Maneuver Complications

Characters encounter the following combat complications most commonly. The Storyteller may add others as desired, of course.


Blinded characters incur a difficulty penalty of two to all actions. Also, add two dice to all attack rolls made against blind characters. Certain Effects negate these penalties.


If a character takes more than his Stamina in damage from a single attack (Stamina +2 for supernatural monsters), the character is dazed. The character must spend his next full turn shaking off the affects of this attack. Only actual damage levels that the character does not soak can daze him.


Add two dice to any attack rolls made against an immobilized target (i.e., targets who are clinched, handcuffed or otherwise restrained) who is still able to struggle. Attacks hit automatically (and all dice in the attacker's attack pool are added to damage) if the target is immobilized completely (hog-tied, unconscious or otherwise paralyzed).


The victim falls down, and the player may make a Dexterity + Athletics roll. If successful, the character may get to her feet immediately, but her initiative decreases by two for the next turn. If this roll fails, the character must spend her next action climbing to her feet. If this roll botches, the character lands badly and takes an additional level of bashing damage. Attacks directed against a prone character add one die. All Brawling or Melee attacks made by knocked-down characters take a penalty of two. Maneuvers like a sweep, tackle and throw are all intended to knock targets down. However, any especially forceful attacks may send the victim sprawling on the ground. Such cases are best left to the Storyteller's discretion, and they should occur when they are most dramatically appropriate.