February 27th, 2006 Christian's First Night Out
February 28th, 2006 A Visit to HardTimes
February 28th, 2006 The Doctor Apologizes
March 1st, 2006 Arcade Fun and Rat Hunting
March 1st, 2006 A Trip on the Subway
March 1st, 2006 Christian Meets the Limelight Crew
March 4th, 2006 Doctor's Visit
March 5th, 2006 Battery Park Jerry Springer; onto the Paris Theater for Combat!
March 7th, 2006 Sha-Sha and Christian talk about Alyssa
March 8th, 2006 Drunken Snyde Fun and playing Mediator for Sha
March 9th, 2006 The Morning After
March 16th, 2006 Hanging at the Lime
March 18th, 2006 Christian has a run in with the Fae
March 21st, 2006 Love in the Air
March 22nd, 2006 Moving In
March 25th, 2006 Zombies?
March 28th, 2006 Mall Shopping with the Awakened
April 4th, 2006 First Class at First Defense
April 6th, 2006 House Party!
April 18th, 2006 Mall Shopping, Part II
April 20th, 2006 Ghoul Face-Off
April 25th, 2006 First Defense: the Second Class
April 27th, 2006 Another Limelight Scene
May 2nd, 2006 Karaoke!
May 11th, 2006 One Shot Is All He Needs
May 17th, 2006 Baby Ledge Rescuin'
May 20th, 2006 Talking With Sha About The Limelight Fight
May 23rd, 2006 A Walk In The Park
July 2nd, 2006 Hangin' at the Hope Center and Meeting Jamie and Heath
July 3rd, 2006 Vacation
July 28th, 2006 A Visit to the Nevermore
September 13th, 2006 Kaitlyn Wakes Up
September 27th, 2006 Meeting Kae and Casey on the Boardwalk
October 23rd, 2006 Techie Convention Joy
December 4, 2006 An Eatery Run-In with the Doc and the Cop
December 6, 2006 Christian meets Talaitha
December 10, 2006 Meeting Avery
January 22, 2007 Chance Encounters in Battery Park
April 15, 2007 A Skiitish Encounter in a Diner