school is so much better. I know we made the right decision. For us too. We can do a lot of good here." She tugs him along across the street when the light changes.

Micah Ryder: "Yeah." He smiles and jogs across the street with her, glancing around. She's not the only one who keeps her situational awareness strong. "It's a fresh start for all of us. It'll be good."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "Have you decided which shelter you want to try to get on with?"

Micah Ryder: He nods. "I have a friend here that I knew from Cleveland who runs one. I'm gonna go meet with her on Monday to make sure everything's set but I already spoke on the phone, so we should be set."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "Where is it?"

Micah Ryder: "It's in Manhattan, about thirty away from Central Park."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: She smiles brightly, clearly pleased with the location. "That's perfect."

Micah Ryder: "I rather thought so." He smiles. "The neighborhood is pretty terrible, but I'm not so worried about that. It's all about the local landmarks in my book."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "Just be careful when you're over there, okay?"

Micah Ryder: "You know me, honey. I'm always careful. Usually."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "Usually always." Her tone is teasing, and she squeezes his hand again.

Micah Ryder: He grins. "Exactly. I'm always careful, all the time. Except when I'm not."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "I swear, it's like I have three kids sometimes."

Micah Ryder: "Hey, at least we aren't hearing that in relation to me quite so much anymore."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "Okay, that's fair. You should buy me an ice cream." She gestures to a shop up the block.

Micah Ryder: "I am totally up for that." He smiles and squeezes her head, heading up in that direction.

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "This is nice. It feels like we haven't had time to ourselves in a long time."

Micah Ryder: "That's because we haven't. We've been busy with the kids--not complaining, obviously--or with work, duties or so on."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "It's not what I thought I'd be doing by now, that's for sure." She pushes into the store, glancing around quickly.

Micah Ryder: He follows behind her, leaning in to kiss her shoulder once they're inside. "I don't think anyone plans the particular path we took to here and now."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "Come on. You didn't think that once you stopped fighting me off, you'd wind up with a mate and two kids and living with your long lost suddenly reappearing to make your life more difficult mother in law?"

Micah Ryder: "In New York City, nonetheless?" He grins. "Honestly, no. Never occurred to me. I have no imagination, it would seem."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "Kind of a big leap from Ohio. Or Baltimore, for that matter. OhmyGAWD look at that. Bubble gum ice cream with bubble gum bits."

Micah Ryder: He chuckles. "And you say that I'm the one who acts like a kid."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: She sticks her tongue out at him, then grins. "I'm just excited that I get a whole cone to myself for a change."

Micah Ryder: That brings a chuckle to his lips. "Yeah, that'll be a nice change, I bet. C'mon, let's order."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: She orders a double in a waffle cone, with bubble gum and grape with pop rocks.

Micah Ryder: He gets a single with cookie dough and pays, then heads to get a table with Sam.

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: She looks blissful as she eats her ice cream, reaching to touch his hand every few minutes.

Micah Ryder: He smiles at the touch. "This is nice. Good start to a new city."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "We should do this more. Just a couple hours a week maybe. Mom likes watching the kids."

Micah Ryder: "That would be awesome. A little time out to ourselves each week."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "With ice cream. Or something."

Micah Ryder: "Sounds like heaven to me."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: She half smiles but the expression is strange. Leaning across the table, she brushes her fingertips down nose. "I love you. I love that everything worked out like this, and that you never gave up on me. Or on us."

Micah Ryder: He smiles, eyes shutting when she brushes his nose, then opens them again. "I love you too, Samantha. I wouldn't have had it any other way."

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: "We should probably starts back, before Mom starts to load Daph up with sugar out of spite."

Micah Ryder: "Yeeah. Probably best...last time we were both ready to pass out from exhaustion." He chuckles and stands.

Samantha Jennings ~R5 W6 PB 2~: She stands and tosses out the last bit of her cone, then reaches for his hand.

Micah Ryder: Hand in hers, he leans in to kiss her and then makes to head out.