June 19th, 2005 A strip club birthday turns into a Demon coming into town
July 30th, 2005 A night at the Dolphin
November 3rd, 2005 NYCW Strikes Again
November 18th, 2005 Battery Brusin' Cruisin'
November 26th, 2005 A fight in Battery
November 27th, 2005 In This Corner...
December 4th, 2005 Smithy Explains It All
December 5th, 2005 Bar Talk
December 6th, 2005 Scavenging with Smithy
December 11th, 2005 Gunther, Sady, and Will talk about Spitfire, and Teleporting goes Wrong
December 15th, 2005 Now that's one Fucked-Up Couple
January 9th, 2006 William Meets Brigette, and Spitfire Talks Back
January 10th, 2006 Learning the Truth, and the Choke Slam from Hell
January 11th, 2006 Willworkers?
January 12th, 2006 Brigette Teaches Daniel the Ropes, while William Watches
January 13th, 2006 The Ita-William Phone Call
January 15th, 2006 Shopping for Angels
January 16th, 2006 Joe and William, the Protective Team
January 18th, 2006 Ravin' It and Picking Up Joe
January 22nd, 2006 Listening in as Thomas and Brigitte Talk
January 22nd, 2006 Showdown on the Streets
January 22nd, 2006 A Sad Hotel Room
February 8th, 2006 Movies with Brigitte and Felisa
February 20th, 2006 Thralling William
March 4th, 2006 The Scar Stays
April 1st, 2006 April Fool's Day in a Hotel with an Ice Queen
April 19th, 2006 A Malefactor's Complaint Against Baby Death
May 5th, 2006 Talking Relationships With Stevie
June 4th, 2006 Totally Played
June 11th, 2006 The Giant Rages
June 12th, 2006 Aftermath
July 9th, 2006 A Night in the Club
August 1st, 2006 Getting in Maksim's Face, then Lost with Maria
August 14th, 2006 Getting Maria and Brigitte Out
October 6th, 2006 Sad News from Brice
October 11th, 2006 Creepie Crawlies
November 16th, 2006 Drug to a Club by Mimi, Casey, and Sung
December 2nd, 2006 Lunch with Catie
December 13th, 2006 Facing Down the Bad Guys With Patrick
January 22nd, 2007 A Night of Conversation and Screaming
March 26th, 2007 Coming to Bek's Rescue
March 28th, 2007 Dead Girls Make William Mad!
March 29th, 2007 Sobering Up Time
April 2nd, 2007 No Fighting In The Club...
May 21st, 2007 He's No Billy
June 4th, 2007 Brigitte Apologizes