March 13th, 2005 Bookshelf problems in the NY Public LIbrary
May 7th, 2005 Joshua & Jody respond to a treaty breach by Ness
June 7th, 2005 Jody gets a promotion in a cafe
June 19th, 2005 Jody meets Xu. Hilarity ensues.
July 10th, 2005 Tansy & Eli discuss the Treaty with Jody
July 27th, 2005 Elijah makes introduction to the Concerto
July 29th, 2005 Chimal applies for a job at the Concerto
August 28th, 2005 Gunther's Confession
October 12th, 2005 Micah comes to the Concerto looking for work and...gets fixed
October 14th, 2005 Elijah shows up to talk to Jody about Travis's Death
October 14th, 2005 Thomas gets the D-Team into the Treaty
January 1st, 2006 The Jocelyn Negotiations
February 4th, 2006 Meeting the Simba/Fury Duo
April 4th, 2006 Jody meets Sha & Austin
April 5th, 2006 Introducing...Kwan Lo
July 22, 2006 Moody and Jody talk Leeches
October 8th, 2006 Explaining the Treaty to Sims