My World of Darkness: New York City Player Characters




Active PC's/NPC's

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton Corinne Braddock Francesco "Frankie" Giardini
Helena Losa Jody Yu Larry Altmann
Laurel Hensley Michelle Morgan Reyna Varinia Reiruno
Sasha Shiva Stefan Knezevic
Troy Lawrence Uadjit Cobra's-Speed William Halloran

Note: This page is a work in progress.  Hopefully, soon I'll have all updated histories for their time spent in NYC.

Inactive PC's

Aerin Thomas (Deceased 9/18/07 Annika Brandt (Retired 7/25/07) Christian Gallagher (Inactive as of 7/22/07)
Claudius (Deceased 9/18/07) Jarod Freeman (Deceased 5/26/06) Kelton Michaels (Retired 2/24/06)
Paris Bennet/Zodiac (Retired 3/20/06) Ricky Prince (Retired 1/21/06)